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Found 9 results

  1. The Competetive Skill Ranking, or CSR for short, is your rank within the Arena experience and determines who you'll be pitched against. If everything goes right that should be opponents within your skill range and this ensures you that you and your team won't be annihilated by higher levels and that you won't stomp on lower levels. Just like we saw in the beta you'll have to complete 10 placement matches that determine what rank you'll start off as. Since the beta there have been a couple additions to the ranking though. Below you'll find all the ranks through which you can progress (or drop). The ranks Bronze through Diamond are pretty straight forward. Win a couple of matches and you'll progress in ranks. Notice that I said 'win matches' and not 'be on the top of the leaderboard' as being the top player on your team doesn't mean a thing to your CSR, only winning does. There is the chance that you'll drop a rank after losing too many matches but we are assured that you won't drop an entire rank by going on a bit of a losing spree. For example, if you've been working towards that Silver rank for who knows how long you won't be dropped back down to Bronze just because you weren't having a good day. The Onyx and Chapion ranks behave in a different way. Once you reach Onyx, your CSR score will be shown to allow better comparison between players. Winning no longer increases your tier, your CSR score does. Once you reach the top 200 within a playlist you'll be placed in the highest tier, the Champion tier. All shall quiver before thee! Later in Halo 5's lifespan seasons will be introduced. It looks somewhat like the seasons we had back in the Halo Reach days. When a season starts your CSR will be reset and you'll have to play your placement matches again to be ranked. This allows you jump start your ranking and prevents you from being stuck in an what seems to be endless progression through the rankings. Of course, you can also fall a bit short but do not fret as there is always next season. Reaching a CSR ranking within a season also makes you eligable for a neat cosmetic award, no matter if your Bronze or Onyx. Think of it as a souvenir. First thing we'll get is this emblem: Each time a season ends 343i will update the game based on your feedback. So don't stop complaining! Join in progress is disabled in Arena to prevent you from being placed in losing games and losing a rank as a result from that. Quitting is frowned upon and if you decide to be a bum you'll not only suffer a loss and forfeit any EXP or REQ points earned that match, you'll also recieve a temporary ban to think about what you just did. Betrayals, idling, intentional suicides and excessive disconnects will also earn you a ban of which the length is determined by how heavy the offense is. Each successive infraction will increase the timeout exponantially so don't you even think about it Spartan! What are your thoughts on this ranking system? Let us know down below! Thank you for reading!
  2. tns22

    Dominion playlist

    Rant time! Just sharing some of my main complaints about the Dominion playlist. The Dominion playlist is one of my favorites. Invasion was my favorite in Reach, and halo 4 has nothing close to as fun as invasion, but dominion is the next best thing. However, the dominion playlist has seen a lot of changes since halo 4 came out, many of which I am not a fan of. One of my first problems is that I always get stuck in games full of noobs. Active Camo, crouching, Storm Rifle, Boltshot Plasma Grenade, T-bagging. As a Team-based playlist in terms of CSR, you go up and down based on how many games you win, but when I get in games and all of my teammates suck, there's nothing I can do. Dominion is just too much of a team-based game for me to be able to win by myself, and when only half my games are lost because of retarded teammates, my CSR isn't going anywhere and I'm basically stuck in the single digits (hovering around 7,8,9). Dominion is no longer the only gametype in the playlist, some variants have also been added: Lockdown Just because a gametype is a custom gametype based off of dominion, it does not mean it belongs in the dominion playlist. Lockdown deserves to be in Action Sack like the rest of the entirely luck based gametypes. There is nothing more frustrating than being forced to charge into battle, hope you get kills as you randomly shoot your weapons before you die. There is no time to aim, only time to spam. To make things even more random and out of control, you have no radar. The real question here is not only why 343 ever thought this gametype was a good idea, but why people ever vote for it in Matchmaking. I'd vote for Meltdown, a map I absolutely hate, over Lockdown on a map I enjoy. Lockdown makes up anywhere from 1/4 to 1/3 of the dominion games I play, and I have never had an enjoyable game of it. So the question remains, why do people vote for it? Legendary Dominion I have not had a chance to play legendary dominion yet. The reason for this is that no one votes for it. I had to look the matchmaking updates just to see what the gametype settings are! From what I can understand, the only thing that's different is that everybody has AR, BR. This gametype seems to remove a lot of the aforementioned noobiness. However, not once have I had a chance to play legendary dominion because it's in the third slot and nobody votes for it. Needed to get this all out of my system in the form of a rant. Feel free to tell me your opinions on the playlist and the gametypes in it.
  3. So, over the past few days on these forums I've heard, time and again, people asking 'What the heck is CSR?' Well, since before I was on this Forum, I was on the much worse, much messier Halo Waypoint, and as a person there, I have known of this, and I do know how it works. So I decided to help explain it. CSR - Competitive Skill Ranking. Well, if I lay out exactly what it means, does it make it easier or harder to understand? I'm hoping that by now, some of you are going 'Ooooooohhh!' and are now thinking 'What are the specifics?' Easy. -CSR is a 1-50 ranking system. -There is a CSR for every War Games playlist. -For games like BTB and TS, it is calculated more from your personal skill in game but that doesn't mean wins don't count. -For games like Grifball and Action sack, it is calculated more from using your wins and losses. Personal skill still counts. -'Personal skill' that I am talking about generally means your medals, kills, deaths, betrayals, all into 'one'. Now, you might say, 'Cool! So did 343 put back competition? Awesome! Where can I view each of my playlists' CSR?' And now I'm gonna have to shoot you down. It is NOT visible in-game. Why? Because 343 decided to make CSR not during the games creation, but AFTER they released information that there won't be a real skill based ranking system. Where is it visible? Halowaypoint.com, or the Halo Waypoint XBL app, or Halo Waypoint on your Android/iDevice. That is it. Why is it there? According to 343, 'Because those who truly care about their rank can access it, but it will discourage buying accounts, hacking, cheating, boosting etc. and also for players who are below average, they won't always be trash talked.' Sadly, what I read from that was something along the lines of 'Because during game planning we decided our target audience were the bad players, and so we wanted them to feel like they were doing good, and the only reason we even bothered making CSR was because when we said there wasn't a ranking system everybody on our forums were mad, which is confusing.' AAAAAnyways, what this means is that while you can still do things like compare CSR with others (Specifically, others here or on your friends list), gone are the days where you could prove you were better than someone else by comparing rank because nobody even bothers to have a mic anymore. What more do you want to know of CSR? Uhhh.... Oh, yeah. Sometimes they might reset everyone to 0. Thankfully they promised that they'll give us a reason. Is that enough? TL;DR - CSR is a ranking system which is only visible on the internet on Halo Waypoint, not on game. Therefore, it is a ranking system that applies only to the 10% or so people who actually care about the game to visit websites. Each playlist has one, and your best is displayed on your stats screen.
  4. So what's with the ranking system and why the heck is it only viewable through Waypoint?? Is there a reason for it not being in-game as it was in Halo 2 and 3? I love the fact that they brought it back, but why can't it be in-game? That's what makes the game so much fun, to be able to show it off to others and to always see it there and watch it change as you rank up. It's so annoying having to stop what you're doing, go to your laptop, and sign in to your account every time you want to see if you ranked or not. Anyone have any input on this?
  5. Alright so I made an account just to post this because I would LOVE to have it implemented and think many others would as well. I have gotten every Halo game so far with the exception of Halo Wars and I have been waiting for this CSR ranking system since I picked up Halo 4 on it's release day. Some people care about rank, some don't. I get that. But for most hardcore gamers rank is very important. It lets you show off your work and (hopefully) places you with opponents of equal skill. So far CSR seems to be working well with a few exceptions, but with it being new of course there are going to need to be updates. What I love about it right now: I love that you can gain rank as well as LOSE rank. If you can't lose your rank, how is it even a rank at all? It gives you something to actually lose in losing a match or not doing well. This is a key feature that had been missing from launch. From what I can tell so far, it does a decent job of matching you with appropriately skilled teammates. Ranks for different playlists Different colors for different rank tiers What I would really like implemented CSR should be visible IN GAME. Halo Waypoint is sleek and all, but I don't want to have to go from my console to my laptop every time I want to see an update on my rank. I want to see my rank change in real time (idealistically). Seeing SR is really pointless. All it shows is how much someone has played the game. SR requires NO SKILL AT ALL. If you could replace SR with CSR that would be MAGNIFICENT! I think this would bring all the hardcore gamers back. And if you don't care about it, then it does not effect you either way. At this stage 343i should be considering social playlists so that those players who don't give a hoot about rank can just goof around. It should also be set so that guests cannot play in ranked games. Allowing guests creates a broken rank system. That being said, I love this game and what 343i have done with it. I don't know how the netcode is organized and how easy it would be to implement my requests, but it would make a world of difference to me and my friends.
  6. Hey guys! Are you great Forgers but bad competitive player? Can't get a high Spartan Rank or CSR? Well, this ranking system is good for you. The Forge Spartan Rank is a ranking system where the number goes up for the number of maps you make, time Forging, pieces placed, and ties editing. You can also get more points from people who download your maps off Fileshare. So this will be just like CSR, except operates more like SR. This is my short idea, so thanks for reading!
  7. ive been really frustrated with the way csr works in regicide. ive been stuck at 29. i place in the top 50 about 90 percent of the time and today i won three games in a row and it didnt bump me up one rank. also second and third(because they are top 50%0 should rank u up slowly but that doesnt happen either. it doesnt seem to take kd and kills per game into acount either cause even when i get second or third and 4th(very rare) i get the most or second most kills(usually). but the most frustrating thing is whn i join in progress and the king has 50-100 points allready. in that situation if u get third or aboveit should help somewhat. also i have a problem with the max bounty being 35 it rewards the losing players a little to much imo. anyone else having frustrating experiences with this playlist?or have reason why it works the way it does? my overall impression of the csr sytem is positve. its gonna be flawed but its hard to make a perfect measure of skill. i give props to 343 im just struggling a little cause my goal was 35. tips, advice?
  8. You had thousands of gamers ready to pick Halo back up and start playing it again. You claimed to bring back the Halo 2 and 3 ranking system. Evereyone was ready to get addicted to Halo again. Then we found out about how it WAS NOT like Halo 2 and 3. You could NOT SEE your rank. What is the point of having rank you cant see?! How does that even make it competitive if you can't see your opponents?! The thousands of gamers that waited till today.... are going to go right back to COD. It was pretty obvious why true Halo fans loved CSR... the number rank you could SEE. MASSIVELY DISAPPOINTED!
  9. As you may have heard, the CSR (Competitive Skill Ranking) System is set to drop early 2013. But 343 is undecided about weather or not to give you a fresh start and start at skill level 1, or put skill ranks in based on what you already have done. 343 says they are tracking your skill rank right now, but just haven't implemented the skill system in yet so you can't see it. Personally, I think keeping the skill ranks instead of resetting it is a terrible idea. First off we don't know what playlists are competitive and which are social. Next, all playlists have Join in Progress. If the Skill system if based off if you win or lose (which it better be) than having people joining and quiting your match could completely mess up your skill rank. And last of all, the game is defiantly not developed enough to start tracking skill. As the game stands now, there are many problems that could interfere with your wins and loses. None of this would really matter, except your skill can get very hard to change if you get incosietant with your wins and loses. Let's say you win a few here, the lose a few there, and overall are just unpredictable winning/losing games. If that has happened then the skill rank can seem to be really hard to move up or down in either direction. A more explained look at the system can be found here: http://www.bungie.net/forums/posts.aspx?postid=14414600 In short, it basically states that inconsistansy = slow rank movement up and down, and vise versa. And since I'm sure most off you had been playing with randoms you probably have already been very inconsistent, and a fresh start would be a much better option for you in that. I'm not for sure saying that's how the CSR system will work, but they are sticking to something very similiar to the old trueskill system. Other concearns I have that we should tell 343 to do is tell them that they shouldn't make your skill rank only visible on Halo Waypoint, which is currently what they plan on doing. They should also keep it win/lose based and not personal stat based system. This is because Halo is a very team based game, and personal stats can't detect your callouts, teamwork, etc. I made this thread so we can make sure 343 makes a great system, because honestly the fate of the Halo series depends on it.
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