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  1. 67. Playing Soccer (Getting hit in the face with a ball)
  2. On Bungie's (the company that used to own Halo) forums, there was a forum just like this. It actually has over 350 pages of posts in it, so I think a new one would be neat. Just describe a creepy moment you have had in your life. The experiences can be about whatever you want, and you can make it as funny as you want. I also want them to be actual events that happened (in other words, no making up stories) so it's more fun . To kick things off, here's one of my moments: Last summer, me and my friend went to a week-long boy scout camp to earn some merit badges. They have this place called the Trading Post where they sell neat supplies such as walking sticks, backpacks, water bottles, and even candy! However it wasn't very close to our site and took a long walk. One day we found a shortcut that leads right to the back of the Trading Post. It's a pretty simple path with a few hills, but it cuts through a place where all the air conditioner machines are for the buildings. That night (at around 7:45), we took the shortcut to go buy sodas from the vending machines outside (the Trading Post was closed already). While we were passing through the area with the air conditioner machines, my friend got a little worried about being attacked by a bear (we live in Colorado so there are bears in some camps in the state). I just told him not to worry about it. As we were passing the machines, one of them turned on. It was really loud and sounded just like a bear roaring. We almost died trying to run down the hill away from that place XD. After we got our sodas we took an entirely different route to get back to our campsite. I'm definitely not going to forget that moment. Go ahead and share your stories!
  3. A Sharpie marker. I SHALL DRAW ON THEIR FACES!
  4. Okay, so I'm new to this site and want to get to know people. I'm going to start this forum so you can post your funny fails that you've experienced in the Halo universe. You can write it out, or post a video/ file share link. To start things off, here's one of my fails: So I was playing Flood matchmaking on Halo 4 (forgot the map name) and I was camping with some other guys. This huge pack of zombies come running at us, and I'm on the front line. All of a sudden the guy behind me fires his shotgun and kills me. I knew it was a total accident, so I don't boot him. As I'm dead, I see the group I was in from the back. Then I see the same guy that killed me accidentaly kill someone else, which was pretty funny. When I respawn as a human (getting betrayed doesn't turn you into a zombie), I spawn far away from where I was, and apparently I'm one of the last 2 humans alive. I get really freaked, as I know if I don't get to a safer area I'll get mobbed by zombies, so I start to move up a ledge. Off in the distance a zombie jumps up the ledge, looks at me, and starts walking at me. I get pretty freaked, as he's out of shotty range. Now I start cautiously walking back at he edges closer. After a few seconds, I end up walking off a cliff I failed to notice, but the guy didn't get the kill because he never hit me. (I was actually gonna make a clip of it, but the game didn't show up in the Theater Temporary History. RAGE!) Start posting those fails, I'm eager to hear them!
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