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Found 20 results

  1. The Warthog and Razorback could benefit from a remain in vehicle button for marines. Some objectives are inaccessible for marines and when they attempt to follow you to those objectives they just run away and get confused.
  2. Does the Halo fandom ever wonder about H4+ Elites? Well, there were NO ELITES in Halo 4 and 5. - Enter the Berserker - Sangheili Berserkers, a subspecies of Elite, dominated the ranks of Jul 'Mdama's Remnant and favored brute strength and kills over graceful, covert tactics. We get it, "the Brutes lost a lot of weight since Halo 3" and that Elites are not savages. But, these are not Elites. In Halo Infinite (hopefully) the Berserkers will make a debut as a new enemy with new weapons, ranks and a new moveset. You will find these feral warriors along with a Brute pack that they lead, the Brutes respect the Berserkers. They will do a Brute Plasma Rifle or something else... something new....a Sangheili Spiker!
  3. Just joined the forum to make this post! I'm loving this game, but I'm cycling through controls schemes to find the one that is most optimal for my aggressive style of play. I'm currently using on the Halo 4 control layout, and decided to create this quick mock-up of what I feel would be an ideal setup for people not looking to mod the control itself. I do not care to own it so long as I can use it. I thought I'd name it as well...because like, the others have names too
  4. Please, with all of my heart and nostalgia. I am begging for a way to join user-created Custom Game lobbies in Halo: TMCC and Halo 5. A list of open and available lobbies for user-created game types would be at the top of my list of wishes. Please 343i, say it will be so! I want to join private super bouncing lobbies, hide n seek, cat n mouse, Trash Compactor & other creative user-created game types! I don't want matchmaking to be the only way to join a public game. And trying to find friends/friends of friends to invite to a private custom game is a huge pain when all it takes is a custom game 'server list' of available user created lobbies. There are so many fun game variants created by users! Please give us a way to host custom games and have them available to the public for people to join. It would be an identical feeling of a big LAN party... Well, one with voice chat only xD - Lou This is what someone said in the Halo Waypoint forums. I couldn't have said it better so I copied and pasted it. Here's the original forum post: https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst249152_Suggestion--Halo2-MCC-NEEDS-custom-lobby-list.aspx
  5. i think they should make it so when you are playing in the campaign it brings your stuff through to the next mission
  6. The following are some feature changes that I would like to see in Halo 5. None of them have any bearing on the base gameplay, but instead adjust how we look at, and feel about, the game while we're playing it. Please don't reply without reading, especially to point number 1. I think once you've read what I've suggested there, you'll find that it adds to the experience, without detracting from it in any way. 1. Some form of additional ranking system that doesn't amount to raw EXP. (Don't get me wrong, I like the EXP rating too, check below for an awesome solution) For the exp ranking, you are a private, sergeant, colonel, whatever. But you are NOT a number. (Rank 120, anyone? This needs to go away.) For the skill ranking, or class, your insignia (the arrows of a sergeant, or the stars of a colonel) will be colored, or look to be made of a different material. For example. -Player A has a very low skill ranking. They have a .68 KD in slayer gamemodes, and they lose a lot of objective too. They have only played 12 matches though. -Player B has a relatively low skill ranking. They have a .88 KD in slayer, and they lose nearly every objective game they play. They have played about a month. 110 matches -Player C has a moderate skill ranking. They have a 1.02 KD in slayer, and a .96 win:loss in objective. They have played for a while, 318 matches. -Player D is a veteran, and a very skilled player. They have a KD of 4.15 and an objective win:loss of 3. They have played for months, 2200 matches. Player A might be a Private (class II), their rank symbol will be the arrow of a private, but the symbol's color would be a standard white, because they have not played enough matches to get an accurate skill ranking. Player B is likely a Lieutenant (class III), their rank symbol is the bar of the lieutenant, and is made of a rough, gritty metal granted to all the class III players who stick it out. Player C might be a Colonel (class V), their rank symbol will be the stars of a colonel, and will be the shining gold standard of a rank V player. Player D is probably a "Max Rank" (class X), their rank symbol will be the vibrant shape of a max rank adornment, and will have the fiery orange hue of a sunlit topaz. 2. Lobby style should revert from tabbed playercards to a list of names with a preview pane, like Reach had. (Halo 4 feels so impersonal, seriously. It makes you feel like a number. I feel more individualized at the DMV.) Remember the lobby for Halo Reach? Yeah. It was good, wasn't it? To the right there is a list of players and the teams they're on, with their name and ranking symbol. As you scroll through the list, the spartan preview on the edge of the screen changes to show their spartan and their stats. Simple, elegant, integrated, informative, personal. Well done. Halo 4's lobby looks and feels like Windows 8. Enough said, seriously, I don't even want to explain further than that. 3. When voting on maps and gametypes, the number of votes should be invisible until after voting has taken place. (Peer pressure voting is a real thing, most people don't even realize they do it.) -Add a voting option for "Impartial". The cursor should default to this position when voting, so the button mash voters don't screw the roll by voting for whatever ended up on top. -In the event of a tie, the map is randomly chosen from the tied maps. Players are never shown the vote tally, but may still have communicated with their team while voting. -Gametype should be an independent vote from the map vote when relevant, and voting should follow the same principles therein. 4. Post match data should go back to the way it was in Halo 3, including top medals (MVP should be pictured. Top medals should return to being accurate.) -The post-match screen from Halo 3 was ideal. Honestly, just return to that format, it was nearly flawless. As for top medals: I like top medals, it's a cool addition to the game, like a competition of its own. However, when I see "first blood" as the top medal every match, I want to throw something at my television. Rules for top medals: a. First Blood should ONLY be a top 3 medal when NO OTHER 3 medals have been earned. First blood is earned EVERY GAME. It is not "top" in fact, it is not even relatively impressive. b. Medal count should not supersede medal quality (3 double kills are not as impressive as an overkill, 4 killing sprees are VASTLY easier to achieve than 1 riot) c. Bull-trues are not inherently impressive. Most are either pure luck, or just outright bull-CRAP in the form of someone who pulled a shotgun from their own buttcrack. d. Stickies are underrated (in large quantities). They're impressive, and usually worthy of screaming into your mic. 5. Speaking of medals.... What happened? Where's my sharpshooter medal!? -The lifetime "medal chest" should be view-able in game by yourself and other players -The following medals need to be in / return to the game: *20 streaks were never ingame, but should have been. Weapon Sprees (5/10/15/20*) -Sniper Weapons (sniper spree, sharpshooter, be the bullet, 20*) -Hammer (hammer spree, dreamcrusher, wrecking crew, 20*) -Shotgun (shotgun spree, open season, buck wild, 20*) -Sword (sword spree, slice and dice, cutting crew, 20*) -Headshots (headshot spree, trigger happy, marksman, 20*) -Stickies (Sticky spree, Sticky Fingers, Grenadier, 20*) -Wheelmans (wheelman spree, roadhog, road rage, 20*) -Splatters (splatter spree, vehicular manslaughter, sunday driver, 20*) -Assists (assist spree, sidekick, second gunman, 20*) <---- currently, the "assist spree" exists as "wingman" Other -Sniper weapon headshot medal (WHY would you remove this. GIVE ME ONE REASON. Honestly!) -The following medals just need to be worth more points Headshot (Currently equal to kill. Just...what even...) Snapshot (also currently equal to a regular kill. Again..what on earth was going through the decision-maker's mind here? I am INCAPABLE of understanding this.) -The following medals simply need to go away Distraction (these are pretty much universally given to terrible players who can't land shots, and/or have no map awareness, I'd be willing to bet less than 1/1000 are intentional) Fortification Assist (See also: Camper (noun) - obnoxious, selfish individual who can't aim and thus resorts to 'surprise attacks' on his betters, often ruining the pace of a game.) Vehicle Hill (there is no reason to differentiate this from otherwise just being in the hill) Weapon-specific "kill" medals (they are all worth the same number of points, just use a generic kill medal and free up resources for medals that are actually accolades) And that's it. Comment, like, dislike...whatever. I just think that if these changes were made to the Halo matchmaking environment, it would feel better overall, and therefore make the game more enjoyable.
  7. Is there going to be a classic playlist? I would really love to see it in Halo 4. Ordinance drops are just annoying and custom classes and instant respawns are just annoying.
  8. Hello, I am making a rule set that will try and make this Halo 5 Forum to be a little more... organized. These are guidelines, and as I am not an admin I cannot control them. Let me start on the most important rule: Aas all of you know, most threads in this forum are suggestions. But the Halo 5 Forum isn't a suggestion forum. You can discuss things too. So if you have a suggestion, please put (Suggestion) before your thread title. This will help when looking at the all the topics in this forum, so you know what is a suggestion, and what isn't. Second rule, DON'T PUT REDUNDANT SUGGESTIONS. What that means is do not post a suggestion or discussion topic that someone else already made. Do you know how many "Cortana in Halo 5" threads there are? Just post in one that already exists, with your opinion. Third, when posting, use correct grammar and capitalize all first letters in the sentence. You wouldnt believe how many threads people cant read because of bad grammar and spelling. Try and read this: i think theyshuld ad cortanna and broot wepons in halo 5 and 6. 343 INDUSTRYS AD THIS U B*****S!,,!!!! Fourth, do not swear. Swearing does not accomplish anything but getting you booed and yelled at. Swearing in text is even worse. Thank you for taking time to read this, I will add more rules as the time goes by. If you have any suggestions for the thread, please post. Help get this pinned so everyone can read this.
  9. Hello 343i community, I came up with an idea yesterday in my head and wanted to see the community's opinion on it. I think that there should be a Leader-boards to promote friendly competition among this website. I have noticed the small lack of competitiveness among this website's members. I think it would add a different option for being known on the site rather than having quality posts. How it would work: The leader-board would be hooked up with Halo Waypoint or Halo Tracker to show individuals' stats. There would be different categories for things such as K/D, Wins, AVG Score, Skill Rank, and gametypes. I think that many members would be able to show off their Halo skills with this. This is just my opinion, please tell me what you think about this idea.
  10. Alright, so I have some great ideas for Halo 5, here ya go ------[ Forge ]------ [] Customizable land and sky color -Now I thought this would be cool, so lets say your on a grassy map. You can go into "Customize" in the menu and choose land color, vegetation color, sky color, and water color. [] Wield tool -This is probably the best, you can wield objects to vehicles and save that vehicle. [] Vehicle settings -In vehicle settings you can change the color, speed, and weight. [] Security cameras -And can link with monitors. You can make it so players have to manually sync it on the map or it is automatically. [] World Size -You have a HUGE map to build on, but by entering each one you have so select and arena to load. -By clicking "World size" in a menu, it shows a top down view of the map with a square over the area you can build in and you can drag that square any where you want, and it will load that section. [] Trees and plants! -I've always wanted to place vegetation in my maps [] Particle effects -You can place fog, smoke, fire, and blood. -But you have a limited amount [] Openable doors Last but not least... ---[ ADVENTURE ]--- In Halo 5, there should be a new game type called "Adventure" were you set the goal of the map so it could be like "Cross the finnish line" or "Escape from building" or kill all the covenant. In adventure you can place NPC's like grunts, elites, jackals, BRUTES, Hunters, and skirmishers. Also you can place objectives and missions by talking with marines around the map. **You can also make cut scenes with theater mode, and place in a timeline of events! Hope you liked my ideas, hope you consider them.
  11. I have always thought of gameplay mechanics for games, and things to break particular problems to make games better, and because I love halo so much... I have decided to write out a LONG suggestion paper on all the things that I THINK would improve halo in future generations. note: sorry for my horrid spelling/grammar.. try as hard as you can to read this please ===================================================================================== SPARTAN IV ARMOR SYSTEMS ===================================================================================== one of the most frustrating things to me about multiplayer in any halo game is loosing battles purely because of being outnumbered, this made me think about something that could solve this problem. as some of you might know, in the real world there are materials and liquids that resist more and harden more when more force is applied. My thought is, if more then 1 player is shooting at you at once, your armor should harden causing more resistance when multiple players are shooting you at once. also players should slow down more by the amount of players shooting at them. It would not be a significant resistance, obviously players should die faster when they are shot at by multiple players at once, but still as an example: a player would normally take x1 damage by 1 player shooting at them, and move 80% normal speed a player would resist x1.5 damage when being shot at by 2 players, and move 60% normal speed a player would resist x2 damage when being shot at by 3 players, and move 40% normal speed a player would resist x2.5 damage when being shot at by 4 players or more players, and move 20% normal speed. also maybe have a perk or specialization to make it so you move less slowly when being shot by multiple players at once. this could also maybe tie into the story sense Dr.Halsey is back, maybe she helped with the improvement of the UNSC SPARTAN IV project ===================================================================================== NEW WEAPON IDEAS: ===================================================================================== I also had a few other ideas for weapons that could be added to give more options. - Scoped SMG: would take the place of a secondary and would be similar to the scoped SMG from halo:ODST - needle rifle: bring this back from halo reach, could basically be a more long range version of the carbine. - classic plasma rifle: yes, I am aware that there is the storm rifle in halo4, but this would be similar to halo:reach's plasma rifle, and would serve as a secondary weapon. - new forerunner rifle: this would take the place as a weapon that would do less damage then any other primary weapon, but would slightly break through the armor idea I came up with above, making it a great team player weapon. ===================================================================================== NEW AI IDEAS: ===================================================================================== I have far too many ideas for AI, so, Im just going to cram all this together...sorry for my crappy organization skills. the AI have a lack of human intelligence, or adaptability. if one covenant is being singled out, the others should defend that one and that one should move toward cover. all AI should shoot at a MUCH faster pace and be less accurate when the player is closer, and be more accurate and shoot much slower when the player is further away. some AI have been seen walking into walls in place, so they need to detect the environment around them a bit more. grunts are far to accurate and run away to much, jackals should be the most accurate due to the fact that they are covenant snipers. jackals and grunts should also back up when the player gets near them, sense they are much smaller. hunters should shoot players at a much further range, because you can just stand back and shoot at them from afar on halo 4. hunters should also be sensitive about their backs because thats were they are exposed, when the player is behind them they should rotate. they also should go berserk when they see another hunter die, like in halo 3, 2, and 1. watchers should shoot a bit more when they are shot at, knights should move to cover or closer depending on the players range, and should be almost impossible to sneak up on unless they are distracted. knights should also teleport behind cover, and not just teleport in the middle of the field. crawlers should rush from as many angles as possible, and see and hear you very easily. elites need to be much more sneaky when they have a sword, because when they are running in front of all their team with a giant glowing sword they are basically saying "hey look at me!" and then die very quickly. in fact, I have yet to even been killed by a sword elite. I also know the AI has the ability to not only see the enemy, they can hear the enemy as well, they should hear the player less when there is lots of gunfire, and even less when gunfire is closer (for example one player could sneak while the other shoots at them to break hearing.) ===================================================================================== Thanks 343 for halo 4, keep making great games and I will be a guaranteed customer. -PS I am 17 and unemployed, would gladly take a job.
  12. I am hoping that this information gets passed along to the 343 Developer Team. I loved the halo series and even 343 games. I hope they take this idea into account in a meeting or something one day. I been playing planetside 2 now on my PC. The battles are intense. Reminds me of halo a bit as well. But i think 343 industries should do something similar. Planetside 2 Motto is "Massive Combat On An Epic Scale". Do something similar but for the halo series. I could only imagine using halo vehicles and weapons. Being on the human / flood / and Covenant. Man, I would so play that kind of a game everyday. I can this imagine the intense battles over territory on the halo rings. I am sure the xbox360 be able to run it too, that's if 343 industries has perfected the rendering system to render FOV. Hopefully the developer team checkout planetside 2 to get a very good idea of what I am talking about. I am sure halo fans would love something like this and sure microsoft would too. I hope an admin of this website takes this information I shared, this great idea and share it with the 343 developer team. I am sure they would like it too, that's if they love halo as much as I do. This a dream for now. If I could do it myself, i be happy to but don't got resources or the knowledge to do it myself. EDIT: I am also thinking of making a small sample level on the source engine for gmod. To see how it could look one day. I spend a lot of time in making game worlds. Mostly do it as a hobby sense its this awsome how you can make a digital world. Later I post a image if I get any progress this for fun .
  13. I wanted to start this thread for 343's benefit. This is a thread where you can bring small fixes and suggestions to light. I'll give an example of a small fix, this is something I want done: On maps with objective points/arrows, such as dominion and capture the flag, where the giant orange arrow is seen through walls, structures, and land formations, I want any spartans in your line of sight and the objective arrow to appear in front of the arrow. For example, if you are facing and objective arrow, it is going to dominate your view and any spartans that cross paths with the arrow in your field of view will be obstructed by the arrow. I'm suggesting that when there is a spartan crossing your field of view in the area of your screen that the objective point is shown, the spartan is shown over the arrow. Please keep the suggestions small and reasonable. This is not a balance thread!
  14. I've been playing around on the new forge maps and I have to say, I love them. 3 Different themes/settings is a great idea. I don't even think that, as they are, the maps are too small. For how the maps are designed, the size fits well. I do, however, have a suggestion that would make forging a far better experience for everyone. (I have more, but this sticks out the most so I will focus on it) Remove Level Boundaries I can understand why you include boundaries on your maps. You don't what players to get places that may be advantageous or problematic when playing a match. 100% logical. But, I have never seen a reason, and this goes for previous Halo games as well, for map boundaries when making/editing your own map. We all know that there are out of sight areas that are not detailed/completed, but why does that matter? I'll use Ravine as an example. I have to say it is my favorite of all the forge maps in Halo 4, by far. This map is HUGE! ... Except for the boundaries... As I was exploring as my little spherical friend, I noticed a few things: 1.) You cannot go water level without the soft and eventually hard kill boundary getting you before you touch it. I loved making water level or slightly submerged maps on forgeworld. It adds a great effect to your maps. 2.) You cannot go behind the rock spires on both sides of the map. Why not? I would almost bet my life they are completely textured. I was thinking that I could make a cliff face level the protrudes out into the ocean, but alas, I cannot. 3.) When you get close enough to the edge of the map, you can literally see the black line in the water where they set the edge of the map. If you look out into the distance, there is an insurmountable amount of free space just sitting there. Yes, the texture of the islands out there is low. That's fine. If someone wants to make a map that stretches that far, why not let them. It's their map. This would also allow people to make their large race maps because none of the forge maps give enough space to do so. 4.) The physical structures of this map extend higher than your moveable/buildable area allows, much higher. Why prevent players from building up there near the clouds, or on top of the higher rocks in the level for that matter? The boundaries even prevent you from standing on top of those. Here's my idea for this. Instead of setting hard boundaries on your maps, use the placeable boundaries already in forge to set your desired boundaries. This way, players who want to be more creative can remove them and use your maps to their full potential. I can promise that if you do, the variety of great maps will increase drastically.
  15. Hello, my name is Adam and I have been making suggestions for games for a while now; such games as Fallout 3, New Vegas, Morrowind, Oblivion, and Battlefield. There will be one short hand version for those of you light readers and then the descriptive section in which we explore the idea further. Short Hand: Refine Halo 4’s match making search and give players more control over it. Descriptive Section: Previously explored lightly by Bungie with “Halo Reach”, the search feature had a slight flaw in that the feature was somewhat slower than the quick search and it had a loophole. If you were in an Xbox live party, you are considered to have a mic and therefore, a chatty player with a mic plugged in when in reality they were sitting in a party by themselves. This meant that as a player searching for active chatty or players wanting to communication to work together more were left with a bitter taste of maybe one other person with a mic and everyone else in a party. This loophole was never fixed and I doubt they ever knew about it. It was a fantastic idea that I am presuming you gentlemen and ladies over at 343 ran out of time or ruled out on the draw board. The good news is you could easily implement this by taking the coding from reach and adapting it to halo 4. I doubt it being a simple UI fix to be impossible. What we would like to have control over? If you are a chatty player and want to play with other chatty players, give us that option. If you are in a party with friends put that player (if the option is chosen) in games with other people playing with their friends. If you are the type of player to keep you’re mic off for whatever reason, give them the option to play with people like that. Close to player skill. Connection Strength. Ect. (post and I will edit with your name as credit to the idea) I intended this to fix the problem me and a friend of mine have been experiencing with running into players who are in party chat and since my friends skill level is way above mine in a party I get put in games where the players I face beat the crap out of me. The vision behind the idea was to give the player the ability to play with like minded people. That being said, it is possible to take this idea further if you wish to innovate. The above idea is more for a post release game but if you could, An innovative idea to take this even further would be to integrate halo waypoint with Facebook and Halo 4 in a way that would allow you to actually put players together based on common interest, skill level, achievements, and likes using information that we Facebook users give away freely. Thinking of the fact that Facebook now has over 1 billion users and that no other game has been smart enough to hit that gold mine deal with Facebook. (Facebook is hurting with there games section and this would help them immensely though that is another idea.)
  16. Ok Let me start by saying I am not trying to post another topic trying to fully remove the exp cap while I believe the cap is too low and should atleast be raised that is not the purpose of this topic. I am actually very impressed that 343i is actually showing some level of concern about boosting as an issue. My issue is that the challenges and commendations are added into the exp cap. Because of this I feel like I am being punished for playing after the exp cap has been hit. For instance I am very near to completing the 117 victories challenge and I feel like I can't play online now because if I am not careful I will soon pass it and not get the experience I just earned. Also because the challenges count towards the exp cap this accelerates how little you can play without not getting exp. The same thing goes for commendation. I read online that you wanted players to not be punished for not being able to spend endless hours online playing but that you also didn't want to punish players who wanted to experience the whole game, ie. spartan ops and the campaign. But since I can't get any more exp for the day and I haven't done any of the spartan ops challenges I feel like playing that would only prevent me from gathering exp that is better saved for when I am unable to get on much one day. Thus far I am extremely happy with this game I have been a huge Halo fan since Halo 2 and I was very upset with the online play of Halo Reach and because of that I didn't play it much. But I believe 343i shows some actual interest in their consumers which is a rare thing these days and I appreciate that. So please don't punish me for playing your game I don't mind the cap but set up the system so that commendation and challenge exp are counted separately and can be obtained after the exp limit has been reached that is all I am asking for. I believe that this is a very reasonable request and I hope that you will atleast consider it.
  17. Short Hand: Increase health of sentry turrets, add shields, and vary type between races and weapon type. Add more levels of fortification with more features. Increase time limit and score limit, reduce reward. Descriptive Section: Excellent new game mode that I wish more games would do more of. Unfortunately, it needs a little bit of balancing as is obvious to most. The turrets and base defense systems are too weak and too few levels of fortification. I suggest that the base health of the turrets should be increased and as the level of fortification increases shields should be added, then change the weapon type to say a rocket launcher to as crazy as a gauss cannon and vary up the type of bases and weapons to the individual races. Like a covenant, UNSC, promethean, and flood weapon if you got the time. You have two stationary turret types for multiplayer, yet you have several vehicles with possible turrets on them that you could use to amp up these locations. You make it feel too weak and short lived making it anti climatic, when it should be explosive, large scale, extreme, and fulfilling. Add in more vehicles and heavy weapons to take out those defenses. The time limit and maybe the top score should be increased and the amount of points a team receives should be adjusted to suit that. ect. (open to revisions, simply post and I will give you credit and make it so.)
  18. I just noticed how little the Halo novels are discussed here. I think there should be a "Halo Books" section where we could discuss them. With 2 new Halo novels coming out within the next 6 months, I think this would be a good idea. And if not its own section, maybe a sub-forum within General Discussion or Halo Universe?
  19. Dear 343 Industries, Let me just say this real quick. I have a ton of faith that y'all can redeem the Halo multiplayer from what we've all recently seen. Every time I see an interview or read a quote from one of you guys, it gives me even more hope. Just consider the following suggestions from a super hardcore H2 fanatic. Here are some itsy bitsy things that could be implemented in H4 multiplayer (Infinity) that would probably make me buy the game even if the gameplay was as bad as Reach (Not bashing .. just hear me out). For the first couple, I'm going to go ahead and assume that there is going to be a numbered leveling system like H2 had. I ask for two things here. 1) Make the higher levels a big deal. In H3, my Double Team partner went from a 1 to a 48 in less than 6 hours. In H2 that amount of time would only get you to level 30 ish. And 48 was nearly impossible, which isn't a bad thing at all. 2) THIS IS MY ONE MOST REASONABLE SUGGESTION. Bring back the colored ranks with the corners from H2. Seriously, this is the coolest form of simplicity I can imagine. Based on what has been revealed about H4 so far, I'm assuming there is going to be ranks like General and Commander and all that stuff. Just consider a couple things here. 1) Please don't make these such a big deal. Anytime I see my gamertag, that ugly emblem is next to my name. All it shows is how much time I've spent playing the game, which sometimes sparks a good insult related to the number of friends I have or my relationship status. 2) The emblems for Reach were really boring and cartoon-looking. If y'all are going to use the same emblems that are used in H3, Reach, and every war game ever made, at least make them look cool with a faded, scruffed up look. Maybe a cool background or something. I don't know .. honestly, I don't like them at all. Just make them different. Bear with me through this one. I'm sure y'all are well past this point in development, but at least try to keep the multiplayer levels fairly simple. Do a side-by-side comparison of Lockout in H2 vs Blackout in H3. Now look at the bottom level of the BR Tower. Notice how in H2 Lockout, the floor is completely flat everywhere. Now look at H3 Blackout. Do you see that big platform that you land on when you drop down from the floor above? There is no reason that platform should be there. All it does is slow me down when I walk over it. There's little things like this all over H3 and Reach levels, not just on the floor but on walls and in doorways, as well. This kind of stuff not only becomes an annoyance every now and then when strafing, but makes the level look way too busy in regard to aesthetics. I can understand that kind of stuff in the campaign where the theme of the level is really important, but 99% of people that put hundreds of hours into multiplayer don't do it because the levels are pretty. If anyone gets anything from all these words, let it be this. BRING BACK THE AWESOME COLORFUL POINTY-EDGED NUMBERED RANKING SYSTEM!! Like I said before, it's simple and awesome, and no one is going to complain that it's there. At least the numbered ranking system like H2. I'm not proud of it, but 6 years ago my life revolved around my Halo 2 Team Slayer rank. I was a 39 by the way .. Legit fool!! Sincerely, A hardcore H2 fan
  20. Due to the response in a recently made topic, I am starting this thread in an attempt to improve playdate availability and entertainment. Any and all suggestions will be considered and discussed. Keep in mind, playdates are for the entire forum community, not region or player specific. Let the suggestions begin....
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