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  1. Took a while, but we've got some more news on the TV series. Announced in 2013, it got everyone hyped, however 2018 is the year all the dead hype resurrects. Here's what we have: 2020 premiere, early 2019 production: 2018's coming to an end, believe it or not, and as each day passes we're getting closer to the next year. Spielberg's series will begin production soon, and we'll see the first episode sometime in 2020, if all goes to plan. 10 Episodes for the first Season: I think this is a fair choice, 10 good-length episodes. A lot can be packed in, whilst keeping it all relevant. If the show isn't going so well (which I doubt), they'll be able to end it soon as well. Master Chief will be "a lead character": "a", so he may not be the only primary focus, but it's likely he will be. There were many theories before about what this could be about. Harvest, Reach, post-Human-Covenant War. Now we have a better idea of who will be involved, with John-117 taking centre stage. We'll have a few other big names working on the series, such as writers Rupert Wyatt and Kyle Killen. One of the best parts is that Showtime's CEO David Nevins has said the series is "futuristic, space-based science-fiction, it's not fantasy". I feel that they're working hard to make sure this series sticks to Halo's roots. Are you all looking forward to the Halo TV Series? Share your thoughts down below. Sources: http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/08/06/showtime-halo-tv-series-master-chief-lead-character https://screenrant.com/halo-tv-show-story-games-premiere-date-2020/
  2. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 96. Twitter tore last week's poll apart, and there were some strong thoughts on the future of the Reclaimer Saga here on the site too. Many thought it won't all be about John, and will move on to someone else in the same saga. Others thought he's too valuable for MS to let him be killed off. Click here to view the last poll, 95. Who would replace John-117? This poll was inspired by last week's. Now Halo will either die with John, or continue to live with someone else (or other people) representing it. As iconic as the Master Chief is, unfortunately Spartans do die. Now assuming Halo continues to live without him, who would be his replacement? Spartan Buck? Could Locke come back in? How about another Spartan-II? There are many possibilities. It may even be someone completely new. Again, this is assuming Halo continues to live after Chief dies. Anyone specific you all have in mind? Or, would it not follow a single person? Would the future of Halo be a series of spin-off games, with someone different each time? That may be unlikely, because it probably wouldn't sell too well to newcomers. Thing is, there may always be an icon. Chief has been that icon for a long time, but if Halo is to survive without him, who'll take his place? Would it even be an individual, or a group of people who have their own series? Imagine if Alpha-Nine had their own series of games, for example. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  3. Sup errbody. Be easy. I'm new here. I was watching "The Sprint" on the Halo Channel (insert freakin awesome show comments here) and saw what I assume to be a 343i employee with a sweet Master Chief Era hat on (ref S2:E04 time 00:53). Um, I need that. STAT!!! Anyone got any ideas on where to buy? Could it be that that was a custom order, image uploaded to New Era and embroidered specifically for 343i employees? Either way, neeeeeeeeeed Thanks
  4. Hi guys, I'm completely new to this forum so please excuse any mistakes. I recently read the topic concerning the Master Chief and his process of losing Cortana, and whether or not the upcoming games will become more psychological than the others before. I loved the ideas and do hope that it will change the way we see him. I'm about to write an article about that topic and for that, would love to hear some other opinions concerning some things. The extreme masculine image of the Master Chief and his training to become more or less a "heartless killing machine". Would you like to see him more as a human, see the cracks in his facade and maybe even face psychological illnesses like depression? What do you think about the other playable characters? Is your interest in the game lessened because it's not just about the Master Chief, or are you interested in seeing some other faces (some already known like Kelly) I'm a big fan of the books and I'm really sad that most of the lore didn't make it into most of the games. I'm thinking about the process of becoming a spartan (like in the upcoming shortfilm) and all the horrible consequences and things they have to face. Would you be interested in a prologue kinda game, where it is all about the history? (just thinking about the setting in general) Sooo, I do hope I get some interesting answers because it's always interesting to think about games a little bit more "human" than we do most of the time.
  5. I made a Halo 5 rap from the perspective of Master Chief I hope you guys enjoy
  6. Game Rant spoke to Halo 5's creative director, Tom Longo, at Microsoft's X15 event and asked if fans will finally get to see Master Chiefs face in the upcoming Halo game, Halo 5: Guardians. Sadly for some, it won't be happening. Tom Longo confirmed that he will have his helmet on at all times in Halo 5. For now Halo 4's legendary ending will be the closest we will ever get to see what Mr. John 117 will look like. If you remember (and I'm sure you do) players only got to see the Chief's eyes before the screen abruptly goes to black, leaving fans teased and curious. Although we do know what John looked as a kid from other Halo media such as the Halo: Fall of Reach- Boot Camp graphic novel, where a kid John 117 posed on the front cover of the comic. We also seen him as a child in Halo 4's live action trailer . So for now Chief's helmet is going to be firmly on in Halo 5: Guardians and his face will be well hidden for another while. Do you think Master Chief's face will be shown at some point in the future? Would you like to finally see what he looks like once and for all, or do would want him to be kept as a faceless hero? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.
  7. From the album: Tacos and what not

    Update for my Master Chief drawing. Original post on Instagram: http://instagram.com/p/uqlodNSMiX/?modal=true

    © @joe_winfree on Instagram, Ludicrous-Speed on DeviantArt, and Self Destruct: the feared poop bandit of the seven seas

  8. From the album: Tacos and what not

    Here's an update of a Master Chief drawing I've been working on on and off for a month. Original post on Instagram: http://instagram.com/p/tThTF1SMvU/?modal=true

    © @joe_winfree on Instagram, Shelf Destruct; The scourge of shelved goods everywhere

  9. The announcement came along with a series of descriptions about the issue, and a teaser trailer on . July's issue includes the demo of the second mission of the Campaign, a breakdown of the changes to Empire, a rundown of Fireteam Osiris, the reveal of an underwater map called Fathom, and a ton of other things. Head on over to Gameinformer.com to check out the full scoop. Additionally the reveal came with a truckload of images, so here they are for your leisure : Thanks for reading! Sources: Gameinformer: 1 & 2, , Halowaypoint
  10. NEW HALO 4 PROMETHEAN WEAPONS VIDOC! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15Ksq4dvLuk&feature=g-all-u In other news the Halo Bulletin was released today, Here's what 343 has to say has to say about the weapons: *Lots more info coming soon!* Chris King (Lead Sandbox Designer), David Ellis (Spartan Ops Designer), and Christopher Blohm (Senior Sandbox Designer), along with Josh Holmes, Alyson Szymanski, Humberto Castaneda, Jeremy Patenaude, Brad Welch, Vic DeLeon, Paul Featherstone, Ali Zandi, Bill Clark, Kynan Pearson, Robert Pearsall, Chase Thompson, Jayce Diaz, Annie Wright, Leonard Holman, Sam Wolpert, and Tom Mathews joined me to share their thoughts about this particular subset of weapons. The Forerunners utilize the following base weapons: BOLTSHOT DESIGNATION: Z-110 Directed Energy Pistol/Exotic MANUFACTURER: Unknown/Forerunner Origin MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 10 Forerunner particle dilator used for both its precision at mid-range and its burst functionality when up close. David - It’s taken a while for me to completely wrap my head around all the combat options the Boltshot provides, but I think I’m finally there. In fact, for non-vehicle maps it’s pretty much my go-to secondary weapon at this moment in time. Timing the bolt blast effectively sets the average player apart from someone who will gladly wreck your face with a pistol. The animations in particular help to set this weapon apart as a beast. The first time you pick it up, your Spartan’s entire arm convulses as if you’re not sure if your Mjolnir will be able to contain all the energy packed into this tiny weapon of destruction. Chris B. - This is a fascinating secondary weapon. With two fire modes, it gives you options… and we all need options. I rate it slightly under the Magnum when firing normally. The beauty comes when you figure in the charged shotgun-like blast. For players who enjoy the corner fight or lurk-about it can be a killer. Also on some maps, like Adrift, it can be used to great effect. I should say great effect in the right hands. It takes some skill and time to get a feel for the optimum range and the timing, but it is extremely satisfying to disintegrate a hard charging enemy that dismisses your pistol. Chris K. - This gun has a bit of a learning curve on it but once you figure it out, it’s a ton of fun. It features two firing modes (similar to a Plasma Pistol). The primary firing mode does headshots and fires extremely fast. However, it doesn’t have a scope and each individual shot is relatively weak. This makes it a great option for playing cleanup on enemies up close. The secondary firing mode is where things get really interesting. If you hold the trigger down, four flaps on the gun flip open and it does a powerful charge shot that functions like a shotgun blast. The blast is extremely powerful but it is also hard to pull off as you will need to learn the timing as you can’t hold the trigger down indefinitely (much like the Railgun, it will eventually auto-fire). It’s also only effective at extremely close ranges. I think of all the Forerunner weapons, this one has the coolest animations of the bunch (and that’s saying something, as they are all pretty cool). The reload and charge-up animations are totally rad! Paul (Assistant Director of Photography) - The Boltshot has become my go-to sidearm in MP because of the double functionality of the charge blast. Nailing someone coming around the corner with a one-shot kill is always satisfying. Sam (Software Development Engineer) - I love the Boltshot because of its secondary fire mode. It's the ultimate risk/reward trade-off: you have to start charging at exactly the right time or the blast will fire before your enemy is at point-blank range. Get your timing right, though, and this handy little Forerunner pistol will send your opponents straight to deathcam with a single shot. Unleashing the Boltshot on an unsuspecting player coming around a corner is immensely satisfying. It's also a great weapon to pair with weapons that are more effective at longer ranges, like the BR, DMR, and LightRifle. Charging opponents wielding short-range weapons got you down? Don't worry, a couple of encounters with your trusty Boltshot will make them think twice about coming near you, making it that much easier to pick them off with a series of well-aimed headshots from your rifle of choice. SUPPRESSOR DESIGNATION: Z-130 Directed Energy Automatic Weapon MANUFACTURER: Unknown/Forerunner Origin MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 48 Fully automatic Forerunner infantry weapon, firing bolts of hard light in rapidly accelerating succession. Chris B. - People say “spray and pray”. I say, in the right situations, feather the trigger and dance on the corpses. On tight maps, one of my favorite loadouts is the Firepower package with a DMR and Suppressor (DMR for the heavy lifting and the Suppressor for the CQB and cleaning up). Mid-range combat with a Suppressor, just say no. Seriously. David - At first glance, the Suppressor might seem like a less accurate cousin to the AR, and you might not be entirely wrong in that initial assessment. However, this Forerunner SMG has a special place in my heart as it just plain shreds enemy Knights at close quarters. As Chris said, this weapon should only be used at closer ranges, but if you’re smart about positioning your Spartan relative to sightlines and geo, you will be rewarded. Chris K. - If you like close-quarters combat in tight spaces, this is the gun for you! Individual shots are relatively weak, but it more than makes up for it with sheer brute force. It features an enormous clip (48 bullets) and the fastest firing rate of any of the fully-auto primary weapons (roughly 150% faster firing than the AR or Storm Rifle). The projectiles slow down over time so to be effective, you really need to use it like an SMG, although you can still psychologically overwhelm enemies at range with a barrage of projectiles. I find myself always rolling with the Suppressor on Adrift as the tight hallways really favor the strengths of the gun. It’s oh-so-satisfying to have someone come around a corner and be able to unload half a clip into them before they even realize what hit them. Alyson (Producer) - The suppressor has slowly won me over and become my favorite Promethean weapon. It feels good, sounds good, and breaking a Knight’s shield just before finishing him off or the popping death of a Watcher is a satisfying kill. Annie (Editor) - There are players who operate like armored ninjas with guns: Swift, precise and most of all stealthy. This gun is not for those people. This gun is for players like me, whose strategy (if I can be said to have one) is more along the lines of “Expect to die, shoot anything that moves, and try to take as many of those moving things with me when I go”. I’ve always preferred closer combat to long-range attacks, and the Suppressor allows me to get fairly near and still cover a pretty decent area without sacrificing too much in the way of power. Combine with the Ammo Upgrade to put your carrying capacity over the top and Shield Package to make up for lack of cover if you want to experiment with the Suppressor on larger maps, and you’re in pretty decent shape! Brad (Lead Designer) - At very close range, the Suppressor lays down the smack far more quickly than either the AR or Storm Rifle. It's a great weapon in maps such as Adrift where you have plenty of cover and corners. If you play the ambush game or use cover to quickly close distance, you can be devastating with it. The Suppressor's effective range drops off quickly, so you don't want to get caught in the open or a long hallway with it. Pair that sucker with some form of precision weaponry - a Magnum or use the Firepower Tactical Package to get a second precision primary. SCATTERSHOT DESIGNATION: Z-180 Close Combat Rifle/Asymmetric Engagement Mitigator MANUFACTURER: Unknown/Forerunner Origin MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 5 Close-combat weapon with a deadly blast at short-range and a versatile ricochet effect against hard surfaces. David - The Scattershot is a perfect example of the combined efforts of the sandbox designer plus the animation, art, and sound teams really creating a showpiece weapon. I think it’s been mentioned before, but the Scattershot (in its current incarnation) helped the team for a cohesive vision about the Forerunner weapons in general. Much like the UNSC shotgun, it’s absolutely satisfying to blast away foe after foe in close quarter encounters. Word of warning though: Because of the lightshow ignited with every trigger pull, this weapon is more difficult to conceal than its human-themed counterpart. Chris B. - Not your Dad’s UNSC Shotgun. It’s not as straight of a beast as the raw power of the human tech, but it gives you a little more tactical flexibility. I find its range slightly extended from that of the a shotgun and occasionally will try to bank shots with the higher ROF of the Scattershot. Plus… disintegration. Chris K. - By now, I’m sure most people are pretty familiar with this one. It’s a Forerunner shotgun, with ricocheting bullets that allow for really interesting tactics in tight spaces. Oh, and if you blast a guy up close, you get that totally sweet Forerunner incineration effect. This gun is definitely in my top three favorite power weapons. The FX, the animations, and it’s just so satisfying to fire. If you use it correctly, you can go on an absolute terror. One pro-tip – I see some people try to use this from longer distances than they should. Don’t be fooled by the projectiles; this weapon is lethal up close but you won’t have much luck starting a dual against a DMR player 100’ away. Vic (Lead Mission Artist) - I love the Scattershot because it’s so much freaking fun to use. I can’t compare it to any other weapon. You can aim for your target like most weapons, which is no doubt how you will fire it for the first time like I did, but once I understood the projectiles and how they ricochet off hard surfaces (the non-meat-made surfaces), I started using it more strategically – aiming at floors, walls and ceilings. I’ve been able to bounce shots off corners and nail players, taking out shields then going in for the death blow. (It’s true, I have been known to shriek wildly when I get one of these in a game). Josh (Creative Director) - The Scattershot is what would happen if a shotgun and a roman candle made deadly babies. Essentially a futuristic shotgun that explodes with the heat of a miniature sun, the Scattershot will disintegrate anyone that takes the full brunt of its attack. As an added bonus, you can bounce projectiles off surfaces, making bank shot kills utterly possible. Kynan (Lead Multiplayer Level Design) - I like the Scattershot because Brrrrauwwww… Brrrrauwwww… Brrrrauwwww… Brrrrauwwww… Brrrrauwwww!! LIGHTRIFLE DESIGNATION: Z-250 Directed Energy Engagement Weapon MANUFACTURER: Unknown/Forerunner Origin MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 36 Precision weapon that uses particle acceleration to fire beams of hard light for mid-range to long-range combat. David - Best of both worlds, master of subtlety, these are terms that I just wrote to describe the LightRifle. Neither quite captures the complexity of this piece of kit. I find both firing modes are a tiny bit less forgiving than the DMR and BR, but definitely put in the time to master the subtle idiosyncrasies of the LR. Your efforts will be rewarded. Chris B. - Of the rifle class, the LR offers a bit more tactical options for the player (I’m sensing a theme here). It gives you the best of the BR and the DMR, depending on if you are scoped. Don’t be thrown off by the distinctive sound or the scope; use it to its strengths in all encounters, and you will be happy. Chris K. - The LightRifle is a long-range semi-auto precision rifle. It features a 3x zoom, hitscan projectiles that do headshots, but, most importantly, it features two firing modes. The best way to think of it is a hybrid of the BR and DMR. When firing from the hip, it fires in three-round bursts, similar to a BR. Once the player zooms however, the gun switches over to a more powerful firing mode and combines the normal three projectiles into a singular shot. When zoomed, the LightRifle can kill a Spartan in four shots (w/headshot). That being said, there are still tradeoffs here that make it balanced in line with the other semi-auto weapons. It fires slightly slower when zoomed, and it’s just a smidge less viable from the hip versus the other stuff. Overall, this is a formidable weapon and has developed a cult following internally at 343. Josh (Creative Director) - The Light Rifle provides the ultimate in versatility when it comes to a mid-to-long range precision weapon. In many ways, it's a combination of the BR and DMR. It's a little slower to transition into zoom compared to the BR and DMR, and you give up some additional situational awareness, but the sound alone is enough to strike fear into the heart of your opponent. BINARY RIFLE DESIGNATION: Z-750 Special Application Sniper Rifle MANUFACTURER: Unknown/Forerunner Origin MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 2 Extreme-range sniper rifle, designed to take down even heavily armored infantry with a single shot. David - Poo-inducing. That’s how I describe the gut-clenching terror shuddering through my body every time I see the telltale laser sight of the Binary Rifle projecting across the map. Unlike other sniper rifles, this beastly harbinger of death is a one-hit kill rifle. ONE HIT. It’s a pretty rare ordnance drop and in Matchmaking, it doesn’t carry much ammo. But if you see the HUD marker announcing its arrival on the battlefield, RUN. Either towards the Binary Rifle in a mad, Hunger Games-like scramble, or away as fast as possible in the hopes that person wielding this weapon has difficulties tracking targets over extreme distances. Chris B. - Boss. That’s really it (This gun rules. It has a hefty tell, but when your enemies are nothing more than carbon blowing away on the wind, why do you care?). Chris K. - This gun is absolutely devastating! When someone manages to get one of these in MP, it’s a game changer. At its core, it’s a Forerunner sniper rifle. Unlike the other sniper weapons in the game, you don’t necessarily have to get a headshot though to score a kill. If you hit a Spartan anywhere, they will quickly incinerate from the point of impact in a spectacular fashion. That being said, there are some significant tradeoffs in using this weapon. For starters, it has a clip size of two, meaning you will need to reload more often than you will with the other sniper rifles. In addition, it is extremely inaccurate when shooting from the hip (think shotgun-sized firing cone, meaning you shouldn’t expect to have much luck no-scoping unless you are in someone’s face). And finally, when scoped, several laser sights on the gun are enabled that act as a tell to opposing players (think a more in-your-face version of the Splaser tell). I love the way this gun instantly changes the dynamic in MP, though. When someone gets one and scopes it and you see the lasers aiming towards you, it’s time to stop what you are doing and get to cover pronto! Humberto (Producer) - I absolutely love disintegrating enemies with the Binary Rifle, which is essentially the Forerunner sniper weapon. Watch out for Crawlers peeking out with that ominous red light, though. All they need is an instant and then… ZAP! Total protonic reversal. Josh (Creative Director) - Like the name implies, the Binary Rifle is a one-shot instakill when you hit anywhere on your opponent's body. Nothing is more satisfying than zooming in and nailing an opponent from across the map, and watching as they are immediately incinerated from the point of impact. Chase (Audio) - I love watching someone derez after a headshot with the Binary Rifle. That weapon just feels so dangerous and powerful, and sounds so huge that I can’t resist picking it up every time I see one! Jeremy (Franchise Writer) - This weapon is no friggin’ joke. Last week, we were playing Regicide on an unannounced map, which is a large symmetrical map that fans will unquestionably dig – evergreen, plenty hilly, and Forerunnerlicious. Generally speaking, you don’t play Regicide on maps this large, but we were doing it, and it was AWESOME. At any rate, I had been trading the King spot with one other player the entire match, and it looked like he was going to pull away with it because time was running out and he had just climbed into a vehicle that is a straight-up death dealer. He was about to square-off against three other players who were rushing him with small arms (not sure what they were thinking). They didn’t have a chance, it was a certain win for him... until an ordnance drop fell from the sky: The Binary Rifle! I raced to it, drew it up and fired on two of the other players, instantly turning them into ash. I reloaded, fired on the third for another instant kill, and then fired on my nemesis to secure the victory. And his -Yoink!- exploded into a million pieces. Such a crazy ending to such a crazy match. Jayce (Spartan Ops Designer) - The Binary Rifle, or Bi-Ri as it’s affectionately called, is my favorite Promethean weapon hands-down. It’s incredibly powerful in the right hands (or wrong hands, if you’ve come up against a Knight Ranger). The trade-off here is the two-shot ammo capacity, but two shots are all you really need. If you’re good, an Elite will go down in one hit, while a Knight typically takes two. Just don’t miss. Ali (Systems Designer) - The Binary Rifle is a great way to spear through multiple Spartans with one shot. It’s quite interesting because it will give away your position when you are zoomed in as a counter balance to its lethality. You can also try to use it like a shotgun, which is quite BAUS! Robert (Test) - Lift the Binary Rifle to your eye, double zoom-in on a Promethean Knight, reticle between his eyes and pull the trigger to feel the WHUMP of the energy leave the weapon as he derezzes. Kynan (Lead Multiplayer Level Design) - The Binary Rifle is my favorite Halo power weapon ever. It’s like Christmas every time you pick it up. A one-hit kill no matter where you hit an enemy. It’s sooo good when you just barely clip someone’s foot and then watch as they fragment into thousands of angry burning embers. I also love that even though it’s incredibly powerful, when someone is zoomed in and looking to take a shot, you can see a laser leading to everything they are looking at. Points you right to where they are. INCINERATION CANNON DESIGNATION: Weapon/Anti-Materiel Z-390 High-Explosive Munitions Rifle MANUFACTURER: Unknown/Forerunner Origin MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 1 Powerful shoulder-mounted weapon that launches highly charged particles at a target with explosive results. David - I love watching someone use the Incineration cannon for the first time, as it often ends in hilarity and self-immolation. The submunitions offer a new wrinkle to the concept of the traditional “rocket launcher” weapon class. You definitely want to make sure you keep your distance from your intended target in as many situations as possible, but I try to use the particular personality of this weapon to my advantage. Enemy camping around the corner? Well, fire your main shot as close as possible and watch the submuntions bounce and explode right on top of your unsuspecting foe. Campaign pro tip: Beware the Incinerator-wielding Knight Commanders. They are deadly. You cannot outgun them so you’re required to outthink them. Chris B. - Devastating, and at times fickle. The main round is slightly less deadly than the UNSC Rocket Launcher but also MIRVs into four submunitions. These subs can catch the people that try to jump the main round, as they can bounce out and hit people on the edge of the area-of-effect that survived the main, and they can break your heart occasionally by missing entirely. With great power comes great heartbreak (or something like that). It’s a fun weapon to use in all cases, especially against vehicles and groups of enemies. Try shooting it at a low ceiling above an enemy sometime. Chris K. - This is another Forerunner Weapon that has the ability to incinerate opponents. This can lead to especially impressive multi-kills given the large area-of-effect/submunitions. Not too long ago, I was able to kill four enemies with one shot, and watching them all dissolve in front of me was about as satisfying as it gets. Another cool moment I witnessed with this one involved a teammate firing it near a speeding Warthog with three enemy passengers, all of which were killed and starting dissolving while seated in the ‘Hog. Rad! Worth noting here, this weapon has an especially long reload time; you have to reload between every shot, and the projectile itself is fairly slow. This means you really need to connect with your shot, or you will be at a disadvantage to your opponents. Bill (Software Development Engineer) - My favorite weapon is the Incineration Cannon. Even just the initial warhead is punchy and powerful. When you add in the chaos of the submunitions flying around, it’s a recipe for mayhem and destruction. The fact that whoever you just wrecked is dissolving into a million glowy bits is the icing on the cake. The awesome reloading effects as you prepare for another shot is the cherry on top. Leonard (UI Engineer) - You just gotta love the Incineration Cannon; it’s like a Rocket Launcher that spawns baby Promethean bombs. It’s a pain in the ass when your enemy has one aimed at you since you know you’ll likely turn into Promethean fairy dust. However, when the tables are turned and you’ve got one of these bad boys slung on your shoulder, you know whoever you see next is pretty much dead. Another cool thing about this gun is, if the initial hit doesn’t kill, the splash damage will likely finish what your aim couldn’t, plus it will likely take out anyone or anything near it! The only real drawbacks are the reload speed and that you’ll likely shoot your eye out if you’re not careful... splash damage works both ways. Sam (Software Development Engineer) - Apparently, the Forerunners don't mess around when it comes to blowing stuff up. The Incineration Cannon is probably my favorite weapon in the game. It's like the Rocket Launcher, if the Rocket Launcher fired an oscillating cluster of energy that disintegrated any unfortunate soul it came into contact with. Rockets explode on impact; on impact, the projectile fired by the Incineration Cannon divides into *more* packets of energy that *also* disintegrate anyone unlucky enough to be in the way. Explosions are awesome. Fountains of disintegration are awesomer. Tom (Software Development Engineer) - This thing is a beast. If you see it pop up on your HUD, get ready with your grenades as you close distance because there’s going to be another few Spartans making a beeline for it. Once you have this beauty in your hands, aim carefully because you have to reload after each shot. But it’s so very, very worth it: the gentle pull of the trigger sends out a number of projectiles weaving towards your foe. Upon impact, these projectiles then blossom out from the initial detonation into a cascade of secondary explosions. Nothing feels better than slamming a fresh round into the cannon while watching three or four of your enemies disintegrate into electronic dust. PULSE GRENADE DESIGNATION: Z-040 Attenuation Field Generator/Localized MANUFACTURER: Unknown/Forerunner Origin MAGAZINE CAPACITY: N/A A field-effect-generating attenuation device used to overload both simple and complex power networks, forcing them temporarily offline. David - The Pulse Grenade is an odd beast. It’s extremely powerful in the right hands, but it requires you to use it differently from other Halo grenades. I find it be most useful as an anti-vehicle or area-ofdenial weapon. Chris B. - The Pulse Grenade adds a lot to the dynamic of the battlefield. It does constant damage for the life of the sphere, but you should be most concerned about the blast when the sphere forms and when it collapses. Since it doesn’t bounce, you can place it accurately. Try throwing at a person’s feet for a huge hit on their shields, or throw it behind them and force them back into it. Or, if you need to run for your life, throw it down and go. Enemies rarely will charge through it, and the screen shake can throw off that final killing shot. Remember, you only get one with a normal loadout, but it can change the battlefield, so don’t shy away from its use. Chris K. - Functionally, this is somewhat similar to the Halo 3 Power Drain. It’s a bit different from the other grenades in that it doesn’t bounce off surfaces; instead it will stick to the ground/walls and then pop out and detonate a split-second later. This means you can be a bit more precise with it than you can with the frag or sticky ‘nades. It also makes for some interesting ambush options when you consider the bounce (for example, toss it above the ceiling in front of a door way to surprise someone before they run through). It’s great for area-of-denial and is a favorite of mine for objective-based MP modes. As mentioned above, one significant tradeoff with the Pulse Grenade is that you only get one grenade by default in MP (two w/the Grenadier Armor Mod). And that wraps up today’s feature about Forerunner weapons. Stick around, though, because I still have lots to talk about. And “lots” is an understatement.
  11. Heart-pounding information is surfacing today as the final cover art for Halo 5: Guardians has been deciphered thanks to a dedicated community. In the words of a wise Reddit user, "I WANT TO GET OFF 343S WILD RIDE!" It seems their roller coaster of new plot twists is speeding up with a new cover art photo that was pieced together by the community. Xbox's YouTube.com has a video of the new key art, which in this video, seems more like an animation than anything. The official description on Xbox Wire states that, "We’re proud to release the final cover art for Halo 5: Guardians, including a special video version that highlights the Spartan fireteams that play a crucial role." From the image, it seems Master Chief has partnered with Blue Team, Fred, Linda, and Kelly to chase down whatever they're after on Sangheilios and go rogue. Locke's team is a bit more vague, we know that the far right Spartan is Buck, due to his ODST armour and combat knife, which likely means the other male Spartan is Romeo, since the two were transferred together. The female with the slick looking armour however can either be Tanaka, from Escalation, or Macer, from Nightfall. Xbox Wire tells us to stay tuned for more details on the mysteries of #HUNTtheTRUTH and that during E3, the game will officially premiere. View attachment: Halo5_KeyArt_Horiz_Final.jpg View attachment: halo5thepredator.jpg View attachment: halo5theprey.jpg It seems that while the holy lords over at 343 Industries have granted us new details, they have also opened up many loose threads and have inquired more questions. One thing is certain, E3 2015 is going to be massive for Halo fans around the world. What are your thoughts on each team, who do you think is part of Locke's squad? Let me know down below! Thanks for everything Halo fans, keep hunting the truth.
  12. Halo: Escalation Issue #9's cover art has been revealed, showcasing the Didact landing a deft punch to Master Chief's visor, confirming his return and hinting at Master Chief's cracked helmet from trailers and promotional art and how it came to be. Halo: Escalation has done it's fair share of teasing and confirming new things in the Halo lore and hinting at future events in the newly announced Halo 5: Guardians. This post comes from Dark Horse's publishing website, ComicBookResources.com as today we received another tease as Halo: Escalation #9's cover was released, showcasing the Didact landing a hard blow to Master Chief's helmet and possibly his body armour before or after. The description reads, “In the days following the events of Halo 4, the Master Chief faced one of his greatest challenges . . . the Master Chief from the fires of Halo 4 to the pages of Escalation in “The Next 72 Hours” Part 2!” The price of Escalation #9 is $3.99 USD, launching August 27th with 32 available pages. View attachment: HaloEscalation-9.jpg Do you want the Didact to return; what are your theories on this fight between Chief and the Didact and his resurrection? Let me know below, I'll see you next time, thanks for reading! Credits to RC-1262 Scorch for Private Messaging me this article!
  13. A new trailer was revealed showcasing what was behind the #HuntTheTruth ad campaign and further increasing our confusion and hype! Credits to Self Destruct, Church, and everyone else who helped mine this out as well as P34nut for the first article on Hunt the Truth. On the Tumblr.com link to Hunt the Truth, an ad campaign for Halo 5, people were able to fish out a 15 second video showing someone using a UNSC class Sniper with an oddly shaped penetration bullet to blow away Master Chief's visor and destroy his helmet. On the bullet, things are inscribed, but no one has deciphered them yet, though Church claims the word 'Truth' is on there, so it's possible that it says 'Hunt the Truth'. A tiny burst of the classic Halo monk chant plays ominously as it ends with an Xbox One logo. As far as who is betraying the Chief and attempting to kill him, we are currently unsure, but Locke and his squad (rumored: Buck, Romeo, and Macer) seem unlikely as Locke has stated his goal is to "find out what they are" in reference to his motives for leaving, and Buck and Romeo are both unlikely candidates for betrayal following the events of New Blood. More details are likely to come in the future, but this is leading to a very interesting set of teases following the recent teaser of Locke jumping out of a Pelican on a sandy planet like the elite homeworld. View attachment: MCBullet.png This is really interesting so far, I'm excited to see where 343i takes this traitor storyline. With all these betrayals to the UNSC from previous operatives, I wonder what sort of Civil War will erupt from this. What do you think of this tease? What are your thoughts on the future? Lemme know below! Thanks for reading!
  14. Microsoft and 343 Industries might have spent a fortune on developing Halo 4, but that doesn't mean they've spared any expense in promoting the game. In fact, they've taken over an entire country, invading Liechtenstein with Master Chief riding roughshod in his Warthog, leaving a trail of devastation in his wake. Read below for more details Source: Xbox360achievements.org "In a ground-breaking world first, Xbox 360 yesterday became the only brand to ever transform the Principality of Liechtenstein by taking over some of the country’s most iconic landmarks, including a 13th century castle and a working mine, to create a real-life replica of the “Halo” universe within the heart of Europe to mark the launch of “Halo 4”," reads the press release blather for the elaborate publicity stunt. "For one day only, the mountainous landscapes of the normally tranquil Liechtenstein countryside became a stage for an epic sci-fi saga as Xbox 360 created a mysterious alternate universe inspired by the video game franchise which has sold a staggering 46 million copies worldwide since launch in 2001." Take a look at some of the highlights from the insane Halo 4 launch event, which saw actors taking guests through their very own Halo adventure in Liechtenstein. Awesome stuff. Halo 4 is out on November 6th.
  15. I know, I know, we might sound like one of those small tiny clans filled with little kids screaming and yelling. We aren't. Don't judge a book by it's cover, silly, Chaos Gaming is one of the biggest and most respected gaming communities on Xbox. We span across CoD and Halo Reach and will expand into H4 when it comes out. We contain over 1700 members registered on out website, with well over hundreds more unregistered on the website. Our Halo Reach division contains 7 Branches; Backlash, Dynasty, Impact, Intensity, Shockwave, Revolver and Supremacy, and our CoD side has well over 15 branches. But I'm here to recruit for Halo, not CoD, so let's go ahead and talk about us. Chaos Gaming has been around for about 3 years and is built around one rule: Treat others the way you wanna be treated. We value respect and integrity above all else and just want to make others have fun, make friends and enjoy themselves. We hold tourneys that yield prizes that range from Microsoft Points to Xboxs, but our main attraction is our Game Nights: One hour, give or take, dedicated to just playing games and having fun. Each Game night is different and is hosted by a different person. You can expect anywhere from 10-40 people attending a single game night. Here in Chaos, we treat other like family, because we kind of are like one. Into competitive and MLG play? No worries, we also have Elite Squads, for not just MLG but I'll get into those later, where the best of the best in a branch get together to practice, play and improve on their skills in Halo and MLG. One of my good friends, Dalton (Gamertag lBoba F e t tI), went to MLG Colombus and made it to losers bracket round 3 and placed top 100. And he was a Chaos Gaming Major. We even have Elite Squads for Snipers, Grifball and other types of games as well. Seem interested? Well like all other gaming communities, we have rules. You should be willing to change your colors, motto and emblem, and keep it like how we ask, at all times to represent us. You also should be at least 16 years of age to join, but if you are as young as 13 you can be accepted under the grounds that you are mature and willing to contribute. (You will have to wait a couple more days to earn your first promotion if you are not of age, sorry) If you are interested and are willing to comply with the rules stated above, please contact me on XBL, my gamertag is "Im Frosty Chaos" (No you do NOT have to change your gamertag to join.) Wanna see out site? Check it out at "360chaos.net!!" Thanks for reading and/or replying!! ~~ Frosty
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  17. Episode 1 of HUNT the TRUTH has been released, and it contains some interesting content. This episode goes into detail on John's childhood, his younger years. We get an interview with Deon Govendor, John's Primary School teacher. He talks about happier times with John. We also get an interview with Ellie Bloom, now this is interesting. You all remember the 'Starry Night' trailer for Halo 3? You know, the one that amazed us all. Ellie Bloom is John's "childhood playmate" that was laying on the ground with him during that trailer. They used to lay down and stargaze on warm nights. There were a few disturbing flaws I noticed though. Benjamin tells Ellie that John is the Master Chief, that's just wrong. The other is that John's teacher (Govendor), tells a story of John wanting to take up boxing at the age of 13, whilst Benjamin even mentions that John was recorded as 'Dead' at the age of six. Benjamin mentions John dying at 6 during the end of the episode, but says that John was killed along with his family at 13 by Insurrectionists (Rebels). I realised that this '13 year old John' must have been the flash clone sent to replace John. If this is true, then why was John recorded 'Dead' at 6 in the Elysium City Documents? This seemed to shock Benjamin. This is an interesting episode and I recommend you check it out if you still haven't. Share your thoughts down below, thanks for reading. https://soundcloud.com/huntthetruth/episode-01-a-hairline-fracture
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  19. Recently I was playing Halo Reach and wondered what Master Chief was doing through all this. Reach is my favorite game of the series, due to the darker storyline and lots of emotion from all the characters. But I really think that it would be fun to have another game on Reach, but with the Chief. I know lots of people that would have loved to see a game like this, because they didn't care about Noble Team. So what do you guys think? Halo Reach: Master Chief? I would definitely buy it. It might make Master Chief feel more connected with the Halo universe during Combat Evolved if we saw him before any of the original trilogy happened. It'd also be nice to see how Noble Team's fight truly allowed the Chief to win the war. I'd like to hear some opinions about this because I think it'd be very fun.
  20. Hello everyone! I recently put together a video using cosplay footage from the 2014 Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. There are a couple scenes with Captain America fighting Master Chief, so I figured you guys would get a kick out of it. I also added some basic visual effects with Adobe After Effects! Enjoy!
  21. Hello everyone, as you may have read recruiting for the Team Barays on the message board during the summer, well, we return. We were successful near the end of summer on Halo 4, but many leaders of divisions within the clan couldn't find the time to get online for a while. Well we have completely transferred over to the Xbox One for halo. For those who didn't read about the clan during the summer, we have leaders for the main playlists online. For example, we have leaders for SWAT, CTF, Team Snipers, etc. But as you should know, the luxury of those playlists aren't on the MCC. So we will have leaders for playlists such as Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3, SWAT, etc. We already have leaders for some of the playlists. Unfortunately, we will have tryouts for those who want to lead divisions. Message me online, GT: Z1kz, on what division you would like to lead, and i will schedule a tryout time. If you just want to join the clan and have a fun time, also message me. **Please note that we will have a CLAN BATTLE TEAM for each division (or playlist)** **you will also have to tryout for the team, so message me online** Thank you all and have a nice day. -- Z1kz
  22. Hello, lets talk about a hilarious glitch in combat evolved. It is called the Headless Master Chief Glitch. How To See It: First go onto halo combat evolved mission "The Pillar Of Autumn". Recommended on legendary or heroic to be able to skip training simulation and cryo tube intro. Once the cutscene where master chief steps out of the cryo tube finishes quickly turn around and crouch jump into the cryo tube. You will see a headless master chief which is a product from the "revile" cutscene where you can see his whole body but you are his head. You may need to try this multiple times because the cryo tube only stays open for about 3 seconds. Another glitch that may happen is if you stop crouching before you fully get into the cryo tube you will either be pushed out of the world or on top of the cryo tube. I hope you enjoy!
  23. Hey everyone! I recently put together a music video telling the chronological story of Master Chief Petty Officer John 117, using the song "Warriors" by imagine dragons. Most of the footage used is from the updated cutscenes from the Master Chief collection. Enjoy!
  24. So I was wondering if you download the digital version of the master chief collection do you still get halo nightfall and access to halo 5 beta?
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