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Found 24 results

  1. The multiplayer progression system is still a brutal grind. Yes they made a small fix by each game only granting 50 points, but I feel like that's a bandaid on a wound that needs stitches. It doesn't provide incentive to win because you get the points regardless. I've play multiple games in quickplay and 1/4 games there was someone afk the whole game. If 343 implements a system to just kick them out then players will just rubber band their controllers. Also a whole progression system base around a battle pass is a terrible idea when coupled with the only real way to level it up is through challenges. That brings up another issue. People working on the challenges won't care about winning, just the challenges. Challenges should be a bonus to the main progression of playing well like how Halo Reach was designed. I finished all my weekly's for the first week and lost interest playing because there is no incentive to keep going until the next week. 343 if you see this please take all of this into great consideration and if any Halo fans noticed I missed anything feel free to add on.
  2. Hello, I've been having this problem with Halo 5, and it is that basically it does not show my season rank on the main menu, even though I'm able to see it through the website and even from the game it self by going to the service record. I've already contacted Xbox support twice but my problem still persists, I already tried redownloading my profile, reinstalling the game, deleting local content and restoring the console and then relogging to my account and redowloading the game. This is the SR# 1337719612 from the last time I contacted Xbox Support. They told me to come here and post my problem. These are a couple of screenshots that show what my problem is, I've had this problem for kind of a long time, so waiting for the season to reset or waiting for a major update of the game won't solve the issue (since both things already have happened and the problem still persist). They were taken one after the other one.
  3. First off I would like to say Hi to the community. This topic is about how the Halo 5 : Ranking System is broken. I have logged over 10+ hr on halo 5 multiplayer and talked to a lot of other players in the community about how I feel and they feel about the Ranking System and it brokeness. Lets look at facts. From what I understand about the ranking system is that you need to look up your status and over all rank in Halo Waypoint. If you dont know how it wroks then please go there and look up your own status and follow along. There is your K/D stats.The emblem off to the left of your K/D is your RANK stats that show after your 10 games of playing.Then there's your SR rating (equivalently to your lv in multiplayer.) The ranks go in this order "Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Onyx, and Champion." So now we know the rank progression. lets look at how we Rank UP. Note; not LV UP like SR rating. You Rank up on if your team wins or not.That is how you are personal judge on whether you win or lose your rank. How I know that this is true is because I watched my Rank lv go up and down from wins to loses.That will be the blue ring that moves up or down when you win or lose. Please look after all games it will change from half a bubble or little more if your team won. Note it might cange from Slayer to any other game mode. If your ring is 1/2 of the way and lose then it will go to 1/10 of the ring but you will not lose your rank if you lose again then it will. If it is the frist time your are in that rank then you wont at 1/10 of the ring . If you are 1/4 or higher. If you win your ring will go to 3/4 but it might be different from rank lv to rank lv. Also wanted to tell you if you leave a game for any reson. You will lose all the way down to 1/10 unless your there already. So now you know how the ranking system works. My View point about ranking system and how I think the 343 team FAILED and OVER LOOKED THIS or does not CARE: First off all players in any multiplayer wants to know their PERSONAL RANK.Not the teams.The team at 343 should of learned their lesson about how players like to advance in multiplayer from their big YES big mess up in Halo 4. Buy the Deluxe edition you get 1 month to pass all the poor people up.(sounds like a total way to scam money from the community.Mabye not a month but pretty close to it.) Yes 343 I remember it still to this day and will not forget. Now you want to rank me with others,so I have to pull their weight to, AKA (Piggy Backing). Thats not fair to the other players. FAIL FAIL FAIL . I know I am not the best player in any way shape or form. But I know how ranking should work and the way you have put it in this game was a fail. But it is not just a fail in my book but a EPIC FAIL.So this is my feelings about this broken ranking system of your.If I was the person in charge of this it would be my first priority. I dont want to just focus on the bad about the system but there is nothing good about it so fix it. If this is how you feel and want 343 do something about this problem then please comment and place your view point or if its not then hey comment and place your view point down here. This is BloodLustLegon signing out...
  4. Just wondering what your rank is. I'm a colonel.
  5. Hey everyone, Controller Warfare is a gaming site for clans, free agents, and anyone just looking to add some fun to their gaming. Controller Warfare is based off an XP system. Winning matches, showing 'sportsmanship' in the post game report/forums, challenging members, and participating in ladders reward you XP. When sufficient XP is reached, you will ascend to the next rank. At each rank, free trials of a premium membership(has its perks) and a choice of a secondary prize from the rank rewards list. Ladders are always going. Jump in, battle your way to the top and claim the prize at the end of the season! I host Free to play tournaments for prizes, either microsoft points, XP, credits, cash, games, and consoles! Since the site has been opened, about a month and a half ago, I've successfully held/completed 3 free to play tournaments with about $100 plus given out in prizes. Also gave a winning clan reputation by hosting a image of their clan on the home page. They love it. Gained a few members from it. Forums with game general information and how-to. You have a clan but don't have a site to discuss and showcase your clan? I offer clan sub-forum's and give MOD permissions to clan leaders to do what they wish within those forums, following specific guidelines of course. Just looking for people to play with? Come join! http://www.controllerwarfare.com
  6. So what's with the ranking system and why the heck is it only viewable through Waypoint?? Is there a reason for it not being in-game as it was in Halo 2 and 3? I love the fact that they brought it back, but why can't it be in-game? That's what makes the game so much fun, to be able to show it off to others and to always see it there and watch it change as you rank up. It's so annoying having to stop what you're doing, go to your laptop, and sign in to your account every time you want to see if you ranked or not. Anyone have any input on this?
  7. Hey guys! Are you great Forgers but bad competitive player? Can't get a high Spartan Rank or CSR? Well, this ranking system is good for you. The Forge Spartan Rank is a ranking system where the number goes up for the number of maps you make, time Forging, pieces placed, and ties editing. You can also get more points from people who download your maps off Fileshare. So this will be just like CSR, except operates more like SR. This is my short idea, so thanks for reading!
  8. Hello fellow members of the Halo community! As many of you have already noticed, many people are hitting the level cap of 130. I have a feeling that once more and more people hit that level, their will be a large demand for a new set of specializations. In fact, the chances are that they are already working on them! So this is a place where I would love to see some ideas for new specializations, including the armor and upgrades. See you on the battlefield! SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR LOADS OF GAMING CONTENT AND COVERAGE! www.youtube.com/TimeLessGaming9090
  9. Ok, starting off, I noticed the venator armor, after a few level achievements, and decided to go for said armor set. I went through enough assassinations to get to the 50 assassination stretch which would give me an assassin mastery. The commendation was titled: Assassin - Mastery. After completing the fifty assassinations, it did not give me the armor, and restarted the challegne for the commendation. The only thing that changed, was that once I complete it this time, I get +2000 exp, instead of +1000 exp. It's still titled: Assassin - Mastery, and I have to get the same 50 assassinations. I am not really angry about it, but I think this may be: 1.) a glitch 2.) something in which the creation of the game that was accidentally done (does happen sometimes) 3.) it may be how it works. But I seriously don't think 3 is the answer. Same title, same assassination count? Has to be something wrong... I don't expect this to be found soon, or to be answered soon, and I will definitely redo the 50 kill stretch, probably before this is answered, thanks to skill. I do not expect this to be fixed for me. For now, I am pointing this out, and asking if this is how it's supposed to work. The only thing it has impacted was about three minutes of my time. Creating a kill joy. I sign off for now.
  10. Just a simple question, will this ever happen? I don't feel its asking too much and I know the majority of players want it, so I'm just wondering why not. Why not create a ranked and social playlist like in the previous Halo's? Make everybody happy. I'm aware there is soon to be a bulletin update regarding CSR (Competetive skill rank) this month, but from all I've heard they've (343) has kinda missed the boat on this. By that I mean you will be assigned some sort of skill ranking but only available on waypoint, which defeats the purpose. I'd just like honest feedback regarding Skill ranking. When? Why not? How come? etc
  11. i bought the limited edition halo4 console but i didnt get no specalization code. apparently it dosent come with it. i spent 350 on it. im level 70, been that rank for 8 days now and its not fare that i cant rank up but others can. i love halo. 343 should at least still give me credits for the games i complete like bungie did in halo for when they had the rank gap at lt. colonel.
  12. I don't understand why they aren't giving us everything there is to offer, I have so many questions and I'm just hoping someone can answer some of them for me. I am talking about few things here but mainly the matchmaking, I'm not here to complain about it, I'm thoroughly enjoying it, but it is definitely getting repetitive -Matchmaking First problem with the matchmaking is the playlists, why are there so few? Why is there no doubles and what happened to assault? It just makes no sense to me to not have more playlists in there, they have Griffball and Extraction in custom games but not in matchmaking. I guess they could say they want less playlists so there are more players in each one providing more games to find, more people close to you, better connection etc. but we survived in Halo 3, sometimes searching in the early hours of the morning in Assault with less than 100 people in the playlist, but we made it work. I guess this is more of a plea for more playlists, especially doubles (which was in my opinion the best playlist ever), or at the very least an explanation as to why there aren't more. Second, Rank. I know they're working on their ranking system but daaaaaaaaamn, I've been sitting on 70 for aaaaaaages because I couldn't afford to pay extra for early specializations and it grinds my gears that you can reach max level very quickly just by putting lots of time in, too much emphasis has been put on the casual gamers. The amount of XP you get just for seeing out a matchmaking game til the end is ridiculous, sure I don't want people quitting but I don't to sit there pulling out all the stops, getting only up to 3000XP (Seems to be the max) while my AFK teammate gets half that just because he was too lazy to push a few buttons and quit. They NEED to bring the proper rank system out ASAP, I worked ridiculously hard for my 50 in H3 and it took me a long time, where as it took me a couple of weeks to get to 70 and I see other 70's on my team and think "sweet, we should take the other team to the cleaners." But in actuality all they've done is put in the hours and reached 70 without performing well in game at all. Third, Specializations. C'moooooooooon, let me level up more, getting early access to specializations should be rewarded for being a fan no doubt about it, but when I stomp through the noobs getting to 70 quickly and not being able to progress because I didn't front up the extra dollars for early access it pisses me off. Those 12 year old "fans" whose parents bought the most expensive one they could find shouldn't get early to those specializations. Don't tease me 343, "Here's our game enjoy, oh wait, you've been playing quite a lot today, you're not allowed any more XP today how about that?" "Oh you've reached level 70 already, great job but you can't go any further because only fans get the early specializations and you clearly not a fan because you didn't pay us enough." Fourth, "Challenges" Challenges are meant to be just that, a challenge. "Complete 4 matchmaking games" They already give out to much XP for completing matches then they put out a challenge that gives out more XP just for playing 4 games. These challenges are just like the ranking system, rewarding people just for putting in time, you will always get the daily and weekly challenges just by playing. Challenges should be difficult, you should have to strive to get them with every possibly that would might not get the daily challenge today because you're just not good enough. -Moooooooving on to something else, Fileshare. This one just baffles me, why can't we see everyone's fileshares yet? That's all I have to say about that one... I guess that's all I have to say for now, apologies if it seems like I'm having a bit of a rant. I was huge fan of Halo 3 and I love Halo 4 but I feel like they could be doing a lot more for fans and they could cater more towards better players instead of the casual gamer.
  13. Preface: I will continue to play Halo as long as i'm a gamer, online or offline. And there are few things better than watching a random sticky attach itself to the visor of another player in Theater. I DO NOT care how my spartan looks. I didn't care for it in Reach and I don't care for it now - only to a [slightly] lesser extent because it affects how i play the game now (specializations and load-outs). I ill customize my spartan sure. I like color schemes and emblems etc . . . But is this really the reason i play matchmaking? No. I play because i want to get better. I play because I want to beat the opposing players. I loose because I wasn't good enough. I loose and want to play with those who beat me because that's the best way to improve. I win because i played well. I won and I want a reward. As much as some may not like it (and i'm no where near the best) levels (Halo 2 and Halo 3) offered players a legitimate reason to play the game. (Yes I know one can play with friends - that is not what this post is about). One could tell how good someone was by this simply number. It worked and it created a sense of accomplishment when you beat the odds and overcame the person who should have been better than you. Levels or a similar construct of skill (Why not a simply K/D ratio displayed) must return to keep people striving to get better. And how will they get better? By playing that one last game to get that next level. Games should reward us for both how much we play (as it does now) and also allow us to show our friends and opponents how well we play. Halo 4 is a fun game; and now the players have a choice in the direction the franchise takes.
  14. For the past several days I have been playing a wide range of multiplayer. From Infinity Team Slayer to Big Team, CTF to Dominion... every single time I have seen after game stats and medals. Even more so that sweet little xp bar, steadily watching it grow. I am aware of the xp limitations/cap (I have already hit this the previous day), but correct me if I am wrong. You would still see the after game stats, correct? I don't ever remember seeing a little notification saying "Congratulations! You have been capped!" or something along those lines. Find it strange that everything just decided to stop and not bother showing me anything. Was just wondering if anyone else was running into this issue, otherwise I might have to contact 343.
  15. I created an account here soley to put at least some kind of protest to this apparent credit cap. I bought a ton of Doritos getting ready for the 200 games of double xp. I finally get a night free after having class for 2 days after launch and play the crap out of the awesome new Regicide playlist. 6 hours later, after having completed a few campaign challenges and grinding out War Games, I lose the ability to earn credits. Lame as hell. Get to SR-30 and BAM! I have a precious 4 hours before I have to go to class again, and I'm not allowed to progress my rank. 343, you guys made an amazing game and the multiplayer is great. But please fix this credit restriction. At least create a better system that differentiates between boosters and grinders... because this sucks. Thx -Kinetic
  16. I've played approx. 10,000 - 15,000 matches of the halo sega for 12 years. Enough to confidently say what halo should consider fixing/looking at Level system - this wound has been picked endlessly but halo's series was founded on its competitive nature and goal to achive. You cared when you lost! 1-50 needs it return, It's Halo 4, reach died for a reason. Apparently they bring the halo 2 ranking system back. Search preferences: Where did they go? I was getting in consecutive europe-North american games and its brutally disadvantageous. Dmr is noticeably more effective than any other primary at 15 or more feet. Saw is overpowered: you can kill 3-5 spartans on one clip. Storm rifle and carbine are clearly under-powered. Boltshot is arguably over-power at close range. These are just a few things ive noticed I'm sure many others share my opinions but i'd be happy to hear what the community thinks about it. Oh and Double Team needs its return! im sure half the community agrees.. =)
  17. As of 11 pm last night my SR was still resetting to 1 after every match, sometimes I would lose access to my loadouts during the match. Exiting to the dashboard would fix it, but only for one match, sometimes not even that long. Additionally Challenges and Commendations were not updating either. It's pretty disappointing to not be able to enjoy multiplayer. I feel like I'm at a disadvantage in addition to dropping behind in xp. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, otherwise I will have to return the game.
  18. Hey everyone, this is my first topic/thread on the forum, and I'm happy to be here ^^ (Making my intro thread later, it's 4 AM and I'm just chock-full of energy! *sarcasm*) So very basically put how I understood it is that you get XP for doing things like killing opponents, headshots, capturing flags, destroying vehicles, etc. It's unknown to me or I believe most people whether you'll lose them after losing a match or not, but it can be inferred that you'll lose them if you quit a match. Spartan Points, (just a placeholder name for now) are either gained how Credits are in Reach, or after every time you rank up. If they're gained how Credits were, then it's possible that gaining SP is an optional way to rank up. I believe that it may or may not be optional to rank up by getting enough, but I don't think it'll be like that. Even if it were, I'm sure most of the Halo veterans would choose to rank up with XP, including myself. That's all for now, I hope that this little bit of a post helped some of you that were confused. Also, if you have anything to add, please do so. One more thing, I would like to refrain from flaming or bashing of any sort on this thread if possible. I do not intend to advocate that kind of behavior, and this thread is solely meant for discussion and helpful purposes. Thanks for reading ^^
  19. People have been dumping on Halo Reach for awhile, so I wanted people to compare their experiences by ranking each Halo game for both the campaign and the multiplayer. Campaign 1. Halo CE/CEA 2. Halo Reach 3. Halo 2 4. Halo Wars 5. Halo ODST 6. Halo 3 Multiplayer 1. Halo 2 2. Halo CE/CEA (connected Xbox to Xbox for 4-on-4 or 8-man multiplayer) 3. Halo Reach 4, Halo 3 5. Halo ODST 6. Halo Wars
  20. SInce 343 showed the Multiplayer footage, I keep remembering the really bad ranking system in Halo: REACH. The system in Halo 3 was simple but very good, with nice medals and a numeric ranking from 1 to 50 in order of how much experience you have in the Multiplayer mode. But in Reach, they made a strange mixture betweeh the Campaign and Multiplayer stats, not allowing to really see with one look if the other player is a good and experienced online player or maybe just a bug spamer from the campaign, so the ranks kind of loose their value... What do you guys think about that?? I really really hope Halo 4 is going to be more like Halo 3!! And sorry for my bad english, I'm from Spain
  21. Okay, I have posted an idea in a thread before about how the ranking system could turn out. Some understood. Some did not. I will clarify here and give more details than before. 343i Confirmed a mix of Halo: Reach's ranking system and Halo 3's ranking system. First, you would have an overall rank that is exactly like REACH's ranking system. Then you would have an individual playlist rank for each playlist, just like Halo 3. First, let me say, these ranks would not be connected at all. Okay, here we go. OVERALL: This rank is exactly like Reach's ranking system. You get credits/spartan points or exp or whatever to contribute to your rank. Maybe Campaign would contribute, maybe not. Who knows? The only exploit here is farming.This rank can not go down since it would be used for your customization unlocks. It really only gauges how much you have played. INDIVIDUAL PLAYLIST: This is like the little white rank you had for each playlist in Halo 3 after they updated it. They were different for each playlist depending on how much and how good you played. This could be boosted, but going up in this would not affect your credit gain or Overall Rank gain at all. Only your gameplay would. Boosting this rank would gain some Overall since you are constantly winning. But it wouldn't make you gain more than anyone else just because that rank is high. This ONLY says how good you are in that playlist. It ONLY ranks you based on wins and medals, etc. Maybe only wins. It is not a numbered rank, but rank all the same. It can go up or down just like Halo 3's could. Only used for matching, really. Now, if you have questions or don't still quite understand my idea, ask away. Suggestions and such are welcome as well. This is merely my idea and it could work very well if executed properly. Though, 343i may have something different in store.
  22. Is it just a bug bug or is reach full of cheaters. I have recently come across allot of players with a really high rank, but when I look at their playtime it can sometimes say a day or even less and it also says they barely have any kills? I'm really confused any help?
  23. 343 I am an individual fan and this probably means nothing to you. Please bring back a ranking system where I can brag to my friends. I loved Halo 1-3. Precisely because of their competitive aspects. When reach came out I played it for a month or two before moving back to 3. I still have not gotten a 50 in halo 3 but I love trying because it feels like it actually means something. Whenever I see someone with lots of credits on Reach i think, wow, that kid plays a lot of halo. Will people sell accounts? Maybe but that doesn't hurt anyone. Sure its annoying but who cares if some ******* can get a new account and get a 50, because if they didn't earn it they will lose it. I am so in love with the halo series. Reach was like a cheating girlfriend. But if you guys bring back a game with a good ranking system I will be loyal to 343 forever. Also competitive rating systems solve weapon power discrepancies, if you weight weapons in a way that is strange the good players will figure out the best way to use those weapons and thus solve the problem. This was super stream of consciousness, but seriously make a ranking system where I can feel good about my rank, and I will dedicate all my time to your game. Good luck fellahs can't wait for 4, pregnantteen666
  24. I was playing HaloReach and then my Xbox live expired, so I went a couple months without playing, then when I got back on and started playing halo I down ranked and lost 1million credits! I use to be a legand and now I'm a hero but I should almost be a Mythic. I don't know what todo! I lost 1,000,000Cr and that made me rank down. Please help me!
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