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  1. I'm not sure if anyone posted a status about it yet but... http://343i.org/2kx

  2. Heroes fade, legends last forever. -Cooliest 12/1/14

    1. Composite Armour
    2. BeckoningZebra1


      Legen...wait for it..and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because...DARY.

    3. Unease Peanut
  3. Great Scotts! Good news everyone! Cant wait to get my grubby little sausage fingers on the beta for Ins 01. It looks amazing and it's been a blast keeping up with it in the thread as it progresses. Also congrats to our new staff member Maestro! Unfortunately for Zandril though... he got demoted to Trusted Members instead. Sorry buddy.... maybe next year. Lol but seriously he's trusted. All jokes aside and when that bug gets fixed it'll be great to have the two of you in the warm embrace of staff.
  4. I don't know what criteria they were using or who got to grade all of these but I'm fairly positive that people would agree... a lot of it is wrong. http://343i.org/2ia

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    2. Azaxx


      How is Boneyard ranked worse than Abandon of all maps

    3. Composite Armour

      Composite Armour

      Can't spell ignorant without IGN.

    4. Sikslik7


      It's like they never played these maps....


  5. Congratz rrhuntington. I knew from the time you turned purple that you would someday make a great MoM because I started to monitor your posts and realized that they were quality! Thats saying a lot seeing as most members don't start posting quality until silver. Keep up all the good work around here. And I hope someday you make it to the top of those stairs.
  6. What's a caption contest? Do we just put a comment on the picture?

    1. Cooliest


      Just think of something funny to say about the picture that I posted. Whatever comes to mind really.

    2. depressant
  7. Cooliest


  8. So I finally fixed my K/D ratio from all those times I messed around in flood and grifball, and I did it with style. http://343i.org/2hs

  9. I can't wait to recreate the Spire from Halo reach in H2A forge. :/

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    2. RedStarRocket91



    3. Ranger Intel

      Ranger Intel

      Sweet. I'd like to try that out as a map.

    4. Cooliest


      I see only RSR found the sarcasm in that comment as I hate Spire... Least favorite Halo map. Sorry to let you all down. Also I'm sure H2A forge will be powerful enough to create a map that vast yes. After watching the video an exponential amount of times I think you could recreate forge world.

  10. I'm getting more excited for this than I was for my own birth.... Idk if that even makes sense but I don't care! Everyday they release something else that just looks amazing!!!
  11. By new ways all I meant was the little tactical jumps from under the base on the right side. And I realize that the middle base is just a rendition of the hill that was already there but I personally think that it will prove much more useful and as we saw in gameplay drive more combat to that area of the map. and I realize that infantry combat could have always moved down the middle of the map and you had to be more skilled but I like giving the sucky players that need a base for cover more options to traverse the map. So I can end up sniping them in more places than one.
  12. I think that bloodline has been created for optimal Blood Gulch playability. The redesign on those bases to take out the highly unnecessary bottom level and adding new ways into the base, brilliant. Switch out some trees for actual cover, amazing. Lastly, adding in bases toward the middle making a 3 path option for infantry to get across the map, astounding. All in all 10/10 would recommend. -IGN
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