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Found 40 results

  1. Hello, I was temporarily banned from EXP on HALO 4. I was wondering, does anyone know exactly how long, and if this is in the wrong place, sorry, this place is confusing. And before you ask, no its not the MAX XP limit, I've already seen that, and this message is different, and it's almost been 24 hours since I've gotten this EXP ban.
  2. Hey everyone! So earlier today Dewxp.com was revealed, but thanks to Neogaf member Demoncarnotaur we get to check out what's available for Double XP and MEGA XP from Mountain Dew and Doritos. The post is below. "Gamefuel stuffs: The Mtn Dew Game Fuel/Halo 4 "Unlock and Load" promotion (the "Promotion") begins October 14, 2012 at 12:00:01 p.m. ET and ends January 31, 2013 at 11:59:59 a.m. ET (the "Promotion Period"). By participation in the Promotion, each individual unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply with and abide by these Official Rules and the decisions of Pepsi-Cola Company and Frito-Lay North America, Inc. ("Sponsors"), whose decisions shall be final and binding in all respects. The computer clock of the Sponsors' webmaster is the official time-keeping device in the promotion. ...... Each time an eligible individual ("Participant(s)") logs onto the Website using their e-mail address and enters a Code, the Participant will automatically receive the amount of Double XP (Experience Points) or MEGA XP matches (Double XP and MEGA XP Matches will be collectively referred to as "XP Matches") associated with their Code (as specified below) and will receive one (1) Prize Entry (as described below) good for one (1) entry into one (1) sweepstakes drawing of their choice. ... *Power of 1 Bonus: Buy a participating Mtn Dew product and any bag of participating Doritos and enter the Codes together and you can receive a weekly bonus of Two (2) Double XP Matches. Limit one (1) Power of 1 Bonus per week per Participant. For the purposes of these Official Rules, a ‘week' is defined as 12:00:01 p.m. ET, Monday through 11:59:59 a.m. ET the following Monday. **Power of 3 Bonus: Buy a participating Halo® 4 Game from Wal-Mart, a participating Mtn Dew 24 pack and any specially-marked 11.5 oz or 10.5 oz bag of participating Doritos and enter the Codes together and you can receive a one-time bonus of a Twelve (12) Double XP Matches. Limit one (1) Power of 3 Bonus per the life of the promotion. ***Dollar General Bonus: Buy a participating Mtn Dew 20 oz. product and any bag of participating Doritos 2 oz. or 3 oz. single serve bags purchased together in the same Point of Sale/Point of Purchase store transaction at participating Dollar General stores and receive a printed receipt that contains a special additional bonus Code worth Two (2) Double XP Matches. Can only receive One (1) special additional bonus code per printed receipt transaction. There are no limits to the number of times a Participant can receive this special Dollar General bonus throughout the life of this promotion. ... Each Code can only be used once, subsequent attempts to re-submit or re-use the same Code, will be void. A maximum of 750 Code entries per person/Account throughout the Promotion Period. Limit one Account per person. A maximum of 200 Matches worth of XP Matches per Gamer ID throughout the Promotion Period. Each person can only enter Codes into one Account under one registration. If a person enters Codes into multiple Accounts, then Sponsors, in their sole discretion, may void any such Codes and Accounts. Total number of Codes distributed by Sponsors throughout the Promotion Period is approximately 1.5 billion based upon an estimated number of game pieces produced at the time of printing of these Official Rules, given away or obtained through one of the methods mentioned above or through the "No Purchase Necessary" method of entry, actual number may vary. Codes, Prize Entries and XP Matches have no cash value. Codes must be entered on the Website before the end of the Promotion Period and any unused Codes after this time shall be void. At the end of the Promotion Period, any unused XP Matches shall be automatically transferred to the Gamer ID on the gaming platform last chosen by the Participant. The "Dashboard" section of the Website will record all transactions and Account history within your Account, including Codes entered, balances, XP Matches and Prize Entries redeemed. Sponsors assume no liability for discrepancies, omissions, inconsistencies or errors in the number of Codes entered or the number of Prize Entries or XP Matches acquired as a result thereof as reported on the Website. If any part of any game piece or Code is counterfeited, or if the game piece or Code comes from other games or promotions, or if any part is illegible, mutilated or tampered with in any way, or if it contains or reflects printing, typographical, mechanical or other errors, the game piece or Code, as applicable, will be rejected and will be deemed void and invalid. Each Participant acknowledges and agrees that the decisions of Sponsors with respect to Code entry, Account balances, Prize Entries or XP transactions are final and binding, including without limitation, determinations regarding the validity of game pieces. 20oz= 3 matches 12pack= 6 matches Wal-Mart 24pack (MEGA XP)=12 matches 32 oz./44 oz. Fountain Cups= N/A http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=N_UHkcQm0ok That's it everyone! Thanks to The Halo Council for this bit of news! Go ahead and share your thoughts in the comment section below
  3. Helloooo Community! So I am playing 4 and I had a brainstorm. And that brainstorm was about how to rank up in Halo 5. Now the following Ideas, are of course, rough ideas, opinion based, factual element assited ides that I hope can shape Halo 5 for the better. So please join me as we discuss what could be a great and wonderful fresh ranking system that can cater to all! Competive Ranking Skill: This is a overhaul of Halo 3's and Halo 4's skill and CSR systems respectively. It is a 1-100 'Skill Rank' that increases the better you play. It does this in the following manner; When you are matched up, you will be placed against player equal to or maximum 2 Skills above you but not outside your tier. every 5 skills equals a tier. players a teir below you will not be matched up with you. this prevents any people being unjustly demoted cause they had bad games as a result of poor match-up. Now ranking uo a skill is relatively simple. If you play 4v4, 5v5 or minimum 8 player Team Slayer, FFA, KOTH, CTF, Extraction, and you Finish among the top 3 MVPs, if it is a 6v6, 7v7, 8v8 or minimum 12 player Team Slayer, Invasion, Dominion etc then it is the top 5 MVPs out of both teams (you don't have to win to be MVP) then you start MVP chain. now, if you can chain say 3 MVPs in three matches in a row, you go up a skill. But, if you chain 5 games as the worst player in 8 player minimums or bottom 3 in 12 player minimum, you go down a skill. This ranking system also means that if you are amongst the players in the middle ground without chaining enough to progress or degress, you have hit your current niche skill , and so until you as a player improve, you will have matches where you play pretty well most of the time, in other words, a fair match up. This caters to both the highly competive player and the just want to have fun as it mean the competive players get to have their 'who has the biggest rifle' contests but just for fun can find their niche, stay there and not have to worry with being placed with people out of their league, which might start to annoy them. Customization Level System: This takes the Reach ranking system, adds to it without taking away from it, but making it not affect who you match up with. You earn XP for this Leveling System, and the XP you earn also earns you an amount equal to that in credits. these credit are used to purchase the following; Weapon Skins Helmets (Attachable Custom Decor both skins and peices [like in reach]) Chest Peices (Custom Decor skins and peices) Shoulders Guantlets Upper Leg Peices Lower Leg Peices Visor Colour Unique Emblems (Special, Awesome ones) Armour Effects (Flaming Head Red, Blue, Storm, Birthday party, but some can be used together) Firefight Voices Spartan Matchmaking Voice (Eg. Halo 3 spartan, Halo Reach Spartan, Halo 4, Halo 3 Elite etc) Additional Loadout slots Weapon Effects (Like Armour effect but for loadout weapons eg confetti frags rainbow LR) Wrist Decal (The wrist things from reach) leg pouch (again from reach belt peice (in reach, but were defualts on torsos) Knives (custom knives that change your assanation animations and and knive on armour) Warthog Horn (General Lee!) this caters to the Just wanna have fun by allowing them to have something to work for that isn't about their skill level. its for customization and some general comedic fun. So what do you think Community? Is it worth a thought? I hope so, cause I would love to see this implemented, even just for the customization options. The Skill system keeps people in their good match ups without hindering their over all progression, and stops people from getting annoyed from being placed against people who are to good. Please, post your opinion, thoughts, possible improvements, other customization ideas and so on. Lets make Halo 5 have fresh, new, and fun ranking system!
  4. Hello! Xbox live support suggested that I post in the 343i forums to help get an issue with lost XP for a completed Monthly Challenge resolved. Could anyone suggest which forum I should be posting into? Or better still ... is there an "official" 343i Support portal for technical issues? Thanks again for reading. :-)
  5. Hey everyone, Controller Warfare is a gaming site for clans, free agents, and anyone just looking to add some fun to their gaming. Controller Warfare is based off an XP system. Winning matches, showing 'sportsmanship' in the post game report/forums, challenging members, and participating in ladders reward you XP. When sufficient XP is reached, you will ascend to the next rank. At each rank, free trials of a premium membership(has its perks) and a choice of a secondary prize from the rank rewards list. Ladders are always going. Jump in, battle your way to the top and claim the prize at the end of the season! I host Free to play tournaments for prizes, either microsoft points, XP, credits, cash, games, and consoles! Since the site has been opened, about a month and a half ago, I've successfully held/completed 3 free to play tournaments with about $100 plus given out in prizes. Also gave a winning clan reputation by hosting a image of their clan on the home page. They love it. Gained a few members from it. Forums with game general information and how-to. You have a clan but don't have a site to discuss and showcase your clan? I offer clan sub-forum's and give MOD permissions to clan leaders to do what they wish within those forums, following specific guidelines of course. Just looking for people to play with? Come join! http://www.controllerwarfare.com
  6. I'm not sure if i am the only one here who has noticed that every match any player receives about 2500 xp. One match i went 7-23 and got 2,300xp. then when i went 26-3 i got 2,700xp. there should be a much bigger difference. i believe if you do bad then you should still get a decent amount of xp but if you do really good you should be rewarded appropriately. Also keep in mind when you see how much xp you got per match it does not include your challenges, which would also be a great improvement if added in an update.
  7. Challenges are the best way for someone to get tons of extra xp. The monthly challenge right now gets you 15000 xp. So if you ever need more xp, press start, go up, click on challenges, and see what you need to do.
  8. Hi guys, Microsoft released an email explaining that Europe won't be included in the email list for the "Specialization Codes". It makes me sick to be honest! Email: ** To receive early access to Specializations, you must purchase Halo 4 Standard Edition and play the game while connected to Xbox LIVE by 11:59:59 P.M. Eastern Time on November 20, 2012. A download code will be sent to the email address associated with your Xbox LIVE account by November 30, 2012; any email returned as nondeliverable will not be re-sent. Limit: one code per gamertag. Xbox LIVE Gold membership required for Halo Infinity Multiplayer (sold separately). Offer available to users 17 years of age and older in the following Xbox LIVE countries: United States, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, and India. Offer is nontransferable, not redeemable for cash, and cannot be combined with any other rebate or offer. In New Zealand, only adult accounts (18 years of age and older) can download or stream content over Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the recipient. Download charges may apply as set by your ISP. For Xbox LIVE Terms of Use and system requirements, see www.xbox.com/live. Offer provided by: Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052. Really sad there is a link to the page at the bottom of this post, when you click it, scroll down to the bottom of the page and read the small print for yourself! Halo 4 Specialization Email Manga
  9. There are so many things I love about this game, but the daily, weekly and monthly challenge xp disappearing is not one of them. It's so frustrating to complete a monthly challenge, move up to the next level and then logging in the next day find those 17000 xp missing (even though the challenge shows as complete) and your back to your previous level. I've learned not to count on the challenge xp at all in match making. I haven't noticed this issue in the other game types yet. Lag is my other complaint. 1 out of 5 games has major lag. Who else is frustrated with these?
  10. This **** is getting really old. What is the eta for you bull**** xp bug getting fixed. This should have been solved in the BETA testing and if you say you guys did not test the PVP before release then <insert explicits here>
  11. So I finished the monthly challenge this month as a brand new SR81 Pioneer today which catapulted me to SR83 in one game. I decided to take a break, but when I came back later I was at the beginning of SR82. What the freak?! I want my 15000 xp!
  12. Doing the first chapter of spartan ops on Halo 4 for some more xp. This will be on normal difficulty. Will be starting soon. If you want in, just join my game. My gamertag is: SizzleMyWizzle Note: This post is over...
  14. I'm SR53 stuck at 6249/18240XP after every game I play I don't receive any XP from matchmaking/spartan ops. Anyone else having this problem? It's extremely annoying and is discouraging me to play Halo 4.
  15. Let me start off by saying I have been a very dedicated and loyal Halo fan since day one. I appreciate that 343 has some big shoes to fill. The visual quality of Halo 4 is awesome and the nuances and additions to Halo 4 are growing on me as I become more comfortable with the game. I can't even begin to imagine the complexities behind building and maintaining a game like Halo 4 and because of that I have remained patient. However my patients are wearing thin and I am so saddened by the issues I have had with Halo 4 and the lack of customer support that I have finally reached out to this community. Seems as though the glory days of Halo are behind us. Disappointment and frustration are quickly becoming the two words I use most to describe Halo 4. I do not understand the business or entertainment value behind the move to limited XP during a 24 hour period and once you have reached level 70. I have the opportunity right now to play a lot and I was looking forward to it. 343 is telling some of the most dedicated Halo fans that our dedication is not appreciated and our long term enjoyment of this type of entertainment doesn't matter. How does it makes sense to neglect and penalize the most dedicated and loyal to the franchise? Why would I want to keep playing the game and get nothing in return? My XP from commendations and challenges evaporate so it feels like it is illogical to continue to play now with my friends as I am wasting the time and XP. For those who say "Why care about the XP?" I say "If It didn't add to the enjoyment and experience of online play, then why have it in the first place?" Clearly there is a rewarding feeling behind levels and and there is a huge emphasis in Halo 4 on gaining XP. After two new routers, one new xbox and 4 hours on the phone with Xbox tech support (as 343 didn't offer any) I have yet to determine why during almost every game I play online I get booted from my live party mid-match and then sit waiting on the "starting game" screen while everyone else is playing still. It's not the same as when everyone gets frozen because someone dropped out of the game as I will die multiple times during the freeze by the time I return to the game. Why is my DNF count so high. I don't quite mid-match ever? Why would I want to be dropped into a match that is almost over? Regardless of if I'm on the winning or loosing team. I'd rather wait for a game to start from the beginning. Why let players back out of matchmaking once they see the maps and they don't like them? This is just increasing the amount of people dropping and increasing the need for random players to join games mid match as well as causing games to load with only people on one team. I purchased the limited edition and still only have two specializations. Last but not least in the venting of my frustration, what purpose would my friends or anyone else have to want to level up if at the end is so easy to reach and there isn't anything you can do to further your online career once it's obtained? Though I feel this message may never reach the eyes of those who should be reading it. I hope at least that others can read this and feel as though they aren't the only ones that feel insulted and abandoned by 343. Good day and have fun!
  16. Hi there 343 employees (If you even read these) and members of the community, After reading through all the topics about this XP cap/ban that has been places and coming from experience mostly we all hate it. For myself I have been banned about 3-5 times and it is frustrating because like myself I enjoy playing the Spartan Ops online and due to getting a average of 6000 XP as you can tell I cap it very quick. And once you have capped there is no fun in playing the game unless it is campaign because there is no reward in what you have achieved in the games. Yes there will be haters out there who say "Just don't play as much" or "Go outside and do something else with your life". Yes trust me I do this because doing Spartan Ops it only takes about 3 hours to hit the XP cap. So I have some advice if you take it in or not. The advice is that go back and look at the past Halo's and see how they have dealt with this problem. For example Halo Reach has used, that when you rank up the XP cap is increased and so on, or you could just simply raise the cap higher then what it is currently at. I understand that the game is only new and has only been out for 20 days but saying that people are getting into the higher ranks and they need more XP. So please help all of us out by increasing or changing this cap. Thank you for reading. Sorry if this is in the wrong place.
  17. Hi guys I have a question that one of you may be able to answer. My level is capped at 70, does the XP I earn at the moment count towards my rank when the specialisation codes are released on the 30th?
  18. So I could complain for days about how dumb it is to send people into games that are one or two kills away from being over but I keep getting put into them and have lost a significant amount of my double xp tokens to this. I paid good money for the ability to use the double xp tokens and this is not fair use of them. Please refund me some dxp games.
  19. hey the credit cap is not fair to players who want to play more than one day!Come on i mean I only have 6 hours logged into the game!!!Xbox live support told me to post here to also say its unfair and needs to be fixed.Does it make sense that you be buy double xp to just be capped?Please spread this around as much as you can so they can fix this and I lost 17343 and more from it because I got the commendations when i got capped.Its just not fair how this can happen,I mean it takes that much xp to just to get to the next.So no im stuck here watching the menu and watching people outrank me because I cant do anything about it.343 you need to fix this now and not remove this post again.You cant do this to players because you did not state that there was a credit cap anywhere on the game,mtn dew lables,or preordering the game.Xbox live support told me to post and if that didnt have effect that the president of microsoft said he will make a personal call and fix the problem.All the players should be given back all the lost xp,or microsoft points,or even armor or double xp codes!!!
  20. From Friday (yesterday) until this morning (Saturday), I was playing with some friends. In Campaign mode, War Games and Spartan Ops. I started late yesterday, so I had no issues with the XP Cap until 11:30 PM or something like that. So I just wated for it to reset at 00:00. When it was resetted, I kept playing like before. Already at 2:00-2:30 AM this night I reached the XP Cap again (I believe it's around 75K Xp). Well, it's alright I guess. I'm not only playing for Xp, although it's nice to see progression except for kills and deaths. But then I noticed. I kept completing random challenges (different tiers), but after the matches was finished, there was no progression in my XP. This is ridiculous 343i! It's one thing to remove our ability to gain XP after a certain amount of playtime (75K +/- XP), but not letting us obtain the XP from Challenge Rewards... (facepalm ) I've completed alot of tier 3-4 challenges which would normally give me from 750xp to 2500xp per challenge, but I haven't gotten them. This also happened to me some days ago, but I just thought you'd get the XP Rewards afterwards, but no... Now I'm 2 games from the Weekly Challenge (117 War Games Completed). Knowing that I won't obtain the 17K XP from completing that Challenge makes me not want to play. 17K XP = 30 minutes of Spartan Ops (with a average team), or an hour with War Games. Seriously, think about it. Maybe fix it in the next Patch update? - Recon
  21. I just hit lvl 90 and for some reason my LE specializations were gone. I only had the option to choose from Wetwork and Operator. Is this a glitch or did you guys put a limit to the number of specializations that can be acquired. Also if this doesn't get fixed, how will I get the other specializations since I did not play Halo 4 before the 20th with a SE. Help please. Any commentary is much appreciated.
  22. Hey 343, I was playing flood today on Halo 4 with two of my friends as guests and the game told me that I was banned from gaining xp I am not a hacker, but I was in first and some one was raging on me and I killed him twice (fairly) and that happened!! Microsoft support told me to come here and plead my case. Could you please tell me what I did? And if I was wrongly banned could you please fix it? Thank you, Ukna999 P.s how long does the ban last?
  23. Hey guys i need help on somthing, i got this error msg (The Xbox LIVE Account: ****** has reached the maximum limit of 200 Double XP Matches for the promotion period. No more Double XP Matches may be applied to this Xbox LIVE Account) and i have yet to use any double xp, i need a number for calling but i do not know wich to call, 343 or mtn dew or doritos. Can anyone tell me why this glitch ocured? Beacuse i havent even played 200 matches yet in all, and i havent applyd any of my codes intill now ( and i only have 17)
  24. Hiya! I'm am willing to trade my extra double xp. I'll take the Fotus "in game" armor code. Send me a message on my gamertag.. "MeatWood". Thank you
  25. Ok, I know you probably get a million posts like this, but can someone please help me? Yesterday my match ended, and it said "This account has been temporarily banned from earning XP. http://halo4.com/ban" If you go that website, it's a forum thread that's 32 pages of people with my problem and not a single administrator reply. I know this might sound like an excuse, but I was talking with my friends on Skype, and they both have internet so bad they cannot play with each other. i didn't really feel like playing, but i just let my spartan sit there hosting the game so they could play with each other. I was just doing stuff on my laptop talking to them and then i saw that message pop up. No one seems to know how long the ban lasts. Can someone at least tell me that much?
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