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Found 18 results

  1. Church

    MW3 vs. BF3

    The largest FPS controversy is found between Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) and Battlefield 3 (BF3). But which really is better? Is it the destructible maps and sheer graphics awesomeness that puts BF3 ahead, or does MW3's superb campaign approach and ranking style win the tournament? Sniping? Game modes? Vote in the poll, and post pros and cons for either game in the thread. MW3 or BF3? You pick. -Church
  2. So I need to say something, I dislike the forum it's much too blue! There needs to be so much more pink, and cuteness. The only reason why I stay here is for the noble member Caboose! His light leads the way out of the dark pit of despair.
  3. Hey I was just past captain 1or2 and we added a new profile then suddenly my brothers and my profiles were wiped clean.the just my other brother went online whith his new profile and it got wiped please fix this
  4. Welcome to the Post-A-Day Challenge! This challenge has been created by myself to get more members active and hopefully help new members stay active. This will be a 30-Day Challenge. You may begin this challenge at any time but must make posts in consecutive days as the Challenge dictates. The Rules: To complete this challenge you must abide by the following guidelines: -Each post you make must contain a minimum of 50 Words unless otherwise specified. -Each post must be in the specified category and may not be off-topic. -All posts made towards this challenge must remain in accordance to the site rules -You may only create one post towards completing this challenge per day. The Challenge: If you choose to accept this challenge, I encourage you to copy the following form, and catalogue your posts by linking them next to the day specified. After you complete this form, simply send it to BZ1 via PM for verification. Upon completing this challenge, you will be added to the Wall of Winners and receive the official 'Challenger' award. WALL OF WINNERS SHINYA KOGAMI - 10-1-14 If you have any questions at all, feel free to post them below or in a PM. Good Luck! -BZ1
  5. the master chief gets infected but partially and retains his mind and body but now a flood infected one with the traits of one and the weaknesses and the ability to be hated and loved by all things flood and sentient except the gravemind will tell him what to infect (thats YOU sentient life) so hide from the master flood chief infection and eventually he will break free from the infection and kill the flood (again again again) please 343 add this to the game or as a seperate campaign
  6. Some of you may remember the Ground Zero, alternate story to ODST thing I had worked on. Sad as it is to say, I have since scrapped that project, as I ended up writing myself into a corner. So, instead, I started fresh, and where better to start, then Reach? ------ In the Epsilon Eridani system, Humanity is housed on the planet of Reach. Many men and women of this planet fought for bitter survival when the Covenant attacked, but inevitably met their doom. These are their stories. (DUNK DUNK! ) Many know the tale of Noble team, but this document is intended to shed light on the unsung heroes of the attack on Reach. In the timeline of July 24th 2552 to August 30th 2552, millions of lives were impacted by the Invasion of Reach. This humble documentation will attempt to deliver a solid glimpse into the actions of those affected; some tragic, some triumphant, some trivial. We begin our story two days before July 24th. Obviously, July 22nd. With Private Hector Rosario, of the 3rd Marine Battalion. This story has been accurately recreated using Rosario's own journal. The events within are seen from his point of view, and may, or may not, be true. JULY 22nd 1100 HOURS. REACH ORBIT. Hector marched down the halls of the UNSC frigate Luna, searching for anything and everything that could keep him occupied. With the lack of any liquor, or loose women, it seemed this native of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., Earth would be disappointed. “Yo! Rosario!” A familiar voice called from one of the many Rec Rooms. Hector turned to see his squad mates sitting, lounging around the various exercise equipment. Rosario's squad; Razorback 3-2, was one of eight 4 man teams that made up Razorback Battalion; A Marine Force Recon group. The team lead; 1st Lt. Kayla Duran was thumbing through the pages of a magazine, not even glancing up at Hector as he exchanged greetings with the other two; Sgt. James LeMay, and Corporal Neil Hawthorne. “What's shakin' Neil?” Rosario asked, plopping down on the bench of one of the weight lifting machines. “What do you think, Hec'? Not a damn thing.” He sighed. “People keep whispering the word Covenant, but I think they're still riled up from Harvest and all.” “Legitimate or not, HighCom takes any mention of the Covies seriously.” Duran said, flipping yet another page. “If it turns out to be a buncha bull, great. If not, they'll take the required actions to protect Reach.” “I don't know about that, Ell Tee.” LeMay said, pushing his thick framed glasses up on the bridge of his nose. “I mean... you heard about Harvest like the rest of us. How do you stop something like that?” “By blowin' 'em to hell and back, then back again.” Rosario said, high-fiving Hawthorne. “It's not that simple, Hector. They have WAY better tech then us. High frequency E.M. Shields and the like. The only way to bust through them is to put every damn thing you've got into them.” “All I understood from that was 'shoot the crap out of them.'” Rosario said with a grin. “Bullets still kill these things. It's as simple as that.” Rosario looked out of the window to Reach. “Man... Why would anyone give a damn about that hunk of rock anyway? It's just a buncha farmers and Innies.” “It was the UNSC's first extra terrestrial colony, Hec.” Duran sighed. “It's important to moral. Not to mention, Have you SEEN New Alexandria? That place is a sight worth saving.” Hector sighed and rolled his eyes. “Whatever, K'. It can't hold a candle to Chicago. Like, there was this one place I'd chill all the time-” The blaring of alarms cut him short. The time for jokes was over. The four Marines rushed to their feet, following the pre-set emergency protocols; Secure your gear, find your squad, and get to your ready lines. Razorback stood in full force, waiting for the Commander to give his briefing. The hangar completely silent as he marched out. Commander Jordan Cabral stood before the gathered Marines of his ship. “The situation is as follows. Roughly an hour ago, one of our sister ships went dark just at the edge of system space. They sent a final burst transmission, saying they were under attack by an unknown enemy. As intel is sketchy at the moment, we're to be on standby until called to action. You'll be boarding your transports, and orbiting the planet until we get that call. Move out!”
  7. Since Reach is almost four years old, and Halo 5 and the Master Chief Collection are coming out soon, Reach is about to get a lot less popular. I think since not that many people are going to be playing Reach soon, I think when the two new titles come out I think the free stuff should start.
  8. The dull thumping of footsteps, a singular moment of terror. In that instant, fight-or-flight is no longer an option. The limbs lock up, the voice; caught in the throat. And suddenly; It's over. Feeling leaves your body, you collapse to the floor, soon to be nothing more than another cadaver, and the last thing you see? Some Spartan's crotch, Rocketing toward your face. You'll get 'em next time. Yep, it's that time again. Time to engage in the more primal urges of mankind; Plotting the downfall of, and distrusting all around you for the sake of petty gains. So, Let's get down to brass tacks; July 26th; 10 A.M. EST, we're gonna start the festivities. We'll be running till 1 P.M., but longer should the lobby be particularly jumpin'. Now, for those of you who played last time, who were confused about the rules, here's a little summary: You are on your honor, which means you are expected to follow the rules in order to actually make this a fun game. No call outs. Alive or dead, you're not allowed to say who attacked you, what color they were, what weapon they used.... Nothing. If you're dead, you can still talk, but do not tell people "Watch out, they're behind you" or anything like that. You're dead. Living matters don't concern you anymore. You are not allowed to attack anyone, unless the following circumstances happen: A: you PERSONALLY SEE AN ATTACK, OR AN ACT OF AGGRESSION. Acts of aggression include reloading, charging a weapon, or sighting with the Binary rifle. Once again, you have to PERSONALLY SEE IT. B: in self defense, duh. C: If you are a murderer. Duh. D: if you are the last innocent left alive. at this point, go nuts. Seeing someone murder someone means you can attack them, but it does not mean that person is now "Kill on sight" If you attack them, and lose them, and say about a minute passes, you can't track them down and attack them again. In fact, it might be a better idea to run away. Boss is the Dragon Man. Any questions? Post them. Coming? Post. Wanna tell me I'm not the Dragon Man? Wander into the nearest busy intersection, and wait there until you feel unrelenting pain. RSVP.
  9. As a huge fan of the clone trooper Echo, and an even bigger fan of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series, I felt the need to write a topic about this to inform the fellow Star Wars fans on this forum. Now that the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series is over, Dave Filoni left us with a few sketches of where the series was going, and what could have happened. Here are some of the sketches: For all of the concept images click on the source at the bottom of this thread. At the end of his blog, Dave Filoni left us with an image and some words regarding the clone trooper Echo. This is wonderful to hear for me. I thought his time was too short and I was very upset with his early death. I hope to see some Star Wars lore popping up about him in the near future, and now I can finally watch this without getting teary-eyed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCMx3dgTq0g SOURCE:STARWARS.COM
  10. So, over the past few days on these forums I've heard, time and again, people asking 'What the heck is CSR?' Well, since before I was on this Forum, I was on the much worse, much messier Halo Waypoint, and as a person there, I have known of this, and I do know how it works. So I decided to help explain it. CSR - Competitive Skill Ranking. Well, if I lay out exactly what it means, does it make it easier or harder to understand? I'm hoping that by now, some of you are going 'Ooooooohhh!' and are now thinking 'What are the specifics?' Easy. -CSR is a 1-50 ranking system. -There is a CSR for every War Games playlist. -For games like BTB and TS, it is calculated more from your personal skill in game but that doesn't mean wins don't count. -For games like Grifball and Action sack, it is calculated more from using your wins and losses. Personal skill still counts. -'Personal skill' that I am talking about generally means your medals, kills, deaths, betrayals, all into 'one'. Now, you might say, 'Cool! So did 343 put back competition? Awesome! Where can I view each of my playlists' CSR?' And now I'm gonna have to shoot you down. It is NOT visible in-game. Why? Because 343 decided to make CSR not during the games creation, but AFTER they released information that there won't be a real skill based ranking system. Where is it visible? Halowaypoint.com, or the Halo Waypoint XBL app, or Halo Waypoint on your Android/iDevice. That is it. Why is it there? According to 343, 'Because those who truly care about their rank can access it, but it will discourage buying accounts, hacking, cheating, boosting etc. and also for players who are below average, they won't always be trash talked.' Sadly, what I read from that was something along the lines of 'Because during game planning we decided our target audience were the bad players, and so we wanted them to feel like they were doing good, and the only reason we even bothered making CSR was because when we said there wasn't a ranking system everybody on our forums were mad, which is confusing.' AAAAAnyways, what this means is that while you can still do things like compare CSR with others (Specifically, others here or on your friends list), gone are the days where you could prove you were better than someone else by comparing rank because nobody even bothers to have a mic anymore. What more do you want to know of CSR? Uhhh.... Oh, yeah. Sometimes they might reset everyone to 0. Thankfully they promised that they'll give us a reason. Is that enough? TL;DR - CSR is a ranking system which is only visible on the internet on Halo Waypoint, not on game. Therefore, it is a ranking system that applies only to the 10% or so people who actually care about the game to visit websites. Each playlist has one, and your best is displayed on your stats screen.
  11. Can someone explain to me and other who doesent know what is that ring icon in Halo:CE(PC) server browser window please?
  12. Has anyone else noticed that the tracker and rogue specializations are GONE?
  13. Hello, this is my tribute video for the Halo franchise, from Reach till Halo 4, tell me whatcha think! Aside from this, we all know some people think that Halo 4 was a bum, but to be honest I liked the game and I still have hope that it came be better, also not to mention the campaing was awesome! But, it's 343 first game, just like it was halo CE with bungie. So if Halo 2 was like the best halo from Bungie, then Halo 5 will be the best halo from 343 industries! Let's all hope it turns out like that
  14. Since it's been such a huge debate as to whether the Boltshot is overpowered or not I decided to do a video testing the Boltshot's range and killing ability against the human shotgun and the Scatter Shot. As you can see the fact that the Boltshot gets you to one shot and will kill you at a further distance than the other ordinance dropped shotguns proves that this weapon needs some balancing. In my opinion the gun doesn't need to be less powerful, it just needs it's range cut in about half lol. What do you guys think?
  15. Over all I love Halo 4 and think 343i has done an incredibly job on the story line, visuals, sounds, etc... This is an amazing Halo game. There are only a few issues that I, and many others, have that are slowly leeching all the fun from the game because they are so annoying and nonsensical. First and foremost: Vehicle friendly fire? Really? 343i... You know the majority of people who play your game online are trolls right? I've played Halo online since Halo 2 and about 3/5 games, in my experience, you will have teammates try to ruin the game for all the other players on their team. Usually you can just ignore it and keep playing, or boot them!... problem solved! However, in Halo 4 this isn't possible. Instead you just end up trying to avoid one or two of your teammates for however long the match lasts so you can keep playing the game and have fun. Now since everyone who plays online games knows that teammates are going to be jerks... why enable them? I love that betrayals are gone (except for splattering, but that kind of makes sense) but why allow teammates to destroy vehicles via friendly fire? I guess I just don't understand the thinking behind it. Second: 343i. In my browsing of the forums and my experience in the game, I see little to no response to the community/fan base and their valid complaints. Why is this? Why don't you listen to your customers? Or at least show that you're listening? I'd rather you act on what we're saying, but even an acknowledgment would be better than being completely ignored. So please listen to the people who provide your paycheck. We're not all mindless and stupid. Third: Why have a daily experience point cap? You promoted the crap out of the game with Mountain Dew and Doritos Double XP, but then you hinder players... seems completely counter-intuitive right? You're not helping anyone by doing that. Since high level players are thrown in with low level players all the time, there's no meaning to rank. So why hinder people who play your game a lot and want to be rewarded if it doesn't hurt any other player? So basically, out of supposed concern for other players, you hinder the players who play a lot, yet allow teammates to destroy vehicles, while promoting the game with Double XP and not letting people get all the XP they want in a day. Overall you're just hindering people and haven't accomplished any of what you claim you're trying to do! Don't get me started on the specializations thing... at least that's behind most of us now. So 343i please just listen to the people you're selling your game to. Take our ideas and thoughts into consideration and I promise Halo 5 will be even better than Halo 4 (which is phenomenal overall).
  16. So, I was thinking a little bit, and I was wondering. Should they bring back some of the guns in Halo 3 for Halo 4, like the MA5C Assault Rifle and the BR55 Battle Rifle? I think so.
  17. Is 343 ruining Halo: Reach? Sadly the answer is yes. Bloom is good! Why would they remove it? It seperates the noobs from the pros. Only 300 people play the TU Beta. Why? IT SUCKS. Notice how every playlist that gets the title update subsequently loses the majority of it's players. Every update has made the game worse. I hope 343 gets the message and stops ruining Halo: Reach. If any 343 staff is reading this, PLEASE STOP. YOU'VE ALREADY SCREWED UP HALO:REACH ENOUGH. Bungie was SOOOO much better. Please stop. It was amazing and now it's getting worse.
  18. I found out a solution. Instead of making everyone else's gaming experience judged on by 1000-2000 people on the forums, why don't you try this. Instead of making the Title update mandatory, why don't you do a test? For a bout a month, make another playlist, that only has no title update. That way there would be a one playlist with title update in every gametype, and one without it. It would include every playlist, but without the title update. Moniter the number of players on each play list. Whichever one gets more players would become the new official title update. Sincerely, A person who represents the majority of the community in the belief that the title update really sucks In case you didn't get my example here's a demonstration. Note: > <--- represents a change in playlist Title update>Anniversary, Coop, Competitive, Community, Crappy TU Beta that is played by 1/1000000 of the community>And so on and so forth No title update>Anniversery, coop, competitive, community, Crappy TU Beta that is ruining Halo and will cause Halo 4 to put you out of business> and so on into the regular categories. OR BETTER YET! Make the title update optional! That way we can prove that no one who matters likes it. The OP has a "Revised" post list in this thread here. He had created another OP rather than update this one or post a revision in here. It was transferred here. Absolute Dog
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