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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, first time coming onto these forums. Unfortunately with a bad experience. My EVGA RTX 3090 Gaming Ultra FTW3 gpu just died due to Halo Reach MCC. And in the strangest of ways. PC Specs: EVGA RTX 3090 Gaming Ultra FTW3 Intel I7-12700K ASUS Z690 TUF Gaming Plus Wifi D4 Noctua NH-D15 Chromax.Black CPU Cooler 32GB Crucial Ballistix 3200mhz cl16 DDR4 (2x16) 2tb Inland m.2 PCIE Gen 4 (7000r/6850w) - Installed on this drive 1tb Samsung 980 PCIE Gen 3 EVGA 1000w G5 Supernova 80+ Gold Fractal Design Torrent Case Running Windows 10 Drivers and Windows all up to date GPU never exceeds 63c. I had no issues while playing halo reach, but when I opened the settings during the portion of the second level when you see the marines who had been interrogated, the case and gpu fans sped up to max, there was a pop, the entire computer restarted, and the GPU would not come back on. I replaced the gpu with my 3080 TI from my living room build, and everything is working fine again. I have never had these issues or anything remotely similar occur with any other game or scenario. I had no undervolt or overclock on the GPU. I have ran benchmarks which fully utilized the GPU and stress tested the system several times. Can one of the Devs respond with some sort of insight as to why this would have happened, as I am now out of a 3090 due to this situation. Thank you in advance.
  2. So while browsing through FaceBook I saw a post by Bravo MLG indicating that he was currently testing the MLG settings. We downloaded the game types and decided to make this video below to give you guys a sneak peak. Let us know what you think! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9s6M5QsVO1M .
  3. The language of my Halo 4 is auto selected by my location. I'm Finnish and if I won't change my console location (I have changed it) my Halo 4 will be poorly translated to Finnish. And Finnish is the worst language to translate things to. Please make language settings manual or to auto select by console LANGUAGE not location.
  4. Just curious, I find bumper jumper to be by far the best (unless using claw) I made a video about it as well. Let us know what you guys think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBoV5yxkP8M&feature=plcp
  5. Bravo MLG talks about all the controller settings and which one is best for you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcWrRhctQGA
  6. Gamebattles will probably add the Halo 4 ladders by the winter and my question is, what will the settings be for the matches, and for the matchmaking/ pub players. I'm hoping that bloom won't be a factor because I would take that out immediately. The BR should be a 4 shot and the magnum should have the same damage as the Halo 3 model. These are just my thoughts, feel free to leave yours in the replies below.
  7. Holy crap! I finally found a community forum for 343i. Thank the precursors its not *BLAM!* But anyways guys I just came on the forums to hopefully find some people with knowledge of Halo 4's custom game options. Mainly because, recently I have delved myself back into Halo: Reach for its custom games; and getting in a few enjoyable, laughable and just great games. Although, I did always find Reach's custom games to be a bit less fun. Unlike Halo 3's where I have amassed so many fond memories of playing games like Garbage Man, Speed Halo, Ice Cream Man, and Jenga. The list really doesnt stop there and actually I remember creating some games like Juggerball (you can get the aspect of the gamemode) and Sticky Wars. The thing about my games I created (although somewhat generic) was that they were a lot more creative and they had more options to edit with than in Halo:Reach's. Options like regenerating grenades and scoring settings for objective based gamemodes. (Ex: you only get points by getting kills with an oddball.) All I'm trying to get at is that I'd like to know your thoughts and opinions on what Halo 4 Customs will be all about. And please guys, help a veteran player/fan out and give me some info on the future custom games.
  8. Halo 4 Controller Configurations Hey everyone! I was looking through the Halo 4 controller configurations and I noticed a few things. First and foremost many of the layouts we have grown used to have changed a bit. A large part due to the fact that sprint is no longer an AA pick up but a perk that everyone has. It seems that for a majority of the layouts 343 has taken a page out of the COD/BF Bad Company book and put movement & sprint on the left analog and crouch as a face button (B,X,Y or A) instead of movement & crouch on the left analog stick as in the past. The lay out works great in those titles and since many of us are familiar with those games as well I don't see why it wouldn't work great in H4 as well. One thing that I did find peculiar however was the Bumper Jumper setting. This setting actually uses the classic Halo configuration of movement and crouch on the left analog as it has always been while sprint is a face button. I have no issue with that either since that is what we have always been used to and that is how it works in Halo Reach. What was odd though was the fact that the AA button is set as Left Trigger (LT) while Grenade Throw has been moved to (X), which basically hinders an accurate grenade toss. Unless you claw you will be unable to aim the grenade as you throw it since your thumb will be on the X button and not on the right analog controlling where you are looking. I can see this being really problematic when trying to toss a sticky at an opponent. I have not played Halo 4 so perhaps there is something that I am missing. This is just speculation on my end but Im guessing that some AAs such as Promethean Vision will require us to hold the AA button down for the duration of the ability similar to Armor Lock in Reach. So holding Left Trigger while you look around in PV (Promethean Vision) mode. I personally believe that it is more important to have an accurate grenade toss, which will actually get you a kill rather than aiming an armor ability which will just aid your game play. You don't necessarily need an AA to do well in a match but you will need some accurate grenades. If my speculation is correct then I have a possible solution. Instead of having Promethean Vision work like Armor Lock, holding the AA button down the whole time it should work more like Sprint in Reach, pressing the button to start sprinting then pressing it again to stop. Then you can simply press X to turn PV on, look around and then press X again to turn PV back off. Then grenade toss can be put back as left trigger as it should be. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this
  9. I searched and could not really find this here, though this touches upon the idea of a custom control layout, which I would like to see. I think it would help a fair number of players, I know it would help me. Bumper Jumper is great, but I waste too much time spamming grenades and I could actually use the jetpack and still be able to aim, with just a simple swap. The available control schemes are nice and varied, but there is room for improvement. Perhaps it could even help someone with arthritis or some other damage. I also want to have a sensitivity setting higher than 10. 10 is not insane, it is slow. No offense to Spinal Tap, but 11 isn't enough (linearly), at least 2x 10's speed would be nice (personally), but I can see others liking it yet faster than that. I understand many people get sick from moving the screen too quickly, but there is a choice for a reason; please do not artificially retard us. The slow turning of your spartan is a realistic restriction and completely fair, but adding a higher sensitivity does not hurt poor players and certainly could help players like myself. Unrelated, but because I'm already making a thread I'll mention the auto-aim. I appreciate the attempts to make it easier for controller players to aim at what they want, but Reach has an extremely aggravating flaw: when a player crosses in front of your target, auto-aim switches to the nearest target. I had picked my target for a reason. Please make the choice of which player is the target optional between staying on the original target, choosing the nearest target, or even the target with the least health/shields. If you do not add this as an option, then please simply leave it on the original target. It isn't realistic to change targets when you've gotten the original target's shields down, and using it to protect your teammates feels like exploiting an error in programming, not exploiting your enemy and his/her thoughts. Oh, and you could sell some people three copies of Halo 4 if you allow system link multi-screen like Forza, GT, and many PC games of varied genres.
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