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  1. Just missed yoooooou :c

    1. DarknessX03


      (I do hope you remembered me xD)

  2. I completely agree. Seems a lot has happened since my brief absence, but I promise to do all I can to get the community on top again and to encourage others to as well
  3. Hey everyone, I just wanted to post this topic to cover an issue, well several- that I've been seeing not just in this forum, but anywhere I go that discusses Halo 4 in some way. What I want to know is: Why so much hate? To me it seems like people are finding excuses not to like Halo 4 or 343 at all for reasons I wouldn't understand. Though I am not insinuating that everyone who finds a problem with the game to feel this way, but seriously. Everywhere I go I see Halo 4 is this, Halo 4 is that and it's almost never positive. I feel that we as fans of the series should try to stand by this game, even if we do find some things wrong with it to accept that this is 343's first standalone Halo game and that they're not going to do everything right the first time. That and complaining about the smallest of problems doesn't make you look very good. In fact it makes you look self-centered and that you want 343 to cater to your immediate needs instead of waiting patiently for a solution from them. I don't know if many people feel the same as I, but if any of you see this maybe we'll understand where they come from and they'll understand where we come from eventually. I also want to point out that this is in no way a thread that was created to flame, or one that should be flamed on. I simply wanted to hear opinions of any kind here so that not only I but everyone can understand each other's views respectively. Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts below.
  4. lol I wouldn't say that's lazy. That might actually take more time than rebuilding the map on your own, however more effective.
  5. Team play. I usually play things like CTF or Dominion (though I play Slayer & Regicide a lot) and without teamwork everything falls apart. Plus, I enjoy being part of a team. It's fun for me.
  6. Thanks for the tip. I just pulled that chart from another source so I had no validation of its legitimacy but I hope it's correct for the most part. No problem, I always love to help out in any way I can and thanks for the like!
  7. Hello everyone! Today I sifted through the forums, and I did not yet see a halo 4 unlockable listing anywhere, so I thought it would be a nice idea to post one. Just to be clear this list is subject to change over time, in case more things are discovered at some point or if I have missed anything. Note: Spartan Ranks that are skipped are ones in which you unlock nothing in that specific category. After SR-30 you gain 2 SP per level. If you need to find anything type Ctrl + F. Loadout Unlockables SR-1: Assault Rifle, Magnum, Frag Grenades SR-2: Battle Rifle, Designated Marksman Rifle SR-3: Armor Abilities, Promethean Vision, Thruster Pack SR-5: Covenant Carbine, Storm Rifle SR-6: Hologram, Jet Pack SR-7: Tactical Packages, Mobility, Shielding SR-8: Plasma Pistol, Plasma Grenade SR-10: Hardlight Shield, Active Camo SR-12: Support Upgrades, Dexterity, Ammo SR-14: Resupply, AA Efficiency SR-16: Autosentry, Regeneration Field SR-18: Boltshot, Pulse Grenade SR-20: Sensor, Awareness SR-22: Light Rifle, Suppressor SR-24: Firepower, Grenadier SR-26: Ordinance Priority, Explosives Armor Unlockables SR-1: Recruit Set SR-8: Warrior Set SR-9: Twin-Plated Forearms SR-10: RG-63 Counter Legs SR-11: Air Assault Set SR-15: Solider Set SR-17: Aviator Set SR-21: Defender Set SR-22: GV-09 Locking Forearms SR-23: LG-50 Bulk Legs SR-26: Recon Set SR-27: E.V.A. Set SR-30: Inner-plated Forearms SR-31: Outer-plated Legs SR-34: Outer-plated Forearms SR-35: XG-89 Narrow Legs SR-37: War Master Set SR-38: Scout Set SR-39: Contoured Forearms SR-40: Contoured Legs SR-41: Orbital Set SR-42: Infiltrator Set SR-43: Hazop Set SR-45: E.O.D. Set SR-47: Oceanic Set SR-49: Over-locking Legs SR-50: Enforcer Set [specialty Armor Sets] Air Assault VERG – Unlocked with the commendation Vehicle – Master Aviator BOND – Unlocked with the commendation Wheelman – Master C.I.O. – Unlocked with the commendation Spartan Slayer – Master Commando – Unlocked with the commendation Dominion Victory – Master Commando FRCT – Unlocked with the commendation Flood Victory – Master Defender CTRL – Unlocked with the commendation Bullet in the Brain – Master E.O.D. SHDW – Unlocked with the commendation Hail to the King – Master E.V.A. BRCH – Unlocked with the commendation Hail of Death – Master Enforcer TRBL – Unlocked with the commendation Mounted Turret – Master Engineer – Earn all ten ranks all ten ranks in the Engineer Specialization Gungnir – Unlocked with the commendation Slayer Victory – Master Infiltrator TRAC – Unlocked with the commendation Multikill – Master Mark VI – Complete the Campaign on Legendary difficulty (solo or co-op) Operator – Earn all ten ranks in the Operator Specialization Orbital AEON – Unlocked with the commendation Covenant Destroyer – Master Pathfinder – Earn all ten ranks in the Pathfinder Specialization Pioneer – Earn all ten ranks in the Pioneer Specialization Protector – Unlocked with the commendation UNSC Loadout Mastery Protector DRFT – Unlocked with the commendation Weapon Mastery Ranger – Unlocked with the commendation Combat Opportunity – Master Ranger STRK – Unlocked with the commendation Protector – Master Recon SURG – Unlocked with the commendation Covenant Loadout Mastery Rogue – Earn all ten ranks in the Rogue Specialization Scout APEX – Unlocked with the commendation Oddball Victory – Master Soldier ZNTH – Unlocked with the commendation Spartan Spree – Master Stalker – Earn all ten ranks in the Stalker Specialization Tracker – Earn all ten ranks in the Tracker Specialization Vanguard – Unlocked with the commendation Forerunner Destroyer – Master Vanguard CNVG – Unlocked with the commendation Flag Victory – Master Venator – Unlocked with the commendation Assassin – Master Venator RPTR – Unlocked with the commendation Backstab – Master War Master PRML – Unlocked with the commendation King of the Hill Victory – Master Warrior MTRX – Unlocked with the commendation Forerunner Loadout Mastery Wetwork – Earn all ten ranks in the Wetwork Specialization [Exclusive Armor Sets] C.I.O. WEB – Pre-order bonus from Amazon Fotus – Included with the Limited Edition Console Bundle Gungnir PULS – Pre-order bonus from the Microsoft Store Hazop FRST – Pre-order bonus from GameStop Oceanic CRCT – Pre-order bonus from Walmart Raider – Unlocked in Halo: Waypoint by entering coded passwords Recruit PRME – Unlocked with the purchase of the Collectors Edition of Halo 4 Scanner – Unlocked by purchasing and redeeming a War Games Map Pass, or by purchasing the Halo 4 Limited Edition Strider – Unlocked by purchasing and redeeming a War Games Map Pass or purchasing the Halo 4 Limited Edition Deadeye - Unlocked by pre-ordering from Best Buy. Locus - Unlocked via app on Android and iPhone. Ventator (Raptor) - Unlocked by ordering Halo 4 from mightyape.co.nz Gungnir (Pulse) - Unlocked by ordering Halo 4 from mightyape.co.nz [Visor Unlockables] Recruit (Blue) - Unlocked by default Sunspot (Purple & Blue) - Unlocked with the commendation Assistant – Master Solar (Red) - Unlocked at rank SR-20 Cyan (Light Blue) - Unlocked with the commendation From the Brink – Master Blindside (Dark Red) - Earn the commendation Avenger – Master Verdant (Green) - Unlocked with the commendation Splatter – Master Frost (White) - Unlocked at rank SR-29 Midnight (Black) - Unlocked at rank SR-46 Legendary (Gold) - Complete the campaign on Legendary (Solo or Co-op) Spartan ID Unlockables (I only have a chart for the moment, but I'm not exactly sure what to do to unlock the emblems in the other category.) [stances] Recruit - Unlocked by default Heroic - Unlocked at rank SR-10 Assassin - Unlocked at rank SR-32 Assault - Unlocked with the commendation First Strike – Master Breach - Unlocked with the commendation UNSC Weapons – Master Believe - Unlocked with the commendation Forerunner Ordinance – Master Last Stand - Unlocked at rank SR-50 Standoff - Unlocked with the commendation Ordnance – Master _______________________________________________________________________________________________ If I missed anything, feel free to tell me
  8. Welcome to the forum! I'm sure you'll find many forging rivals over in the THFE Forum xD If you need anything just ask
  9. I'm on here!! :'D :hug: Keep on goin! Let's see if you can get to 1000 by this time next year xD
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