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Found 25 results

  1. The Competetive Skill Ranking, or CSR for short, is your rank within the Arena experience and determines who you'll be pitched against. If everything goes right that should be opponents within your skill range and this ensures you that you and your team won't be annihilated by higher levels and that you won't stomp on lower levels. Just like we saw in the beta you'll have to complete 10 placement matches that determine what rank you'll start off as. Since the beta there have been a couple additions to the ranking though. Below you'll find all the ranks through which you can progress (or drop). The ranks Bronze through Diamond are pretty straight forward. Win a couple of matches and you'll progress in ranks. Notice that I said 'win matches' and not 'be on the top of the leaderboard' as being the top player on your team doesn't mean a thing to your CSR, only winning does. There is the chance that you'll drop a rank after losing too many matches but we are assured that you won't drop an entire rank by going on a bit of a losing spree. For example, if you've been working towards that Silver rank for who knows how long you won't be dropped back down to Bronze just because you weren't having a good day. The Onyx and Chapion ranks behave in a different way. Once you reach Onyx, your CSR score will be shown to allow better comparison between players. Winning no longer increases your tier, your CSR score does. Once you reach the top 200 within a playlist you'll be placed in the highest tier, the Champion tier. All shall quiver before thee! Later in Halo 5's lifespan seasons will be introduced. It looks somewhat like the seasons we had back in the Halo Reach days. When a season starts your CSR will be reset and you'll have to play your placement matches again to be ranked. This allows you jump start your ranking and prevents you from being stuck in an what seems to be endless progression through the rankings. Of course, you can also fall a bit short but do not fret as there is always next season. Reaching a CSR ranking within a season also makes you eligable for a neat cosmetic award, no matter if your Bronze or Onyx. Think of it as a souvenir. First thing we'll get is this emblem: Each time a season ends 343i will update the game based on your feedback. So don't stop complaining! Join in progress is disabled in Arena to prevent you from being placed in losing games and losing a rank as a result from that. Quitting is frowned upon and if you decide to be a bum you'll not only suffer a loss and forfeit any EXP or REQ points earned that match, you'll also recieve a temporary ban to think about what you just did. Betrayals, idling, intentional suicides and excessive disconnects will also earn you a ban of which the length is determined by how heavy the offense is. Each successive infraction will increase the timeout exponantially so don't you even think about it Spartan! What are your thoughts on this ranking system? Let us know down below! Thank you for reading!
  2. Hey if anyone reads this i'm looking for a halo team of 4 me and 3 other people. i want to make a Halo MCC team for ranking up, being a team, the callouts, and also some HLG (Hidden League Gaming) if you'd like to join my team you must have a mic plz and thank you! Contact me on xbox too if you like my gt is DHG Incursio Hidden League Gaming- Get Kills, Hide, Win, also watch or hear the other team rage cause they cant find you haha.
  3. NEEDS TO BE FIXED! I am more than furious with this new ranking system. I really hope everyone else can try and reach out to 343 about this issue. Here is my problem: They need to be based on personal performance and not team performance. I Started at gold 2 and now am back at bronze 2 and I can assure you its not my playing. I have logged on this morning and have played 4 games now. In which I have gotten over 20 kills myself and still losing horribly. The main reason is there are people playing with me whom get 3 kills but 17 deaths, yes I know everyone has they're bad games and that's ok we are all human here. The problem with it is that it is an ongoing process. I have been playing halo since the very first one.. point being im not a newbie at the franchise and people like me should not be paired with these people getting 4 kills and 20 deaths. I love the idea of the ranking system don't get me wrong but not the way it works at the moment. If they want a rank that depicts on teams then they need to build a clan based playlist with a separate ranking then the one you get when you want or have to play by yourself. Im having a great experience with this game overall, This is my biggest concern and it needs to be addressed over all others in my opinion or Microsoft is going to make a lot of money off of broken xbox accessories.
  4. Each player should have a Social EXP ranking like in Halo 3, 4 and Reach. The Ranking 1-50 can be for ranked playlists only. You need the fun social exp for just playing games and stuff.
  5. The following are some feature changes that I would like to see in Halo 5. None of them have any bearing on the base gameplay, but instead adjust how we look at, and feel about, the game while we're playing it. Please don't reply without reading, especially to point number 1. I think once you've read what I've suggested there, you'll find that it adds to the experience, without detracting from it in any way. 1. Some form of additional ranking system that doesn't amount to raw EXP. (Don't get me wrong, I like the EXP rating too, check below for an awesome solution) For the exp ranking, you are a private, sergeant, colonel, whatever. But you are NOT a number. (Rank 120, anyone? This needs to go away.) For the skill ranking, or class, your insignia (the arrows of a sergeant, or the stars of a colonel) will be colored, or look to be made of a different material. For example. -Player A has a very low skill ranking. They have a .68 KD in slayer gamemodes, and they lose a lot of objective too. They have only played 12 matches though. -Player B has a relatively low skill ranking. They have a .88 KD in slayer, and they lose nearly every objective game they play. They have played about a month. 110 matches -Player C has a moderate skill ranking. They have a 1.02 KD in slayer, and a .96 win:loss in objective. They have played for a while, 318 matches. -Player D is a veteran, and a very skilled player. They have a KD of 4.15 and an objective win:loss of 3. They have played for months, 2200 matches. Player A might be a Private (class II), their rank symbol will be the arrow of a private, but the symbol's color would be a standard white, because they have not played enough matches to get an accurate skill ranking. Player B is likely a Lieutenant (class III), their rank symbol is the bar of the lieutenant, and is made of a rough, gritty metal granted to all the class III players who stick it out. Player C might be a Colonel (class V), their rank symbol will be the stars of a colonel, and will be the shining gold standard of a rank V player. Player D is probably a "Max Rank" (class X), their rank symbol will be the vibrant shape of a max rank adornment, and will have the fiery orange hue of a sunlit topaz. 2. Lobby style should revert from tabbed playercards to a list of names with a preview pane, like Reach had. (Halo 4 feels so impersonal, seriously. It makes you feel like a number. I feel more individualized at the DMV.) Remember the lobby for Halo Reach? Yeah. It was good, wasn't it? To the right there is a list of players and the teams they're on, with their name and ranking symbol. As you scroll through the list, the spartan preview on the edge of the screen changes to show their spartan and their stats. Simple, elegant, integrated, informative, personal. Well done. Halo 4's lobby looks and feels like Windows 8. Enough said, seriously, I don't even want to explain further than that. 3. When voting on maps and gametypes, the number of votes should be invisible until after voting has taken place. (Peer pressure voting is a real thing, most people don't even realize they do it.) -Add a voting option for "Impartial". The cursor should default to this position when voting, so the button mash voters don't screw the roll by voting for whatever ended up on top. -In the event of a tie, the map is randomly chosen from the tied maps. Players are never shown the vote tally, but may still have communicated with their team while voting. -Gametype should be an independent vote from the map vote when relevant, and voting should follow the same principles therein. 4. Post match data should go back to the way it was in Halo 3, including top medals (MVP should be pictured. Top medals should return to being accurate.) -The post-match screen from Halo 3 was ideal. Honestly, just return to that format, it was nearly flawless. As for top medals: I like top medals, it's a cool addition to the game, like a competition of its own. However, when I see "first blood" as the top medal every match, I want to throw something at my television. Rules for top medals: a. First Blood should ONLY be a top 3 medal when NO OTHER 3 medals have been earned. First blood is earned EVERY GAME. It is not "top" in fact, it is not even relatively impressive. b. Medal count should not supersede medal quality (3 double kills are not as impressive as an overkill, 4 killing sprees are VASTLY easier to achieve than 1 riot) c. Bull-trues are not inherently impressive. Most are either pure luck, or just outright bull-CRAP in the form of someone who pulled a shotgun from their own buttcrack. d. Stickies are underrated (in large quantities). They're impressive, and usually worthy of screaming into your mic. 5. Speaking of medals.... What happened? Where's my sharpshooter medal!? -The lifetime "medal chest" should be view-able in game by yourself and other players -The following medals need to be in / return to the game: *20 streaks were never ingame, but should have been. Weapon Sprees (5/10/15/20*) -Sniper Weapons (sniper spree, sharpshooter, be the bullet, 20*) -Hammer (hammer spree, dreamcrusher, wrecking crew, 20*) -Shotgun (shotgun spree, open season, buck wild, 20*) -Sword (sword spree, slice and dice, cutting crew, 20*) -Headshots (headshot spree, trigger happy, marksman, 20*) -Stickies (Sticky spree, Sticky Fingers, Grenadier, 20*) -Wheelmans (wheelman spree, roadhog, road rage, 20*) -Splatters (splatter spree, vehicular manslaughter, sunday driver, 20*) -Assists (assist spree, sidekick, second gunman, 20*) <---- currently, the "assist spree" exists as "wingman" Other -Sniper weapon headshot medal (WHY would you remove this. GIVE ME ONE REASON. Honestly!) -The following medals just need to be worth more points Headshot (Currently equal to kill. Just...what even...) Snapshot (also currently equal to a regular kill. Again..what on earth was going through the decision-maker's mind here? I am INCAPABLE of understanding this.) -The following medals simply need to go away Distraction (these are pretty much universally given to terrible players who can't land shots, and/or have no map awareness, I'd be willing to bet less than 1/1000 are intentional) Fortification Assist (See also: Camper (noun) - obnoxious, selfish individual who can't aim and thus resorts to 'surprise attacks' on his betters, often ruining the pace of a game.) Vehicle Hill (there is no reason to differentiate this from otherwise just being in the hill) Weapon-specific "kill" medals (they are all worth the same number of points, just use a generic kill medal and free up resources for medals that are actually accolades) And that's it. Comment, like, dislike...whatever. I just think that if these changes were made to the Halo matchmaking environment, it would feel better overall, and therefore make the game more enjoyable.
  6. Helloooo Community! So I am playing 4 and I had a brainstorm. And that brainstorm was about how to rank up in Halo 5. Now the following Ideas, are of course, rough ideas, opinion based, factual element assited ides that I hope can shape Halo 5 for the better. So please join me as we discuss what could be a great and wonderful fresh ranking system that can cater to all! Competive Ranking Skill: This is a overhaul of Halo 3's and Halo 4's skill and CSR systems respectively. It is a 1-100 'Skill Rank' that increases the better you play. It does this in the following manner; When you are matched up, you will be placed against player equal to or maximum 2 Skills above you but not outside your tier. every 5 skills equals a tier. players a teir below you will not be matched up with you. this prevents any people being unjustly demoted cause they had bad games as a result of poor match-up. Now ranking uo a skill is relatively simple. If you play 4v4, 5v5 or minimum 8 player Team Slayer, FFA, KOTH, CTF, Extraction, and you Finish among the top 3 MVPs, if it is a 6v6, 7v7, 8v8 or minimum 12 player Team Slayer, Invasion, Dominion etc then it is the top 5 MVPs out of both teams (you don't have to win to be MVP) then you start MVP chain. now, if you can chain say 3 MVPs in three matches in a row, you go up a skill. But, if you chain 5 games as the worst player in 8 player minimums or bottom 3 in 12 player minimum, you go down a skill. This ranking system also means that if you are amongst the players in the middle ground without chaining enough to progress or degress, you have hit your current niche skill , and so until you as a player improve, you will have matches where you play pretty well most of the time, in other words, a fair match up. This caters to both the highly competive player and the just want to have fun as it mean the competive players get to have their 'who has the biggest rifle' contests but just for fun can find their niche, stay there and not have to worry with being placed with people out of their league, which might start to annoy them. Customization Level System: This takes the Reach ranking system, adds to it without taking away from it, but making it not affect who you match up with. You earn XP for this Leveling System, and the XP you earn also earns you an amount equal to that in credits. these credit are used to purchase the following; Weapon Skins Helmets (Attachable Custom Decor both skins and peices [like in reach]) Chest Peices (Custom Decor skins and peices) Shoulders Guantlets Upper Leg Peices Lower Leg Peices Visor Colour Unique Emblems (Special, Awesome ones) Armour Effects (Flaming Head Red, Blue, Storm, Birthday party, but some can be used together) Firefight Voices Spartan Matchmaking Voice (Eg. Halo 3 spartan, Halo Reach Spartan, Halo 4, Halo 3 Elite etc) Additional Loadout slots Weapon Effects (Like Armour effect but for loadout weapons eg confetti frags rainbow LR) Wrist Decal (The wrist things from reach) leg pouch (again from reach belt peice (in reach, but were defualts on torsos) Knives (custom knives that change your assanation animations and and knive on armour) Warthog Horn (General Lee!) this caters to the Just wanna have fun by allowing them to have something to work for that isn't about their skill level. its for customization and some general comedic fun. So what do you think Community? Is it worth a thought? I hope so, cause I would love to see this implemented, even just for the customization options. The Skill system keeps people in their good match ups without hindering their over all progression, and stops people from getting annoyed from being placed against people who are to good. Please, post your opinion, thoughts, possible improvements, other customization ideas and so on. Lets make Halo 5 have fresh, new, and fun ranking system!
  7. Hey guys! Are you great Forgers but bad competitive player? Can't get a high Spartan Rank or CSR? Well, this ranking system is good for you. The Forge Spartan Rank is a ranking system where the number goes up for the number of maps you make, time Forging, pieces placed, and ties editing. You can also get more points from people who download your maps off Fileshare. So this will be just like CSR, except operates more like SR. This is my short idea, so thanks for reading!
  8. Hello fellow members of the Halo community! As many of you have already noticed, many people are hitting the level cap of 130. I have a feeling that once more and more people hit that level, their will be a large demand for a new set of specializations. In fact, the chances are that they are already working on them! So this is a place where I would love to see some ideas for new specializations, including the armor and upgrades. See you on the battlefield! SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR LOADS OF GAMING CONTENT AND COVERAGE! www.youtube.com/TimeLessGaming9090
  9. Ok first things first, I am a first time poster on this forum, so please let me know if I am doing anything incorrectly. So tonight I went onto Halo 4 to test out the new maps and Infinity rumble playlist, and I noticed that there were only about 40,000 people online at 9:30 EST. This disappoints me, as it seems like every day more and more people are leaving the game, and the community itself. I got to thinking, what is it about Halo 4 that is making these people not want to play, and what could be changed to help to bring them back. My answer to the first question is that the game has branched too far out from what originally made Halo a great FPS, and my answer to the second is as follows: What Needs to Change: 1. A 1-50 TruSkill Ranking system must be implemented 2. Ranked Playlists must be added with the 1-50 ranking system. The playlists I would like to see are: 1. Lone Wolves (6 Player FFA) Gametypes include Slayer, Infinity Slayer, Oddball, and King of the Hill 2. Team Slayer (4v4) Gametypes include Slayer and Infinity Slayer 3. Team Objective (4v4) Gametypes include Capture the Flag, Oddball, Extraction, and King of the Hill 4. Team Swat (4v4) 5. Team Snipers (4v4) 6. Team Doubles (2v2) Gametypes include Slayer, Infinity Slayer, Oddball, and King of the Hill 7. AGL (4v4) Gametypes include AGL Settings Slayer, Capture the Flag, Extraction, Oddball, and King of the Hill 8. Squad Battle (6v6) Gametypes include Slayer, Infinity Slayer, Dominion, Extraction, Capture the Flag 3. Social Playlists need to be distinctly separate from Ranked, with random matchmaking instead of skill based. Social Playlists I would like to see are: 1. Rumble Pit (8 Player FFA) Gametypes include Slayer, Infinity Slayer, Oddball, King of the Hill 2. Social Slayer (5v5) Gametypes include Slayer and Infinity Slayer 3. Social Skirmish (5v5) Gametypes include Capture the Flag, Oddball, Extraction, and King of the Hill 4. Multi-Team (6 Teams of 2) Gametypes include Slayer, Infinity Slayer, Oddball, and King of the Hill 5. Big Team Battle (8v8) Gametypes include Slayer, Infinity Slayer, Dominion, Extraction, Capture the Flag 6. Action Sack (4v4) 7. Grifball (4v4) 8. Flood (6v6) 4. In order for the above playlists to work, Dominion, Regicide, and Infinity Slayer must all become gametypes (as opposed to the playlists they are now) to be voted on with all other gametypes available in each playlist. Only Infinity Slayer would have personal ordnance and instant spawn, all other gametypes would have their normal settings. Join in progress would be enabled for Social, disabled for Ranked. Killcams would be dependent on the playlist settings. Loadouts would be allowed based on the particular playlist settings. 5. No more random weapon spawns. Weapons should spawn how they have in every other Halo, in a particular place on a timer. Making weapon spawns random removed one of the two biggest facets of Halo gameplay, power weapon control. Besides skill itself, weapon control and map control were two of the most important aspects of all Halo games, and I believe it imbalances the game to have random weapon spawns. 6. Remove bloom and recoil. I feel like bloom was a failed experiment in Halo Reach, and it should not have been brought over to Halo 4. There may need to be some changes made to the fire rate of the DMR, Magnum, AR, etc. The BR has recoil, but it is small and almost unnoticeable anyways, so might as well just remove it. No bloom worked fine in MLG, and the previous Halos, with some tweaking it should work fine here as well. 7.Remove flinch, bring back being knocked out of scope. I don't know why they changed this in the first place, but I feel like getting rid of flinch and adding back in being knocked out of scope when shot is the way to go. The game would feel more like Halo I believe. 8. Remove Invisibility as an Armor Ability, make it a powerup like Damage Boost, Speed Boost, and Overshield. Have these placed around the map like in previous Halo titles, able to be picked up by a player. That is pretty much it, everything I think could be changed to help make the game feel more like Halo, less like a mishmash of other stuff. Let me know what you think about it! Mercules
  10. I'm SR53 stuck at 6249/18240XP after every game I play I don't receive any XP from matchmaking/spartan ops. Anyone else having this problem? It's extremely annoying and is discouraging me to play Halo 4.
  11. I just hit lvl 90 and for some reason my LE specializations were gone. I only had the option to choose from Wetwork and Operator. Is this a glitch or did you guys put a limit to the number of specializations that can be acquired. Also if this doesn't get fixed, how will I get the other specializations since I did not play Halo 4 before the 20th with a SE. Help please. Any commentary is much appreciated.
  12. Does anybody else feel like this game is SO close to being fantastic but is just short of the mark? I love all the new additions like the Mantis, loadouts, Ordnance drops, customizations, abilities, maps, new weapons etc... but I can't help like they took out some of the things I love from older games like Halo 3 when they didn't need to For me, and it's just my humble opinion, they took away too many things of the things I loved in halo 3 (didn't particularly like reach) For example, predictable weapon spawns, skill ranking system, resupply (as an all the time feature, not just an ability) I for one HATE running out of ammo..I get that if you rattle off 10 kills in a row you may need to make a move for more ammo but now it's realistic that you make a couple of kills with the DMR and by the time you track down the body you just killed from mid range, their weapon/ammo is gone. If they had a couple of predetermined spots where a BR/DMR spawned, I could at least track that spot down and regroup. I just don't see why this can't coexist with ordnance drops. Maybe make one of the options in your ordnance drops more ammo for your current gun rather than the stupid needler or damage boost! And I realize you can start with more ammo if you choose that ability but then you sacrifce resupply or something else. If it aint broke, don't fix it.. I wish 343 stuck to that more. Still a great game, but I'm hoping for a couple of small tweaks to make the game great.
  13. Why on earth is there no Ranking system am I the only one who sees the competitive edge in this which diffrenciates form every FPS game, it is so annoying HALO 3 was so bloody good and competititve. The gampelay of 4 i sgreat and the BR is back but surely 343 has someone in its dev team who plays the game. WHY HAVE THEY NOT ADDED THIS - Truley Gutted
  14. Hey everyone, this is my first topic/thread on the forum, and I'm happy to be here ^^ (Making my intro thread later, it's 4 AM and I'm just chock-full of energy! *sarcasm*) So very basically put how I understood it is that you get XP for doing things like killing opponents, headshots, capturing flags, destroying vehicles, etc. It's unknown to me or I believe most people whether you'll lose them after losing a match or not, but it can be inferred that you'll lose them if you quit a match. Spartan Points, (just a placeholder name for now) are either gained how Credits are in Reach, or after every time you rank up. If they're gained how Credits were, then it's possible that gaining SP is an optional way to rank up. I believe that it may or may not be optional to rank up by getting enough, but I don't think it'll be like that. Even if it were, I'm sure most of the Halo veterans would choose to rank up with XP, including myself. That's all for now, I hope that this little bit of a post helped some of you that were confused. Also, if you have anything to add, please do so. One more thing, I would like to refrain from flaming or bashing of any sort on this thread if possible. I do not intend to advocate that kind of behavior, and this thread is solely meant for discussion and helpful purposes. Thanks for reading ^^
  15. Ok, so i'm fed up with 343 not listening to the players who make Halo, Halo. What's the deal with not including a competitive ranking system? Don't give me the "cheaters" excuse, because i think that's a cop out. 343 you're really going to dumb the game down to avoid cheaters? You have to realize what gave Halo such great replay value was it's RANKING SYSTEM, nothing made the player crave halo more than it's ranking system. It got us all addicted. I mean running home after football practice just to play, waking up in the morning and the first thing we do is turn on our xbox... I think we need to start a petition - maybe Halo 4 should create an online pass - 343 must somehow give us the option to play competitively. Can't they see that WE ARE ALL ASKING FOR IT. We want to be able to stand out among other players because of our true skill, not because of the countless hours we've spent playing. Please, do not belittle the Halo Universe, with all of it's true HARDCORE fans, to a ranking system based on accumulating points. If so at least bring CLANS back or give us some sort of relief, so we competitive types, can have something to be proud of. Basically, THOSE WHO PLAY CUSTOM GAMES ALL DAY ARE HAPPY. WE WHO PLAY HALO COMPETITIVELY ARE NOT. Time for a petition. I don't think 343 understands it's players. They've turned into some comic, customize your spartan, make him look cool, WOOP-DEE-DOO, there are many of us who don't care for this. We just want a solid ranking system, with a number, bring back the cool symbols if you'd like. But just please, give us what WE want. Who knows what's the right way to go about starting a petition? It would be great to have one circling the Internet. Thanks, Phil
  16. What Everyone Has Been Talking About Is Finally Here Halo 4 is just around the bend, 25 days from now to be exact. But What about the ranking system. Most people were frustrated with Reach's Ranking system. So will it be different or will it be exactly the same. Check out this video for more details. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8_H-vTXeLM&list=UUzGLSfWbq4CiqKFO9lU9HLg&index=3&feature=plcp Video by Ducain23 Also go check out the Halo bulletin for all the details Click Here You now can level up through all game modes, even forge. Let me know what you think about this information.
  17. introduction: I am a level 50 in halo 3, and I barely played reach because the xp system gave no special award for playing good, only playing long, so my effort would not be recognised. furthermore, if I put the work in to learn the game, the only way to guarantee I would play with team mates who didn't ruin my game by playing poorly, was to go into the playlist with a set team... and even if I found a team, there was no way to guarantee the level of competition of the opposition would be worth the time... there needed to be some way to seperate players. for this reason I have been desperately hoping for some type of ranking system, and after thinking it through have come up with an idea I want to submit, ample time before release date. thanks in advance for reading. the idea: this can work in sync with any experience based system already on board, this seperates players, this give some type of visual representation of skill that can only be got by winning this deals with the problem of derankers halo 3 had a skill system that went from 1 to 50 firstly my variation on this would be to have level groups such as; begginer, intermediate, advanced, expert and in order for a player to play in a higher group than his current one, he must win ten games in a row or have a win record of 70% or more, over his last 100 games, then the player unlocks the next level, and can play other players who have unlocked it within each level, players get matched up with other players on a very similar win record to their own if players join parties of two or more, the entire party is matched up with players who are equal to the win record of the best player on the party, and the win records of the other members do not contribute to the level of competition, however a win for the party will count as no more than 1 win to the records of all party members, regardless of their expected win chances. additionally: there is an opportunity for some nice level completion animations, such as "expert level master" in lone wolves gets a star surrounding their current experience level symbol, and the option to place a wolf tattoo on his spartan, and if that player also has "expert level master" in team snipers, they get an additional star around their current symbol and the option for a cross hair tattoo on their spartan note: I am not a mathematition, nor do I know how easily it should be to level up, so I cannot calculate the optimum formula for players to rank down (please 343i, have something that seperates players, and put me with and against players similar to my record) again, thank you for reading.
  18. Gamebattles will probably add the Halo 4 ladders by the winter and my question is, what will the settings be for the matches, and for the matchmaking/ pub players. I'm hoping that bloom won't be a factor because I would take that out immediately. The BR should be a 4 shot and the magnum should have the same damage as the Halo 3 model. These are just my thoughts, feel free to leave yours in the replies below.
  19. SInce 343 showed the Multiplayer footage, I keep remembering the really bad ranking system in Halo: REACH. The system in Halo 3 was simple but very good, with nice medals and a numeric ranking from 1 to 50 in order of how much experience you have in the Multiplayer mode. But in Reach, they made a strange mixture betweeh the Campaign and Multiplayer stats, not allowing to really see with one look if the other player is a good and experienced online player or maybe just a bug spamer from the campaign, so the ranks kind of loose their value... What do you guys think about that?? I really really hope Halo 4 is going to be more like Halo 3!! And sorry for my bad english, I'm from Spain
  20. Dear 343 Industries, Let me just say this real quick. I have a ton of faith that y'all can redeem the Halo multiplayer from what we've all recently seen. Every time I see an interview or read a quote from one of you guys, it gives me even more hope. Just consider the following suggestions from a super hardcore H2 fanatic. Here are some itsy bitsy things that could be implemented in H4 multiplayer (Infinity) that would probably make me buy the game even if the gameplay was as bad as Reach (Not bashing .. just hear me out). For the first couple, I'm going to go ahead and assume that there is going to be a numbered leveling system like H2 had. I ask for two things here. 1) Make the higher levels a big deal. In H3, my Double Team partner went from a 1 to a 48 in less than 6 hours. In H2 that amount of time would only get you to level 30 ish. And 48 was nearly impossible, which isn't a bad thing at all. 2) THIS IS MY ONE MOST REASONABLE SUGGESTION. Bring back the colored ranks with the corners from H2. Seriously, this is the coolest form of simplicity I can imagine. Based on what has been revealed about H4 so far, I'm assuming there is going to be ranks like General and Commander and all that stuff. Just consider a couple things here. 1) Please don't make these such a big deal. Anytime I see my gamertag, that ugly emblem is next to my name. All it shows is how much time I've spent playing the game, which sometimes sparks a good insult related to the number of friends I have or my relationship status. 2) The emblems for Reach were really boring and cartoon-looking. If y'all are going to use the same emblems that are used in H3, Reach, and every war game ever made, at least make them look cool with a faded, scruffed up look. Maybe a cool background or something. I don't know .. honestly, I don't like them at all. Just make them different. Bear with me through this one. I'm sure y'all are well past this point in development, but at least try to keep the multiplayer levels fairly simple. Do a side-by-side comparison of Lockout in H2 vs Blackout in H3. Now look at the bottom level of the BR Tower. Notice how in H2 Lockout, the floor is completely flat everywhere. Now look at H3 Blackout. Do you see that big platform that you land on when you drop down from the floor above? There is no reason that platform should be there. All it does is slow me down when I walk over it. There's little things like this all over H3 and Reach levels, not just on the floor but on walls and in doorways, as well. This kind of stuff not only becomes an annoyance every now and then when strafing, but makes the level look way too busy in regard to aesthetics. I can understand that kind of stuff in the campaign where the theme of the level is really important, but 99% of people that put hundreds of hours into multiplayer don't do it because the levels are pretty. If anyone gets anything from all these words, let it be this. BRING BACK THE AWESOME COLORFUL POINTY-EDGED NUMBERED RANKING SYSTEM!! Like I said before, it's simple and awesome, and no one is going to complain that it's there. At least the numbered ranking system like H2. I'm not proud of it, but 6 years ago my life revolved around my Halo 2 Team Slayer rank. I was a 39 by the way .. Legit fool!! Sincerely, A hardcore H2 fan
  21. 343 I am an individual fan and this probably means nothing to you. Please bring back a ranking system where I can brag to my friends. I loved Halo 1-3. Precisely because of their competitive aspects. When reach came out I played it for a month or two before moving back to 3. I still have not gotten a 50 in halo 3 but I love trying because it feels like it actually means something. Whenever I see someone with lots of credits on Reach i think, wow, that kid plays a lot of halo. Will people sell accounts? Maybe but that doesn't hurt anyone. Sure its annoying but who cares if some ******* can get a new account and get a 50, because if they didn't earn it they will lose it. I am so in love with the halo series. Reach was like a cheating girlfriend. But if you guys bring back a game with a good ranking system I will be loyal to 343 forever. Also competitive rating systems solve weapon power discrepancies, if you weight weapons in a way that is strange the good players will figure out the best way to use those weapons and thus solve the problem. This was super stream of consciousness, but seriously make a ranking system where I can feel good about my rank, and I will dedicate all my time to your game. Good luck fellahs can't wait for 4, pregnantteen666
  22. I personally wouldn't mind some armor abilities, but armor lock needs to be kept out of the game. It would be great to see some fresh new ones like barrel rolling off of the side of a platform to shake your pursuer. That's just my one idea, put yours down below.
  23. To whom it may concern, There has been much talk about implementing a ranking system into the MLG playlist over on the MLG forums. I was wondering if 343 could make this happen. Any sort of ranking system at all would be helpful. I would even settle for the Arena ranking system. The same ranking system as the Arena, but with MLG gametypes and maps. This would benefit everybody who plays Halo because it gives people a reason not to quit, it gives people a reason to play and it lets you play against and play with players of your skill type. This is what made Halo 2 and Halo 3 fun to play for myself and I'm sure numerous other Halo players. I know I'm not the only one who wants to see Reach do well in 2012. Let's see if making a ranking system in the MLG playlist can give Reach what it needs to survive 2012. Thanks.
  24. This is just something I've been thinking about lately and it's still more of a conceptual sketch that I'm working out as I go along. Basically what I'm going for is the Halo 3 true skill system, with the addition of commendations, and horizontal rankings based on grades. So for a rough sketch it would be something like. Your rank is based on your highest skill predominantly, but you can also level up by experience and commendations. Your grade is based on your highest competence or consistency. Your highest competence is how often you perform at the base skill level or higher of your current rank. So say for every 3 games in a row played within a playlist at or above the base skill level for your rank you will earn a grade for that rank. Now leveling down in grades should be something like for every game you play below the skill level within a streak of 3 games then the amount of games you need to play at or above skill level increases by how many sub par games you played. So if you play 2 out of the 3 games below skill level then that means you you now have to play the 3rd game and 2 more games at or above skill level in order to level up 1 grade. If you play 3 games in a row below skill level then you level down by 1 grade. Your grade won't take into account the skill of who you play because your grade is your level of competence. Which means your ability to perform at your skill rank in a range of circumstances whether that mean adapting by using a machine gun turrent to level the pros or going all out with vehicles. By default the game should do its best to place you with players no more than 3 ranks apart and no more than 4 grades of difference. There are a total of 15 grades. For every time you level up in vertical rank your grade decreases by 3, but you can never get negative grades either by leveling up or playing bad games. If you're a level 10 Sergeant then you will be a level 7 warrant officer (whatever the next rank is). So grades between ranks would also relate to each other by levels of 3. Now how you rank up in your actual rank would be the same as you do in Halo 3 true skill but with a Reach twist in the experience system. I believe the trueskill system in Halo 3 was that for every game you win you gain one experience and for every game you lose you lose one? I think the ratios there were different. And there is also your sigma which is as high as possible and your actual skill level which is where you're actually being ranked at right? So your sigma is constantly decreasing by every game you play and once your rank and sigma meet this is your True Skill? Please correct me if I'm wrong. So what I'm thinking is that we keep the win lose experience, but now add in commendations in this way. These commendations would track experience, skill progression, and which rank you stood out most at. Skill / experience commendations work like the commendation counters in Halo Reach. They count how many kills of certain types, and feats you pull off in matchmaking, but with a new addition. The ratings they show: onyx, gold, silver, and iron would work on a different principle. They would rank themselves based on which group of ranks those feats and kills were done in with the highest percentage. Like this: Commendation: Heavy Weapons (Iron)Recruit to Sergeant:5% (Silver)Sergeant to Major:30% (Gold)Major to Colonel:40% (Onyx)Colonel to General:25% So in this case this person would have gold in Heavy Weapons. Maybe this could also demote second accounts or at least old account generals from crushing newer players because they may want to save racking up their commendations for later ranks. Commendation rating constantly changes as you level up and earn more for different ranks. Again remember this is all a rough sketch and feel free to sight any nessesary improvements, additions, and things that are best to cut out as you see nessesary. Now for the next part of how you can vertically rank up. We've talked about experience now I want to introduce skill points and "choosing when you rank up" vertically. Skill points or rating points you can also call them would be the accumulation of ratings earned in games. Each vertical rank would require a certain amount of experience (not commendations) and skill points in order to level up. The amount of experience required should be experientially and proportionately more than the amount of skill points. You will automatically level up once the amount of experience needed is aquired. However once you gain the amount of skill points needed to rank up you will be able to choose when that happens by having the option to do a challenge or vidmaster when you have enough skill points. Once completed you will rank up. Of course the chances of this really getting in word for word or at all are slim, but it's always fun to imagine right? I haven't seen anyone else post anything similar to this either and it's even more unlikely for specific ideas to get in. I'm really just trying to experiment with getting as many people from both "conservative" and "liberal" sides of Halo to maybe accept something equally. And maybe there could be something like depending a specific grade reached for a rank you can earn a specialist rank. Like if you're a grade 10 Sergeant then you would become a Petty Officer.
  25. halo needs to have the competitive players and the fun players serperated in order for everyone to enjoy the game so this needs to happen DERANKERS AND QUITTERS RUIN THE GAME for players that are dedicated so we need to fix these issues so that so we need to get rid of this so that halo can progress MLG PLAYLIST -A ranking system similar to halo 3 after a couple wins you level up with 50 or so being the highest -Banning someone for weeks or even for life from THAT PLAYLIST ONLY if they are caught quitting -A report system for derankers so that person is banned and easier track people -A surrender option similar to leauge of legends when a person quits- giving the team that is now 3 down the chance to surrender without any repercussions of loosing experience BUT if that team of 3 chooses to stay they loose the same amount of half of the exp for that game -count lost connection and people turning off there xbox's count as a quit -FASTER GAMETYPE UPDATES FOR MLG make this game with mlg in mind is all i can say and will keep posting about this game make it the most competitive thing out there
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