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  1. As the title suggests this game is going to turn into a Battle Rifle frenzy game the way the beta is going. A fix for this is making the battle rifle do a little less damage per shot so it takes a extra burst to kill. Second the game needs to show your spartan rank next to your name. I shouldn't have to click on everyone gamertag, service report, just to see their spartan rank. A little number or something in the corner should do the trick.
  2. I agree Reach was the best for multiplayer. Also you need to add exp to multiplayer for halo MCC!
  3. Each player should have a Social EXP ranking like in Halo 3, 4 and Reach. The Ranking 1-50 can be for ranked playlists only. You need the fun social exp for just playing games and stuff.
  4. You guys need to make a playlist just for a specific game and not group all 4 halo's into one playlist like big team battle. Make a big team battle for halo 1, halo 2, halo, 3 and halo4. Have them separate. For example I wanted to just play Halo 1 team slayer and couldn't do that cause there are no halo 1 playlists for me to join! If need be you should organize the matchmaking playlists like the example below. Matchmaking . Halo MCC o Slayer o Big Team Battle . Halo 1 o Slayer o CTF o Big Team Battle . Halo 2 o “” . Halo 3 o “” . Halo 4 o “”
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