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Found 6 results

  1. Hey 343, I'm absolutely loving Halo Infinite. But, please for the love of all things gaming, fix the XP system. It would be amazing if it was just like Splitgate's battle pass progression. Being rewarded for medals, kill, scoring, etc. It kills me when I come home from work and just want to play a few rounds of Tactical Slayer (Swat) and after a few rounds I'm only rewarded 50xp. Some of the rewards in the pass seem impossible to get unless i played full time with tons of XP boost or actually spending money. Also, I'm kinda sad that the customization from the start was very minimal. I remember Halo 3 and Reach had a good chunk of options from the start, with the really badass stuff only unlocked through achievements or rank. If you guys could just look back on the games past and bring all those wonderful things back, I bet Halo Infinite could be a game of the year title. Its the little things that make people really enjoy your games
  2. Each player should have a Social EXP ranking like in Halo 3, 4 and Reach. The Ranking 1-50 can be for ranked playlists only. You need the fun social exp for just playing games and stuff.
  3. The following are some feature changes that I would like to see in Halo 5. None of them have any bearing on the base gameplay, but instead adjust how we look at, and feel about, the game while we're playing it. Please don't reply without reading, especially to point number 1. I think once you've read what I've suggested there, you'll find that it adds to the experience, without detracting from it in any way. 1. Some form of additional ranking system that doesn't amount to raw EXP. (Don't get me wrong, I like the EXP rating too, check below for an awesome solution) For the exp ranking, you are a private, sergeant, colonel, whatever. But you are NOT a number. (Rank 120, anyone? This needs to go away.) For the skill ranking, or class, your insignia (the arrows of a sergeant, or the stars of a colonel) will be colored, or look to be made of a different material. For example. -Player A has a very low skill ranking. They have a .68 KD in slayer gamemodes, and they lose a lot of objective too. They have only played 12 matches though. -Player B has a relatively low skill ranking. They have a .88 KD in slayer, and they lose nearly every objective game they play. They have played about a month. 110 matches -Player C has a moderate skill ranking. They have a 1.02 KD in slayer, and a .96 win:loss in objective. They have played for a while, 318 matches. -Player D is a veteran, and a very skilled player. They have a KD of 4.15 and an objective win:loss of 3. They have played for months, 2200 matches. Player A might be a Private (class II), their rank symbol will be the arrow of a private, but the symbol's color would be a standard white, because they have not played enough matches to get an accurate skill ranking. Player B is likely a Lieutenant (class III), their rank symbol is the bar of the lieutenant, and is made of a rough, gritty metal granted to all the class III players who stick it out. Player C might be a Colonel (class V), their rank symbol will be the stars of a colonel, and will be the shining gold standard of a rank V player. Player D is probably a "Max Rank" (class X), their rank symbol will be the vibrant shape of a max rank adornment, and will have the fiery orange hue of a sunlit topaz. 2. Lobby style should revert from tabbed playercards to a list of names with a preview pane, like Reach had. (Halo 4 feels so impersonal, seriously. It makes you feel like a number. I feel more individualized at the DMV.) Remember the lobby for Halo Reach? Yeah. It was good, wasn't it? To the right there is a list of players and the teams they're on, with their name and ranking symbol. As you scroll through the list, the spartan preview on the edge of the screen changes to show their spartan and their stats. Simple, elegant, integrated, informative, personal. Well done. Halo 4's lobby looks and feels like Windows 8. Enough said, seriously, I don't even want to explain further than that. 3. When voting on maps and gametypes, the number of votes should be invisible until after voting has taken place. (Peer pressure voting is a real thing, most people don't even realize they do it.) -Add a voting option for "Impartial". The cursor should default to this position when voting, so the button mash voters don't screw the roll by voting for whatever ended up on top. -In the event of a tie, the map is randomly chosen from the tied maps. Players are never shown the vote tally, but may still have communicated with their team while voting. -Gametype should be an independent vote from the map vote when relevant, and voting should follow the same principles therein. 4. Post match data should go back to the way it was in Halo 3, including top medals (MVP should be pictured. Top medals should return to being accurate.) -The post-match screen from Halo 3 was ideal. Honestly, just return to that format, it was nearly flawless. As for top medals: I like top medals, it's a cool addition to the game, like a competition of its own. However, when I see "first blood" as the top medal every match, I want to throw something at my television. Rules for top medals: a. First Blood should ONLY be a top 3 medal when NO OTHER 3 medals have been earned. First blood is earned EVERY GAME. It is not "top" in fact, it is not even relatively impressive. b. Medal count should not supersede medal quality (3 double kills are not as impressive as an overkill, 4 killing sprees are VASTLY easier to achieve than 1 riot) c. Bull-trues are not inherently impressive. Most are either pure luck, or just outright bull-CRAP in the form of someone who pulled a shotgun from their own buttcrack. d. Stickies are underrated (in large quantities). They're impressive, and usually worthy of screaming into your mic. 5. Speaking of medals.... What happened? Where's my sharpshooter medal!? -The lifetime "medal chest" should be view-able in game by yourself and other players -The following medals need to be in / return to the game: *20 streaks were never ingame, but should have been. Weapon Sprees (5/10/15/20*) -Sniper Weapons (sniper spree, sharpshooter, be the bullet, 20*) -Hammer (hammer spree, dreamcrusher, wrecking crew, 20*) -Shotgun (shotgun spree, open season, buck wild, 20*) -Sword (sword spree, slice and dice, cutting crew, 20*) -Headshots (headshot spree, trigger happy, marksman, 20*) -Stickies (Sticky spree, Sticky Fingers, Grenadier, 20*) -Wheelmans (wheelman spree, roadhog, road rage, 20*) -Splatters (splatter spree, vehicular manslaughter, sunday driver, 20*) -Assists (assist spree, sidekick, second gunman, 20*) <---- currently, the "assist spree" exists as "wingman" Other -Sniper weapon headshot medal (WHY would you remove this. GIVE ME ONE REASON. Honestly!) -The following medals just need to be worth more points Headshot (Currently equal to kill. Just...what even...) Snapshot (also currently equal to a regular kill. Again..what on earth was going through the decision-maker's mind here? I am INCAPABLE of understanding this.) -The following medals simply need to go away Distraction (these are pretty much universally given to terrible players who can't land shots, and/or have no map awareness, I'd be willing to bet less than 1/1000 are intentional) Fortification Assist (See also: Camper (noun) - obnoxious, selfish individual who can't aim and thus resorts to 'surprise attacks' on his betters, often ruining the pace of a game.) Vehicle Hill (there is no reason to differentiate this from otherwise just being in the hill) Weapon-specific "kill" medals (they are all worth the same number of points, just use a generic kill medal and free up resources for medals that are actually accolades) And that's it. Comment, like, dislike...whatever. I just think that if these changes were made to the Halo matchmaking environment, it would feel better overall, and therefore make the game more enjoyable.
  4. For the past several days I have been playing a wide range of multiplayer. From Infinity Team Slayer to Big Team, CTF to Dominion... every single time I have seen after game stats and medals. Even more so that sweet little xp bar, steadily watching it grow. I am aware of the xp limitations/cap (I have already hit this the previous day), but correct me if I am wrong. You would still see the after game stats, correct? I don't ever remember seeing a little notification saying "Congratulations! You have been capped!" or something along those lines. Find it strange that everything just decided to stop and not bother showing me anything. Was just wondering if anyone else was running into this issue, otherwise I might have to contact 343.
  5. Ok Let me start by saying I am not trying to post another topic trying to fully remove the exp cap while I believe the cap is too low and should atleast be raised that is not the purpose of this topic. I am actually very impressed that 343i is actually showing some level of concern about boosting as an issue. My issue is that the challenges and commendations are added into the exp cap. Because of this I feel like I am being punished for playing after the exp cap has been hit. For instance I am very near to completing the 117 victories challenge and I feel like I can't play online now because if I am not careful I will soon pass it and not get the experience I just earned. Also because the challenges count towards the exp cap this accelerates how little you can play without not getting exp. The same thing goes for commendation. I read online that you wanted players to not be punished for not being able to spend endless hours online playing but that you also didn't want to punish players who wanted to experience the whole game, ie. spartan ops and the campaign. But since I can't get any more exp for the day and I haven't done any of the spartan ops challenges I feel like playing that would only prevent me from gathering exp that is better saved for when I am unable to get on much one day. Thus far I am extremely happy with this game I have been a huge Halo fan since Halo 2 and I was very upset with the online play of Halo Reach and because of that I didn't play it much. But I believe 343i shows some actual interest in their consumers which is a rare thing these days and I appreciate that. So please don't punish me for playing your game I don't mind the cap but set up the system so that commendation and challenge exp are counted separately and can be obtained after the exp limit has been reached that is all I am asking for. I believe that this is a very reasonable request and I hope that you will atleast consider it.
  6. I've wasted countless amounts of Double XP because of there being an xp cap. The cap is so low when you get to higher levels that you can't level more than 3-4 times without not being able to get XP again. I want to play this game, but not be penalized for it. 343 has done a terrific job with Halo 4, but this XP cap makes me frown. People will play the crap out of this game; it's new, it's amazing, but those who play it a lot should not be penalized for doing so. We enjoy this game that 343 has made so much that we want to continue playing it for hours; there's no reason we should be limited for wanting to do so. I can't even play custom games to avoid wasting my double XP because it still counts towards it in there. :'( I just want to play and be able to acquire XP. Thoughts?
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