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Found 110 results

  1. Hello Everyone, Looking to team up with a laid back gaming community? How about a community that has been around for over 10 years and sends teams to compete in MLG events? Maybe you just want people with mic's who are laid back and just want to game while having a good time? I am the owner of the Galactic Order and I wanted to make a post inviting those who wish to learn more or want to come play to check out our website: http://grmgaming.net/ Looking forward to gaming with you. - Elder Sean
  2. My name is TBDL x Knight, I am the Co. of TBDL. On Halo 5, TBDL is a competitive 4s team. We are looking for two other people who are decent at the game and know how to play well. If you are reading this right now, we are still looking for two others. Please message me on Xbox Live if you are interested or have any questions; [TBDL X KNIGHT]
  3. I am looking for three people to play in the Halo 5 last chance qualifier with next Sunday. It is just for fun and isn't meant to be taken seriously. Really just for teh lulz. But hey, then you can say you played in an MLG tournament. And who knows? We could be the next EG and win it, go to regionals, and win the 2 million dollar tournament. I hope this was the right spot to post this. Must have a mic and positive K/D. If interested message me on here or Xbox. Gamertag is Maximum Clutch.
  4. Hello, I've builded a map and played it a lot the last days with some friends. People like fabE Speed, fabE Ace, fabE Coco and other competitive german Halo players. I got a lot of good feedback and I thought this might be a chance to show it more people! So the map is based on Sanctuary and a bit of The Pit and its a symmetrical 4v4 map. The main bases are like in Sanc. Both have a shotgun, DMR, BR and a MP, then there is the rocket field right next to the bases. in the middle there is a house with basement and a top room with a rocket spawning there. The basement has a lift up to the rocket room. In the middle also is a battlefield and right across the middle from the rocket house is a hill with a sniper balcony. In the back of the balcony is a hole where you can walk through. Under the sniper balcony is a room where you'll find a light rifle. The is made for Slayer, Stronghold, CTF and also Breakout. Its a moon base right next to a Halo ring. Thanks for your attention. iMAX VI
  5. Reach Security Force Recruitment Center Follow the steps below to join: 1.Add me on xbox 360:YouTube Xe Sexy 2.Send me a message saying you want to join 3.You must have a mic or be able to hear me through your TV What to expect: 1.Everybody to be active 2.No disrespect 3.People listening 4.Disciplined members 5.Hardcore training 6.Raids every weekend 7.Training during the week 8.Big team battle when it is a free day 9.Days off are usually monday 10.Stay in the emblem that you are given 11.Follow orders
  6. Best Halo 4 Loadouts Introduction: What's up guys! I'm here to make a new post to help all of those out who are looking for the best possible loadouts for halo 4! Obviously there is not a 'Best loadout ever' because different loadouts are good at different things, and i am going to do my best to tell you what those are! The Loadouts: Name: 'Fronteer' - Primary Weapon: Carbine Secondary Weapon: Plasma Pistol Grenade: Plasma Grenade Armour Ability: Regen Field Tactical Package: Mobility Support upgrade: Ammo - Description: This class in incredibly useful in spartan ops. The carbine with the 'Ammo' Support upgrade provides massive amounts of ammunition and endless kills on infantry. Grunts, Jackals, Crawlers No problem... Elites, A Plasma pistol overcharge followed up by an accurate carbine round will finish any elite off easily. Plasma grenades provide an excellent backup. Especially when fighting Knights. Simply Plasma pistol overcharge on them, then stick them for an easy kill. The Regen field provides excellent space to hold up against large swarms of enemies. On dominion this class also works amazingly. Mobility provides the ability to move around the maps seamlessly. If you encounter a single player, then you could easily sort them out with your carbine and plasma pistol combo. And that Regen field is great for holding up a position against multiple foes. Name: 'Ranger' - Primary Weapon: Battle Rifle Secondary Weapon: Assault Rifle Grenade: Plasma Grenade Armour Ability: Jet Pack Tactical Package: Fire Power Support upgrade: Dexterity - Description: This class is amazing for any Free-for-all Gametypes. The battle rifle and assault rifle hold up for any battle situation. Plasmas are great for taking out foes quick or just keeping them out of the way. The jet pack provides an excellent way to navigate around the maps, into or out of battles. And especially on regicide, when you finish off an enemy you want to be ready to take on the next foe, dexterity provides good time to reload or change weapons quick. Name: 'Grenadier' - Primary Weapon: Assault rifle Secondary Weapon: Boltshot Grenade: Frag Grenade Armour Ability: Hologram Tactical Package: Grenadier Support upgrade: Explosives - Description: This class works great for oddball and other team games where teams will be close together, this class is designed to break up team members so that your team or you can finish them off. The best thing to do with this class is find a group of enemies and throw all of your grenades in the kill or break them all up. Out of grenades? Don't worry, This class is designed to help out your team an earn quick points, not keep you alive, (Your K/D May go down using this) Anyway, once you are out of grenades, use your hologram to lure out stray foes and take them down with your AR or Boltshot. Stay close to your team with this class, seeing as it is support more than anything else. Name: 'Harbinger' - Primary Weapon: Light Rifle Secondary Weapon: Boltshot Grenade: Pulse grenades Armour Ability: Promethean Vision Tactical Package: AA Efficiency Support upgrade: Awareness - Description: This class is great for if you want to go lone wolf and pick of enemies. The light rifle zoomed in will only take 4 Well placed shots to kill a foe, compared to the BR and DMR's 5. However zoomed out, the Lightrifle takes 6 shots to kill, but note it's high rate of fire. The boltshot is great for picking off close enemies. Crouch and sneak around the map, using your Promethean vision to seek them out. If you get any tail gaiters or what to take out a group of enemies, your pulse grenade should sort that out nicely. Also keep in mind your AA Efficiency will give you the ability to use your Promethean vision very frequently so you can be aware of your surroundings. Great for Team Infinity Slayer or CTF Name: 'Dispatcher' - Primary Weapon: DMR Secondary Weapon: Boltshot Grenade: Plasma Grenade Armour Ability: Active camouflage Tactical Package: AA Efficiency Support upgrade: Wetworks - Description: As the name suggests this class is most like an assassin. Designed for either waiting for foes to cross your path, or seeking out high value targets. The active camouflage provides an excellent shroud for enemies aware of your presence or foes careless enough not to check their radar. Because be aware that when you use Active camo, the radar becomes swarmed with multiple blue dots, telling enemies you are hiding nearby, so for most situations just try crouching. The wetwork package should also make it difficult for enemies to pick up your presence while you are not using camo, by making you almost invisible to Promethean vision and making you absolutely silent when moving around. Sadly, due to the wetworks package this class if difficult to obtain and hard to substitute. O recommend on the most skilled players to use this. The class is great for Regicide, Dominion, Big team battle, and Oddball. Send in your own loadouts! You've seen my loadouts, now tell me how i could make them better, or better yet send in your own and have them featured on this post! How to submit your loadouts: It couldn't be easier. Just send your message (Optional) And below, copy and paste the following text in your post and fill out the areas that say "[blank]" (Feel free to post as many as you like, And if it's good enough, i'll feature it on this post!) ________________________ Name: '[blank]' - Primary Weapon: [blank] Secondary Weapon: [blank] Grenade: [blank] Armour Ability: [blank] Tactical Package: [blank] Support upgrade: [blank] - Description: [blank] _________________________ Fan Loadout Submissions: Featured Loadouts: Name: The Wingman (By LiQuid BioniX) - Primary Weapon: Battle Rifle Secondary Weapon: Plasma Pistol Grenade: Frag Armour Ability: Regeneration Field Tactical Package: AA Efficiency Support upgrade: Dexterity - Description: The BR, in my experience, takes shields down pretty well and I get lots of assists when using it. The plasma pistol also is good because it's a decent combo with the precision weapons, plus if I overcharge and take their shields down, but I still die, then they've got a very likely chance of getting the kill. The Regen Field is for the same thing, if I see one or more of my allies struggling or losing health, I'll throw a Regen Field down. This is also why I use the AA Efficiency, it lets me further support my team. Dexterity is just because, well, I like getting the quick reloads. It's just personal preference. Basically, I'm a pretty solid team player. I've got about 4500 kills and about 1500 assists, so a pretty solid ratio. Lots of people are hesitant because they think their K/D ratio will drop, but I'm still managing about a 1.5, so that's not true if you play smart. Submitted loadouts: Name: Guerrilla (By NAMUH38) - Primary Weapon: DMR Secondary Weapon: Assault Rifle Grenade: Frag Armour Ability: Thruster pack Tactical Package: Firepower Support Upgrade: Dexterity - Description: allows for a near seamless transition between various ranges. I've found thruster to be the ability that has the most versatility. whether it be short or long range, attacking or defending, chasing or retreating, combat or just map control. Name: Doppelgänger: (By NAMUH38) - Primary Weapon: DMR Secondary Weapon: Boltshot Grenade: Plasma Armour Ability: Hologram Tactical Package: AA efficiency Support Package: Sensor - Description: here you would rely on the hologram for both offense and defense. you see where enemies are on the radar before they see you, and you can get a general idea of their direction of travel. use the hologram as a decoy and flank around, those seconds it fools the enemy are precious in halo 4. - duck around a corner and a lot of enemies will follow you. that second or 2 of time they can't see you, send a hologram out. either back toward the enemy, more often than not making them spin around to attack it and expose their back to you. or send it away from the enemy at a wider angle than you would be traveling along so they see the hologram first Name: Pro Loadout (By sponge) - Primary Weapon: DMR Secondary Weapon: BoltShot Grenade: Frag Armour Ability: Jet Pack Tactical Package: Mobility Support upgrade: Dexterity - Description: The Pro Loadout is what I think is a good loadout. The DMR does a little more damage than the BR because of the DMR has a one shot while the BR has a three round shot making the BR just a little less accurate. The BoltShot is like a shotgun in your pocket. Great for killing enemies when they go around corners. The frags are just frags. Mobility allows unlimited sprint. So getting to power weapons such as: Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle and Energy Sword. is much easier. Other people have to wait a few seconds before they can sprint again. Dexterity allows faster reload time, faster weapon switching. That is my loadout. Whats yours? What Next? Please don't hesitate to drop a like on my profile (: Feel free to check out the rest of my content, a please don't hesitate to add me on Xbox Live! I need lots of players for plays on my epic forge maps (: Thanks guys! You've been great!
  7. iTaz Gaming has a new leader and would like to recruit more members for Halo and even Call of Duty. iTaz Gaming is an eSports gaming clan where we do Clan Battles with other clans, 1v1 with current clan members to see who's best and Tournaments which feature at least 4 other clans. Do I have what it takes? Almost anyone can join iTaz Gaming, as long as you are at least 13 years old (no squeaks) and have an Xbox One with Halo: MCC or Halo 5. What do I do? Just simply go to http://itazgaming.weebly.comand apply. If you get in, you will be offered to do a 1v1 with iTaz Hybrid. This will test out your skill and see which division of the clan you will be put in. More information at http://itazgaming.weebly.com YouTube: http://YouTube.com/itazpredator
  8. OK I am looking for a squad tht: needs to go to tournament's Have a good skill level And finally has tryouts so not everybody gets in Must be halo 4 and Xbox 1 I can play in general at 9-10pm on weekdays and on weekends 9-11 I am a serious player and have been playing since ce I also have the master chief collection so if for any reason we need toe the others I can. Only serious comments please.
  9. I'm looking for mlg customs or halo 2 matchmaking . My gamertag is xBlack Prox. Message me on xbl or leave your gamertag in the here.
  10. I am looking for people to play competive halo 2 with. My gamertag is xblack prox
  11. I am looking for people in the halo 2 community to add for mlg customs / matchmaking. Leave your gamertag here or message me on xbl. My gamertag is xBlack Prox
  12. Hey everyone on the furoms. Right now I have four people and need four more to play some customs since matchmaking is down at the moment. If you are interested send me a message on here or send me one on xbox one! GT: Bieez Let's embrace this masterpiece! Let's go!
  13. MLG just announced that they will be holding a Halo 3 Tournament in celebration of the film "The November Man" which releases on August 27th. On Tuesday, August 26th at 3pm ET the Competition will begin on Halo 3. 4 teams of 2 will be competing, and the teams consist of veteran Halo 3 & YouTube "Stars" (I don't know what they mean by stars honestly. Pros?). The players include: JahovasWitniss & KYRSP33DY LEGIQN & Gandhi Flamesword and BigTymer Ace & Snip3down This is all for the grand prize of $5,000 and a copy of Halo: The Master Chief Collection (assuming to be given to them after launch). You can catch the Competion on MLG.tv on the web here: http://tv.majorleaguegaming.com/channel/halo-november-man?utm_source=NP&utm_medium=Direct&utm_campaign=NovemberMan ...and MLG.tv Apps on iOS, Android, Xbox One & Xbox 360. This is the first Halo Competition of any sort by MLG since they dropped Halo in 2012. - - - - - Thoughts? Sources: Halo4Nation, MLG.com http://halo4nation.com/other/mlg-announces-halo-3-tournament-dropping-halo/ http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/news/november-man-halo-pros-youtube-5000?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Direct&utm_campaign=NovemberMan
  14. MLG just announced that they will be holding a Halo 3 Tournament in celebration of the film "The November Man" which releases on August 27th. On Tuesday, August 26th at 3pm ET the Competition will begin on Halo 3. 4 teams of 2 will be competing, and the teams consist of veteran Halo 3 & YouTube "Stars" (I don't know what they mean by stars honestly. Pros?). The players include: JahovasWitniss & KYRSP33DY LEGIQN & Gandhi Flamesword and BigTymer Ace & Snip3down This is all for the grand prize of $5,000 and a copy of Halo: The Master Chief Collection (assuming to be given to them after launch). You can catch the Competion on MLG.tv on the web here: http://tv.majorleaguegaming.com/channel/halo-november-man?utm_source=NP&utm_medium=Direct&utm_campaign=NovemberMan ...and MLG.tv Apps on iOS, Android, Xbox One & Xbox 360. This is the first Halo Competition of any sort by MLG since they dropped Halo in 2012. - - - - - Thoughts? Sources: Halo4Nation, MLG.com http://halo4nation.com/other/mlg-announces-halo-3-tournament-dropping-halo/ http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/news/november-man-halo-pros-youtube-5000?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Direct&utm_campaign=NovemberMan This post has been promoted to an article
  15. Hey everyone, Have been playing high level Halo, SC2, LOL, chess for a good while now and now playing DOTA 2. Halo is by far my favourite game out of the above.... When it's played on LAN Going by online standards, I would rate Justin Beiber better then Halo (yeah Justin Beiber the little a-hole) Halo puts all the properties of the competitive games above into a space age FPS. Halo : Highly strategic, High skill cap, Requires great team work, Very fun, Constantly updated to maintain balanced gameplay Competitive (On LAN) but highly frustrating and imbalanced online due to peer 2 peer lag Now what makes a game competitive? Most importantly it need to be an equal playing field, one player/team cannot be given an advantage from random properties that are implemented into the game. Examples : Random ordinance drops in Halo 4, Bloom in Halo : Reach. The No.1 thing that makes online gaming fair is a dedicated server, It allows every player to have the low ping based the distance they are from the server. But what if the server is located in L.A California and players on the east coast have 70 ping instead of players in L.A having 12. This is unfortunate but you have the same opportunity to relocate to L.A giving all players equal opportunity to optimal connection. Where as Peer to Peer connection which has been used in every Halo game so far does not allow for this consistent location of the host so you can assume your average ping and adjust over hundreds of game to playing on 70 ping that it becomes very normal to you and only hinders give the players on 12 ping a slight advantage. But in peer 2 peer you will get a random host from new York who has bridged himself host and deliberately downloads torrents while he is host of the game causing 500-1000 ping for all the other players. In online Halo where you have 2 teams of 4 versing each other from opposite sides of the country or even the world, the team with host will be at an immense advantage, all 4 players on the team with host are sitting on less then 60 ping while the other team are all well above 400 ping, so how is it one team being able to 4 shot every time while the other team would be lucky to pop the hosting teams shield with 5 or 6 shots and melees don't register. I'm sure everyone on the website has experienced the games where it takes your full BR clip to just pop and enemies shield or players teleporting and getting assassinations while they are in front of you, or standing on custom for 3 seconds shooting the enemy while he runs straight at you, for him to still pick the overshield up over you and kill you and then tea-bagging you because he thinks he made such a great play...... (insert rage face) In league of legends, the server I play on is located in Sydney Australia giving me an average of 27-29 ping (if nobody is downloading porn from my net ). The only time I will get high ping is when the server crashes (rare) or I am uploading or downloading other content. Now in peer 2 peer I can not be downloading and will match a player across the other side of the world and one of us will have to put up with 300+ ping while the other player is playing on LAN connection. Now since having a equally fair playing field is a must for a competitive game, how can one player having to play with 300 ping delay while the other plays with 0 ping delay be fair? It's not fair, plain and simple. Online ranked matchmaking in Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo: Reach's Arena, and Halo 4's CSR crap. are all a farce due to none of the games being eligible for competitive ranked play since they were not balanced. Fair enough dedicated servers were not really available to console gaming back then but there is no reason in the modern day for Halo 5 to be peer to peer if they intent to be a competitive game. So putting above into a nutshell. Peer 2 Peer online gaming is a random property. Competitive games eliminate random properties. Dedicated servers are consistent. Halo 2 : anniversary and Halo 5 multiplayer need dedicated servers or you may as well not bother with ranked matchmaking.... because who the hell would play unbalanced ranked gameplay on peer 2 peer connection, when the titles I mentioned above have created great competitive titles on dedicated servers. Thanks for reading, feel free to post any feedback.
  16. 343 Industries Hires Professional Halo Player Eric Hewitt. "Hewitt, aka "GH057ayame", has joined the studio at a yet to be revealed capacity. Hewitt previously competed in professional gaming events with Team Carbon." "Though Hewitt has never worked on the Halo franchise in an official sense, his credentials include assisting the Halo 4 Global Championship and helping create the settings for Halo 4's official competitive playlist." (he made Team Throwdown) Full Article here: http://www.mcvuk.com/index.php/news/read343-industries-hires-professional-halo-player/ (near the bottom of the page) Was this move made to help give Halo (insert name here) a classic type of MP, or only to help with the overall multiplayer? Here's a video of his team playing MLG Halo 2 back in the day:
  17. We are a military based UNSC clan and we are looking for quality, skillful, fun and individuals who can take leadership upon theirself when under pressure, we formed on Halo 2 and we are very expierienced players we want played aged 11-17 years old who play regularly and are willing to take part in clan meetings and training sessions/bootcamps on a regular basis, WE ARE LOOKING FOR A CO LEADER A HIGHLY RANKED INDEPENDENT AND SKILLED CO LEADER THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT ROLE IN THE CLAN SO PLEASE TAKE IT SERIOUSLY OUR WEBSITE IS http://117gaming.webs.com IF YOU WISH TO APPLY FOR THE CLAN ON THE WEBSITE PLEASE DO SO BUT IF NOT TO SIMPLY MESSAGE TanglerDangler ON XBOX LIVE AND ILL INVITE YOU TO A PRIVATE CHAT AND INTERVIEW YOU, THANKS
  18. Alot of people I encounter on websites, customs or on matchmaking think they are soooo good apparently. I don't know what triggers this encounter in Halo 4 because in Reach it wasn't so many. Their would be the occasional person that would be decent but not even good. Now in Halo 4 people try soo hard and think they're good. Well I'm sure it is the massive aim assist in Halo 4 because people could shoot the torso or beside the head and end up with a headshot. That didn't happen so often in past other halo games where wherever you had your reticle is where the bullet is going to go. But with the massive hitbox's and magnetism in this game even nobody's could out br/dmr a decent player. Then they go ahead and brag about it and say they did this on who. it just irritated me and wanted to know if anybody had these encounters. I don't think it is healthy and that aim assist and the hit box's need need to be reduced ASAP. But of course I'm sure people will argue that it is good to help the people just starting but the fact is that you're not going to get better with fake aim.
  19. So there is a very popular YouTube series called breaking halo 4 by nak3d eli, and we decided to be Mlg once again with this amazing video for all halo fans. FUN FACT: DID YOU KNOW 343i IS WAY BETTER THAN BUNGIE (definitelynotsarcasm) 343i<3
  20. The thing that always had be hooked on Halo>CoD as a personal opinion is that someone on CoD can catch you off guard or from a bad angle and instantly destroy you.. But in halo.... Well.. AGL Chicago Loser Finals Pistola out BR'ing Ninja on Station 9 Here you can see Ninja completely messed up and Pistola COMPLETELY DESTROYED HIM WITH GOOD AIM. Here you can see ninja doing big things though also.. AGL Chicago WB Finals Game 4 Ninja "Poppin some heads" The point is... Halo is a skilled game and isn't going anywhere but UP if anywhere in the community.. Halo isn't dying anytime soon.. Not saying CoD isn't good and not saying CoD doesn't require skill because it DOES REQUIRE A LOT OF SKILL.. just different type of skill and a different fan base... both are good games in my opinion.. Anyways here is what I have to say about the AGL tournament from today. As well all know MLG recently had made the decision that the wouldn't OR couldn't pickup Halo 4 for the upcoming MLG event in Dallas... With that being said it caused a major stir in the community from players putting the nail in the H4 coffin to players building their CoD treehouse... either way.. it was a sad moment for the community since Halo and MLG have always been known to go hand in hand with the exception of Reach being a roller coaster ride for MLG. Of course we could not let Halo die, and you can see from the Arena Gaming League tournament in Chicago that HALO ISN'T DEAD and is no way on the way of falling apart... Not to say this tournament was perfect because their were problems and the people hosting and working on it already know what went right and went wrong so I don't need to specify any of those. It was an amazing event to watch with a vast amount of players doing insane plays, callouts, positioning, and of course.. the TRASH TALK.. From Ninja's amazing play on that Haven oddball to Pistola absolutely murdering Ninja later on in a game with a crazy out BR, to FORMAL's AMAZING sniping in the finals, it was all GG's here and there. This event truely showed what the community and the pro's are capable of... oh and just in.. Carbon is getting back together so that's always a light in this dimly lit scene that many portray the Halo community as. Myself personally would view this scene as a time bomb that is about to blow up and bloom some flowers! As I found AGL AMAZING! For anyone who missed it you should go watch the rebroadcast... anyways here are some links.. http://arenagaming.us/ http://www.twitch.tv/arenagamingleague https://twitter.com/ArenaGaming_ https://www.youtube.com/NinjasHyper https://twitter.com/NinjaRTB https://twitter.com/iGotUrPistola https://twitter.com/xHoNNy7 "10h Scott R Lussier Scott R Lussier ‏@Scandhi Lord of the Rings: The Return of #Carbon - coming to a local east coast tournament near you. @GH057ayame RT." Anyways, Happy Gaming. #SaveHalo ; ) <3
  21. No Limit Gaming is a co-ed gaming clan. Visit www.backoutnow.com if you are interested in a competitive clan that are 65 strong and counting. We are an 18+ clan that spans across 3 platforms, and are involved in games such as; BO2, BF3+4, Halo 4, and much more. when you visit the site mention C0dxQu33n and add me on your friends list
  22. We are the SPARTANS AT WAR the freshest fu$#ing clan on HALO 4. Were a mix of casual and competitive players but no matter what we always play hard and play to WIN. How to get in: message GainGreen42o or pkbounty on xblive. We will give you a rundown of the clan there.
  23. Yama


    Name: Dusk Gamertag: YamaMX Gametypes: Slayer (1v1, 2v2, x4 FFA) File: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/5b4f085c-009c-4a4e-9b07-38e8181b3ca3 Please watch the video in full to understand the mindset behind the map and it's many intricacies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=El8Edz4m6B4 Dusk is a smaller competitive map focused on 1v1 and 2v2 gameplay. Aesthetically pleasing set pieces and competitive fundamentals are unified to form an overall enjoyable map. This project started as a sketch on notepad paper and has since evolved into what you now see. Through multiple rebuilds and refinement, it has came into it's own as a successful smaller map. Different from most of my other creations, Dusk is highly centered around structure. If my other maps gained any inspiration from Lockout, this one gained it from Ivory Tower. All tiers are accessible through various routes with both basic paths and trick jumps available. Like most competitive maps, the more you put into it the more you'll get out of it. There is much trickery to be had, yet enough open space and vivid lines of sight to end it with precision.
  24. Map name: Lockout Gamertag: YamaMX Gametypes: Slayer, AGL, CTF, Oddball, KOTH, Extraction File: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/23f275a9-02d7-4f21-8763-02e475a15e07 Lockout is a 1:1 replica of the Halo 2 map co-forged by veteran forger Vincent Torre (MickRaider) and myself, YamaMX. Back in January I forged the map while using Halo 2 PC as a guide, block for block. Like many, I have a passion for this map as it housed many great competitive outings and memories. Having presented the original version, it received many positive reviews and a ton of useful feedback. This is where I met MickRaider, who could sense my passion for perfection and my willingness to listen, learn and execute. Together we bounced the map up and back, each of us taking care of large chunks at a time. By the end of it all, the map underwent ten major version increments before becoming final. The goal of this remake was to faithfully reproduce Lockout; line of sight for line of sight, trick jump for trick jump without sacrificing visual fidelity in any way. While some remakes tend to re-imagine the map in order for it to work with Halo 4 settings and bigger party sizes, we wanted a true 1:1 experience that both works well for Halo 4 and stays absolutely true to the original. While the trick jumps and such were made to work with Halo 4's engine seamlessly, no liberties were taken in regards to map size. Instead we measured for days on end to re-create the scale of the original, right down to the amount of seconds it takes to fall to your death. While I could write a change log, it would likely reach a character limit... thrice. I can honestly say the map was rebuilt from the ground up, everything has been amended or changed for the better in some way, shape or form. Just some small examples in comparison to the original would be the addition of the cave itself, missing entirely from the beta build. The entire height of the map has been adjusted. Bridges that most fail to realize have slight inclines have been inclined accordingly. Every Halo 2 spawn has been faithfully reproduced. Every room has been redone from the ground up, literally. Every trick jump is included and act nearly the same way they do in Halo 2. Barrel balance. Railings flipped. Tweaks to glass. Walls shortened or extended. Line of sights amended. The inclusion of CTF, Oddball and King of the Hill with the exact hill properties right down to length, width and height. The Halo 4 exclusive addition of Extraction. Optimization of the lighting budget. I could go on for hours, literally. It is an entirely new map in comparison to the original, shaped by over one hundred hours of work and countless play tests through out. The end result is Lockout, as you remember it. The map can be found in my file share or by following the provided link. Blockout, a version tweaked for Halo 4's Infinity Slayer with Ordnance Drops and such will be available shortly via MickRaider.
  25. Source-PR NewsWire Turtle Beach And Mlg are working together for Mlg Headsets for the competitors. Turtle Beach, leader in gaming audio, in partnership with Major League Gaming (MLG), the world's largest eSports league, is making its full lineup of official MLG-licensed gaming audio gear available for purchase at MLG's Winter Championship for the first time. The high performance, MLG-licensed Ear Force XP SEVEN, Ear Force Z SEVEN, and Ear Force PX22 gaming headsets; and the Ear Force TM1 tournament mixer will be available at the MLG Winter Championship in Dallas, Texas, from March 15-17. Experts from Turtle Beach and MLG will be on hand to demonstrate and answer any questions about the premium audio products during the tournament, which will feature some of the world's best players competing for $170,000 in prizes. "We are excited to bring these incredible new audio products to gamers everywhere," said Sundance DiGiovanni , Co-Founder and CEO of Major League Gaming. "Now pro players, new competitors and casual gamers alike will have access to the best equipment possible to help take their gameplay to a new level." Turtle Beach is the official audio provider for Major League Gaming, which uses the Ear Force SEVEN Series console and PC headsets and TM1 tournament mixers during MLG Pro Circuit tournaments. Developed in collaboration with MLG, the XP SEVEN and Z SEVEN headsets are designed to meet the demanding needs of the most competitive gamers. The headsets allow competitors to instantly change the mix of game, chat and microphone audio levels using a combination of controls and presets to deliver a competitive advantage in shifting game scenarios. Using Turtle Beach's Advanced Sound Editor (ASE), gamers can also replace the standard audio presets with up to eight game and eight chat audio presets – for over 64 possible preset mixes – to match their personal and team preferences. "The performance of gaming equipment can be the difference between winning and losing for pros, and working with MLG allows us to test our headsets with the most demanding gamers in the world," said Juergen Stark , Chief Executive Officer of Turtle Beach. "Our headsets and TM1 mixer were well received, and we look forward to making them available to every gamer who wants the competitive edge, high quality audio, and versatility our headsets provide, whether during tournament play or while gaming at home." The SEVEN Series headsets offer unsurpassed versatility while delivering outstanding audio quality and comfort. Using interchangeable connectors, the same headset can be used on an Xbox 360®, PlayStation® 3, PC or Mac®. A removable boom microphone, optional in-line microphone, and lay-flat ear cups also make the SEVEN ideal for handheld and mobile gaming on handheld consoles, smartphones, and tablets. The TM1 is a 6-channel audio mixer that enables crystal clear communication for up to six players on the same team, or two teams of up to three players each. It also offers several distinctive input and output options, including a broadcast feed, coach's input, analog noise gate to cancel out crowd noise and a microphone volume setting to accommodate the sensitivity of any mic paired with the mixer. While designed for tournament use, the TM1 is ideal for multiplayer console and PC LAN parties. Ear Force PX22 Gaming Headset Available on Exclusive Basis to MLG Attendees The MLG Winter Championship represents the first opportunity for gamers and spectators to pick up a new Ear Force PX22 gaming headset, first revealed at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show. Licensed by MLG, the high-performance PX22 is a universal wired headset for consoles, PC and Mac® that features cross platform versatility, amplified stereo sound and a lightweight design for a comfortable fit. It also offers variable Bass and Treble Boosts, Dynamic Chat Boost™ and a 4-pole connector for full compatibility with mobile devices, including the ability to answer the phone while gaming. Pricing and Availability The XP SEVEN and TM1 are available online and at major U.S. retailers, including GameStop and Best Buy. The Z SEVEN and PX22 will be available for purchase for the first time in Dallas at the Winter Championships, with broad retail availability expected in April. XP SEVEN for console gamers (also works with PC and Mac®) - MSRP $279.95 Z SEVEN for PC and Mac® gamers - MSRP $249.95 PX22 Universal Headset for console, PC and Mac® gamers - MSRP $79.95 TM1 6-Channel Tournament and Broadcast Mixer - MSRP $249.95 About the MLG Winter Championship The world's best players will compete at the MLG Winter Championship for $170,000 in prizes playing some of the most popular titles of all time – Call of Duty®: Black Ops II, League of Legends and StarCraft® II: Heart of the Swarm. VIP and spectator passes are available at majorleaguegaming.com. ABOUT TURTLE BEACH Turtle Beach (http://www.turtlebeach.com) designs and markets premium audio peripherals for video game, personal computer, and mobile platforms, including its acclaimed line of Ear Force gaming headphones and headsets crafted for Xbox 360 and PS3 game consoles and PC games. Turtle Beach's limited edition, Ear Force Tango wireless headset was recognized as an honoree by the 2013 International CES Innovations Awards. According to the NPD Group, Turtle Beach manufactures the top five best-selling third-party gaming headsets of all time when ranked in dollar sales. The Ear Force X12 wired headset is the No. 1 best-selling third-party gaming headset of all time. Turtle Beach, headquartered in Valhalla, New York, is a brand of Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc., which has been at the forefront of music and audio technology for more than three decades and is recognized as a pioneer of today's PC audio industry. Turtle Beach and Ear Force are registered trademarks of Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged. ABOUT MAJOR LEAGUE GAMING: Major League Gaming (MLG) (www.majorleaguegaming.com) is the world's largest eSports organization with millions of LIVE viewers, fans and competitors around the globe. MLG enables gamers to compete, improve their skills, and socialize via the largest online destination for competitive console and PC gaming featuring more than 8 million registered gamers, and the annual MLG Pro Circuit featuring LIVE, in-person tournaments in cities nationwide. MLG broadcasts competitive play, analysis and more via online streaming to hundreds of thousands of fans in an average of more than 170 countries.
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