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Found 4 results

  1. This is literally the most general question someone could ask. If you threw a sticky at a grunt, would the plasma tickle the grunt? or how about just touching the grunt? What do you think?
  2. introduction: I am a level 50 in halo 3, and I barely played reach because the xp system gave no special award for playing good, only playing long, so my effort would not be recognised. furthermore, if I put the work in to learn the game, the only way to guarantee I would play with team mates who didn't ruin my game by playing poorly, was to go into the playlist with a set team... and even if I found a team, there was no way to guarantee the level of competition of the opposition would be worth the time... there needed to be some way to seperate players. for this reason I have been desperately hoping for some type of ranking system, and after thinking it through have come up with an idea I want to submit, ample time before release date. thanks in advance for reading. the idea: this can work in sync with any experience based system already on board, this seperates players, this give some type of visual representation of skill that can only be got by winning this deals with the problem of derankers halo 3 had a skill system that went from 1 to 50 firstly my variation on this would be to have level groups such as; begginer, intermediate, advanced, expert and in order for a player to play in a higher group than his current one, he must win ten games in a row or have a win record of 70% or more, over his last 100 games, then the player unlocks the next level, and can play other players who have unlocked it within each level, players get matched up with other players on a very similar win record to their own if players join parties of two or more, the entire party is matched up with players who are equal to the win record of the best player on the party, and the win records of the other members do not contribute to the level of competition, however a win for the party will count as no more than 1 win to the records of all party members, regardless of their expected win chances. additionally: there is an opportunity for some nice level completion animations, such as "expert level master" in lone wolves gets a star surrounding their current experience level symbol, and the option to place a wolf tattoo on his spartan, and if that player also has "expert level master" in team snipers, they get an additional star around their current symbol and the option for a cross hair tattoo on their spartan note: I am not a mathematition, nor do I know how easily it should be to level up, so I cannot calculate the optimum formula for players to rank down (please 343i, have something that seperates players, and put me with and against players similar to my record) again, thank you for reading.
  3. The enhanced-for-PC Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition version will arrive on console on October 26, Namco Bandai has confirmed. The digital PC edition, which is out now via Styeam, features new content set 100 years before Dark Souls. Mysterious passages open in Darkroot Basin, and these lead to brand new areas, tougher enemies, new NPC's, fresh weapons and gigantic bosses to fight. You'll have to progress up to a certain point to access them, a bit like Mass Effect's downloadable missions. If you already own the regular game on consoles, you'll be able to just grab the new content via a rebranded 'Artorias of the Abyss' download pack for $14.99. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeHdpZt2Tuk&feature=player_embedded (Source: CVG)
  4. Gamebattles will probably add the Halo 4 ladders by the winter and my question is, what will the settings be for the matches, and for the matchmaking/ pub players. I'm hoping that bloom won't be a factor because I would take that out immediately. The BR should be a 4 shot and the magnum should have the same damage as the Halo 3 model. These are just my thoughts, feel free to leave yours in the replies below.
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