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Found 11 results

  1. Hey guys! Frank O'Connor mentioned in an interview last year that we were better-off petitioning to bring split-screen multiplayer back for Halo 6. Well here it is, Frankie! Please sign and share this petition. Let's show 343 that split-screen is still important to us! https://www.change.org/p/343-industries-bring-split-screen-multiplayer-back-for-halo-6?recruiter=1146767&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink
  2. Disclaimer: I am by no means discrediting what 343 has done, "crying", or stating "THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE OR I QUIT" I am only trying to add a suggestion and I put time and thought into this post so please, have the same courtesy when replying, voting, or giving your suggestions. Hello Community, I created a similar topic, in the general thread but feel that this thread for matchmaking is the better thread for a topic like this, seeing as this heavily involves the matchmaking system, etc. I want to first start out by saying that the lag compensation in the game right now is kind of game breaking. At times you feel like a boss out DMR-ing people, etc. and at other times you get the "WTF" just happened moment when the person out DMRs you and in the kill cam he is looking at the wall. I have an immense amount of experience in First Person Shooter games ranging from the (arguably most competititve) CounterStrike to the fun but still awesome BF3. I have been a fan of Halo for years and played at high levels in H2 (level 46 slayer legit) , H3 (multiple level 50s) and Reach (Onyx ranks). (The only reason I stated this was to give a foundation so that I do not get laughed out of the forum for being "bad" or "you just cannot aim", etc. Right now, we have something called lag compensation in the Halo 4 matchmaking system. This is a good mechanic. It needs to be in any modern game, it has been in games for years now and even other competititve shooters, such as, Counterstrike have come to develop the lag compensation system. Games that have succeeded in the implementation of this system allow for the user to "Damper" the lag compensation to meet the connection strength of the user. Games that have utterly failed in the lag compensation system are games, such as, MW3 that did not do this. A simple change is needed, and it would cost 343 next to nothing to implement. A damper system should be put in place for lag compensation. Why? It would give people who have good connections the ability to turn down the compensation and people with not so good internet connections the ability to turn it up. A system such as this would work: In the options menu, 343 could add something that deals with connection (duh). The menu would have three options: 1) Low (for higher connections) 2) Medium (For mid-grade connections) 3) High (for connection speeds that are considerably slower) Now I do not have numbers in front of me on connection speeds that would fit each category but for the purposes of this suggestion we could assume connections with a: 1) Low (connections with a rating of A to B ) 2) Medium (connections with a rating of C) 3 High (connections with a rating of D to F) These ratings could be obtained from speedtest.net and would allow 343 to implement a system that could suggest a damper for the user to select based on the following ratings or speeds. This would create a highly competitive and FAIR environment. The current lag compensation is not good, plain and simple. It catters to connections with lower connection speeds while punishing higher connection speeds. I am not the one to brag, but I have a B+ grade connection and I am lagging horribly during BR / DMR fights and this needs to stop. I have had instances where I get shot once, then the guy appears on my screen (well, lets do the math 1 second makes a difference in competitive play. You get one or two shotted before you can react you lose). I have read several posts that pertained to the kill cam showing people getting shot when they are not even being aimed at (this pertains to lag compensation). Community, let us vote on the ADDITION of a damper/buff system for lag compensation which would establish a fair and consistent environment for online competititve play. 343 has done many things right, and I feel that this is the big one they need to NAIL. Please keep the negative comments to the minimum and vote. We also do not need people crying out imbalances, flaming, or acting like a troll. Read this and understand this before you post to avoid negativity. We are all in this in the long run and 343 has had an extensive track record for listening to the community (i.e. Halo Anni. and Reach). If you think there could be a better way to add something like this to the game, please share your insight. Thank you community and happy gaming! -UnSeEnz EDIT: I forgot to add something, completely removing the lag compensation system is a NO. It needs to be in multiplayer gaming now to create more fair environments and having none is just... no. Plus it would be like reworking the ENTIRE network code and that is A)costly and like creating a whole new game. SO before you suggest "Remove l4g c0mpens4tion GRR" remember this. Plus, adding a dedicative server list is expensive, this is a less expensive awesome addition. EDIT EDIT: I just realized how innovative Halo online play actually is comparably to most games, would it not be absolutely electrifying if they were to develop a system for lag compensation settings for consoles? I shiver at how awesome this could be. The best way to get 343 to listen is to vote and keep this thread alive.
  3. Ok so im new to this Forum and i'm starting this petition to let 343 know that we (the community) want a Forge world in Halo 4!I I was throwing around some ideas on how they could make a new Forge World, like having allot of different Forging environments into one single map like in Reach, or maybe just remake the old Forge World and put it in Halo 4 as a free downloadable piece of content, just like what Bungie did with the map Chill out in Halo Combat Evolved turning it into Cold Storage in Halo 3. Getting back to business here, all I ask of the Community is to say down in the Comments that you want Forge World back! Don't be afraid to comment either cause there are many Gamers out there that want the good ol' Forge world, and share this Thread so it can be the most popular thing on the Forums! I know its allot to ask but if we can get enough people then we will get what we receive. Please comment idea's too on what 343 can do. Thank You for your time, Love you 343! p.s...... we want Falcons/Hornets back too........
  4. Primary Complaint: The engine noise is annoyingly loud and and honestly made driving during the campaign unbearable. It sounds like The Chief left the damn thing in 1st gear the entire level. Please change this back to the warthog sounds from Halo 3/Reach. Or, if it suits you, just lower the audio levels of the current sounds dramatically. Secondary Complaint: Maybe it's because I looked at it from the rear most of the time, but it looks like the new Warthogs were scrapped together using busted parts from the civilian trucks in Halo: Reach. I don't particularly like the new aesthetic, but I could probably live with it. Praise: I enjoy the warthog physics, you guys nailed that one.
  5. As you all know Flood has replaced the former Infection game type. Now don't get me wrong Flood is cool, however it is so strict when it comes to changing its rules via Custom Games. We lack the ability to change the weapons the Flood uses, what abilities they use, and how they look. All vital to the survival of our favorite Custom Games such as Teacher, Jenga, and Duck Hunt. Please vote YES if you wish to play these awesome Custom Games again.
  6. Hello everybody just made my account because of something I learned today, while watching a video on IGN I learned that it takes the same amount of shots from any of the guns in Halo 4 to take off your shield in multiplayer whether you shoot the players head or their body. I've been playing Halo since it first came out, I grew up on this game, my first xbox was the green halo edition. This is a problem that needs to be addressed and fixed it basically negates any type of skill it takes to play this game. 343 is trying too hard to make this game like Call of Duty and in the process they have ruined one of my favorite games all time. I've all ready seen Call of Duty grow worse and worse since CoD4 was released and I think that its necessary to bring this to the attention of 343 to fix it. Here's the link to the IGN article with the videos http://www.ign.com/a...video-breakdown, please help do something to fix a video game I love too much to let it get as bad as Call of Duty.
  7. It's so iconic to the halo series, how can they just remove it like that? Plus what else is Caboose going to wear? So who's with me on Petitioning/Protesting? Maybe 343 will wake up and give us a free DLC as an apology of removing the most iconic armor in the series. Sign name as Petition, comment as protest. or just do both. -TigerWhip
  8. Ok, so i'm fed up with 343 not listening to the players who make Halo, Halo. What's the deal with not including a competitive ranking system? Don't give me the "cheaters" excuse, because i think that's a cop out. 343 you're really going to dumb the game down to avoid cheaters? You have to realize what gave Halo such great replay value was it's RANKING SYSTEM, nothing made the player crave halo more than it's ranking system. It got us all addicted. I mean running home after football practice just to play, waking up in the morning and the first thing we do is turn on our xbox... I think we need to start a petition - maybe Halo 4 should create an online pass - 343 must somehow give us the option to play competitively. Can't they see that WE ARE ALL ASKING FOR IT. We want to be able to stand out among other players because of our true skill, not because of the countless hours we've spent playing. Please, do not belittle the Halo Universe, with all of it's true HARDCORE fans, to a ranking system based on accumulating points. If so at least bring CLANS back or give us some sort of relief, so we competitive types, can have something to be proud of. Basically, THOSE WHO PLAY CUSTOM GAMES ALL DAY ARE HAPPY. WE WHO PLAY HALO COMPETITIVELY ARE NOT. Time for a petition. I don't think 343 understands it's players. They've turned into some comic, customize your spartan, make him look cool, WOOP-DEE-DOO, there are many of us who don't care for this. We just want a solid ranking system, with a number, bring back the cool symbols if you'd like. But just please, give us what WE want. Who knows what's the right way to go about starting a petition? It would be great to have one circling the Internet. Thanks, Phil
  9. ME3 Indoctrination Theory Still Valid Okay so here is why I think the indoctrination theory for the ME3 ending is still valid. 1 - Many of the original pieces of evidence to this theory still hold up, as they still cannot be explain otherwise. As such much of the game, after the charge down the hill, takes place in Shepard’s mind. As for the extended cut: 2 - The Illusive Man was being indoctrinated by the reapers to bring control to the “solution”. The Illusive Man repeatedly says this over and over throughout ME2 and ME3. 3 - Seran, from ME1, was trying to make organic life useful to the Reapers. In a way this can be seen as a form of Synthesis threw co-operation. 4 - The source child clearly states that his “solution” no longer works and needs to change. 5 - In order for the reapers/ source-child to use this form of indoctrination (the manipulating of the mind to create a false reality) some form of telepathic connection has to be made. Which is easily down as a result of Shepard’s synthetics. This makes influence go both ways, which means that even though it is in Shepard’s mind his/her decision still has the effect which she/he was looking for. As stated in the previous point, the Source Child wants the cycle to change, and he knows that Shepard is the only one who can bring that change. 6 - In the renegade option, Shepard is seen laying on the ground back on Earth. If she/he was truly on the Citadel, then she/he would have burned up in the atmosphere, assuming she/he even survived the Citadel’s destruction. 7 - The Control option, when Shepard becomes “all-powerful” she still, in a way survives, but his/her mind has been altered to become part of the reapers, i.e. indoctrinated. When she is consumed in the cut-scene, it is actually her identity which is being consumed by the Reapers, not her body. 8 - Synthesis is completely against what Shepard and the others have been fighting for. The only reason I can see Shepard making that decision is if she/he had become indoctrinated. If you love Mass Effect, and truly thought that the Indoctrination Theory was true. It still is. To those who love Mass Effect, please spread this around. I am definitely not saying there needs to be more DLC, I am simply saying that the indoctrination theory still works with what we have. Am not starting a petition to get more DLC, am just saying that for those, like me, who were a little disappointing with the DLC that we don’t have to be, because it does still work. Lets get the ending we all deserve and I strongly believe that we will get it with support from the fans. Don't purchase any DLC unless we get the ending we as the fans deserve. Please feel free to give speculations and your own theories. If you agree or disagree. Skys
  10. Dear 343industries, in case you were planning to port Halo 3 to PC, let me give you advice to make it better. In my opinion, Halo 3 pc should: -include all DLCs and multiplayer maps -include Halo 3 ODST expansion disk -include a map editor (like Forge but with more features) -be graphically improved (HD textures, Antialiasing,...) -include online and LAN co-op
  11. Dear 343industries, in case you were planning to port Halo Reach to PC, let me give you advice to make it better. In my opinion, Halo Reach pc should: -include all DLCs and multiplayer maps -be graphically improved (HD textures, Antialiasing,...) -include online and LAN co-op
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