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  1. Tell me more oh great ΩMΣGΛ
  2. Hey is anyone in a crew?
  3. This has turned into a crime investigation!
  4. Welcome to the "The Supeme Gamers Website Forum Page" Hello there gamer's @SGC here (aka #supremegamerschannel). So i'm working on a new website aimed to hear responses from halo and other game lovers as to what they want to see in the game and what they enjoy about it. Well even be having stuff such as map submissions and some other cool stuff which i'm not announcing just yet. :coffee:This page/forum aims to inform you and hear from your thought's in the following: (NOTE: these bullet points will be updated soon.) Updates on the sites progress and publish date Friendly user feedback and response's as to improvements Site previews and images Friendly questions for users to respond anonymously if the choose to Possible video's on the site and feed back left by you lot and other gamer's As of now i don't want to give away too much about the site, but make sure you keep your faces on this page for updates,news and even site previews. #SupremeGamersChannelEmblem (NOTE: Please do not actually slam your face on the page, as this can result in brain damage.) p.s No spam please, no one likes eating or dealing with it @SGC
  5. SGC

    Green Screen Fury

    A bunch of image's taken by myself alone with the help of some in game Halo 4 mods by me. Please leave your thought's, improvement's and suggestion's. GT Callumsvnetwork Thank You SGC
  6. SGC

    blood deep2

    nice map this would be cool in halo 4
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