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Found 19 results

  1. To my knowledge it was you could drop tiers within a division say platinum 6 down to platinum 1 but could never drop back to gold. Well this is completely false for me or there is a bug I was onyx 1600 in team slayer went on a losing streak and now I am back in diamond 6 I thought this was not possible
  2. I have a problem, since a month and half ago, in the lists of matchmaking doesnt appear the progress of every game type. When finish an online game, for example, it says that 4 games are left for qualify but in the lists appears nothing. And when an online game is finished, the scores appears as 0. Anyone has the same problem or know how to solve it?
  3. Doubles (ranked) Snipers (ranked) Halo 2 Classic (ranked or social) FFA (ranked) Team Objective (social) Living dead or flood (social) Swat (social) Team Slayer (ranked) [remove halo ce maps] Big Team (social) These are all of the ranked and social playlist that should be in the game or just stay the way they are after MCC is all fixed.
  4. H2KU (Hard 2 Kill Us) was founded by [H2KU]White Wolf and [H2KU]Toxxik on the vanilla dayz mod on a server called survivor grounds., Then we moved to the overwatch server "Absolution DayZ". Since then we have grown to over 100 members on Steam, and now we have decided to start a Halo 4 Division. We have a military rank structure along with a command element. Skill does not matter we will teach you at your pace on your time. REQUIREMENTS 1. 14 or older with a mic 2. Must be active 3. Maturity 4. Teamwork skills 5. Must be able to take orders in-game If you are interested contact H2KU Toxxik via Xbox Live there is no tryout but there will be assessment in a public lobby just to see where you are skill wise. Thank you H2KU Toxxik Co-Founder of H2KU and Commander of Halo 4 Division
  5. Hey there everyone, first and foremost I'd just like to say THANK YOU 343industries, for (clearly) spending alot of time, resources and talent on making Halo 4 such a wonderful game. This is the first time I've used these forums but I am a long time Halo fan, I've been playing Halo since Halo: CE came out in 2001, when I was 10years old. I'm a bit of a fanboy but was pretty dissapointed in Halo Reach and I am utterly thrilled to see the direction that 343i and Halo 4 is and should be taking. And I really hope you guys get a lot of awards and praise from old fans and new, you guys deserve it. Because the game is so polished I don't really have any complaints, but here are a few suggestions I'd like to see implemented into Halo 4 and/or Halo 5. (I hope you guys check your forums like Bungie did). *Story length: I found the campaign to be a bit on the short side, I'm not too dissapointed because the story was exellent and very well paced and I know Spartan Ops continues the story somewhat. But I hope you guys make Halo 5 a little longer. *Emblems: There is not enough. *Spike Grenades: If/when Brutes make a return in Halo 5 or 6, please bring Spike Grenades back, they're unique and you can setup traps around corners with them. *Meta Game and Leaderboards for it: It would add alot of replayability if you guys added the ability to turn on the Meta Game in Spartan Ops and Campaign and maybe you could implement a friends leaderboards along with it. *Ranking System: I feel that currently, there is no ranking system, because it is only based on how much EXP you have, this is also not unique, as pretty much every modern shooter has this style. You guys should implement a secondary ranking system like Halo 3's 1 - 50. *Skulls: I was dissapointed to see that all of the Skulls are unlocked by default, it's much more fun if you have to unlock them and find them in the campaign first. *Please add clan support. *Please add theatre for Campaign and Spartan Ops. *Hunters should be twice the size and much more powerful, once you kill the first one and break the spirit bond the other should fly into an overwhelming rage. *Pre-order bonuses/Collector's edition: I don't like when companies have pre-order bonuses because it just means everyone misses out on something. Please don't do pre-order bonuses again, or atleast include all of them in the Collector's Edition. *Legendary Edition: I was dissapointed you guys didn't have one, please make one for Halo 5 and if you do you shouldn't just throw in a statue, do something like a suicidal grunt holding a bomb which is an alarm clock. Cheers.
  6. If you have XBL Gold, will Reach solo Campaign rank you up faster than it would if you had Silver? Also, does Campaign Scoring rank you up faster?
  7. FIRST POST!!! Hey guys this is my first post here on 343i forums I wanna know if you guys think that 343 will make more/new specializations for the future? I think that going up to level 130 in Halo 4 is a little low (Im a level 65), i personally have worked harder in Reach and am only halfway to Inheritor.... lol What are your guys's views and thoughts on this?
  8. Hey I had this idea about Halo's ranking system that made a lot of sense. And does a great deal of justice to the actual canon of Halo. I posted a thread on The Flood on bungie.net about it: Here's the link to the thread: http://www.bungie.ne...iewreplies=true But here is the premise of my argument: The ranks for the multiplayer system for Halo's mulitplayer should have been Naval since Halo 3. But they weren't, they were a mix of Army/Marine ranks with the only Navy rank being "Commander". However it seems as if the ranking system for multiplayer isn't even following the ranking system of Halo's UNSC canon in the first place. Spartans are technically Navy right? Created under the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), part of the NAVAL SPECIAL WARFARE COMMAND. I am mean why else would Halo's main bad ass be called a "Master Chief?" Here's the ranks for the UNSC Navy: http://halo.wikia.co...Navy#Navy_Ranks Here's what proves the Spartans are part of the Navy under the Navy Special Warfare Command: http://halo.wikia.co...2FNavSpecWep.29 So if 343i decides my idea is valid, I think the option I mentioned in my flood thread should be considered. "Another option they should add is whether a player would want to stay enlisted or become an officer. And have pros & cons for both choices." "Maybe something like enlisted are better fighters, officers get better equipment, or probably have some aesthetic differences at the least. Besides what Halo fan wouldn't want to have their rank be Master Chief." Also as a disclaimer, I am an enlisted member of the United States Navy. And as a Sailor I would rather see my 7ft. tall juggernaut Spartan who is suppose to be Navy have the correct ranking system.
  9. Hello people, Earlier today I woke up with Covenant Ranking on my mind you know Elite-Minor, Jackal Sniper, Grunt ultra etc. but which ranks should return or be made. note: Keep the Brute ranks to a minimum please.
  10. Ok, before I start, tis not MY clan, but I am a part of it, and have been dubbed as 4th member in command, and given the ability to recruit. I do not know if someone has posted a page for this clan here yet, but if not, I am here to do so. Emissary Secundus Phalanx is a pro-play clan. Meaning, you are playing to win. This is not a family or underground, this is pro. We keep ourselves in line, and if you join, we all expect you to keep yourself in line. No cheating, no bad language (outside of games), no disrespect, and if there is a quarrel between two, do not refer to the leaders of the clan, or higher ranks. Solve the dispute civilly and on your own time. As a known Warrant officer in the ESP, I am enabled to recruit, and therefore grant you operator status of the group. You're not entirely in yet. If you want to join, you start as rank OPERATOR, obviously, and work up from there. The minimum rank required to join is SR-10. Below that, you are operator, and when just joining, you are operator, even if you are a WK-73. The clan colors and emblem are as follows: You are not required to wear a specific set of armor. When joining, you will stay in operator status until the board decides to give you a rank. The board has the ability to tell you to leave, or kick you out at any moment. I am not part of the board, I can not kick you out. I can only recruit. So please do not ask for me to up-rank you. And definitely do not ask to be ranked up, should you not meet the requirements. This may harm you later on. If you have any more questions, or need anymore information, refer to the board (top three ranking clan members), or the following links. We have late night meetings online, some times. I have been in a few already, and it's the very definition of pwnge. Example: The ESP got together for a game at midnight of 12/29/2012, and after seven games, chose to play CTF, and the game happened to be on Ragnarok. The game did not last but maybe 10-15 minutes. Reason being, ADHD Blacksmith and Stonedsamari159 each took the two mantises. The entire game, both held the mantises while Totalamnesia and Forensicrat02 grabbed the enemy flag and used either mongoose or warthog transport to return it to base. The other team did not even get near making it to one point, making the end count a 5-0 victory. Perfect match. As a last piece of information, there may be subdivisions of the ESP, like for assassins, snipers, and close quarters combat (melee). There may not be very many, and it may not even be implemented into the system. Though there is high chance that it will.
  11. Hey I'm recruiting players for Palidon. Here is a link to our website http://www.i-m.co/siminoux/PalidonHq/ We are looking for serious yet casual players. All we ask is that you be cooperative and competitive if in a battle. Please no racism, sexism, trash talking member. And about all else please respect the chain of command. And there is a ranking structure which is on the website. So if interested please contact me my gt is Fullerscroll, or leave your gt below. join us and have fun!
  12. As a Halo fan since the realease of Halo 1 I applaud 343 for its work on Halo 4. 343 has made a balanced, fun, and authentic Halo mutliplayer experience, but it feels too "balanced". And by balanced I mean it has COD-esque skill nerfing features. I will attribute the COD to microsoft's substantial investment in this game and their hope for a return on that investment in a market that features that other first person shooter being released right before the holiday season. There are 3 critical and easy changes to make for multiplayer. 1) Make games turn on kills not points. -Who wants to lose a game of regicide to a guy with less kills than you but who managed to kill the king a few times? This logic makes no sense, why reward the playerwho kills the guy with the giant indicator over his head rather than the player with the most overall kills? In general the point system should not determine the outcome of games, but rather be used into leveling up the meaningless ranks currently in place, much like the *cough* COD system *cough*. The points just make it impossible to determine on the fly what is needed to be done by players to win the game and detracts from the overall competiveness. By the way, what happened to Free-for-all? 2) Ordinace drops are an un-needed feature -Ordinace drops are just a thinly veiled "killstreak reward" system, laughably even ordinance drops are not based on kills but on points. Ordinance drops are just flat out not needed and stand in the way of players using some of the best designed, balanced and thought out weapons in the game. Not to mention making vehicles too dominant in gametypes which feature them. What should be brought back is good ole fashioned weapon spawns on the map, go ahead and put designators and timers on them if that is what it will take to get this feature back into match-making. Weapon spawns on the maps add a whole new level of strategy and teamwork which was erased by ordinance drops. This same concept applies for power ups like speed, power and overshield. So what if players will be able to "camp" weapon spawns, the abuses of the weapon on map system do not overcome its benefits to gameplay. 3) Give players real skill ranks 1-50 -This is probably the most needed feature of multiplayer. The 1-50 rank system, in the actual game, next to your name changes the entire dynamic of the Halo multiplayer experience. When your rank depends of the games you win rather than on the points you get, a remarkable thing happens...teamwork and co-ordination actually awaken from their COD induced slumber and impove gameplay for everyone. Rank XP that goes up when you win and goes down when you lose is such a critical component of the Halo online dynamic it makes me sad to see what the last 2 games have chosen to do with ranks. Once again so what if people will abuse this sytem? The same arguement applies for the American welfare system, just because some people will abuse the system does not mean it should be taken away. Plus grouping players based on ranks is an tried and true way to effectively ensure more balanced and competitive gameplay. As opposed to the prevailing lone wolf "preserve my kill death ratio" mindset that now regins supreme (because as it stands to determine how good someone is, you must look that the kill death ratio of that player rather than a 1-50 skill rank that has weight behind it). In conclusion -Halo has always been and should always be a different animal than COD. COD has perfected the formula of nerfing every player down to relative mediocrity with its features ensuring a very balanced game ideal for players who frankly are not that good at the game itself but can use its balancing features to get kills despite differences in playing skill. Halo on the other hand, originally anyway started players out on an equal playing field letting skill and luck decide the outcomes. There is no place for COD skill nerfing features to be present in a Halo game outside the goal of attempting to cater to a wider base of consumers which is exactly why Reach failed so miserably. The Halo franchise is a living example of "if you build it, they will come". If you give gamers a platform where everyone begins the game at a standardized baseline and let each player set himself apart by their gameplay then that very thing will happen. Not everyone was created equally when it comes to Halo and the franchise should not compensate for that, the weak will die off and move on to easier game will the strong will survive and dominate Halo, while the vast majoirty of people will enjoy a fiercely competive multiplayer experience unlike any other FPS on the market. In conclusion it is the competitve nature of Halo that sets it apart in the market place, players should be able to show their hard earned Halo rank and have that mean something as it did in Halo 2. Ranks and the competition for them were a driving factor behind the quantity and quality of gameplay, a challenging 1-50 ranking system is the ULTIMATE tool for gameplay longevity by presenting the vast majority of people with a never-ending quest for the rank number they want next to their gamertag. The competiveness of the Halo franchise should present players with the unique opportunity in the FPS market to set themselves apart from everyother player online through their own gameplay (wherever that may fall in a 1-50 system), and it should be incumbent on players NOT the game mechanics to adjust for in game balancing. The field of play is here, just change the rules so that players can once again create the Halo multiplayer experience that the franchise has been celebrated for.
  13. Are you tired of playing with a bunch of randoms that don't work well as a team? Are you looking for a clan that is fun, laid back, and yet still competitive? Then look no further. I'm Skirata2 I'm the Commanding Officer of the 501st. I'd like to give you some information that may help you in making a decision. The 501st though it mainly consist of US residents is a global clan. We have several members in the European and Australian continents. We're constantly accepting from all 3 locations. Another thing that you should know about the clan is the ranking structure. The 501st uses a military based ranking structure. Unlike many clans that base ranks solely off of activity and the ranks being meaningless or clans that base ranks solely off of in game skill, The 501st bases its ranks and promotions based on the members overall contribution to the clan as well as the members potential to grow as a person and a leader, their current leadership abilities to make the members rank mean a little more than just a title. In the 501st a members rank determines how much power they hold in the clan and what positions within the chain of command they're able to hold. With the clan is relatively small but growing. This means that promotion opportunities come by pretty quick. Though I don't guarantee this to happen to you, it has happened before that a member has gone from being a fresh recruit to a clan officer within a years time. Also in the 501st we recognize members efforts and accomplishments through other means than just rank promotions. The 501st has a ribbon/awards system set up. We have clan contribution ribbons that members can earn. This is a great way for members to work towards something if they're currently on an extended wait for their next promotion. It also give the member a little extra they can add to the list of reason they should be considered for promotion when they're boarding for leadership positions. One thing that the 501st does offer that most clans don't that use an award system is an award for doing things in their local communities outside of the clan. We have an award that is awarded to members who serve their communities through some sort of service organization such as but not limited to: the military, law enforcement, emergency management, etc... The 501st encourages members to take the leadership skills and apply them to life. The clan staff all feel that it's important for members to be involved in their communities as to not waste their lives away in front of their xbox. Yeah, we still play a lot of xbox but many of our members choose to serve in significant ways that can impact the lives of those around them. The clan over all is mainly a social clan. We're mainly in it for the fun. However, if you're looking for a competitive clan we've still got you cover there as well. We do participate in clan matches on a semi-regular basis. As the demand for clan matches grows in our clan the more that will be scheduled. But regardless of what you're looking for in a clan you can usually find a niche that fits what you're looking for within the 501st. If you have any questions, by all means send me a message and I'll reply back as soon as I possibly can. If you're interested in joining then you can find our site at http://501st.forumclan.com. I hope to hear back from you soon. They Drop Us To Drop Them!
  14. For Those gamers out their who like military like clans. This is the Clan for You! This is a universal Clan known as the NorVakCore. We are a strict but very friendly clan. You may join the clan as a guest if you wish to not be part of the military chuck of the clan. We look foreword t-words your enlistment of the NorVakCore. Nexus Corporation - Clan site - Home » Hmm... It would look better if the picture showed... Heh.
  15. Anyone think the ranking is total trash in Halo 4? Progression ranks again? Numbers? I've gone through over half the ranks in less than a week. In Reach, sure it was progression ranks, but at least they were cool. The ranks had cool names, and cool emblems. And now, with Halo 4, what? A stupid number. Its worse than Reach. If you're going to do 1-50, at least do it like Halo 3. When Halo fans asked for a 1-50, we meant skill-based 1-50. I'm very, very disappointed with Halo 4's ranks.... As soon as I hit SR-50, I'm going back to Reach to get Inheritor. Or maybe even before that.
  16. I'm looking for a rank structured MilSim clan. MSG me or comment if you know or have one. 17 years old.
  17. People are starting loss intrest in halo reach every day. What should 343 do to get more people and stay playing it? Ninja an MLG Pro have talked about how to keep it alive and get more people to play it. Click on the link below to watch Ninja talks about Reach Ranks and more. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohMtRr-ywh0 I agree what he´s saying, bungie have taking away ranking playlist from Reach one of the most played, enjoy and challenging lists. They should make it similar to Halo 2 & 3 so people dont need to get match up with newbies (noobs) to meet better people, get better and you have to fight for your rank. Best regard: Fredric Ardons Sword Persson
  18. Ok my fist topic that i want to touch on is ranks. I think that in halo 4 there should be the halo 3 ranking system so that you get matched up with players based on your skill. In halo 3 ranks actually mattered and people cared about their ranks so they would try every game. One example for why halo 4 needs ranks is because... well, say a player who plays a lot is an inheritor but got there by playing firefight and grifball goes into the mlg playlist he is going to get destroyed! Unless there are h3 ranks! Also, there a lot of community forgers out there (I personally am a community forger) so they should get there own playlist in matchmaking, and this how it would work. A player makes a map and uploads it to this website (or bungie.net or whatever website will be related with h4) where it can be downloaded. Then it will be tested by anyone who plays halo 4. Then based on the rating of the map and how many people like it, it can then be put in the community playlist. These are just a couple of suggestions for halo 4 and hope someone reads this because this would take halo to the next level! Also in forge it would be amazing if you could change landscapes and release new forge worlds in DLC map packs. One more thing, allow forgers to change the color of forge pieces. Most halo reach maps are dull, grey and boring
  19. This is just something I've been thinking about lately and it's still more of a conceptual sketch that I'm working out as I go along. Basically what I'm going for is the Halo 3 true skill system, with the addition of commendations, and horizontal rankings based on grades. So for a rough sketch it would be something like. Your rank is based on your highest skill predominantly, but you can also level up by experience and commendations. Your grade is based on your highest competence or consistency. Your highest competence is how often you perform at the base skill level or higher of your current rank. So say for every 3 games in a row played within a playlist at or above the base skill level for your rank you will earn a grade for that rank. Now leveling down in grades should be something like for every game you play below the skill level within a streak of 3 games then the amount of games you need to play at or above skill level increases by how many sub par games you played. So if you play 2 out of the 3 games below skill level then that means you you now have to play the 3rd game and 2 more games at or above skill level in order to level up 1 grade. If you play 3 games in a row below skill level then you level down by 1 grade. Your grade won't take into account the skill of who you play because your grade is your level of competence. Which means your ability to perform at your skill rank in a range of circumstances whether that mean adapting by using a machine gun turrent to level the pros or going all out with vehicles. By default the game should do its best to place you with players no more than 3 ranks apart and no more than 4 grades of difference. There are a total of 15 grades. For every time you level up in vertical rank your grade decreases by 3, but you can never get negative grades either by leveling up or playing bad games. If you're a level 10 Sergeant then you will be a level 7 warrant officer (whatever the next rank is). So grades between ranks would also relate to each other by levels of 3. Now how you rank up in your actual rank would be the same as you do in Halo 3 true skill but with a Reach twist in the experience system. I believe the trueskill system in Halo 3 was that for every game you win you gain one experience and for every game you lose you lose one? I think the ratios there were different. And there is also your sigma which is as high as possible and your actual skill level which is where you're actually being ranked at right? So your sigma is constantly decreasing by every game you play and once your rank and sigma meet this is your True Skill? Please correct me if I'm wrong. So what I'm thinking is that we keep the win lose experience, but now add in commendations in this way. These commendations would track experience, skill progression, and which rank you stood out most at. Skill / experience commendations work like the commendation counters in Halo Reach. They count how many kills of certain types, and feats you pull off in matchmaking, but with a new addition. The ratings they show: onyx, gold, silver, and iron would work on a different principle. They would rank themselves based on which group of ranks those feats and kills were done in with the highest percentage. Like this: Commendation: Heavy Weapons (Iron)Recruit to Sergeant:5% (Silver)Sergeant to Major:30% (Gold)Major to Colonel:40% (Onyx)Colonel to General:25% So in this case this person would have gold in Heavy Weapons. Maybe this could also demote second accounts or at least old account generals from crushing newer players because they may want to save racking up their commendations for later ranks. Commendation rating constantly changes as you level up and earn more for different ranks. Again remember this is all a rough sketch and feel free to sight any nessesary improvements, additions, and things that are best to cut out as you see nessesary. Now for the next part of how you can vertically rank up. We've talked about experience now I want to introduce skill points and "choosing when you rank up" vertically. Skill points or rating points you can also call them would be the accumulation of ratings earned in games. Each vertical rank would require a certain amount of experience (not commendations) and skill points in order to level up. The amount of experience required should be experientially and proportionately more than the amount of skill points. You will automatically level up once the amount of experience needed is aquired. However once you gain the amount of skill points needed to rank up you will be able to choose when that happens by having the option to do a challenge or vidmaster when you have enough skill points. Once completed you will rank up. Of course the chances of this really getting in word for word or at all are slim, but it's always fun to imagine right? I haven't seen anyone else post anything similar to this either and it's even more unlikely for specific ideas to get in. I'm really just trying to experiment with getting as many people from both "conservative" and "liberal" sides of Halo to maybe accept something equally. And maybe there could be something like depending a specific grade reached for a rank you can earn a specialist rank. Like if you're a grade 10 Sergeant then you would become a Petty Officer.
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