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  1. We need more gametypes too. I never see oddball outside of multi-team.
  2. Not really. I tried to go back and play a few times, I guess to refresh myself, but now the population is so much lower on all the halo games it seems. So many people really did just leave didn't they. Honestly, I think people are just starting to move on from halo because they're just losing interest. I know a couple people who did. People just keep saying things like bungie and 343 messed up halo anniversay, the missions in halo 4 are all about pushing buttons and defending this thing and other. I think some people are just blaming the developers for screwing everything up now when in reality halo-ce is just an old game now, and halo 4's campaign isn't soo much more mundane with its mission objectives than any other halo game...I think it's actually a little better than halo 3 but less than halo 2 and 1.
  3. I'm tired of automatic weapons being utter pieces of crap compared to precision weapons, that's all. I just don't like it. I was ok with how they were before the title update in terms of damage, but never go below that again.
  4. I didn't even realize the shield vs health mechanic was gone for weapons in H4. I thought they just didn't include that detail in weapon descriptions. I want it back!
  5. No that's a very very good and interesting idea
  6. May be thinking small here... Auto Forge and Auto Invite for Customs I don't think too many new Halo players are hardcore forgers, and this might just be a cool thing to put in for the hell of it. If auto forging were implemented in Halo 4 it would only be pretty basic. Manual forging would still be way more creative and advanced. The way I think of it is that you would press the Y button at the Forge lobby screen to toggle between auto and manual forging. In auto forge you would have to option to set the dynamics for around 4 or 5 different forerunner monitors (like 343 Guilty Spark). One monitor might have options for auto-building the map's structure by placing ramps, bunkers, and etc. Another one may have settings for how the map will play (auto forging should probably only work for one gametype at a time). So if someone is auto forging a slayer map there will be settings for "general weapon palette", "max / minimum power weapons", "vehicle palette", "racy" (meaning spawn times for weapons are really fast or something), "paced" (meaning weapons spawn times are slower), and etc. For Custom games there should be an option to automatically invite recent players who you last played a game with. And this is a map generator. Not a "map maker". The map would be generated before you spawn in. Pinging I think this would be a cool element to add. In most playlists players would not be able to see where weapons, grenades, etc. are on maps via their HUD unless they're within 15 meters of them. When players press up on the d-pad while looking at items like weapons a waypoint will show up on all other team-mates HUDs telling them where the item is. This could also apply to vehicles and objective items like flags. And if more interactable environments like gates, bridges, passage ways, and etc. are implemented again like in Halo 3 and Halo 2 then pinging could also be used to alert team-mates of their status. Bring back equipment along with armor abilities But I don't think equipment should be available in loadouts. They should be map pickups only. Personally I think that the promethean beam turrets should have replaced the auto-sentry armor ability in Halo 4, but it would be an equipment. This is kind of like what the OP said in his post. Bring back the Revenant...but a little different I had some pretty interesting vehicle battles with the Revenant in Halo Reach. Battling the wraith from mid range while dodging its mortars, zipping up close and around it to distract it from my team-mates and then retreating back to our battle line again...that was pretty cool for me. If some form of it returns I have an idea for it. This thing would be much smaller, maybe the same size as the ghost and with about the same or even less health. It would look like a spider with 4 legs, maybe like the locust, but much more agile. When it fires its gun it fires a three-round shot of red plasma mortars that explode on impact, and when it boosts it pulls its form into a ball for a short time and rolls at breakneck speed for abut 2 seconds before changing back to battle-form again. It would be awesome to see something like this in the next Halo. Maybe it could also have a bonus for splattering people like the Brute chopper from Halo 3 did. An electrical field could show up around it making it super deadly for splattering people and small vehicles.
  7. Present halo's game mechanics and emphasize the skill personality. I think this is a subtle, but signifigant thing. Halo developers have never really openly just explained certain game mechanics like the overcharge on the plasma pistol or the instant kill for hitting someone from behind. There were hints and tips at the matchmaking lobby for halo 3 and Reach I think, but they were taken out of halo 4. Halo only has so many gameplay dynamics like EMPs and beatdowns. Then there's things like crouch jumping, plasma grenade launching and etc. The main mechanics however are a big part and most new players or even casual veterens won't take the time to read weapon details or experiment, or read the manual. So basically what I'm saying is to really shove those things in our faces. Maybe have it so when you're holding a plasma pistol that there's notification on your HUD that says "Hold__________to charge". There could be an option in settings to turn off weapon hints too. And put in details for weapon descriptions that say things like "Rapidly depletes shields". There is a good bit of players out there, probably all noobs, that don't realize shield dynamics. Bring back hints at the matchmaking screen that say "Headshots for precision weapons only count when energy shields are down" or something. The other topic is emphasizing halo's skill set. Don't amp up auto-aim on snipers, or take things out of the game for the sake of new players. A lot of noobs and players out there already thought and still think halo takes no skill because they can choose to play sloppy and easily get 1 or 2 kills per life. Most of US don't do that though. Noobs don't really think about deep team-play skills when they play halo for some reason. They don't think about using power weapons like the railgun or rocket launcher to take out enemy vehicles and get multi-kills instead of being selfish and wasting them on minor targets. A lot of noobs don't figure out game mechanics either. So it's a seriously false judgement they make saying "Halo takes no skill" or assuming it has no deep dynamics. Really emphasize the skillset and bring back things like the grav-lift equipment, or those other unique weapons with a learning curve like the grenade launcher from Reach. The dominant atmosphere for all games should be having power weapons only on the map in most gametypes, and power-ups on maps more often. Ordanance should be rare, maybe only certain medals like kill-joys and killing sprees earn up to ordnance. By only power weapons on maps I mean rocket launcher, fuel rod, all snipers...things like that. Then weapons like the SAW and shotguns could be ordnances. Bring back active camo as a power-up too. There could be certain ordnance power ups like damage boost and speedboost for ordnance. Since ordnance is harder to get they might last longer or have more effect. Then overshield and active camo could be on the maps.
  8. They definitely left out some important things with custom games. I agree.
  9. I think it's more fun than BTB. Just want more maps and map variants.
  10. Is it possible to do an invasion flood gametype with hivemine?
  11. I think hivemind is great as it is. All I want is more map variants and gametypes added in that center around it now. I'd be fine if a hivemind playlist replaced flood. Maybe flood could be added into actionsack?
  12. nvm alright, cool I didn't realize those were your game stats at first. Are they?
  13. I see what you mean. This was a little rushed because I didn't want to lose track of my thoughts. I might revise these or just let the thread die, but for auto forge in specific I should have also put in that it's supposed to be like a "map generator" really. Once you put in the details and start the game the map is generated before you spawn in. Monitors don't actually go in and build stuff in-game. For Legendary Skirmish and / or Legendary Big Team I was thinking that the gameplay would strongly resemble Halo 3 or Halo 2, minus equipment. If 343 does try to do more map remakes like Sandtrap, Guardian, and etc then that would be awesome. One of the things in specific I miss about Halo 3 are the Elephants on Sandtrap. Besides that I was just envisioning power-ups, power weapons, and maybe armor abilities on the maps with a mix of objective and slayer games. Base player speed would be faster and sprinting could be disabled for at least some gametypes. There would also be map variants like "Sandtrap Heavy" from Halo 3. Maybe they could also tailor the armor abilities to have limited uses too. For the Skirmish / Big Team idea I was trying to cater to those who still don't completely agree with the changes in Halo 4 from the past Halos.
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