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Found 22 results

  1. So I see all of these amazing maps for Halo 4 that can only be downloaded via Halo Waypoint. I and a bunch of my friends are XBone owners and have the Master Chief Collection. Is there any repository of Maps for the Halo 4 variant in MCC? We would love to play with some great customs but it seems I am unable to find any users who have them on their fileshare.
  2. Hola gamers, If any of you are interested in starting a clan from scratch, let me know! This is of course all for fun, but hey you never know it could blow up! My ideal clan is one that actually has skilled players. If you remember in the Halo 2 online days, Clan Matches were the best part of the game. If you played clan matches, you know how hard it was to get your clan's overall rank up!(Hope to god that Halo 5 has a clan system! lol) Anyways, clans are more fun in my opinion when they are competitive and have fun playing to win! Of course, its always fun to play some Big Team Battle and run people over with Warthogs, I completely understand that. I stay really up to date with the latest Halo news(H5) and Halo 4 tournaments, so I can add some pretty cool content to our website. I've got some experience building websites, here is the forum software that our site will use: Btw, Elusive Gaming is not the final clan name, only an idea. I will buy a real domain name(.net) when I have a team of clan members decide on a good one! The site has a blog and forums, but is still under construction of course. I can show whoever how to work the software and be a moderator/admin. Let me know! Jake GT: iLLgRiM
  3. Microsoft Spokesperson Has Confirmed Halo 4 Game of the Year A Microsoft Spokesperson has confirmed to IGN that a Halo 4 GOTY Edition to be released in October. Now they will not be giving anymore information until the Global Championship LiveStream this Sunday. This pack will be loaded with all sorts of DLC to come with the Game. What do you think about this offer?
  4. The video will tell you what you need to be and what to do. Just do what I do
  5. Microsoft Spokesperson Has Confirmed Halo 4 Game of the Year A Microsoft Spokesperson has confirmed to IGN that a Halo 4 GOTY Edition to be released in October. Now they will not be giving anymore information until the Global Championship LiveStream this Sunday. This pack will be loaded with all sorts of DLC to come with the Game. What do you think about this offer? This post has been promoted to an article
  6. Microsoft Spokesperson Has Confirmed Halo 4 Game of the Year A Microsoft Spokesperson has confirmed to IGN that a Halo 4 GOTY Edition to be released in October. Now they will not be giving anymore information until the Global Championship LiveStream this Sunday. This pack will be loaded with all sorts of DLC to come with the Game. What do you think about this offer? View full article
  7. Hi there! Our new funtage is available! Entitled " A French Wheelmen 2" and edit by I SK I. Give your feedback ! Thanks If you liked it, here is "A french Wheelmen Way" & 1.5 about Halo reach
  8. This video explains everything you need to do and be. Very easy, simple and understandable. Enjoy
  9. I just so happened to be on Halo Waypoint when I ran into this guide. This first guide gives you help on finding the most amount of enemies, and on which Spartan Ops Episode and which chapter. Thanks to 'A Blues Fan' on Waypoint, he provided us with this chart: https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst180802_Spartan-OPs-Enemies-by-Difficulty.aspx Also, thanks to another member on Halo Waypoint, TheSchnitzelMan, he has provided us with another chart that shows which Episodes have the easter eggs, as well as other ways to achieve these commendations: https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst170296_Enemy-Counts-CHART-Spartan-Ops--w--Episode-7.aspx Also, he has provided us with the commendations progress per level: https://skydrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=A39C946A316F7935!221&app=Word&authkey=!AFn_odv9g6NjIaw
  10. From time to time I pop in H4 to see what is up w/ matchmaking. Today I played a handfull of Double Team games and found it overal really fun! Along w/ last weeks forge playlist, I feel H4 playlists are really starting to grow the way they should.. With the upcomming H4 "Team Throwdown" playlist (Team Throwdown (Competitive Playlist) is scheduled to launch February 18th.") there has to be a lot of people super hyped about this:D Well anyways with AGL Chicago just a little while ago, many AGL events to come, Team Throwdown soon, and a CSR system to be released...see Halo continuing to grow for the competitive community into something that feels like home with how I felt during the H2 days.. hopefully. <333 We just have to keep those RT's going on people looking for customs, along with all the forum posts on people looking for customs. Anyways happy gaming! See you all on XBL : ) Feel free to send me tweets if you are looking for customs, pm's on yt asking whatever, or anything else to get the competitive community rolling more I'm looking forward to maybe Halo being back on the circuit for MLG one day.. , Live MLG events really are amazing..and even with the abscence of H4 on the MLG circuit.. looks like Dallas has free 720p streams so everyone tune into that:D... (SC2, CoD, LoL?, and more) -xHoNNy7 <3333333333333333 #SaveHalo
  11. have you pre-ordered the LE of Halo 4? Have you pre-ordered H4 at all? If you have, what do you expect from it? I've pre-ordered the LE and i payed a total of £40 for a deposit, meaning i only have to pay roughly £35 on the day of release (*like a boss*). I've been keeping a close eye on the bonus content and if you havnt resently checked is a list of them: So thoes of us that have Pre-oredered the limited edition are in for one hell of a treat =P
  12. Gamertag: Fraw Lawk Map: Orange_H4 Gametype: Orange_H4 Player Count: 12 - 16 Alrightythen everyone, its time to lay this first map to rest. I apologize for reposting this map for the third time but I've made changes from time to time and now its finally completed. This map is made for an epic battle using dominion mode. The amount of players that I recommend doing is 16 players or 8 v 8 to get the full chaos out of it. Orange_H4 is semi symmetrical because of some issues I had to deal with like lack of budget and structure. I've put out more vehicles (wraiths and regular warthogs), changed up a few weapon choices for objective drops. "Orange" doesn't sound like a cool or original name for a map but the reason why I named it orange is because it was supposed to be a remake or tribute for this map http://gamebanana.co...om/maps/46051�� Orange maps are made not only in TF2 (Team Fortress 2) but are in many other games that have an editor tool (Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Left 4 dead series, etc.) so its kinda like a tradition to have a Orange map so I brought it into Halo 4. Hope you guys like my first completed map, Have fun! Overview of the map Bases Middle Base ©
  13. Hi guys! First time poster here. Basically I pre-ordered the limited edition of Halo 4 over Amazon UK. Of course it came with a whole load of in game and real life goodies. For multiplayer it had CIO Web Armour, Recruit Prime Armour, Recruit Prime Weapon Skin, and a bunch of cool looking emblems. Of course during my match making I utilised a combination of these to express my individuality! Logged on just now and all of it is gone from my account? Wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if anyone can provide some help/explanation? Thanks! mxp
  14. Decided to see who else feels they should follow the same footsteps as those being released nowadays. I think it will be better for a huge title like ''Halo'' and from my experience playing GOW3 on their dedicated servers sure helps out. No longer do i get all the bs games lagging everywhere. If you don't agree that’s cool but take note if you've had lag issues on a game like GOW3 in the past its either down to you having a ****y connection or you playing on their hosted servers which if you go and purchase the new maps you'll find it's better and that they stick you on the dedicated servers which helps a hell of a lot from what we all use to. So what do you think? and if no then please explain why...
  15. Was watching tv earlier and the Gamestop commercial aired so I thought I would share. Kind of amusing, lol! Enjoy! Halo 4 - Exclusive Camo Skins Courtesy: GameStopVideo http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=nMWkiT1gy_4 Camo skin looks like it might actually be beneficial!
  16. Hey guys! Captured this still in the new Stonehenge Video! Thanks to Archangel Tyrael for giving the link in the shoutbox!! Found at :17. Pretty sure they are coordinates to something about Halo 4. Don't have time to research so any help would be appreciated! Thoughts? Comments?
  17. Was looking over the Halo 4 launch gameplay trailer and found something interesting about the Forerunners, well.... at least the one shown in the trailer, lmao! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIspQ1NmGf4&feature=player_embedded From that trailer I grabbed a few screens of this "Ancient Evil". Now let's count the fingers. One...two...three...four...five...six!!! Yes folks, this Forerunner has six fingers!! Well, to be "technical", 5 fingers and a thumb on each hand (which do appear to be opposable, lol)!! The "pinky" isn't viewable in the second screen. I guess 343I figured five wasn't enough to fully wrap around Chief's head!! Enjoy!!
  18. What Everyone Has Been Talking About Is Finally Here Halo 4 is just around the bend, 25 days from now to be exact. But What about the ranking system. Most people were frustrated with Reach's Ranking system. So will it be different or will it be exactly the same. Check out this video for more details. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8_H-vTXeLM&list=UUzGLSfWbq4CiqKFO9lU9HLg&index=3&feature=plcp Video by Ducain23 Also go check out the Halo bulletin for all the details Click Here You now can level up through all game modes, even forge. Let me know what you think about this information.
  19. Going through a few videos and captured some new stills... Stills taken from "Comic Con - Halo 4 Flag Stabbing and Spartan Cosplay" most images taken between 2:08 and 4:45 except the 1st one, lol Two Mammoths sliding in the cargo bay during the 'Forward Unto Dawn" trailer Mammoth in-game...possibly?? Mountable Assault Walker?? Sliding Chief Gameplay level? Tank beats everything, lol Blue Promethean Knight with dog-like enemy to left another Knight Red Promethean Knight size comparison to a Spartan...these things are HUGE!!
  20. Why i ask is by the looks of it MLG it will slowly be pushed aside and looked at a main stream within the US and not Europe going forward! Here in the Uk & Europe there are many competitive leagues making it big within time that H4 comes out and i was wondering what they plan on doing. One of them being Multiplay which is a HUGE game festival here in the Uk and the other one being EGL ( European Gaming League ) which they due to have a few events this year. Thought Instead of having a MLG playlist they could look at bringing a competitive playlist out run similar to the way they run MLG if not better..... not saying i dont want MLG there at all but seeing there's more competitive sites nowadays and the community speaks out to them if they want changes anyway, which of course is reviewed them implemented if agreed but just thinking of other ways 343 and H4 could do to make it fair on others.... again just an opinion thats all so what do you think? and why....
  21. L4B

    Say no to ___ in H4

    Ok after what has turned into a long chat we not only chatting about bloom so go ahead discuss what we want in H4 and what we dont like Even though they may already be a thread mentioning all this i was far too lazy to look thorugh all the theads to comment so hey here we all again Simple list to get ''Halo'' to the top of the list once again! Those who luv Halo stick by no matter what but hey following simple step on those who play the game and enjoy will only make H4 better! Now that MW3 sucks its time for 343 and Halo to make it to the top and stay there So here's what ill suggest: 1. NO Bloom 2. No Sprint, armor lock, evade, Jetpack or anything on those terms which give one an advantage once they one shot to either run away like a **** or evade around the corner or like most people do is use Armor lock.... Newbs!!!! 3. Fix the Beat-down system ( Not two beat-Downs) - Hate out BR'ing one to then beat him down which he still survives like a spunge! Was'nt like that in H2 or H3, when in a BR fight you can easily out BR someone but if both are to go for a beat down you should die after, not have to beat him down again for the 2nd time!!! 4. Back to the normal Ranking system 0-50 5. Lastly make some proper maps! For one im a competetive player so seeing the community go out and make old H3 maps or H2 was a good thing but was a let down for Halo and Bungie not having any maps which stand out in Reach! and dont say Countdown, all you get is kids running around throwing nades all day long! Thanks 343 and hopefully we'll see a great game in the near future with Halo4
  22. Before i start, this is my personal wish list and i know that there will be alot of ideas that alot of people will disagree with... Glue tool in Forge Higher Max item spawns in forge More/unlimited money to buy items in forge Kill Walls in forge (instead of a kill zone where you die when inside the area, a kill wall where you die when you exit or enter the outside of the area, like a quarentine zone) UNSC and covie vehicles from Halo Wars New UNSC 'Buffalo' (http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=41fbaa5d35de8115b8eced526ddc241c) Usable ODST Drop Pods Playable Pre match lobby (where you can interact with other players and use credits to buy things from shops e.t.c) More armour in the armoury Skins instead of just colours A Garage where you can customize the outer skin of a vehicle. Customizable H.U.D (colours, e.t.c) Object creator Vehicle creator Map terein editor Placable water (puddles, waterfalls/ rivvers) Map effects (day/night, rain/sun/snow) More playlists in MP Longer campaign (or just more eventfull) Ability to be able to play as something other that a spartan ( maby an elite, a brute e.t.c) Ability to chose a faction to play as in the campaign (covie/UNSC/ Forerunner (3 seperate campaigns) Weapon attachments/skins Ghillie suites (instead of/as well as active cammo) in-game clan/group join (an actual official clan base in the game instead of just changing the servise tags and emblems) + tester maps a combination of EXP and cR (EXP is used to rank up and you earn a cirtaian amout per game performance and cR is like a paypackage, its not used to rank up but you still earn the according to performance, other wise a noob earning 50 cR a game can still rank up to inherictor EVENTUALY where as with EXP he/she wont.) better and new assassination animations new weapons improved turrets improved maps (with gauze hogs) i do have alot more i just cant think of them ATM please leave your opinions, i wont reply for the next 2 days as i am away but in that time i would expect alot of coments PLEASE KEEP THIS ALIVE, I WOULD LOVE 343 TO SEE THIS. Thanks this did take me about 1/2 an hour so please make as much effort leaving comments (and i know that many of you have spent like 2-3 hour writting similar things, so dont compare me please)
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