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Found 4 results

  1. Helloooo Community! So I am playing 4 and I had a brainstorm. And that brainstorm was about how to rank up in Halo 5. Now the following Ideas, are of course, rough ideas, opinion based, factual element assited ides that I hope can shape Halo 5 for the better. So please join me as we discuss what could be a great and wonderful fresh ranking system that can cater to all! Competive Ranking Skill: This is a overhaul of Halo 3's and Halo 4's skill and CSR systems respectively. It is a 1-100 'Skill Rank' that increases the better you play. It does this in the following manner; When you are matched up, you will be placed against player equal to or maximum 2 Skills above you but not outside your tier. every 5 skills equals a tier. players a teir below you will not be matched up with you. this prevents any people being unjustly demoted cause they had bad games as a result of poor match-up. Now ranking uo a skill is relatively simple. If you play 4v4, 5v5 or minimum 8 player Team Slayer, FFA, KOTH, CTF, Extraction, and you Finish among the top 3 MVPs, if it is a 6v6, 7v7, 8v8 or minimum 12 player Team Slayer, Invasion, Dominion etc then it is the top 5 MVPs out of both teams (you don't have to win to be MVP) then you start MVP chain. now, if you can chain say 3 MVPs in three matches in a row, you go up a skill. But, if you chain 5 games as the worst player in 8 player minimums or bottom 3 in 12 player minimum, you go down a skill. This ranking system also means that if you are amongst the players in the middle ground without chaining enough to progress or degress, you have hit your current niche skill , and so until you as a player improve, you will have matches where you play pretty well most of the time, in other words, a fair match up. This caters to both the highly competive player and the just want to have fun as it mean the competive players get to have their 'who has the biggest rifle' contests but just for fun can find their niche, stay there and not have to worry with being placed with people out of their league, which might start to annoy them. Customization Level System: This takes the Reach ranking system, adds to it without taking away from it, but making it not affect who you match up with. You earn XP for this Leveling System, and the XP you earn also earns you an amount equal to that in credits. these credit are used to purchase the following; Weapon Skins Helmets (Attachable Custom Decor both skins and peices [like in reach]) Chest Peices (Custom Decor skins and peices) Shoulders Guantlets Upper Leg Peices Lower Leg Peices Visor Colour Unique Emblems (Special, Awesome ones) Armour Effects (Flaming Head Red, Blue, Storm, Birthday party, but some can be used together) Firefight Voices Spartan Matchmaking Voice (Eg. Halo 3 spartan, Halo Reach Spartan, Halo 4, Halo 3 Elite etc) Additional Loadout slots Weapon Effects (Like Armour effect but for loadout weapons eg confetti frags rainbow LR) Wrist Decal (The wrist things from reach) leg pouch (again from reach belt peice (in reach, but were defualts on torsos) Knives (custom knives that change your assanation animations and and knive on armour) Warthog Horn (General Lee!) this caters to the Just wanna have fun by allowing them to have something to work for that isn't about their skill level. its for customization and some general comedic fun. So what do you think Community? Is it worth a thought? I hope so, cause I would love to see this implemented, even just for the customization options. The Skill system keeps people in their good match ups without hindering their over all progression, and stops people from getting annoyed from being placed against people who are to good. Please, post your opinion, thoughts, possible improvements, other customization ideas and so on. Lets make Halo 5 have fresh, new, and fun ranking system!
  2. Let me start off by saying I have been a very dedicated and loyal Halo fan since day one. I appreciate that 343 has some big shoes to fill. The visual quality of Halo 4 is awesome and the nuances and additions to Halo 4 are growing on me as I become more comfortable with the game. I can't even begin to imagine the complexities behind building and maintaining a game like Halo 4 and because of that I have remained patient. However my patients are wearing thin and I am so saddened by the issues I have had with Halo 4 and the lack of customer support that I have finally reached out to this community. Seems as though the glory days of Halo are behind us. Disappointment and frustration are quickly becoming the two words I use most to describe Halo 4. I do not understand the business or entertainment value behind the move to limited XP during a 24 hour period and once you have reached level 70. I have the opportunity right now to play a lot and I was looking forward to it. 343 is telling some of the most dedicated Halo fans that our dedication is not appreciated and our long term enjoyment of this type of entertainment doesn't matter. How does it makes sense to neglect and penalize the most dedicated and loyal to the franchise? Why would I want to keep playing the game and get nothing in return? My XP from commendations and challenges evaporate so it feels like it is illogical to continue to play now with my friends as I am wasting the time and XP. For those who say "Why care about the XP?" I say "If It didn't add to the enjoyment and experience of online play, then why have it in the first place?" Clearly there is a rewarding feeling behind levels and and there is a huge emphasis in Halo 4 on gaining XP. After two new routers, one new xbox and 4 hours on the phone with Xbox tech support (as 343 didn't offer any) I have yet to determine why during almost every game I play online I get booted from my live party mid-match and then sit waiting on the "starting game" screen while everyone else is playing still. It's not the same as when everyone gets frozen because someone dropped out of the game as I will die multiple times during the freeze by the time I return to the game. Why is my DNF count so high. I don't quite mid-match ever? Why would I want to be dropped into a match that is almost over? Regardless of if I'm on the winning or loosing team. I'd rather wait for a game to start from the beginning. Why let players back out of matchmaking once they see the maps and they don't like them? This is just increasing the amount of people dropping and increasing the need for random players to join games mid match as well as causing games to load with only people on one team. I purchased the limited edition and still only have two specializations. Last but not least in the venting of my frustration, what purpose would my friends or anyone else have to want to level up if at the end is so easy to reach and there isn't anything you can do to further your online career once it's obtained? Though I feel this message may never reach the eyes of those who should be reading it. I hope at least that others can read this and feel as though they aren't the only ones that feel insulted and abandoned by 343. Good day and have fun!
  3. For the past several days I have been playing a wide range of multiplayer. From Infinity Team Slayer to Big Team, CTF to Dominion... every single time I have seen after game stats and medals. Even more so that sweet little xp bar, steadily watching it grow. I am aware of the xp limitations/cap (I have already hit this the previous day), but correct me if I am wrong. You would still see the after game stats, correct? I don't ever remember seeing a little notification saying "Congratulations! You have been capped!" or something along those lines. Find it strange that everything just decided to stop and not bother showing me anything. Was just wondering if anyone else was running into this issue, otherwise I might have to contact 343.
  4. Dear 343 Industries, Let me just say this real quick. I have a ton of faith that y'all can redeem the Halo multiplayer from what we've all recently seen. Every time I see an interview or read a quote from one of you guys, it gives me even more hope. Just consider the following suggestions from a super hardcore H2 fanatic. Here are some itsy bitsy things that could be implemented in H4 multiplayer (Infinity) that would probably make me buy the game even if the gameplay was as bad as Reach (Not bashing .. just hear me out). For the first couple, I'm going to go ahead and assume that there is going to be a numbered leveling system like H2 had. I ask for two things here. 1) Make the higher levels a big deal. In H3, my Double Team partner went from a 1 to a 48 in less than 6 hours. In H2 that amount of time would only get you to level 30 ish. And 48 was nearly impossible, which isn't a bad thing at all. 2) THIS IS MY ONE MOST REASONABLE SUGGESTION. Bring back the colored ranks with the corners from H2. Seriously, this is the coolest form of simplicity I can imagine. Based on what has been revealed about H4 so far, I'm assuming there is going to be ranks like General and Commander and all that stuff. Just consider a couple things here. 1) Please don't make these such a big deal. Anytime I see my gamertag, that ugly emblem is next to my name. All it shows is how much time I've spent playing the game, which sometimes sparks a good insult related to the number of friends I have or my relationship status. 2) The emblems for Reach were really boring and cartoon-looking. If y'all are going to use the same emblems that are used in H3, Reach, and every war game ever made, at least make them look cool with a faded, scruffed up look. Maybe a cool background or something. I don't know .. honestly, I don't like them at all. Just make them different. Bear with me through this one. I'm sure y'all are well past this point in development, but at least try to keep the multiplayer levels fairly simple. Do a side-by-side comparison of Lockout in H2 vs Blackout in H3. Now look at the bottom level of the BR Tower. Notice how in H2 Lockout, the floor is completely flat everywhere. Now look at H3 Blackout. Do you see that big platform that you land on when you drop down from the floor above? There is no reason that platform should be there. All it does is slow me down when I walk over it. There's little things like this all over H3 and Reach levels, not just on the floor but on walls and in doorways, as well. This kind of stuff not only becomes an annoyance every now and then when strafing, but makes the level look way too busy in regard to aesthetics. I can understand that kind of stuff in the campaign where the theme of the level is really important, but 99% of people that put hundreds of hours into multiplayer don't do it because the levels are pretty. If anyone gets anything from all these words, let it be this. BRING BACK THE AWESOME COLORFUL POINTY-EDGED NUMBERED RANKING SYSTEM!! Like I said before, it's simple and awesome, and no one is going to complain that it's there. At least the numbered ranking system like H2. I'm not proud of it, but 6 years ago my life revolved around my Halo 2 Team Slayer rank. I was a 39 by the way .. Legit fool!! Sincerely, A hardcore H2 fan
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