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  1. I enjoyed saying that out loud a few times. Also may the baby Jesus have mercy on anyone who actually fell for what I said...
  2. I didn't like the way Master Chief looked or the things he said (i.e. "The name's Chief"). I also think the combat sequences could have been done better and more creativley. It just didn't impress me in any way. I was entertained minimally.
  3. What...you don't want to hear my opinion on how Halo is slowly and surely becoming just like Call of Booty Modern Warfare? It's such an interesting topic!
  4. Do you think ADS (aim-down-sight) will ever be incorporated into Halo? I know we can look down scopes but there has never been usable iron sights in a Halo game as of yet. Personally, I wouldn't want ADS in a Halo game because I think the whole hipfire/reticle mechanic is an essential part of the Halo gameplay formula and ADS would pretty much destroy that formula. Despite ADS being a more realistic mechanic who is to say it's better for gameplay? However many people these days ask for realism in games and if 343i wanted to cater to that croud they may consider it... To be honest I doubt ADS will ever be in Halo as long as 343i is in charge.
  5. I'm a little skeptical. I feel like they are going to be walking around rocks for the entirety of the show while talking about their feelings. Then, in the last two episodes something will happen. Someone will breath in some dust, poop will hit the fan and then it will end. We'll see. For the record I despise Forward unto Dawn.
  6. I think that the bubble shield should be brought back as an armor ability. However, I think that 343i should be smart about how long they make the cooldown for it. Which is why I am suggesting that there is no cooldown. Second of all, I think the bubble shield should also trigger an armor lock, except instead of locking your armor in place you can move around freely. This second defense is to ensure that if by some likely chance 343i's horrible programming fails and the bubble shield doesn't work we can still rely on the armor lock. Regards,
  7. Message me now to play some custom games on Halo 4 and Reach. Have some pretty cool fully functional maps from other people and myself we can play. Trying to get full lobby. Message: Sindronian on xbox live.
  8. See thread for details: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/36973-full-lobby-for-custom-games-this-sunday-afternoon-or-evening/ Maximum of 16 people to sign up.
  9. I want to get a full lobby for Halo 4 and Halo Reach custom games. We will either play this afternoon or this evening. Refraction is my only finished map on Halo 4 since making maps on Halo 4 is a pain compared to Reach. I have some great Halo Reach maps we can play, some made by me and some others once we play Refraction a few times (should be the most fun). Post here if you are interested in playing either Sunday afternoon or evening (today). Also, tell me which time works for you! Attendants (2/16): Sindronian Sindronian's room mate I hope to get a full lobby today : ) LET'S HAVE SOME FUN! These are a few screenshots of the map "Refraction" which I just finished polishing up!
  10. I wish the canon would not contradict itself. Spartans are not supposed to be emotionally damaged after losing a team member because they would make them peform more poorly in battle. That's why when spartans are created their emotions are destroyed before they can even lose them. I guess they still have emotions but they're just so supressed that only in the most dire situations they can feel a little bit. Losing a squad mate shouldn't really elecit an emotional response from a spartan. Chief losing Cortanna however, that seems like something worthy of bringing forth supressed emotion.
  11. If 343i ever decided to kill off Cortanna from the series, for whatever reason...I think that would be the way to do it.
  12. Hm. I think you are correct but we've just never seen any evidence of Chief expressing compassion or love for the humans. To me it looks like he mostly just takes orders to save the humans. Has there been any evidence in the Halo games of Master Chief saying he actually wants to save the humans? The people who captured him and turned him into a emotionless war machine for their benefit? It wouldn't surprise me if Chief has just been taking orders this whole time and the only thing he really values is Cortanna.
  13. Okay so here's the scenario. Somehow the decision is Master Chief's to make and only he can decide the outcome of either: 1. The extermination of the humans and the survival of Cortanna 2. The survival of the humans and the loss of Cortanna Assuming that Master Chief did not have the ability to communicate to Cortanna with respect to his decison, What do you think he would choose? Cortanna is the only thing that gives Chief a little emotion/life but his main purpose is to ensure the survival of humanity. I'm assuming Chief can't communicate with Cortanna about this because if he could Cortanna would most likely convince Chief to let her die and to save the humans. So without Cortanna persuading Chief what would he do? Logically, the right answer is obvious if you assume that the number of lives lost is the most important factor (the humans). However this isn't so much a logical decision but more of a personal one for Chief. So don't think of it in terms of costs vs. benefits think of it in terms of how it would make Chief feel.
  14. How could I ever forget something that made me fear for my life every time I was within 5 feet of another enemy player? #DONTBRINGITBACK
  15. I wish that it would but I don't think it will. 343i should realize that the most successful Halo multiplayer experience (halo 3) had dual wielding in it and it was balanced enough. Sure, some combinations of weapons may not be as viable or sometimes they may never be viable but having dual wielding brought more variety and made the game more fun. For example playing team duals and mowing down all the noobs who used dual pistols/smgs instead of just throwing grenades. That was amazing. It's also very satisfying to take out a player's shields at long range with a pistol in your right hand and then close in to finish him off with an smg in your left hand. Dual weilding can be tactical and in some situations it works better than switching to another weapon (usually in close quarters). I think 343i is worrying too much about balance as that was one of their main reasons for not incorporating it in Halo 4. All dual weilding combinations don't have to be perfectly balanced. The BR was infinitley better than the AR in Halo 3 at medium and long range, did that make the game worse or less fun? No...a lot of people still used the AR and still enjoyed using it. BRs were strategically placed on the map or used in certain gametypes only. In Halo 4 eveyone can use a BR/DMR in almost any gametype and any map thanks to loadouts. This doesn't work as well. I think dual weilding is awesome and if Halo 3 didn't have it the game wouldn't be as good. I think 343i underestimates the impact of removing dual weilding and I think it is an essential part to the success of Halo multiplayer. Some changes could be made to it though. For example if you try using a melee attack while dual weilding you should be able to do it without losing one of the guns you are weilding. That would make dual weilding more viable and even more fun than it already was. Little things like that can make huge impacts you'd never expect. It could improve the gameplay by a lot.
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