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  1. Hey if anyone reads this i'm looking for a halo team of 4 me and 3 other people. i want to make a Halo MCC team for ranking up, being a team, the callouts, and also some HLG (Hidden League Gaming) if you'd like to join my team you must have a mic plz and thank you! Contact me on xbox too if you like my gt is DHG Incursio Hidden League Gaming- Get Kills, Hide, Win, also watch or hear the other team rage cause they cant find you haha.
  2. I'll play with you man just send me a message or add me on xbone my gt is DHG Incursio there is forum for topics like this lol but i think you should be good.
  3. I cant find Fishy on Xbox but i'll join if i get the other room but yeah sure i'm down but i dont have any maps to show sadly GT- DHG Incursio
  4. alright man i'll add you idk when ill be back online again but ill you thru xbox.com and when i get online ill message you.
  5. Yeah i notice Halo 5 Beta ran nice... and its not my connection when im wired only when its wireless i get lag here and there
  6. I agree with all of you just the Campaign to me that im concern about because you have a 2 part campaign. Master chiefs Campaign and Agent Locke's campaign
  7. im looking for more halo mcc friends to play with i play almost everyday when i get a chance too if you would like to play sometime and have a great time add me or send a message my GT is DHG Incursio
  8. I cant wait for halo 5 to come out im ready to try out the new feel of the game on multiplayer, guns, unlocks, etc. i have a feel the multi is gonna be amazing!!!
  9. Is Halo mcc laggy a lot for any of you? cause i had some hard lag that it kicked me from my games
  10. Hello im Incursio aka DHG Incursio im recruiting for DHG if you like to join plz copy and paste this down below 1. Age (16 n' up) 15 if your mature etc. 2. Console xbox one or 360 3. Halo 4 (360) Halo MCC (XboxOne) 4. Headset?
  11. 4D makes it pop out more and crap look it up on google
  12. im in need of a person who can do 4D Photo shopping
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