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  1. The Bandit is a terrible weapon. Not sure why it even exists considering we already have the commando rifle. I’m not saying it should be removed from the game as a whole. But please remove it from the SWAT/Tactical Slayer playlist. BR’s and Sidekicks ONLY! Everything else is garbage for this game mode. We need to go back to the good old days of SWAT. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
  2. 343i, Let me start by saying that I think the work you've put into the multiplayer has been great. The game mostly feels amazing to play, and when the game launched, my friends and I all had a blast experiencing moments that could be likened the the days of old during a good LAN party. But, I regret to say, those good feelings have really sizzled out over the first season and now into the second and I'd like to explain why. First, and most agregiously, why there is no input matching in anything other than Ranked blows my mind. For clarity, this is coming from the perspective of someone who started playing the original Halo on a console with a controller, and still does to this day. While I do not claim to be a tournament-level player, I have historically played more often than my friends, and I would roughly place myself as above average on the sticks. However, because of this, we are constantly matching players on PC, on keyboard and mouse, who will just wipe the floor with our team. I don't care who you are, I highly doubt anyone will dispute being on the recieving end of that is enjoyable. The ease of use for both inputs is not even remotely comparable; from average-skilled PC players to the top 1%, pairing a 'similarly matched' console player gainst them is almost always a blowout. For gametypes that are not Ranked to feel sweatier than the dedicated playlist itself is incredibly painful. Not only for me, but moreso for my friends who do not have as much time in the game. This has been an ugly stain on what would otherwise be a great experience, and the sad thing is there's already a system in place to fix this. Additionally, similar to the above point, I don't know how the matchmaking is set up, but whatever logic is being used is not working optimally. There seems to be almost no team balancing, where if my friends and I queue up (who have varying skill ranges) we will be queued with teams who seem far outside of our combined skill bracket. To make matters worse, even if the teams ARE balanced, the input issue mentioned before exacerbate this, where we will be matched against an entire team of mouse and keyboard players and does not remotely FEEL balanced. Beyond that, it seems like there is no lobby protection in that we will be matched against the same players that have destroyed us over and over, even if we back out and try to re-queue. This matchmaking, in tandem with the input lopsidedness has driven my friend group apart, where it's preferable for us to play separately so that we don't ruin each other's experiences. Which, may I add, is one of the worst things players could be thinking while playing a multiplayer game. This only reinforces my belief that the implementation of input choice will reduce this significantly. The only alternative I can see would be to create a better way to more accurately weigh the skill ratings depending on the player's input, i.e., PC players are queued in higher skill brackets when matched against console players. As an example, this would ideally put an average PC player against a higher-skilled console player to make matches feel more evenly balanced, but I wouldn't bank on this one, considering there is already a much easier solution available, as previously mentioned. Even if these matchmaking changes would cause us to wait longer, I would much rather have that and enjoy my time with my friends, than really dislike where we are currently and go play something else, leaving behind a game I truly want to love. In regards to the new season and game type, I understand every launch will have it's hiccups, but challenges have been an issue since launch, and that has not changed with this season and the addition of Last Spartan Standing event. It seems as though some progress from some kill challenges may carry over, but from my experience, when the game specifically tells me that I may leave without penalty and I will not lose work I have put into my challenges, only to discover that was not true and I have wasted my time and must re-queue for another match, is aggravating to say the least. Leaving early does not count towards match completion or score, and I don't have the time or patience to find out what other challenge issues still plague the game, which is not a good thing for a returning player, and is even worse for new ones who may come into this without prior experience with this from the previous season. For a new mode, that everyone will want to play, this needs to be addressed ASAP. Beyond this, there is seemingly no spawn protection. I know some maps are smaller and harder to control some of this, but when you're spawned directly in front of an enemy, scoped in on you with a sniper, and that same thing happens multiple times a match, it's hard to understand why. It does not feel great to be matched against someone - or more significantly, a team - who knows exactly where every spawn is and how they can spawn split and farm you the whole match. This is much more noticeable in coordinated teams in Ranked, but the pain is still felt in other playlists. Not much else to comment on here, but bottom line, you should not be able to spawn in line-of-sight, nor should you be as vulnerable off the spawn. Other games have strong spawn overshields or immunity for a short time to punish thise who attempt to force this snowball effect during matches. Food for thought. Furthermore - and credit where credit is due - the weapons across the board are in a pretty decently balanced spot, with a few outliers such as the Pulse Carbine that have been woefully neglected and feels unusable in anything other than exactly medium range. Any further or closer to your target and the weapon is incapable of tracking accurately or dealing enough damage to secure a kill before a player can escape the next burst. A tweak in damage or the aggressiveness of the bolts may help to make enough of a difference to give it a place in the sandbox. Finally, the grenades seem far too plentiful, to the point where they are almost limitless. When every player starts with two, plus the ones picked up from killed players on top of the pickups on the map -- they just become inescapable. While this is felt a bit less outside of quickplay or similar playlists, the frequency of being assaulted by grenades because of how free they are remains. Instead of being a scarce but powerful tool that needs to be used intelligently to outplay an opponent, they have become part of the kit to be spammed at every convenience, which ultimately detracts from how fun the gunplay of the game can be. If players were forced to either start with a single grenade or even without them, it would further incentivize the use of scavenging for them off of other players or making the tactical decision to either grab or bait pickups, giving them more meaningful usage in the game. I know this was a lot of my own personal opinion, and I'm sure there are plenty of other things that could be addressed with content, other weapons, game types, the store, etc., but these specific issues have negatively affected the experience of both myself and the friends that I would love to play this game with. I truly commend the commitment to keeping your staff working normal hours and not crunching, but I have to say that if these things don't get ironed out with the staff and talent you have in a timely manner, myself and others are going to find it very hard to want to come back. Six months each season is an awfully long time and I hope that the game will see meaningful updates within that window, especially on these points. We desperately want you to succeed and to help give us a reason to love Halo, a series that we all have a special place in our hearts for. Thank you for your time and all the hard work you've put in thus far, 343i. Respectfully, - Nihil
  3. Halo Master Chief Collection has been released! Along with the release of Halo MCC has come a few bugs, glitches, and multiple other matchmaking issues. This has resulted in an over-abundance of threads asking for help- some of which are multiple threads with the same problem. To cut down on similar threads, and to hopefully get everyone the answers they need as soon as possible, we ask that you post any and all of your Halo: Master Chief Collection issues here. This thread will be monitored closely, and any updates from the official 343industries will be added. (Remember, we're just a fan forum) Be sure to check the thread to see if someone has had the same issue as you and if there are any possible fixes or updates already available on that issue. 343industries has released an official update on the status of Halo: Master Chief Collection's matchmaking as of 11/13/14 - HERE 11/15/14 - HERE Thanks for your assistance in keeping our Forum nice and tidy! -BZ1
  4. Hi everyone, Spartan here with site poll #85. Last week we talked about whether you wanted the REQ system to return in Halo Infinite's multiplayer or not, and we got a few mixed responses. Some of you thought it was 'repulsive', some thought it was just fine and should return, others thought it needed improvement but isn't a bad idea. We had a lot of great, detailed posts. Click here to view the last poll, #84. What's your favourite multiplayer playlist, ever? I got the idea for this poll when Invasion was brought up during discussion in our Discord server, which you should join if you haven't yet. Invasion. A classic from Halo: Reach which revolutionised Halo matchmaking. It's like the Infection of it's time. Halo was leading the video game industry for many reasons, one of which is it's unique matchmaking playlists it has on offer. Invasion, Infection, Grifball. You catch my drift. Whether it's classic Slayer, larger-scale BTB, or high-adrenaline SWAT, I'm sure many of you have a favourite game mode, what is it? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  5. Gamertag: FatAussieFatB0y (The 0 is a number and not a letter) Map Name: Ice Cream Men Gamemode: Grifball Minimum Players: ​8 Players Maximum Players: 12 Players ​Description of the Map: ​​Ice Cream Men, two factories split by road, a conflict ever lasting and a bomb. Get ready for some serious fun. Ice Cream Men plays with the base Grifball gamemode, this doesn't mean it plays like a base Grifball map. ​Ice Cream Men is different. Elevation for line of sight, Warthogs to provide faster gameplay, Gravity Lifts that can sling people halfway across the map towards the ball spawn. Just a few differences that make Ice Cream Men unique to any other Grifball map. Pictures of the Map:
  6. I have a problem, since a month and half ago, in the lists of matchmaking doesnt appear the progress of every game type. When finish an online game, for example, it says that 4 games are left for qualify but in the lists appears nothing. And when an online game is finished, the scores appears as 0. Anyone has the same problem or know how to solve it?
  7. Ok so in the campaign Locke attempts to use the armor lock device to forcibly take cheif. I think that bringing that piece of gear to matchmaking would be an excellent gametype called spartan freeze tag. Think about it y'all... 343 please take note!
  8. I play with my friends all the time and i continue to get bans for leaving games. I rarely if ever leave a game and this has happen to me NUMEROUS times. Its really annoying because the bans can get as long as 20 mintes. 343 please fix this ****. If some one can help me with a way to contact some one at 343 to see if theres something wrong with my account i would greatly appreciate it. Cheers, -gamer
  9. I don't really understand how the matchmaking system works but for gamemodes like warzone I'm always on the losing team whether the game started or in the middle of the match. I've been playing Halo 5 his whole week and of the 5 days I've been playing I think I have only won 2-3 games. Most of the time I'm at the top of the leaderboards holding my team or in second helping the dude at the top, but I'm always on the losing team no matter what. The only time I do good is when my friends are on Halo but I can't harass them to play warzone (which some dislike) just so I can win a few games. Do I have bad luck or does this happen to other people often too? If anybody would like to play add me Gt: "your pegasus"
  10. Before every third game I play, I get the error code "Disconnected from local network" and am returned to the main menu. This issue is really annoying, as if I am playing with friends they have to carry on with the match. I have never lagged out during games and my internet is pretty fast. My router is ASUS and my ISP is Plusnet. Thanks.
  11. It's been two days now that my online data won't sync to my profile. Anytime in Warzone I go to access my Reqs it just keeps saying "Retrieving Data". In matchmaking in general everyones emblem appears as a red spartan helmet with a red background. That happens across all modes. And in the process of opening up new packs I BOUGHT, it completely reset my spartan trying to put new armor on him. All my armor choices, my gun skins, everything. And it now shows I have an RP balance of 0. Is anyone else having this issue??? Or knows why this is happening??? This has been two days straight now and it's really starting to piss me off. Not really enjoying running around with just an assault rifle and a pistol without access to my unlocks.
  12. Can someone explain the matchmaking parameters to me? To my understanding, your visible rank (in my case it's Swat Plat 5-6) is a direct representation of your CSR, which goes up or down based primarily on wins and losses. The system, in ranked playlists, is designed to match you against - and with - players of similar skill, which i would interpret to be mostly gold to diamond for a plat player. Why then, in 2 days of playing Swat, am I consistantly getting matched against players from Champion 1-50? Or with 3 teammates who are golds against teams of plat or better, not to mention full parties of 4 as a solo player? In 2 days, I've played against 6 different, highly ranked Champions, half of those for multiple matches. I played against one for 4 matches, watching him climb to Champion 8 from the 30s range, and played a match against Champs 13, 15, and 17 with a team of 2 other plats and a diamond. It seems to me that either I am grossly misunderstanding the ranked system, or it isn't designed to provide a balanced and competitive experience to its players. I've pictures of the post-game lobby for 2 of the worst matchups.
  13. At the end of my greatest warzone game ever. The game threw me into some lobby then it spazzed out. I obtained no xp, no rewards to commendations I know I completed, and no req points. Worst of all I lost the cinema clip to the game. A 700-100 comeback and win. I am wondering if there is a way to access the game and obtain the rewards I earned.
  14. How was this playlist not the first one completed for H5? It has had a large following since H2 and during peak H4 days, was by far the largest populated playlist. Idk what 343 has been up to as far as multiplayer design but getting rid of DMR starts for Multiplayer ( which I hope isn't the case for BTB since the large size of map justify it) is not a good start. I hope the BTB playlist, with its massively larger than normal maps is excluded from the extinct DMR starts and all the goodies are firmware updated rather soon. This is an unfinished game. Why did you release without the most wanted ( again by H4 player count) playlist? BIG TEAM 4 LIFE-Bring back a BTB Skirmish ( Objective) playlist too. The playlist population can support two variations.
  15. for those who really like to snipe. when im in matchmaking im pretty much always in Team Snipers. for some reason it's my favorite "matchmaking game" or whatever you call it.
  16. All Credit to Nak3dHalo for uploading and all credit to VPLUS2 for finding me it. Red Vs Blue CTF. If you want to know more about LOADOUTS, then check Archangel Tyrael's Thread HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1rdfWjD5zU New Features and confirmations: 1. Pulse Grenade. 2. Ghosts in halo 4. 3. Beam Rifle returns 4. Red Vs Blue, no colour changes. 5. New Weapons.
  17. I was playing matchmaking and I noticed once that someone had a Arctic Battle Rifle Skin in Halo 4 and in Halo 3 matchmaking everyone on my team, at least had a Flaming Red Helmet. Is this a hack, or can you get this legitimately?
  18. Personally I chose Operator upon achieving Rank 50 in Halo 4, but Operator may not be the best fitting for your your style of playing. This is a guide to what all Specializations are right for you by explaining all the details of each specialization. Wetwork: This class is mainly for assassain-style gameplay, AKA "Ninja mode" gameplay. Enjoy sneaking around like a boss. The Tactical/Support package is Stealth. With it, you do not fully show up on Promethean Vision, (You only appear as an outline), Quiter footsteps, and you assassainate faster, leaving you less vulnerable. Operator: Vehicular-based gameplay, playin' with the big guns. The T/S Package is Wheelman. Acquiring Wheelman lets your vehicle's health regen faster and reduces the duration of EMP. Pioneer: For ranking up faster and gaining as much XP as possible. Package is Fast Track, in which gives you bonus XP (for as long as you had it on) at the end of a match. Pathfinder: Seeking out them enemies. Package is Gunner, it reduces the overheat on turrets and removes the speed penalty on carrying detatched turrets. Engineer: Mechanically-based playing. Drop Recon, you can see where an ordnance is dropping 12 seconds before anyone else, so you can get those drops before anybody. Stalker: Spying on targets like a ninja. Nemesis, which highlights the opponent who killed you previously. Get revenge every time. Rogue: For the lone wolves. Stability will reduce your flinch when shot, increasing accuracy and making BR and DMR battles a breeze. Tracker: Seek out your opponent. Requisition lets you choose a different set of drops for your ordnance by pressing up on the D-Pad. -------------------- So which one best suits you? Leave a reply!
  19. imthinkinarby's Suggestions for 343 Industries to Improve into Halo 5: Guardians. Hello Halo community! It is a pleasure to be writing for you all who enjoy the Halo franchise as much as I do. Please, 343i, take this into consideration if you are reading. Let's cut to the chase here, guys. As you know, the majority of this fanbase has agreed Halo 4 wasn't as good as previous games in the series; notably Halo 3 (My personal favourite). So I'm here to at least let 343i know of some issues that we as a body have not enjoyed in Halo 4 and long to see tweaked in Halo 5: Guardians. Today is the day before the Halo 5 beta, and I will keep this post updated on things I see that need to be improved. I need a weapon, and said weapon is not a weapon, but a lamp. And said lamp is a keyboard. Here we begin. First of all, one of the most obvious things bothering a few of us is no Elite customization character. Some players prefer the Elite model over the Spartan one, so that can be proves as a letdown to that section of the fanbase. Also, aspiring Machinima directors may want to use Elites in some of their films as they would want to make them the antagonists of said films. Some would call this sloppiness or even downright laziness. Another problem biting me in the *** right now (And arguably the most) is that the originally fun, arena based matchmaking maps have been degraded slightly to those of Call of Duty somewhat. This can be fixed by playing both Halo 3 and Halo 4. A vast majority (I would go as far to say 89%) of the fans prefer Halo 3's multiplayer. Try basing the multiplayer maps off of Halo 3 and give a slight 343i twist to it. Something else is story. Story in Halo 4 was satisfactory for me. But for many others it was a "catastrophe". I wouldn't go that far, but it could have been improved on. Maybe make the Chief go into hiding to be found by UNSC and ONI forces and use him to fight a Storm Covenant invasion force poised on Earth or take down a Promethean asset that is ready to strike Humans and Covenant alike. Or, possibly, make a return of the Flood and another Halo or something. Just random suggestions. And maybe a bit closer to the campaign of Halo Reach, yeah? Goodbye for now, all. I'll edit this post when I have played Halo 5: Guardians. Feel free to comment your suggestions on the topic. I am happy to hear any ideas. Cheers, imthinkingarby
  20. Throughout my halo career I have delved into nearly every aspect of the games. I have vanquished covenant, silenced the flood, and conquered matchmaking. Now a new point has come, the weight of halo and it's responsibility lay on 343s shoulders. With this moment coming, I can only voice my opinion to the new parents of halo. My concerns are first laid upon the master chief collection. All bugs put aside, it shines bright in the collection of halo, however there are larger concerns. For example, custom games. I find it very difficult to connect with the community due to the games difficult setup. One feature in particular bothers me the most. This feature is the one that does not allow other players to join in a game in progress. Not only does this frustrate me, but it also grinds the gameplay to a halt whenever someone else wishes to join in the fun. This is a basic component to the game, and certainly lowers the value without it. Next is the upcoming title 'Halo 5: Guardians'. I am interested in the story of this game. 343 has done well in their campaigns so far, but yet again I am concerned for the multiplayer. Watching the gameplay I noticed many aspects that were questionable to the seasoned halo player. For instance, the automatic callouts during gameplay made me think the game was being dumbed down. Part of the competitive edge I enjoyed about having a team was being able to communicate exclusively. The tedious timing on weapon spawns gave a player the upper hand. However looking at this gameplay makes it look like there is little room to overcome your enemy in method. Halo 5 also concerns me in its customization. I myself have always found that halo has given the most expansive customization to its players, but looking into halo 5 it seems there will be less. I talk about the elite player models. I fear 343 will yet again forsake the elite choice as they did in halo 4. Having elites available open up many different opportunities. Machinamas, matchmaking games (invasion), or even a story connection, and if none of these, just basic preference. If you have successfully made it through my lengthy complaints, I thank you for listening. I only hope 343 will take my opinion into account, for there are many others like myself, one just needs to look. -Apex
  21. :[ *Warning* This Post Will Be Very Long ]: First off i would like to ask for no trolling, no hating and no going out of your way to make someone look stupid. This thread is for halo 5 Ideas no matter how good or bad they are. Fill free to post any ideas you have. [Weapons & Equipment]: I would love to see them add all the halo weapons to halo 5. If not be able to choose what skin it has so you can say make a Storm rifle look like a Plasma Rifle. Also choose able plasma colors like with the Brute Plasma Rifles and the Elite Plasma Rifles. As well as new ones. If all the weapons would be added back some would need to be changed to make them more usable. *Focus Rifle* I think this should come back as a anti-vehicle weapon. Where it would do very high damage to vehicles but low damage to infantry. Another way I could see this is take away its x10 zoom and have it as a medium to long range rifle instead of being a long to very long sniper (I never once saw this used as a sniper in matchmaking.). *Brute Shot* I think this should have a one shot melee kill, 4 round clip (like halo 2) and do high damage to infantry and low damage to vehicles. *Concussion Rifle* High damage to light vehicles and be able to flip them, low damage to infantry with Knock back and medium damage to heavy vehicles. *Duel Wield* This need to come back I heard they were going to add it in halo 4 but they couldn't get it to work. Never the less it needs to make a come back even if its something you add for a custom load outs. *Bolt shot* Okay I have not used this since it got nerfed so I don't know how it works now. I think it needs to work in this way. Charged shot only knocks down shields or kill you if you have no shields with a overheat 2 sec cooldown. Single fire would do the less damage but higher rate of fire then magnum. *SMG* Duel-wield able and higher rate of fire then the AR and a 60 round clip with spread. (like halo 3) *ODST SMG* same as the SMG but nonduel-wield able and with zoom. *Mauler* Duel-wield able and two shots would do the same damage as one UNSC shotgun shot. *Plasma Rifle* Same as SMG but with all plasma weapons it would knock down the shields faster then the SMG but health slower. *Bring back the halo 3 equipment in ether loadouts or get them on the battlefield. You would have equipment and armor abilites. *NO MORE CUSTOM LOADOUTS* I would like to see halo reach loadout setup back. I don't like custom loadout but I wouldn't mind to much if they stayed. I just fell halo is more about finding your weapon on the field then spawning with it. Leave in being able to see power weapons on your hud. Its not fair to players who have never played on a map that other player have played on and know where all the power weapons are. *LEAVE IN ORDNANCE* I LOVE THIS ABOUT HALO 4. This is why, I am bad with a sniper. Not because I'm bad at the game but because I don't get to use it that much. Ever since Halo 4 ive gotten batter at sniping in all the Halos. ordnance gives players a chance to use a weapon and get used to it with out taking the weapon away from the players that are good with it. Before think you think just play team snipers. Think about this if you rarely use a weapon it wouldn't be fair to you if you are playing against players who always use that weapon. Some weapons you would see in campaign, firefight and custom games but wouldn't see them in Match making. [Forge & Theater modes]: *Bring back Forge world and sandbox. *Add in a new map thats FLAT with nothing on it and by this I mean something like the flat world in minecraft (NOT LIKE FORGE ISLAND). Here you would beable to place anything in the game any building, rock, mountain, ect... *Holo Mode* Okay this is what holo mode is. When you place a item (Say a Bunker box) in the ground and have it so the door is facing away you can toggle holo mode. Which would allow you to go into the item even though its in the ground. *Despawn timers* So you can make a item despawn in game. Would be fun having to run to a skull before the floor drops under you. *Toggle movement* This would let a item move in a set path or directions that you set in forge. *Firefight forge* *NPC Spawn* Not just for firefight forge but you could add them for any gametpye. *MORE items in forge* *Bring back things that where taken out in reach and halo 3 for forge* *Add things like computers and trash cans* *Changeable skins* so you can change items to look like items for Brutes, UNSC, Forerunner, Covenant, Flood and Maybe a new race >.> <,< >.> *Weather control* so you can change Day/night, rainy, snow, foggy, sandstorm and lightning. *Changable landscape* so you can change from sand, snow, grass, swamp, AND SPACE ! *LEAVE IN GREENSCREENS* *Traits on weapons* This would let you set traits to weapons in forge mode so you can have one say AR that does more damage to another AR. [Being able to make your own campaign]: *Addable Voice to Theater Mode* *Addable effects to Theater Mode* *Forge able triggers* A triggers is something you can put in in forge and it will trigger a cutscene you make in Theater Mode. *Multi Maps* After you do one thing in a map like act activate a trigger it will load the next map. [Custom games & gametpyes]: FIRST OFF FOR THIS I WOULD LIKE TO SAY.... I do not want multiplayer to have a story to it a reason why spartans are fighting spartan. I just dont want it to be on the same story as the campaign. I was told thats why they took elites out of multiplayer. *Other playerable Race* I wanna be able to choose my race no matter the same tpye from Flood, Brute, Elite, Spartan, Prometheans and the forerunner like the Didact. *Playable grunts vs marines For Invasion* Bring back games tpye that were taken out like invasion and race. *No more Custom loadout in MM* *Firefight* *Flood Firefight* Return of Coagulation. [*More gametpye options*]: here are some Increase/Decrease Weapon damage for each weapon and not just the play. Increase/Decrease how much ammo you can have in your weapon and how much ammo for that weapon you can hold. Toggle health. In halo Reach and Halo CE you could toggle shields but not health. Toggle drop flag Toggle have pistol with flag or i would also like to beable to change the pistol to any one-handed weapon EVEN A SWORD. Toggle throw Skull/bomb Changable Cool down/over heat on vehicles weapons [Vehicles]: I would like to see all the vehicles back and each race have there own verson of that vehicle as well as new ones also a flood skin for each one and changable camo skins for them. For Example: Spectre/Prowler/Warthog Also idea for a new Vehicle it was something i saw in halo custom edition a motorcycle with 2 chain guns mounted on it it would be the UNSCs Ghost. [Campaign & Story]: Lot of People want cortana back I being one of them. They could bring her back as a ghost that only chief can see I say this because she was made with human DNA. Now if they didn't bring her back i wouldn't be all OMFGWTF BBFQ WHY I HATE YOU no i wouldn't do that. >.> <,< >.> MORE STORY IN THE GAME for one thing I didn't know why I was attacking my once found ally and the only way to find this info is in a easteregg... This was a bad move. Also there was almost no story in the gameplay all of it was in the cutscenes that needs to change in halo 5. After halo 6 I would still like game with chief in it at some point. Also I would like other halo games with other Heros like I wanna know if noble 6 died or if something happened in a split second. More halo ODST games and halo games based off of the books would be fun. More spartan ops in halo 5 and more story to it yeah I know season 2 isnt out yet. Also i want it to fell more like the campaign but where its MY Spartans story. Lastly we don't know what the xbox 720 is gonna be like so halo can change alot because of it some of the thing 343 wanted to do they couldn't because of the 360 I will be adding more to this and I would like if YOU add your ideas as well. Oh How could I forget The arbiter and a playable elite campaign.
  22. I'm looking for mlg customs or halo 2 matchmaking . My gamertag is xBlack Prox. Message me on xbl or leave your gamertag in the here.
  23. Hello Everyone! I'm writing about this topic because after doing some research I seem to be the only one having this issue. Today I tried playing 3 player local matchmaking. The problem I had is that I could not play on any map except for Halo 1 maps. The maps would get the load screen and after a few seconds, it would state a message saying "loading incomplete". I had 2 xbox one wireless controllers and 1 xbox one wired controller. At first I thought it was the wired controller since it's a third party one but it wasn't because it worked with Halo 1 maps. As long as I had only 2 controllers set up, I could play on any map from any game. As soon as a third was connected, only Halo 1 would work. Am I the only one who experienced this? Will they be fixing this along with the Matchmaking updates? I understood the problems had to do with servers so it may just be my game. Please and thank you for your time!
  24. ok so i've been trying to access war games for an hour now and it says only basic matchmaking is available? it says 8 people are playing and only in slayer.. how long will the servers be down? i just got home from work and all i wanna do is play some games. and every time it says player incoming, it cancels and says searching for player again. it's really frustrating, i'm not the only one experiencing this am i?
  25. my gamertag is escapethetaco (it's stupid, i know, it's from my scene phase a couple years ago) and i was just looking for some people to play with since my boyfriend doesn't like halo. please add me on xbox and invite me to games bc i don't have **** else to do before/after work.
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