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  1. There is a video on youtube called Halo | Ultimate Theme Mashup and I really think that the guy who made that video did something fantastic. He combines the best music from all games into one soundtrack. Now in my opinion, Halo 4 and Halo 5 music was mediocre and thats because the music for halo games has been set to such a high standard so it's really hard to recreate what Marty O' Donnell did. Now I say instead of trying to do new music just use old music from old games along with new music. Halo 4 didn't play the main halo theme once I believe and that's insane. Once again I mention this video this guy did because it is such a great mashup of all the great halo music.
  2. Anyone need the Annual Achievement, thinking about doing this today if I can get the people together, I've done it before back when it was a vidmaster for H3, isn't too tough if people are co-ordinated.
  3. Greetings Halo Players! I am XGC Sweetsir, General of XGC Bad Company! For those who dont know what XGC is, its a division of Xiled Gaming, a large online Gaming community made up of over 100k Registered members, all in many many different clans split out over 3 divisions, KoG, SYN, and XGC. XGC is strictly 18+ this is to create a mature yet fun gaming experience for its members! I joined XGC almost 2 years ago in a clan called XGC New Bloodz, the last Halo MCC clan XGC has had. I hope to change that! I am looking for anyone who is interested in a fun clan experience on Halo MCC! We have a weekly clan meeting Sunday Nights, it lasts about 10 minutes, the community has alot of game nights during each month where you can meet other Clans members, and each clan has their own Game Nights! My goal is to recruit a good player base that we can use to then have some fun winning some Halo games! If this sounds like something you are interested in, please dont hesitate to reply here, or message me on xbox live! I will gladly answer any questions!
  4. Dear 343, If you're thinking of making HALO 6 and not thinking about incorporating a SKILL BASED RANKING SYSTEM then don't bother. I've been a life long Halo fan (from the first day halo 1 was released....no joke) and I don't wanna see this franchise go down the tubes because they're more focused on making the game fun for EVERYONE as a pose to making it fun for the people who will actually play it. Bungie had it right in Halo 3 - ranked playlists (for competitive people 1 - 50) none of these short term weekly rankings (like who cares) - social playlists for people who don't necessarily want to compete competitively (I don't know why anyone would want to play social????) This way people actually felt like they achieved something by earning a Level 50 (a feeling thats missing from every 1st person shooter on the market) I never played COD because i never liked their XP based ranking system (even people that love cod hate the ranking system). Getting to 10th prestige just means you play a lot and everyone knows it. Now my favourite game has a similar ranking system to the game i've always hated. I don't understand what the issue is with the Halo 3 ranking system. If its because people were selling 50s........ GET OVER IT. If it's because the ranked playlists intimidated people THEY NEED TO GET OVER IT. If you guys ever find yourselves wondering why the game isn't doing as well, it's because of this issue. And i'm sure everyone who doesn't play Halo anymore would agree that the best Halos are behind us.......Shame! If you wanna play social fine.....go ahead.....it doesn't bother me. But people shouldn't be bothered by a skill based ranking system. NO GAMES TODAY HAVE SKILL BASED RANKING SYSTEMS. THAT MEANS THERE'S A GAP THAT YOU COULD FILL. WAKE THE **** UP!!!!! sincerely, A former Halo fan
  5. Halo when i think of halo i think of a skilled base game that takes nothing but skill, passion, and team work. I personal think that halo has went to a different type of gaming such as letting anyone who picks the game up can be good at in such has making the br the way it is and the dmr itself, what happen to the halo were u had to actually lead your shots and get the head shot for the 4 shot or 3 body shots and the pure skill of the game.. 343 i am no complaining about your game im just saying that as a fellow halo 2 and 3 player i loved the game because it took skill and i wanted to play it to get better and become the best but for halo 4 it seems like ever one is just good that has hand eye coronation,, also with what i have said i think that yall wanna make a game that work for the new players and also the competitive side but this is some that halo is just not halo was a game for skill and always will be because its halo and yall have tried to change it so please on your next game think about what all the players of your games has said on these fourms i mean the mlg droping halo sucks bad but halo is halo not halo mixed with armor ability's i mean there cool i guess for someone who just started playing but its not halo. therefore i have said what i think any wanna comment plz do so i wanna see what others have to say,
  6. hi if anyone can help that'd be great, Microsoft support are the people who sent me here, I'm having an issue with two achievements in HALO THE MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION DLC/ ODST IM ON THE MISSION "COASTAL HIGHWAY" but have not received two achievements which are for two previous missions ?its annoying since I spent a while doing them on legendary haha
  7. Need one more for Hiding League Gaming. put your gamertag below NiiTRoXiiC x
  8. Title says most of it! Please check out the open invitation video here on youtube. I greatly appreciate it! Or just type SlickShooters in the search bar!
  9. superintendent


    From the album: Halo reach foam armour

    the oracle, 3D printed and painted
  10. superintendent


    From the album: Halo reach foam armour

    the oracle, 3D printed and painted
  11. Just wondering, because I play every so often but have noticed the small population when I do.
  12. Looking for an organized clan or team I recently just got live and halo 4 been playing halo for years. please make me interested add my gamertag ZackizzleDizzle.
  13. Sense i got back on the xbox just for Halo3 id like to play some good old fashion CUSTOM GAMES! if anyone has the maps, i have the mythic cd so i got them all, My gamertag is thepossumface i do play online social and other things but i dont take it to seriously im all about having fun and killing people lol fair warning.
  14. Hey everyone Onsokumaru here! Now that Halo 3 is back in Action I just wanted to recap on some of the most memorable moments in the game and I want to hear what yours were? For me the most memorable moment was when Chief found Cortana (I know very cheesy). As a Halo Player from the beginning it was such a emotional moment seeing Chief reunite with her... Seeing their bond in Halo Combat Evolved and in Halo 2, it was great to see them reunite again... But I have more memorable moments in the game, but lets save that for another day....
  15. Im sure im not the only one who actually misses playing Halo3 and would love to go back and play it but nobody does. My friends are too worried about CoD and halo4 just doesnt have the same Halo feel that you get from playing halo 3. We need to get the old halo community back not halo4s
  16. Please Comment Rate and Subscribe for more Gun Sync's and Twixtor effect's This is my thrid gun sync for halo 4, everyone wanted a longer version of this song, so here you go. hope you like it Please support this sexy band song name: The XX-Intro http://thexx.info/
  17. BeforeMachine

    Depressed Chief

    From the album: Old Halo 3

    © BeforeMachine

  18. Alright so I think now is the time to figure out a plan to get halo 3 ported over to the PC. Any idea's?
  19. Me and my team mate are lookin for people to scrimmage against mlg customs add our gamertags TheScary Monste, or iSnipeUHeadOff
  20. I have a request that I believe would change the game of Halo Multiplayer in its entirety. My suggestion is to release a map pack that contains every multiplayer level from each of the Halo games. I love Halo and play on a daily basis, but playing the same 5-7 maps everyday for 2 years gets very old. The only reason I switched to MW3 during Halo Reach was because Halo had become dull in a sense of no diversity. Release the ULTIMATE MAP PACK and watch all of the Halo fans lost to COD over the years return!! I would pay at lest $100 for this map pack, and probably never play another FPS!
  21. I want to first off say that 343's attempt at making halo has been a good one. I avidly played previous halos and it was honestly the best multiplayer experience on xbox. This new halo offers some unique changes and these changes haven't gone over completely well with the veteran fanbase. I have a few suggestions to help the veteran fanbase and gameplay in general. The main topic being map DLC. DMR - It seems that there are alot of topics about the DMR being overpowered. I agree with this. It's a shame when you're all the way across the map and getting picked off by a DMR before you even have time to react. It is so noticeably more powerful then the other starting rifles that it causes a problem. I suggest a slight nerf to its power or a decent nerf to its fire rate. The light rifle scoped shot is powerful but you cannot fire that fast, a similar concept added to the DMR would balance it. Ordinance Drops - This seems to as well be a very covered topic amongst these forums and I for one think that they are an interesting idea but poorly done. There is a considerable lack of map control and weapon control because of these ordinance drops and lack of weapon placement on the maps. It is always frustrating when you turn a corner and anyone on the other team could come around with an incineration cannon or other power weapon. There is no longer any work for the power weapons which was a key element that made halo 3's multiplayer so great. Buff Suggestions - I would like to suggest a slight buff to plasma grenades (unless you stick someone they are completely worthless), the carbine (frightfully underpowered compared to the other rifles) and to vehicle health (I remeber when you had to make a big effort to take down a banshee or tank or some other vehicle, now one person with a starting weapon can just shoot them a few times and they'll blow up. You are more just a big target instead of something to be feared.) Maps/DLC playlists - This part is for the veteran players as well as new halo players that would like to experience the former glory of halo 2 and 3. 343's attempt at map making has not been good. I, along with many people I play with, have to come to agree that the only really DECENT (not great) maps with the game are Ragnarock, Haven and Longbow. Essentially every other map shipped with the game is not very good at all. Previous halo games had beautiful, well thought out and playable maps. *THIS IS MY MAIN REQUEST/SUGGESTION FOR THIS ENTIRE TOPIC* In order to make the multiplayer experience better I want to suggest the following to 343. I know this would be ambitious but it would greatly increase the playability and replay ability of Halo 4. Despite the fact that the DLC has already been announced and what maps will be released, I wish to suggest to 343 that they remake or just touch up maps from halos 2 and 3 to make a rather sizeable DLC for Halo 4. Obvious fan favorites such as Blood Gulch, The Pit, and Guardian (to name a few) would return. I for one believe that every halo 3 map with the exception of Isolation should come back (that seems too ambitious and I highly doubt 343 would bring back that many maps). Although I would like all those maps back some of the most popular small and big team maps would suffice. In addition to the maps, the DLC would also include ranked playlists specifically focused on the DLC maps. These playlist would vary between gametypes like Doubles (should be in the game already ) Slayer, Objective, Squad Battle, and others. The key elements to these playlists however would be that they include NO ARMOR ABILITIES, loadouts would be fine but would be limited to suit more skillful gameplay. NO PERSONAL ORDINANCE DROPS, and power weapons along with normal weapons would be on the maps. I believe this would be ambitious but if 343 could do it they will have succeeded in making the best halo game to date.
  23. Who says in honor of the anouncement of Halo 4 continueing the story of Master Cheif and his allys that before Halo 4 is released 343 holds one last event in Halo 3 prepareing our selfs for what is to come!!
  24. iTz Vplus2

    Phoenix Avatar 2

    From the album: My avatars/signatures

    Current avatar without text
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