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  1. Paintball style battlefield that works very well with BTB game modes. This map is located inside the Glacier cave. This is being submitted to the MYM BTB contest There are a lot of varying streets that keep the battle different throughout the map, and many buildings to utilize for combat and quick movement across the battlefield. It has good symmetry because I used a very precise method to make it perfectly symmetrical! I worked just over a week adjusting things to my preference. I was focusing on vehicle smoothness in the terrain at first, then I worked hard on making good sight lines to balance vehicle/spartan combat. This is my first contest entry and I'll be working hard to improve for the next contest!
  2. So I was trying to play around with the wasp on Forge and was wondering how to fly up and down. Does anyone know? The only reason I know you can fly up and down is because of Forge Lab's Channel on Youtube.
  3. There is one vehicle that fans love and care about. Pelicans. Ive been waiting for a pelican in halo multiplayer since Halo 3. It can be at least a passenger Pelican for all i care. Halo might be mostly about killing but what about the machinima directors around the globe. Halo Reach had a falcon helicopter a human flying vehicle with turrets and passenger seats. Halo 3 had Hornets great for machinima but they weren't big enough. If you want to please your fans take our advice.
  4. For Halo 5 Forge, I think they should let you spawn more vehicles, especially aircrafts. As of Halo 4, the only flying vehicle in forge is the banshee. they should have drivable Lynches, Phantoms, Pelicans, and a return of the Falcon, this time the one with the guns. So what do you think? What vehicles should they add? Are there some that you think they should take out? Leave any comments below.
  5. These Two New Vehicles Are BAUS!! Halo 4 is just around the corner and 343i does not want us to get tired of waiting. So here you go some brand new vehicles to check out. One belongs to UNSC and one to Covenant. The Lich and the Broadsword. Broadsword Lich (Sorry for the difference in picture size. Couldn't get them to resize properly.) Both of these bad boys look sweet. I can't wait to give them a spin. Let me know what you think. Source Halo WayPoint
  6. The m181 main battle tank is outdated,I think that instead of the 4 sets of treads it should be two in the front on the sides that stuck forward out from the body and one in the back as there is on the think tank, and keep the main body. This week make it look more like a scorpion as it's called. Forge should allow the placement and piloting of all vehicles including pelicans and phantoms. Comment your ideas below.
  7. I was thinking that there could be bigger, beyter vehicles in Forge to enhance gameplay and building. Here are some of my ideas, what do you think? I know most if not all of these won't even be in Halo 5, but it's a cool idea.
  8. http://postimg.org/image/qa3v9nl4j/full/ What do you think about this? Personally, if they can balance both weapons well enough with the existing sandbox, I'm all for it. There's also rumors of vehicles new to Halo 2 being implemented into the Anniversary MM as well. That leaves vehicles from all the other Halo's as fair game, or even new ones like the recently confirmed "Gungoose".(http://postimg.org/image/a9r1c5ntp/full/ ). Thoughts on possible vehicles are also welcome.
  9. Welcome all to the 37th 343i Weekly Community Poll! Last week's community poll asked member's if they were more excited for the remastered edition of Halo 2 on Xbox One or for the release of Halo 5's beta. Here are the results of that poll: With last week showing off the Master Chief collection, this week's Community poll couldn't stand to be locked in on one Halo game, so this week's question spans throughout the entire Halo franchise. They've been with Halo since the beginning and change gameplay drastically, but some are just better than the rest, so this week's Community Poll's task is to determine which one is the absolute best. Here is this week's Poll! What is your favorite vehicle to appear in a Halo game? Don't forget to leave your thoughts along with your vote in the comments below. DEADLINE: 6-23-14 @ 6:00 AM EST Thanks for participating in this week's poll, and See y'all next week! Have a question, complaint, or suggestion pertaining to this week's poll? Message BZ1
  10. Who else thinks that the vehicles in Halo 3 and 4 were to easily blown up. Don't get me wrong it is cool to blow up a tank with just a DMR, it doesn't make sense that you can do that. I think power weapons should cause significant damage and small arms fire should do damage, but minimal damage. Let me know if you agree or disagree.
  11. Welcome all to the 37th 343i Weekly Community Poll! Last week's community poll asked member's if they were more excited for the remastered edition of Halo 2 on Xbox One or for the release of Halo 5's beta. Here are the results of that poll: With last week showing off the Master Chief collection, this week's Community poll couldn't stand to be locked in on one Halo game, so this week's question spans throughout the entire Halo franchise. They've been with Halo since the beginning and change gameplay drastically, but some are just better than the rest, so this week's Community Poll's task is to determine which one is the absolute best. Here is this week's Poll! What is your favorite vehicle to appear in a Halo game? Don't forget to leave your thoughts along with your vote in the comments below. DEADLINE: 6-23-14 @ 6:00 AM EST Thanks for participating in this week's poll, and See y'all next week! Have a question, complaint, or suggestion pertaining to this week's poll? Message BZ1 This post has been promoted to an article
  12. Welcome all to the 37th 343i Weekly Community Poll! Last week's community poll asked member's if they were more excited for the remastered edition of Halo 2 on Xbox One or for the release of Halo 5's beta. Here are the results of that poll: With last week showing off the Master Chief collection, this week's Community poll couldn't stand to be locked in on one Halo game, so this week's question spans throughout the entire Halo franchise. They've been with Halo since the beginning and change gameplay drastically, but some are just better than the rest, so this week's Community Poll's task is to determine which one is the absolute best. Here is this week's Poll! What is your favorite vehicle to appear in a Halo game? Don't forget to leave your thoughts along with your vote in the comments below. DEADLINE: 6-23-14 @ 6:00 AM EST Thanks for participating in this week's poll, and See y'all next week! Have a question, complaint, or suggestion pertaining to this week's poll? Message BZ1 View full article
  13. just btw i drew these I thought that it could be implimented in Halo 5, not as a driveable vehicle but sort of like the passing scarabs in the pillar of autumn in halo reach. Like maybe the player could ride inside during part of a mission, like the mammoth, but it could also be a sort of mobile fortress. As you can see it is heavily inspired by the mammoth, but with slightly different body and components. Its is intended to pick up vehicles and repair them. This is an amphibeous vehicle that can traverse rocky terrain, rivers and lakes and arid enviroments. The secondary tire on the rear end of the vehicle can move to suit the landscape and can also revolve to provide more traction in water. I had the idea that it could be a driveable vehicle that you could use in a mission, and also maybe in forge and spartan ops. It would be fast and able to speed through the water, and you would have to keep the air-fighter intact and make sure it doesn't fall off, and also you'd have to escape the prometheans/covenant.
  14. Note: These may not be Fully told! Welcome Boy's and Girl's to the Halo Universe Vehicles/Weapon's Information you will need to Master Halo's Secrets behind the Gun's. So sit back and enjoy the Reading. Weapons Plasma Pistol- Pretty much the same as Halo 3, can shoot single shots, or a burst that can take out shields and temporarily fry vehicles, but can now kill an unshielded person in 2 or 3 shots. Assault Rifle- Similar to Halo 3's AR but this time is more towards the accurate side rather that brute force. Great for short controlled bursts rather holding the trigger. (32 Shots in a mag) Grenade Launcher- New to Halo is the Grenade Launcher, most comparable to the brute shot, yet still very different. This "Pro-Pipe" can used several ways, first is the basic shoot a grenade, then there is what I'm calling the "Mine" effect, where if you hold the trigger down, it will not explode until released. Lastly, the grenade has an EMP effect to it, and therefore fry Vehicles (and aircraft.) (Single Shot) Magnum (Pistol)- The Magnum has always changed traumatically from every Halo game to the next, this is no exception. Modeling after the Halo CE pistol, the killer is quite accurate, with it's 2x scope and faster rate of fire, this beast can pack quite a punch, it's the alternative to the AR, but losses accuracy quickly when shot fast. (8 shots in a mag) Needler- This covenant weapon has been symbolic to every Halo game as "Pink death", now it's brown. The needles are still the pick, Bungie has changed the color of this legend. The needle is pretty much the same, it needs 7 needled to "Super-Combine". (around 30 needles in a mag) Plasma Launcher- The Plasma Launcher is new to Halo. It shots 4 plasma grenades at it's target. It lock on both Vehicles and Infantry (MUCH better on Vehicles). It is the covenant rocker launcher by comparison and is pretty powerful. The plasma shots also stick to walls, while normal plasma grenades only stick to people and Vehicles. Energy Sword- This is also Halo classic, it seems to be a bit longer, and Skinner at the end, but it can be hit when being hit by, causing the target to live and possibly fight back. Rocket Launcher- Other than look of it, the only thing that is new is it's lock-on ability to air craft. (3 shots in a mag) Plasma Repeater- This is basically a longer version of the plasma rifle. This is a covenant version of the AR, and can overheat, but be cooled faster by hitting the reload button. Also much better to tap rather than hold the trigger. Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR)- The DMR is another basic weapon is REACH, it is a single-shot gun. The accuracy makes this a fair at medium to long range, but close range still goes to the magnum or AR. (15 shots in a mag) Sniper Rifle- The Sniper has been the same through out Halo games, and continues to be similar, Although sniping feels much different with a sight need to lead your shot. Also can snipe the driver of any Vehicle, or in the case of an banshee, can destroy it in 5-6 shots. (4 shots in a mag) Spartan Laser- Seems to be less powerful and is harder to get 2 in 1's, and doesn't always destroy lager Vehicles. (4 shots) Shotgun- This sucker is now more accurate at longer ranges, which is cheap because it,s a shotgun. Although if you have full shields, it has less damage, just watch for this when your out of health. (6 shots in a clip) Needler Rifle- This covenant needle shooting rifle is the counter for the DMR. It will "Super-Combine" when 3 shots hit an un-shielded enemy. It also has Greater rediule boom than the DMR, (21 needles in a mag) Focus Rifle- This is a mix of the bean rifle, and the sentinel bean from halo 3, not much on it other than a straight line of fire and 5X, 10X scope. It also can stun the player a little whose being shot by it. Gravity Hammer- The gravity hammer looks different in proportions, but the overall usage of the weapon is the same. HAMMER TIME. (Great with sprint) Target Locator- Locks on the enemy or vehicle and rains mortars on them, very devastating. (Only in Firefight or Campaign) Fuel Rod Cannon- Not much said on this, slightly more power (Not in multiplayer) Concussion Rifle- The covenant equivalent to the grenade launcher. Shoots weak shots that only good when directly hit. (Good for small, tight hallways) (6 shots) Plasma Rifle- The same as before, no changes present. Human Turret- Seems to be more powerful then before, and can still be carried around. Covenant Plasma Cannon- Can be carried as the human turret That is all for now follow for the vehicles one in 2 days and make sure you give us a like and a comment on what you think and also and vote on with guns you like best. Nogradea signing off! "Here to Help"
  15. Halo Xbox One thoughts on gameplay mechanics NOTE : The following is mainly personnel opinion and may not accord to your liking. Any feedback of personnel judgement would be appreciated, Thank you. I feel that Halo 4 had an amazing campaign and direction of story but I'm sure we can all agree that the multiplayer of the game feels unfinished. That is why I am going to share my thoughts on what I think could make the next Halo installment one of the most memorable in the series. One of my thoughts is that cooperative play should feel more interactive such as the ability to share ammo and even interactive gameplay mechanics to help players get to a certain unreachable point. For example, in Halo 3: ODST there were supply caches scattered across the map. Say your playing the campaign solo and you pass by a point of interest that could aid you but is unaccessible and only notified to you in co-op through your HUD. So if you were to go back and play the same sequence (this time in co-op) then your HUD would notify you maybe on your radar that there is supplies nearby. You or partner could give the other a boost and be pulled up to achieve supplies. The next thing I wanted to talk about was the melee combat. I have been saying that it would be cool if you could equip your knife or bare hands since Halo Reach was released and featured assassinations. If a player were to run out of ammo with his/her firearm they could then switch to their blade or fists by choice. This wouldn't just be for the overall look. If you had a rocket launcher, it'd have more damage behind it's swing than your fists or knife would. But if you were to smack someone with it, it'd have a slower swing than your knife or fists would have. It would also add a possible variety with each weapon to have their own initial assassination, similar to Gears of War's executions. I would also like to see the same with armor. If I am wearing the scout helmet or boots then perhaps I should have increased vision or movement. If I had the EOD armor set then I should have an increased resistance to explosives. I'd also appreciate a quick timed counter attack during assassinations. Now I know you're probably thinking of Battlefield 4's counter knife attacks and that IS where I drew my inspiration from but trust me, this is different. Say a button prompt pops up on your screen as you about to be assassinated. If pressed at the correct time it would prevent a player from killing you and a second prompt would become available but whoever presses it first finishes off the other. For example say a player controlled spartan (or possibly even elite if they return) is about to stab you in neck from behind. You press the button prompted at the correct time and your character grabs the others' arm and flips 'em over your shoulder but the person you just flipped trips you and you fall as well. Your enemy climbs on top of you and raises the blade, the second prompt pops up and the following occurs: 1. The enemy pressed the prompt first and shoves the blade in your chest 2. You pressed the prompt first and your character twists the blade around and forces your enemy to shove it through their throat or visor A counter prompt type of mechanic could even work for vehicle hijacks. One example could be you're driving the warthog and an enemy hops in the passenger seat like how they usually do so they can pummel you out. In this situation you'd hold down the melee button for the amount of time it takes to perform an assassination and you character kicks the guy out of the passenger seat and they fall out only to have the rear tire roll over their face causing instant death. If the other person performs this on you then you would meet the same fate only on the driver side and they get to commandeer the vehicle after you have fallen. One of the last things I'd like to share is the many possibilities of forge mechanics such as unlimited objects, movable objects, weather enhancements, and backdrops. Bungie and 343i added a budget system to keep us from lagging our maps and prevent render problems onscreen. I would greatly appreciate it if they would remove this system and replace it with something much like Far Cry 3's level editor where it'd tell you if the game's "performance" was high or low. It would also make maps more immersive and possible if objects could be set to a movable state through their trait settings such as setting it a coarse to move in rapidly, back and forth or have it move to a position and stay there. These events could be triggered by a player entering a boundary, trait zone or through a time set for this action to occur. This would be insanely helpful to create things such as doors, elevators, traps and even custom vehicles. Forge would also be a whole lot more immersive with a weather enhancement system. Again this is much like Far Cry 3's level editor but it could also add more atmosphere to custom maps and shouldn't effect the map's rendering at all if it's just a visual effect and doesn't alter the map's environment physically. Weapons and vehicles are the last subject I would like to discuss because it is completely my personnel opinion and if you don't feel the same then that's fine. That's the reason I wanted to share this last. I would like to see the flamethrower, SMG, plasma rifle, plasma repeater, sentinel beam, and all brute equipment (such as the brute shot, mauler, spiker, spike grenade, flame grenade, chopper and prowler) return. Night vision would also have a pretty sweet comeback as either an armor ability or armor installment (like sprint) if there were more levels where you actually needed it. Speaking of which, stealth missions were great and some of the stealth missions were the most memorable moments in the previous Halo games. If a couple new stealth based levels were to be implemented in the new Halo then night vision and a knife would become pretty handy (if usable). Now the vehicles are the last thing that I am going to discuss... When I see a perfectly intact vehicle whether it be civilian or military, I WOULD LOVE TO DRIVE IT! Why haven't we been able to operate any vehicle we'd like in a Halo game before? I mean sure, we could take construction transport vehicles for a ride in Halo Reach but for instance in Halo 2's level, "Metropolis" there were over a hundred different vehicles abandoned on the bridge and around the streets of New Mombasa for like three or four kilometers. Why couldn't we take one for a spin? It's not like the keys aren't already sitting in the ignition of an abandoned car that's perfectly intact, right? Anyway, I hope you appreciate what I had to share and all of the above are completely possible and fairly easy to program and implement into the game. Any feedback would be appreciated. Soon I should have a couple of videos uploaded to a community channel on YouTube known as the Halo Xbox One gaming news and reviews. I am the owner and only member of this community and I would greatly appreciate any feedback you'd like provide. You may participate in this community I'm trying to build but only if you are actually willing to contribute. link to YouTube channel - http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCowUL_bTJdePwUkwp9V5D4w/feed link to google+ page - https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/100922647061327760973/100922647061327760973/posts Thank you and as always... We'll keep you posted, ----------------------------- the Halo Xbox One gaming news and reviews team
  16. Hey Everyone! Jload14 here, and I need someone to test this map before I decide to submit it. Map Info: It is a very large map, using manly banshees, but it's not all about flying. There are two bases, one in the water and the other on an island. The goal is to attack and take over the enemy base by taking their dominion terminal. The first one to do this wins the round. Each base has its own advantages and disadvantages. The island base has strong defenses, but its terminal is more vunrable to attack. The water base (the battleship) has lower defenses, but a protected terminal point. Also I would like to know what I would submit this as. Although it uses the dominion gametype, it doesn't play like a dominion map. Map Link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/jload14/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=793441d5-12c2-4e5e-9884-57f2e264323e Gametype Link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/jload14/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=165dfad1-0dc0-4a4b-9322-2d483dae3a6e Gamertag: Jload14 Top view of map: Island Base: Water Base (Battleship) Please note this game can be difficult for both sides. It also is recommended to have at least 4-16 players in a game. Any help is appreciated, thank you for reading!
  17. My Mechanics for the Locust should it return. This is a copy of the topic I made on Waypoint, and wanted opinions from here as well. But I feel it needs its own thread as I now have planned full Mechanics for it, as well as the levels of damage displays to players. General Weapon Mechanics It's weapons should be the Long Distance Beam, Which should have the DPS of the Warthog Turret, and have dual Plasma Cannons (Ghost DPS). also, each trigger activates a weapon, but they can't be fired simultaneously. Pressing Y switches the Beam to Overcharge mode like it has in Halo Wars, Which drains it's shields. In the same sense as holding the trigger in slightly gives the Ghost a slower boost, but it lasts longer, Holding the trigger in further increases the multiplier, Maxing at 1.6x (I will post shield drain rate/seconds below), but decreases your shields faster, and vice versa. Once your shields are depleted, you revert to the normal beam, and can't use the overcharge until you have full shields again. there is an overheat for both weapons, while one is cooling, the other can still be used. to prevent a constant switch spam, the time it takes to cool-down should take longer than the overheat, so there is a skill gap with this vehicle. It has a potential Longer Range, when used correctly. The 3 Overcharge states Regular Beam: Blue, 1x Multiplier, No Shield Drain Overcharges, Y to switch to: Trigger Held about 1/3s in: 1.2x Multiplier, 2/12s of your shields per second (6 seconds of continuous fire), Blue, thicker than normal beam. Trigger Held about 2/3s in: 1.4x Multiplier, 3/12s of your shields per second (4 seconds of continuous fire), Purple, thicker than normal beam Trigger Held fully in: 1.6 Multiplier, 6/12s of your shields per second (2 seconds of continuous fire), Red, Thicker than normal beam. Shield and Health Mechanics The shields would follow traditional Halo standards involving Covenant/Storm shields vs. human shields. The Locust would have shields approximately 1.3x better than the Mantis, and as such has 70% less overall health. Both vehicles have the same traits as players, where Plasma beats their shields, while ballistic weaponry is far better on vehicle health. Here are some damage ratios based on Halo weaponry we can assume will return and are often used on vehicles, apart from the Beam Rifle, which I included for the sake of adding all Sniper Rifle variants. Rocket Launcher: the first removes 90% of the shields, the second would destroy it. If the Locust shields are less than 90%, the rocket deals corresponding damage to health. Spartan Laser: One beam removes all shields, so 100%. then a second to destroy, same residual damage mechanics as the Rocket Launcher. Fuel Rod Cannon: 4 Fuel Rods destroy the locust, each shot deals 50% damage to shields, and the 3rd shot leaves the Locust with 40% Health, the last destroys it. Incineration Cannon: 1 shot leaves it with 25% Health. Sniper Rifle: The Sniper Rifle would require a full magazine to break shields. Then, the Sniper Rifle takes two shots to finish it. Beam Rifle: The Beam Rifle can deplete its shields in two shots, but can do no damage to health. Binary Rifle: This can destroy it in four shots, with the same damage ratios as the Fuel Rod Cannon. Damage Level 1, 5-20% damage: Slight panel displacement, uncovered wiring Damage Level 2, 21-40% damage: Complete panel removal, sparks at wiring Damage level 3, 41-60% damage: Sparks at joints, front panel damage, crooked areas Damage Level 4, 61-80% damage: small fires, sparks from from panel and weapon areas, Damage Level 5, 81-99% damage: large fires at joints and cockpit areas, front panel crooked, player visible in areas, warning lights. Movement Mechanics I took some long thoughts here. These are both mechs, and act as counterparts to one another, but they do need to have diversity among this. so I looked into the traditional aspects of Halo vehicles for these mechanics (not including the Mantis, as it is not a traditional UNSC ground Vehicle). Traditionally, Human ground vehicles have had more health, faster top speed (Not including boost), no driver controlled weapons apart from the scorpions, but that's a tank, and cannot strafe. As opposed to their Covenant/Storm counterparts. The Mantis screwed with that, by having no counterpart in Halo 4, being able to strafe, have shields and so on. Now that we have these Mantis movement mechanics, changing them to fit UNSC tradition doesn't really make sense going from 4 to 5, as you essentially remove its best/unique features. Toning down the weapons is a must. But, back to the Locust. The Locust must now be Built around these mechanics, and I feel I have done this. The Locust Has faster Forward and Backwards speed than the Mantis, but it's strafing is slower, However, as traditionally, most if not all covey vehicles have a boost of sort, the Locust is no exception. But its is handled differently. to compensate for it's inability to stomp players nearby, and slow strafing, the Locust gets pond skater-esque "evade" that allows it to quickly dart to the side by about 12 meters. This can be used once per cooldown, and takes 15 seconds to be used again. It can use this to splatter flanking players or quickly dart in or out of cover. I feel this gives it the unique abilities in movement to seperate it from the Mantis. Over All Features There should be three versions for forge. the one I stated above, which is purple, and a blue one, that has a the regular beam , the overcharge is a instant drop of all shields, but fires a spartan laser strength beam (blue beam), and takes a full cool-down to use the beam again, and the last one is concussion rifle colored, it fires concussion rifle shots instead of plasma cannons (12 before reload) and the same beam traits as the purple locust, it is better at close range covering itself, but not very good for long range cover when beam is unavailable.
  18. Not sure if anyone else has come up against this or if there is actually some kind of support upgrade etc that does it but i recently (more than once) stunned a vehicle (one ghost, two manti (not sure if that is the correct plural term)) Only to have them become active again within 1 second. Im not sure what the usual time is but whenever i get stunned it lasts for at least 2.5 - 3 seconds. Anyone know what this is all about?
  19. Here are some ideas i dreamed up for halo 5 Halo 5 weapons and vehicles: UNSC Vehicles: -Warthog •Gauss •Rocket •Chain Gun -Mongoose -Scorpion -Mantis -Viper (Light assault aircraft) •Equipped with heat seeking missiles and light machine gun •Highly maneuverable (on the level of the banshee), weak armor -Hornet -Falcon • Assault (has a front mounted chain gun which can be controlled by the pilot as well as two .50 cal door guns, can carry 2 passengers who can shoot their personal weapons) • Light (door guns only, can carry 2 passengers who can shoot their personal weapons) -Pelican (Heavy Transport aircraft) •Pilot controlled forward heavy auto cannon • equipped with 2 .50 caliber door guns on back. Can hold up to 8 personnel who can shoot their personal weapons •contain two small arms racks in cargo area UNSC weapons: -Magnum -SMG •can be used as a sidearm -Battle Rifle -DMR -Assault rifle -SSMG •the silenced SMG from ODST -Frag grenade -SAW •buffed H4 version -Grenade Launcher •fires projectiles similar to the sticky detonator that will explode on contact or await detonation depending on firing mode(Utilizes a 3 round magazine) -Spartan Laser •similar to the reach version -Sniper Rifle -Rocket Launcher •Fires two types of rockets, Anti-personnel rockets (which appear green on your HUD) are unguided and deal high splash damage, while anti-vehicle rockets (blue on your HUD) track ALL vehicles and have high penetrative power, dealing twice the damage against vehicles. -Railgun •Halo 4 version -Heavy Railgun •One hit kill on ANYTHING, including pelicans(comes with 1 extra round and takes 5 seconds to charge and fire) -Hyper Rifle • 3 shot kill, low ROF • battery operated, batter holds energy for 36 shots • emits high intensity atom laser Detachable Turrets: -Machine gun -Flamethrower Emplacements: -Rocket Turret •Fires volleys of 4 rockets, rockets become guided when the operator enters first person mode and looks through the emplacements holographic optics. Range 1000m -Gauss Turret • Identical to the turret mounted on the back of a warthog -Mortar Turret •Starts with a target locator, the player who acquires the locator can use it to call in mortar fire anywhere on the map. • locator creates a red circle around its target and sticks to objects, including vehicles and personnel. •Mortar fires 3 rounds volleys, each round yielding the power of 2 antipersonnel rockets. Covenant Weapons: -Plasma Pistol -Plasma Rifle -Storm Rifle -Needler -Needle Rifle -Covenant Carbine -Assault Carbine • 5 shot kill, fires particle beam with extreme accuracy at extreme range • low rate of fire -Beam Rifle -Concussion rifle -Fuel Rod Cannon -Plasma Launcher • identical to the one in reach but with a longer range -Energy Sword -Plasma Grenade Covenant Vehicles: -Ghost (reach version) -Banshee (reach version) -Wraith -Revenant -Spectre • holds 2 passengers, 1 gunner, 1 driver • equipped with 1 dual barreled plasma cannon, the same as that of the banshee -Phantom (Heavy troop transport) • equipped with 1 forward rapid fire concussion cannon which is controlled by the pilot, as well as 2 door mounted light plasma cannons • Capable of carrying 8 personnel who can fire their personnel weapons •Contains 2 small arms crates in cargo area Turrets: -Plasma turret Emplacements: -Plasma cannon shade •Identical to the one in reach but with higher projectile speeds -Fuel rod shade • like the ones in the reach campaign • Firing homing fuel rods rounds that tracks land and air vehicles Brute Weapons: -Spiker -Brute shot -Mauler -Brute plasma rifle (halo 2 version) -Gravity hammer -Napalm grenades (halo 3 version) -Spike grenades Brute vehicles: -Chopper Armor abilities: -Jetpack -Thruster pack (buffed h4 version) -Active Camo -Evade -Berserk • allows users a brief burst of extreme speed once their shields are removed (like the h2/h3 brutes) -Regen Field -Stability • allows player to remain scoped in while taking fire -Thermal • shows players and vehicles in bright red/white, terrain is darker blue. • Residual heat signatures will reveal enemies hiding around corners by slightly brightening the air next to the corner (YOU CANNOT SEE THROUGH WALLS) Equipment: -Anti vehicle Mine •Fits into a slot on your HUD next to the grenade slots, destroys warthogs in one hit as well as personnel -Bubble shield •remains active until destroyed -EMP field •Immobilizes vehicles and SLOWY drains shields within a 20m radius You may notice that i left out forerunner weapons and vehicles, that is because (in my opinion) the forerunners are utterly boring and annoying to fight. I would love to see the brutes return as a sort of pirate like rouge faction in halo 5, possibly attempting to invade and take control of a weakened Sanghelios which we must defend alongside the arbiter. In addition, many of the vehicles i listed are only plausible if used in a 16 vs 16 or 32 vs 32 playlist (such as the pelican and phantom) which will hopefully be possible with the processing power of the next gen xbox.
  20. I for one was very disappointed by the lack of large maps in halo 4, true we have a lot of BTB maps but they are all fairly small and incapable of supporting heavy vehicle combat. What i would like to see in halo 5 is the introduction of a 16 v 16 heavy combat playlist which would pit teams against each other on very large maps loaded with air and ground vehicles. I would like to see the following vehicles in halo 5: -Warthog -Guass hog -Rocket hog -mortar hog -mongoose -Scorpion -Mantis -Falcon -Hornet -Wraith -Spectre -Banshee -Chopper -Ghost -Possibly even pelicans and spirits With this massive pallet of vehicles we should also get some new anti vehicle weapons here are some ideas: -Rocket launcher -Anti armor/air rockets (tracks ground and air targets, low splash damage) -Anti personnel rockets (no tracking, high splash damage) -Spartan Laser (how could anyone forget:) -Heavy Railgun (The most powerful weapon in the game, hold 2 rounds, has 2x and 10x scope, one hit kill on literally anything, pelicans included) -Plasma Launcher (practically the same as the one from reach but with better tracking and more damage) -Anti armor incendiary rounds (can be placed on map and are weapon specific, deal 2x the damage to vehicles) -Gauss turret (like the one on the warthog except in "shade turret" format -Rocket turret (like the ones on the mammoth in halo 4) -Oh and possibly mines as well (they could fit into a grenade slot on your HUD) These are just some cool ideas i had, feel free to critic them or add some ideas of your own
  21. Gamertag- ShockBolt21 Version shown- 1.0 Latest version- 2.6- major improvements FILE SHARE- (http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/shockbolt21/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0">http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/shockbolt21/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0</a>) Version 2.6 gameplay video HERE. (From 3:02 to 5:14) Armored Strike is a unique, one of a kind map. It is vehicle based, and is set up to represent a UNSC Orbital Landing Craft (Blue/Attacker base) landing forces on the asteroid to attack an embedded base (Red/Defender base), within which the players spawn in every time (no random spawns across the map). This invasion-like set up makes it more realistic, and is a nice aversion from your typical arena map, with players spawning randomly and weapons and vehicles that have been scattered across the map by some unknown force. Anyway, there are a variety of vehicles in the bases, but also several opportunities for a Spartan on foot if no vehicle is available or if he chooses to go without one. The battlefield. Landing Craft on right, embedded base on left. Neutral warehouse also pictured. The battlefield is the entire empty asteroid on Impact, and rocks have been added to the plain so vehicles and spartans can use them for cover. There is also a neutral warehouse with several heavy weapons in it that can be utilized by the infantry spartans if your team has control over it. There are also several ordnance drops for the infantry, so even though your DMRs might not be too useful, players still have several options if they can't grab a vehicle. Inside the Orbital Landing Craft. (Not shown- 2 shades, one on either side of the observation window w/ 200% damage increase) There will be some intense tank battles between the scorpions, with supportive wraith fire shooting in from the red side and banshee air support flying for the blues. The warthogs will also play an important role, providing mobility, transport, and decent firepower. The mongooses can be used for transport, and the ghosts can rush in where they're needed. The team that uses their vehicles tactically will gain the upper hand. The vehicles are... Blue Base- Spacecraft: 2 scorpions, 2 banshees, 1 ghost, 1 mongoose, 1 rocket warthog, 1 gauss warthog Red Base- Embedded: 2 scorpions, 2 wraiths, 1 ghost, 1 mongoose, 1 rocket warthog, 1 gauss warthog Banshee deployment from the rear of the landing craft There are several ordnance drops with anti-vehicle weapons throughout the battlefield, with relatively low respawn times (45 to 65 seconds). This holds opposite for the warehouse weapons. The weapons in there, which are extremely numerous, have spawn times of 2+ minutes. Here are all the ordnance drops: -2 fuel rod guns, one relatively close to each base -2 rocket launchers; slightly farther from the fuel rods but not quite neutral -1 neutral incineration cannon -1 neutral spartan laser View from behind the Red Asteroid-embedded base. (Not shown- rooftop weapons rack for base defense) In this map, the more players, the merrier, with 10-16 being the optimal player count. Works with slayer, king of the hill, and capture the flag. I am not, by any means, new to forge, but this is my first online upload, so I would highly appreciate some criticism and feedback. This map, Armored Strike, can be found in the file share for my gamertag, ShockBolt21. Also, make sure to check out my latest map "Tank Superiority" for some pure scorpion combat on a significantly larger map. You can download both maps on my File Share.
  22. New web series discussing different aspects of Halo 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3HrsQ5hnNM
  23. I may be re-hashing what's already been said, but I would like to make a couple of problems that my fiancé, a couple of friends and I have with the Halo 4 (mainly Wargames) Halo Reborn HA!: • Jetpack: So we had this great feeling, very flyable Jetpack in Reach, and now, the jetpack burns for a much shorter duration, and you can barely travel ten feet straight up with it (10 feet is one story), and it's sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. • War Games Maps: They are all HUGE! Plus, it doesn't say on the screen the size party that each map is best for. There's no sense of geography either in most cases, like where in the heck am I? There are a couple of maps (I won't site names as I am not going to turn my console on just to site names— you know which ones I'm talking about) that feel like some eight-year-old built them because there are vehicles and weapons just strewn about everywhere. I have actually made very playable and fantastic maps for Reach that have been downloaded by people I have never met and we all play on them... why? Because they are PLAYABLE, creative, they work well, and they're original. I'm not rying to toot my own horn here, but fly me out to Seattle and I will show you what makes a great map and what makes a flop. I'm a graphic designer by trade with my BFA, and I made my maps just for my friends and me to play on here at home. But when total strangers are becoming my friends on LIVE and playing with me and my friends, that says something to me and gives me a sense of pride. These maps are not gimmicky or corny, they just work and they are fun. • Weapons Sounds: Some of the new audio recorded for the weapons is great, like the Covenant fuel rod gun's new sound is great. However, the rocket launcher... really? HELLO? Ever heard of the Doppler Effect? A rocket propelled projectile does not sound like the new sound recorded for the rocket launcher now. The needler sounds more like a 1960's chain gun now. WRONG. If it ain't broke, don't fix it right? • Weapons Choices: When we play games here at home with 4-8 people, we like to usually play Slayer or Crazy King (and Swat). When playing Slayer we'll set weapons to Primary Random & Secondary Shotgun. Our choice right? But the problem has ALWAYS been that we can't remove weapons from the playlist and whomever is the top scorer gets the big weapons in the random setting. How is that random? Sure, I get to run away with the game if I am scoring higher then, but it isn't fair that it's set up to favor the person already wining. The high scorer keeps coming up with rocket launchers and fuel rod guns. • Weapons Dual Wielding: I'm aware 343 isn't Bungie, but there are a lot of people working at 343 who were at Bungie for years making Halo. So, it's not a 100% brand new team. That being said, what the heck happened to dual wielding? I remember dual wielding Needlers? Don't give us something then take it away. 1) Make random actually RANDOM. (2) Why not make a checklist of weapons to include and omit in a custom randomizer? So, random weapons still come up, but only the weapons that are chosen from the list, that way we could omit rocket launchers if we want, or omit all of the pea shooters, or have ALL heavy weapons by the player's choice. • SCORING: Let me get one thing straight, HALO scoring is the way it is because it's HALO. Dear 343, if you want to design for Call of Duty, leave 343 and go design for the COD teams. You changed the scoring to a COD style. Game Informer said it, IGN said it, the forums are saying it, I'm saying it... so, why are you trying to turn HALO into COD? Try to deny it. • GIVING and TAKING AWAY aka "Improvements": In Halo and Halo 2 we could dual wield like weapons, Halo 3 it's gone. In Halo 3 we got Firefight, now it's gone. We had headhunter, now it's gone. In Reach, we got JETPAKS! You may as well say they are gone because it's no longer a jetpack as I mentioned above, it's a jump-pack only now. • Team Playing? Really?: So, you finally give us the ABILITY of CHOICE of which War Games game type we wish to play, and the only thing we have to vote on is which map to chose, COOL! WAIT... everything is TEAMS TEAMS TEAMS. Team King of the Hill— REALLY? What the heck is that? What if I don't want to play on a team? GONE! Now I have to play on a team, no choice otherwise. I could go on and on and on about weapons, and maps, and style. But why? There is a great article by The Atlantic as well, I may not agree with everything it says, but this guy hits a lot on the head. http://www.theatlant...g-wrong/265217/ Thanks, skodt666 Download my Reach maps and we will play! I practically have my own community now LOL! Peace!
  24. Okay, so there are some things i liked about halo 4, and some things that they made even worse than reach. Vehicles: They are too week. Vehicles are what make halo stand out among the other shooters. There fun and are necessary for when you want to mix it up for a while. The counter argument that people will abuse vehicle use is useless and unfounded, as well as counter productive to the halo series to not have or have weaker vehicles. What's with magically punching a vehicle and having parts from random pieces break off? It's unrealistic and doesn't make you feel any better about defeating a vehicle because its too easy. In reach, killing a wraith was a skill, here no one cares. Plus, you should be able to hijack a vehicle by breaking only the cockpit protector and killing the occupant. This will keep the balance of the one who got there first has an easier time staying alive, while the new occupant is easier to kill. You should be rewarded for doing something hard, not a watered down you get nothing for doing something boring It degrades the experience and will give cod and battle field more players- bad biusiness. However, the grenade thing was a good idea. I also think that instead of busting the tank if you have no grenades when you hop onto the back, you should be able to climb up onto the gun and cause damage to that. if you hop onto the side, it should take just a bit longer to get to the front How to fix it: patch the punching crap, I consider it a glitch and it was annoying enough in Reach Fire arms: Nice job! I love the amping up of the covenant weapons and making them farther, faster, more accurate, and more painfull. I don't need to comment on the foruners as everyone likes them. Forge: Bad job, discraseful and shameful job. The maps are smaller, and they should have kept the tin cups old traits because it slowed some objects when dropped from the sky, so you could bury them in the ground and have the only succesful drop pods that didn't kill you and without the other tacky, second-rate solutions. Marketing scam in dominion: I don't apretiate being lied to about dominion, I only bought halo 4 before hearing critics because there was a comercial with the buildings actually building form the ground and they mentioned strategy, which seems to be abandoned and watered down to just plain shoot'em up with a slight twist. Vehicle selection: Lazy half-*** job guys, bravo. Cut the crap and add all past vehicles into the forge and make the hornet control like the pelican and have faster ascent/decent and straif. There was also hype about being able to fly serefs, pelicans, and scarebs in forge and custom games. you guys disapointed us by being so failure-oreinted. Campaigne: Great job with few issues. cortana's death was un-emotional, thus defeating the purpose of killing her off, though if she survived again I would have been iritated also, because it would defeate the pourpose of her death being an issues. As a side note, I would like to note that the cut scene with the scientists was the sadest part because it was more emotional, and you could feel so bad for them. I was glad they were killed because now they don't have to suffer emotionally their whole life, making me feel like it was justified. diadact ship: epic diadact last fight, but dum ending. the fight was epic, but the nuke didn't make any sence. It didn't even detonate when triggered, and chief got teliported after it should have exploded. it was also unnecesary as the the ship was no longer a threat even though it was still firing. It would have only been firing on the same city it already composed, and the composer could have been taken by the unsc and been usede as a political weapon against the covanent. plus, the fact that the librarian is still alive could have been exploited in that she would inherit control of the ship (as long as she didn't murder him, of course). Earth assault: the covanent could have destroyed the earth, but were probably told to leave as the diadact had an ego the size of a planet, thus making sense, but i would like to note that earth is no longer the strongest planet, siince it has already been over runned, and humanity also has other planets, which would be easily upgraded as earth's demand for resources was lessened do to the masecre Elites and covanent: makes sense. the profits obviously want the elites back in to end their alliance, and they only would have to honour them for saving the covenant and put them back into power to reastablish control. The more ***-kissing they do, the more control they have. For the brutes, there is no reason why they shouldn't have been replased shortly after their rise to power, since they failed and were and unstable society. All they were was a tool for the new covanent party anyway, and it was the elites that saved every single one of them, and even though they rebelled and were independant for a while, their future reloyalty was highly likely anyway. They only joined us to save life, but they rebelled because they were replaced. if they were only replaced, they would still have rebeled and not allied themselves with us. Forge nuances- problems and good things: obviously the magnet and quick dupe was a great idea and i'm sure user data is too, once it is understood enought to be used. however, the physics where you put things on normal and they become fixed after a while has prevented many good ideas in forge on reach. We could have easily made psudo destructable ship wars where the buildings stayed on normal physics and when the bariers and explosives would hold them up until destroyed. forge ideas for the future: bbesides needing all the vehicles, as well as fuel rod gun wraiths and fuel rod gun shade turrets and those blue flack turets in fogre, there needs to be a few more options. You need to be able to: glue pieces together so they act as one building (when paired with my persistant normal phisics idea) and beable to de attach after enough force is applied. we need to beable to set some destructible objects to triger events in buildings such as physics change and destruction, and noncolide so parts can fall through them map and get deleted, thus saving data. buildings need to be modable to where they can take damage which would be user specified and the type of weapons efect it diferetntly. there needs to be some sort of shield thing (in halo 5) that can be alloud to cover buidlings, and air locks need to be scripted so efects like from Reach's map anchor can hapen. imagine how epic the experience would be if the environment changed, even just a bit, when damage is dealt. Why the developers need to head my advise: because you need to keep your investment interesting so you get your money back and gain a profit? DUH! halo is already on the downhill slope, so you need to act now. dont save the changes for later, because it may already be to late one example is given by nintendo. The reason why they are failing is because they banned the cod franchise so long that people like me had time to save up for an xbox (finally) thus deleting the interest i had in the wii. I loved the wii more than xbox because i could easily become more coordinated with the game by using my eye hand coordination skills to make me better faster. I was headshotting people with the most inacturate guns accross the map within a few months with the wii, but the xbox anologue stick makes no sense whatsoever and thus needs years to get a fraction as good. plus, the new kids would like the ease of being able to skill up faster. An extra tip for developers: theres no reason you can't change your halo 4 game now and fuel the interest in the series. patches already are constantly addes so i do't know why things cant be addressed, now before your customers jump ship. I had an idea for the connect of how to achieve the wii effect without having to get new controllers, but i don't want to give my idea away. as soon as i can pattendt that idea, I'm going to sell it.
  25. In this thread, I will select the ideas I deem most beneficial for Halo's future and post them here for all to see. Some of these ideas are mine, some aren't. Hopefully this thread will become a convenient place to keep up to date with the best ideas. And so it begins: 1) Hunter gun: Rip the gun off of a Hunter's arm to use like a turret, and voila. (Note: the Hunter gun was buried in H4's code.) 2) Flare gun: Fires one flare that lights enemies on fire. Good for taking down Tank flood forms. (Not a replacement for the Flamethrower) 3) Mini-Scarab: It's exactly what it sounds like. Reminiscent of the spider drones in SW: Attack of the Clones. MP counter to Mantis? 4) Needle Sniper Rifle: A possible replacement for the Beam Rifle, supercombines players with a headshot and takes three body shots to kill. Size of clip/rate of fire: undetermined. 5) Specter 2.0: Driver has a blue gun, turret launches one Plasma Grenade at a time (requires more skill than a Plasma Mortar). Two passengers, moderate boost for splatters. 6) Boltshot 2.0: Fully automatic alternate firing mode instead of overcharge. 15 normal shots, 45 automatic shots. 7) Firefight with the addition of the Flood: Oh yeah. (Most popular request!) 8 ) Fence (Forge object) : The opposite of a shield-door; it blocks players and allows bullets to pass through. (Applications in aesthetics and making maps look much bigger than they actually are) This piece looks much more natural than the glass in Forge, and it does not cause a loss in frame rate. 9) Arby!: You know you want him (winky face) 10) InstaGiB: A mode taken from NOVA 2, a game for iOS; free-for-all game type in which you have sniper rifles with unlimited clips--but you can't scope in. Sure to create some sick montage moments 11) Precipitation Forge FX: Snow, rain, hail; these would be great for Flood maps. 12) Sandbox 2.0: This Halo 3 Forge map was so simple yet so practical. It wouldn't take much time to develop and it has a lot of flat ground for terrain-savvy Forgers. New twist: you can change the environment from sand to snow, moon rock, dirt, or a giant UNSC floor so you don't have to expend your budget on those glitchy wall coliseum floors. I'll update this list every once in a while, so check back to see if your idea is listed. And in the meantime, hopefully this thread isn't removed for redundancy. Just a reminder: this isn't really a thread to post all your ideas on--go to "The Official What You Do and Do Not Want in Halo 5" thread for that. I'll be skimming around and selecting the most promising ideas, as the name of the thread implies. If you have a comment about a specific idea I included, simply type the idea number and list your thoughts. Cheers, and safe!
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