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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I'd like to talk about a recent credit ban that I received today. I was playing some Grifball like I've been doing for the passed few days, and in the middle of the game I received a message, saying, "This console has been temporarily banned from earning credits" and another message soon after, "This account has been temporarily banned from earning credits" I have literally no clue as to what I have done wrong, and I need clarification on the subject. I have been playing over and over to get to the rank of Lt. Colonel so I could wear my dream armour set, and this has stopped me (All I needed was a couple more 10,000 credit loads and I would've been there!). Please, I just need an answer, ANY answer. I don't want to wait any longer! I have played and played and I have earned what I've worked for, and this handicapped system has gotten In my way! Ever since I got this XBOX 360 for Christmas, I wanted to get to Lt. Colonel (Like on my old account that I accidentally deleted and cant recover (Crumpet Juice) ) so I could live in my former glory! PLEASE! 343, you are my favourite company and I've loved your games, but this has been taken too far! If I did anything wrong, I'm sorry... So could I please be given an answer?
  2. I'll start off by saying, from what I've seen of Halo 5: Guardians so far, it looks like 343 are heading in the right direction, and are listening to the fans. I am hoping this post will be noticed by 343 and aid them in the game design. For me, the reasons for people disliking Halo 4's multiplayer had been a complete mystery, until I invited an old friend to play matchmaking with me. As we played he pointed all of the little things he didn't like, and I wrote them down on a list... no, really. His exact words were: "It's a good game, but it's not a good HALO game". I'll try to keep this as short as possible, and will add some suggestions of my own. If anyone reading this also has any ideas, feel free to leave them as a reply. - Halo 4's multiplayer is too competitive oriented. This makes it difficult for newcomers to get into the multiplayer and they may become frustrated at their lacking experience and leave before they hone their skills. There were no playlists for people to just relax, where you just played the game, and your stats and game results didn't matter. Solution: Social playlists. Playlists where your rank and other stats are unaffected with nothing recorded. This will make it more light-hearted and provide practice for inexperienced players. - In Halo 4's matchmaking, the game "starts", then there's a UNSC logo, then loadouts, then a countdown. In Halo 3 the game started as soon as it was loaded which I think everyone would prefer. - On smaller Halo 4 maps, there are a lot of enclosed spaces (e.g. Adrift and Solace) where if you get double teamed... well, you're dead. The maps need to be more open with more paths in and out of different areas. This will give players more options for a "counter offensive". More cover would also help counter this. - "Say, you remember Halo 3's Bungie favourites?", "Yeah man, that's where I found Fat kid, Ice cream man, Duck hunt, Jenga, Predator, Halo, Cops 'n' robbers, Sky fortress, and a whole load of cool maps". Halo 5: Guardians and the community would definitely benefit from an easily accessible in game-feature where players can find the latest and best creations. It doesn't have to be "343 favourites" it could be a community features matchmaking playlist. If a playlist or feature like this was updated regularly, there would always be something new and fresh to draw people back in. - In previous Halos, you needed to go out of your way to get power weapons on the map. In Halo 4, you just pressed a button and they were given to you. Giving power-ups to players who are doing well? Really? If the power-ups are on the map, anyone could get them, a newbe could pick up a rocket launcher. This would make the games more balanced and fairer. - Let's be honest some of the armor in Halo 4 was ugly and ridiculous, all they did was take up disc space. If the armor doesn't look good, you don't HAVE to put it in the game. An idea that I had was to unlock decals for your armor, or even make your own and place them wherever you wanted on the character model; maybe put them on file share. Forza's decal editor has produced some excellent results, so give Dan Greenwalt a call if you're reading this 343. - Don't just take features from C.O.D. and bolt them into a Halo game. Halo needs to be unique or people simply won't have any reason to play it, it will just become "Call of Duty: Future Warfare". My friend said that he found the in game scores that pop up distracting from the gameplay. I personally don't have a problem with these, so maybe have the option to turn them off. I also find when it takes more time and effort get a kill it's more satisfying. - Finally, Halo 4's new music is good, but you can't beat the classic theme. Perhaps Marty could better his previous work, wink wink, nudge nudge. Thanks for taking the time to read this, it was hard work for me too
  3. 343 Industries is currently developing Halo 5, and with the this progress comes the need to fill another position, Environment Artist. 343 Industries hopes for an experienced artist, able to work efficiently in a close team environment, and much experience with high res and game res. 343 industries also has laid out a list of qualifications for this position. Qualifications: Five years professional experience working with game environments and at least one AAA title credit on the Xbox 360 or equivalent as an environment artist preferred. Bachelor’s degree in Art, Design or Architecture preferred. Experience with Autodesk Maya required. Experience with other DCC applications (3DS Max, XSI) will be considered. Experience with Photoshop, or similar 2D art packages required. Experience with ZBrush or Mudbox required. The ability to take and effectively act on artistic direction required. Artist must have strong working knowledge of modern game asset development principles and techniques. Thorough understanding of the economy of building assets for real time environments required. Artist should have strong time management and communication skills. Superb high and low polygon modeling skills required. Strong sculpting, painting and texturing skills required. The ability to quickly grasp new technical concepts required. A fine attention to quality and detail both artistically and technically is required. Experience working in proprietary engines and technologies preferred. If you feel as though you match these qualifications, and are interested in this job opportunity, visit here for all of the details and the opportunity to apply. SOURCE:HALO WAYPOINT SOURCE:MICROSOFT-CAREERS
  4. My name is Chris Drew I am 20 Always wanted to work in the videogame Industry Now I'm here to try and get a job with 343i I have played, and mastered, every single Halo game there is Halo came out when I was 8 Let's kick some ass!
  5. Why on earth is there no Ranking system am I the only one who sees the competitive edge in this which diffrenciates form every FPS game, it is so annoying HALO 3 was so bloody good and competititve. The gampelay of 4 i sgreat and the BR is back but surely 343 has someone in its dev team who plays the game. WHY HAVE THEY NOT ADDED THIS - Truley Gutted
  6. Hey guys, I've been seeing a lot of new people joining the site and constantly having to ask everyone how to do everything. Instead of having every member having to ask how to find their way around the site, I thought it would be a good idea to make a tutorial video. Below, post things that I should include in the video if this is okay with everyone. Thanks for reading and being such an awesome community. God bless you, @RANMAN10
  7. I've been thinking, and we should post ways that we can help improve the site as a whole. Whether that be to be more welcoming to newcomers, not using harsh language, or deciding to be more involved in the forums. Below, post ideas that we can all strive towards to help make the site a better place. Thanks for reading, God bless you. Sincerely, @RANMAN10
  8. ive recently been playing the anniversary map pack for reach. ive experienced each map. some of them were, of course, better than others. the new anniversary slayer brings back bleedthrough, the CE pistol as well as other modifiers. i rate the map pack at 8/10. although most of the maps are great fun to play, a few of them dont really work with reach. below, im going to list my favourite maps in order from least favourite to most favourite breakneck hang em high solitary timberland battle canyon penance breakneck is too big a map for my liking and the vehicles make it a bit one sided(if one team gets the gauss hog, theyve pretty much won). hang em high is too open, if you respawn in the middle area, your pretty much dead. people just cross map. solitary is ok, but it feels too much like sword base. the multiple levels make it slightly confusing timberland is quite big, however, since there are numerous vehicles and outposts, there is plenty to do on this map. battle canyon is a bit too small, especially with a sniper rifle on the map. however, it is still great fun due to the enclosed spaces as well as the wide open spaces. the teleporters offer strategic routes if your playing capture the flag. penance is medium sized, with lots of enclosed spaces as well as wide open spaces. the weapons and their placements are perfect for the size of the map. the layout offers strategic options for objective games, due to its multiple levels. and, whilst there are closed in paces, nobody really camps on this map. below, im including a link to my first ever game on penance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbndHtK_DoU
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