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  1. Where is the damn file browser?!?! This was promised in 2018, they have been talking about it since 2015. Why do I have to use 3rd party sites to find maps to play with friends, when the original of the 360 version had a file browser built into the game?!?!
  2. Where is the damn file browser?!?! This was promised in 2018, they have been talking about it since 2015. Why do I have to use 3rd party sites to find maps to play with friends, when the original of the 360 version had a file browser built into the game?!?!
  3. So, a bit of background on this, I had a few ideas that Destiny could implement to make the game more fun and increase it's lifespan in the form of a new DLC, and there was a lot I had wanted to see in Crota's End that I didn't, so I figured I'd write my thoughts on what I would like to see in future expansions. Anyway, this is never really happening, but enjoy! Destiny Expansion III: The Frigid Gulf Includes- Six new exotic gear pieces and four new exotic weapons Weapons: . The Unmarked Grave – Exotic machine gun . Dying Wind – Exotic hand cannon . The Nine’s Fable – Exotic fusion rifle . Hush – Exotic pulse rifle Gear: . The Widow – Exotic gauntlets (Titan) . Minotaur’s Conscience – Exotic helmet (Warlock) . Jack’s Folly – Exotic helmet (Hunter) . Goblin’s Downpour – Exotic helmet (Titan) . Exodus – Exotic chest (Hunter) . Fame and Fortune – Exotic boots (Warlock) Two New Strikes One Man’s Treasure [level 28] On the frozen shores of Europa, a fallen ketch lays dead in the frigid waters with treasures untold, however still guarded by a sleeping kell. After arriving at the ketch, the first part of the strike is to get through a hatch at the top, which is relatively easy as there is no enemy forces sitting atop, however the second level is guarded by two indestructible fallen turrets. You must deploy your ghost into a nearby console to shut down the turrets, which is difficult as the console is amid the path near the turrets, and the second you are spotted you are fired on. This makes teamwork in this strike key as you need players to distract the turrets while you reach them. Once these turrets are shut down, the hard part begins. You reach a circular arena area, with a pod sitting in the middle. Suddenly, the walls burst, doors opening with older fallen, these fallen looking much different and more high tech than their future scavenger counterparts. Destroying these troops will prompt you to psychically open the middle pod, and when your guardian opens it, prepare to battle. Out comes a kell, Karok, dual wielding shotguns and with a roar, he stomps to the ground, his AI pursuing you with rage. It will take teamwork and time, but Karok can be brought down, as he drops two loot chests in his wake. Opening these chests can grant any sort of reward that is a legendary or above. After this, the strike is done. The Nine's Task [level 32] The Nine have issued you on a perilous journey deep within Europa’s snowy wastelands. Under an old colony base lies what is believed to be a vex hive centuries old. Your mission is to destroy these vex and what is controlling them before they awaken and march unto Europa’s surface. Arriving at the entrance of the base, you and your fireteam dig down into the base’s science center, where a few precursor vex and a precursor goblin are stationed. Fighting these vex off, you deploy your ghost and he unlocks a jammed door, only to enter into a room with a vex hydra absorbing energy from a nearby console, protected by quite a few precursors. The hydra, named crusader, has a full shield so you must use a nearby EMP cannon, which charges slowly but completely drops his shields for some time. After he is defeated, you discover he was attempting to relay information deeper below the station, and your ghost hacks an elevator, sending you into the frozen depths of Europa. In the icy cavern, many precursor vex goblins stand, seemingly inactive. As you dig down, you see more and more precursors frozen in this state, and reach the conflux room, in the middle of the room where currents run in a small cylindrical power core, firing on this unleashes the final boss. A mechanical roar is heard and one of the frozen rocky walls bursts open, a light blue precursor gatelord named arkyon, wielding a large vex slap rifle emitting a purple shot to the normal red one and doing void damage. He is supported by a legion of harpies with the same distinctive blue tone known as spitfires. Destroying the gatelord first is critical as he can spawn for spitfires which can grow into immense numbers. Once both are dead, your ghost reveals that the rest of the vex are awakening, and teleports you out in a cinematic cutscene with you and your fireteam. Three new story quests and many new bounties Frozen Hell – you are called upon by Kaliber, a member of the nine to investigate a crashed awoken ship on Europa’s frozen over coral reef. When you arrive, fallen are already scavenging the ship, littered with dead awoken and loot. You fend off the scavengers until you reach the ship’s cockpit door, locked, with a baron named Xylus and a group of vandals trying to get in. You eliminate these fallen and bust the door open in a cinematic cutscene, finding Kaliber at the helm, wielding a fallen dreg by the neck and crushing it, silencing him. He gestures you to leave as the mission finishes. Quarry’s End – Kaliber reports that the ship has sunken through Europa’s frozen ocean into a deep quarry, and the vex have made it their home. Your job is to board the ship and eliminate the ship’s reports which could spell the end of the nine. To reach the ship, you have to jump through the extremely large hole, which would kill you on impact unless you boost at the right time so caution is key. Landing on top of the now decimated ship, your ghost cuts a hole into the ship at the main hall, and when you jump in you are attacked by a group of goblins with a frozen appearance as their metal is much more silver and they are slower than usual. Killing these vex, you navigate to the engineering room, and a group of four hydras lay, siphoning power. These will not attack you unless you catch the gaze of a security camera, which emits a long blue light, so you should be able to see it. Sneaking by, you enter the log room and deploy your ghost, taking the information. A mechanical roar screams through the ship as a gatelord named arkyon blasts open one of the doors and enters, you need to make haste and get out of the ship the same way you came in as your ghost warns you that the vex are awakening throughout the ship due to seismic activity below Europa. Getting out through the hatch by jumping, you reach the top of your ship, and through the tunnels in the cavern, an extremely large hive ogre appears, Tagoth, the pet of Evyx. The creature blasts its large stream of bright blue light at the ship, blasting a giant hole in it shaking the ground. As it makes a dash at the ship to tear it apart, your ghost teleports you out. The Myth of The Nine – One final order is issued by Kaliber straight from The Nine, to eliminate the fallen kell that betrayed The Nine and killed one of their agents, this is your chance to end the House of Kings. The mission opens on a frozen colony bridge on Europa, fallen and vex battling it out as the bridge dangles, barely surviving the harsh snow and combat. You must rush through the forces to the kell, named Krosis, seen commanding the troops from atop a spider tank, making the tank look small in comparison to his brutish size. When he sees you, his tank pulls back, opening a fallen field that cannot be pierced by bullets or entered. To take down this shield, you must eliminate the two fallen walkers on the bridge with siphons at the top. After doing this, the shield goes down and the walker retreats back, supporting the kell as he fights you, a sword in one hand and a sniper in the other. Only after taking out the support tank can Krosis be killed, though he can still attack you. After a long fight Krosis is eliminated by your hand, and the bridge begins to collapse, fallen and vex beginning to slide off, you must run up as fast as possible to a nearby ledge, as your ghost prepares to summon your ship. Once you reach the ledge, a cutscene begins and your guardian jumps from the ledge unto your ship, just barely making it as you fly away, the wreckage of the bridge behind you. Completing this mission unlocks a legendary auto rifle named ‘The Nine’s Spirit’ that fires explosive rounds instead of having arc, void, solar, or kinetic damage. One New Raid The Roar of God – deep below Europa, evyx lives, leading the hive tunneling through the planet to it’s core and exhausting it of it’s resources, as well as preventing our reclamation. You and a team of 12 guardians must tunnel below and face a hive god that has destroyed an entire world.[level 32] *(This mission must be played by 12 people, no more, no less.) Arriving at the same hole in the ‘Quarry’s End’ mission, you must venture down deep below to the now desolate area with only burnt wreckage lying about. You must then destroy a fallen outpost below to steal three devil walkers that can be operated by two players each. These are essential to opening a hole into Eryx’s home. Taking out the base, led by a group of barons, you board the tanks from an opening in the back, and one player must drive the slow vehicle while the other guns. The other six players are responsible for eliminating the fallen on the way. Soon after, you reach a large cavern with waves of hive coming that require a fallen hardlight shield which must be taken from a nearby ketch. Your tanks need to fire on the ketch and get it lower, which will allow you to scale rock formations and board. Once on, a team of about three must enter the engine room and grab it, leaving as fast as possible. The shield needs to be operated by three people as well, so take that into account. Getting to the ground, once you have the shield a large platoon of wizards will enter the cavern and make a rush for your team, first, the center player must deploy the first part of the shield, and two beams will extend from both the left and right sides of the shield, two small triangular figures on both ends. Then, the other two must also deploy these two to fully activate the shield, and they must hold it for as long as possible, which drains health from the three slowly but steadily. This forces the team to use the shield wisely and only when needed. You will hear a roar after a certain amount of waves and you can relax as the waves stop and that is your signal to move forward. Now the tanks are no longer needed, and must be abandoned, so feel free to leave them. Near the end of the cavern, a hive designed console sits, activating this will open a hive door near the top of the cavern, getting there requires skillful scaling of the wall’s rock. Each member of the raid team must individually scale the pieces of rock carefully to reach the opening. Once there, you must travel through the small tunnels into a large room where fallen bodies lay, trapped in the pavement in the ground. These fallen’s eyes will soon glow green, signaling the next phase, the room begins to close upon itself, no opening in sight, this requires a titan with the ward of dawn ability as when he deploys it the door will struggle against it and push back upward, giving you time to exit to the other door in the room, however, to get all twelve out it might take two ward of dawns consecutively, depending on the speed of the team. But if one single player dies in the closing room, he cannot respawn for the rest of the raid unless the team restarts from the last checkpoint. After this phase, the final phase begins. You reach a throne room, a hive wizard sitting on the throne, Evyx, the daughter of Oryx. Two doors open next to the wizard, her bodyguards, the hive knights emerge, both carrying cleavers with a dark energy upon them. These hive are nearly invincible, can only be effected by solar damage, and will instantly kill you and prevent your respawn if they hit you. Staying high and far away from the knights is best as your team uses solar to take them both out. When the two are killed, the wizard summons Tagoth to destroy you. He is the last guard standing in your way, and you must kill him by using the environment such as falling rocks which you will be notified of. After the colossal creature is dead, Evyx stands and sends a shockwave out into your team of twelve, teleporting six random players to the moon as the six must fend off hive whilst the other half weakens the wizard, and after enough hits, the six sent off will return, one cursed with ‘The Nomad’s Folly’ in a short time the player will explode and die, and this damage will stun Evyx if used at the right time. When that player is dead he cannot return, so be aware of that and make every shot count. Teleportation will happen about three more times before Evyx grants all players ‘The Vision of Oryx’ in a last ditch effort, which will stun guardians into place, meaning you can only turn your head and gun, not move or jump. In one final effort, Evyx will die from enough damage and the curse will be lifted, granting players new raid gear or one of the above exotics. And yeah, that's my idea for the third expansion. Let me know what you think, questions, comments, and criticism are always welcome. Peace out ladies and gentlemen.
  4. This is a summary of what features I think Halo Wars 2 should incorporate prior to launch. All other ideas and opinions are welcome. 1. Option to lock your troops up inside your base while being trained. This is an important feature if you are trying to protect your new units. 2. Keep the veteran feature. When a unit has been in battle and survived he can accumulate a set amount of stars making it progressively stronger. These are the only two I can think of right now... If I come up with more if possible I will update.
  5. So the new update featured some new skins and armors and all that jazz, so I just wanted to put out there the idea of adding new assassinations. I don't know about everyone else but I love the idea of being able to pick your own custom assassination. Mainly, I just want to create a topic to suggest some new ones. For example: I would personally love to see an RKO assassination in the game. It'd be hilarious and awesome.
  6. I have seen the dev diary that showed in campaign the spartan's HUDs are based on what their helmets look like so that got me wondering and I haven't seen this anywhere else. Does this mean in multiplayer the helmet you pick will effect what your HUD looks like? That sounds really cool to me and would add an additional factor to picking helmets, I welcome thoughts and if anyone knows the answer please share.
  7. Do you think 343 is willing to remake or remaster Halo Reach in the next 5 years for the XB1? What do you think?
  8. I thought they could bring firefight back, with some new modes. There could be brutes, grunts, jackals, maybe storm elites, flood, and promethean knights, crawlers, and watchers. So what do you think?
  9. Hi, In This post I'd like to mark down some Ideas for some new Vehicles and Weapons. For all UNSC, Covenant and Prometheans. 1.The Spectre, The Spectre in Halo 2 was one of my favourites. It was the equvilent to the UNSC Warthog. They should also make something like a Promethean version too. 2.Promethean Vehicles: Yes I know everyone wants them very bad. I want some too. Here are some Ideas I want about them. When you like get inside one itll like Transform and something like that. Like how the promethean weapons when you hold them for the first time in the game. Do not make them spawn to much for as they may be overpowered as 343 may make them. 3. Bring back Dual Weilding of weapons. And bring back some of the main dual weild weapons such as SMG and Plasma Rifle. 4. In maps they should have more randmon oradance drops and maybe some random guns laying in the ground like in previous Halo's. 5. Maybe bring back Grenade Launcher from Halo Reach or even have it as a Warthog Turret type. That is all my ideas. I will keep editing the forum as I may keep getting my own new ideas! Feel free to leave your own ideas in the reply section too. May Halo 5 be a good one!
  10. Hello 343i, If you happen to be reading this then I hope this helps. I want firefight in halo 5 so much as well as a lot of others do too, but if you do bring back firefight then I think it needs to have some new options, I want to be able to have a short amount of time between rounds so that players can run towards some special type of building where you can buy things with the points that you make from killing enemies... Now this is where it gets interesting! So I've been thinking of things that would make the firefight experience quite amazing using the things you can buy in game: Automated turrets that you can set up around the map, traps that you can plant anywhere, MARINES yes that's right and ODST units that you can see falling out of the sky in their drop pods and you can tell them where to defend or follow you and if you eventually have enough points you can buy an expensive spartan which will help you a lot,and of course you should be able to buy any weapon or vehicle except mammoths. And that's about it for the buying thing, now there is another thing I thought about: How about an option to spawn enemies and allies in forge that give players the ability to create massive, long lasting open battles ( which would be even better with the flood... Hint hint). Anyway, I hope the community and developers liked these ideas, goodbye for now - RememberR3ACH
  11. ok so before I get straight into it, I will note that I would like this to be a full on large project, not a half effort try, if people would like to help we would have to keep minimalism on continuity errors which means we must have knowledge about the background of halo before implementing ideas. I have already started working on this project, the idea is that extending spartan ops with more missions would be cool, so I started forging linear maps that use dominion, extraction, etc. to create the missions. I have found it difficult to split the red team loadouts from the blue team's and am stuck on using a communal weapon as a primary with no secondary and the spawns have ordinance drops with all the team weapons. If anyone has knowledge of a game type that splits red team loadouts from blue team loadouts or to simply remove the weapon, that would aid me significantly on this project. The only game modes that need this are: -dominion -extraction -king of the hill -flood. If this does not exist than the communal weapon would have to stay. That should not be too much of a problem however. Another note is that when I renew my gold membership I will be hosting/joining games for this project once the maps and gametypes have been fully tested and refurnished. The first episode takes place after the halo 4 events when infinity arrives back at earth and a full covenant invasion is taking place. If anyone has any ideas/questions for/about the project, post them and I will try to implement/answer as many them as possible. Also if anyone has any experienced knowledge of forging professional maps I will gladly send the maps/invite to forges for refurnishing. The more help the better.
  12. just btw i drew these I thought that it could be implimented in Halo 5, not as a driveable vehicle but sort of like the passing scarabs in the pillar of autumn in halo reach. Like maybe the player could ride inside during part of a mission, like the mammoth, but it could also be a sort of mobile fortress. As you can see it is heavily inspired by the mammoth, but with slightly different body and components. Its is intended to pick up vehicles and repair them. This is an amphibeous vehicle that can traverse rocky terrain, rivers and lakes and arid enviroments. The secondary tire on the rear end of the vehicle can move to suit the landscape and can also revolve to provide more traction in water. I had the idea that it could be a driveable vehicle that you could use in a mission, and also maybe in forge and spartan ops. It would be fast and able to speed through the water, and you would have to keep the air-fighter intact and make sure it doesn't fall off, and also you'd have to escape the prometheans/covenant.
  13. Things I want to see in the next Halo Game If these things are added many many Fans will love this game forever. Many are community desired however I added some of my own thoughts such as a new Warthog. Most of the community will find things they want in here. Map Remakes Blood Gulch Halo CE (Not a forged one a real one) Last Resort Halo 3 (I would like it to have the Zanzibar Halo 2 Doors) Sidewinder Halo CE Lockout Halo 2 (This is a fan favorite you would do yourself a great favor here) Headlong Halo 2 Sand Trap Halo 3 (Another favorie make sure you have Elephants or Mammoths) Forge World Halo Reach Impact Halo 4 (Make it bigger and perhaps have Space Craft such as Sabers and Serephs) Armor and Weapons More realistic armor (Like Reach. Halo 4s Multiplayer Armor felt Alien and cartoony I much prefer Halo Reachs gear) ODST Gear (This was a personal favorite I was very sad to see it not in Halo 4) Re-adding of Covenant Elites as Multiplayer Characters (This was aweful for Machinimas also make them customizable like in Halo 3) Weapon Customization (As in perhaps the MA5D Ammo Counter Color or other color options. Maybe the ability to engrave your Callsign into the gun.) SMG return (The Saw was awesome however so are SMGs) Flame Thrower return Vehicles Spectre Return Grizzly Tank Transport Hog Civilian Hog Halo 3 Style Mongoose Falcon Hornet Elephant or Mammoth Variant Vehicle Skins / Colors (Snowy, Desert, Urban, Jungle, Standard Colors) New Vehicle Spartan Laser Warthog (X shaped mount with Spartan Lasers on each end they coyld fire all at once or in a clock-wise pattern) Multiplayer Stuff Invasion Return Flood looking Flood Mode Larger Lobbies 10-30 Forge Maps auto download to players (When they are going to play a Forge Map it auto downloads when the match starts or in the lobby) Popular Forge Maps added to match making based on Reccomends or maybe a whole Game Lobby for Forge Maps Forge Stuff Dynamic Lighting done in a preview mode or something to make forging less annoying Precision Forging Return More Round Pieces Terrain Editor (Dig Tunnels Raise hills add water etc) Ability to save multiple pieces as one new piece More Scenery stuff (More Rock types, Trees, Brush, Broken Walls, fire, Covenant Sniper Tower, Bodies, Destroyed Vehicles) Return of Purple Special FX thing (Night Time stuff is fun) Weather Options (Raining, Day, Alien, Night, Snowing) Terrain Options (Sandy, Swampy, Alien, Snowy, Rocky, Grassy) Piece Styles (Can change at will with Bumpers (Covenant, UNSC, Halo Ring Forunner, Requiem Forunner) ) Piece Overlays (Damaged, Nature Covered, Flood Covered, Rusted) More Money Doors (Doors that activate on button press that come in multiple sizes) ODST Drop Pods (They function on button press and land the same way weapon drops do. On landing pd door blows outward and kills enemies if they are in the way to prevent camping) Custom Powerups return Feel Free to add on to the list!
  14. Hello developers, here is my feedback on your game Halo 4. I have played a lot of H4 and a lot of H Reach. Here are my ideas and my feedback, from the most important to the least. Multiplayer: I liked: - No armor lock - graphics are cool - ranking system - weapon damage update, especially the buff for the AR - loadouts. I loved to be able to choose my gear. - being able to walk fast with a detached tourret Overall it was a really great game, I stopped playing to focuse better on college. I disliked: - how come that on launch, the DMR had both a shorter killtime and a bigger range than the BR? That to me is very very sloppy. - The killtimes are too fast. The good thing about Halo is that when you are getting shot, you have time to react: to get away, let you shields recharge and have a balanced battle or to turn around and fight back. In H4, you don't even have the time to turn around and fire a shot on your opponent before you are dead. - The maps weren't good enough. There were no maps that actually sucked. What I missed was the interaction between different parts of the map. In H4, it felt like the maps would split up the field into many smaller battlefields, that had nothing to do with one another. I didn't feel like I followed a certain strategy while moving around the maps, I would just go were the enemies were and shoot them, and that would be enough. I don't understand why you don't just remake older maps? Sorry, but if the new stuff you are creating is not better than the older stuff, it seems pointless to make new maps from scratch. Also, please get rid of these map packs. Make them mandatory. I feel so frustrated buying them, seeing that the maps were acutally very good, and then not having many people online to play these maps with. Make the game a little more expensive but include the map packs in the standard edition. - gametypes: it is a good idea to keep the amount of gametypes smaller in order to have a bigger population in the playlists. But then shuffle through the playlists faster!! - some power weapons were way to easy to use: the railgun, the beam rifle, the SAW and the Gauss hog tourret. Power weapons need to be difficult to some degree, or the game just feels like a joke. When I picked up a beam rifle in team snipers, and stayed focused, the rest of the kills I would make would be snapshots. I would loose interest as soon as I got one of these easy power weapons in my hands, because I knew it would be very easy. - you could have been more creative with the promethean weapons - you basically made other versions of the human and covenant weapons. The caracteristics of the weapons could have been more dominant: give the dmr a significantly slower killtime, bloom but a really big zoom (4x). You made the assault rifles stronger in the weapon update, which I loved. They suddenly felt correct and were a viable option. The storm rifle should drain shields faster but health slower. - the plasma grenades were much harder to stick to people, since everyone was further away from one another since the players were fast and the maps so big - so they should have had a bigger explosion radius and a more violent explosion animation / sound like in Halo Reach. - Pulse grenades - felt like throwing baloons at people. Come on, you can have things very differently between campaign and multiplayer - make the pulse grenades useful! Make them always drain shields quickly and simply collapse in the end. Here, the animation and sound of the final explosion was way bigger than the damage caused, which created an annoying experience. - Why did you reduce the amount of grenades in the game drastically by disabling the pick up of grenades from dead bodys by default? H3 had a ton of grenades an no one complained. I would have loved to have more grenades in Halo 4, please make picking up grenades from dead bodys the default ability again. - How can the hard light shield deflect rockets and tank shots? That doesn't make sense and is frustrating for the rocket guy. Imo, the hard light shield should not reflect anything and it should be destroyable by rockets etc... Campaign: I liked: - Cinematics were extraordinary. - I disliked: - the prometheans: they didn't add new interesting gameplay imo. You just shot them until they dropped. Also, the crawlers were ridicoulous: would the forerunners, who build Halo, who are extremely advanced, build "dogs that shoot you"? No. - could you make the AR and melees more strong in the campaign, so that they make more sense? Master Chief is so strong, he should set a grunt flying in the air upon impact. He can also just rip their gas mask away. It feels ridicoulous when a grunt survives a melee attack. The AR should rip through groups of grunts like butter. - nothing looked threatening. Maybe you wanted to sell the game to kids, but come on - go more in the direction of Halo Reach or even ODST to make things interesting for adults.
  15. Dear 343... This topic is just a fan opinion which only suggests ideas to improve the Halo multiplayer specially the multiplayer of the next Halo game. If you don´t agree with these ideas, just close the video and don´t post ****** because you only make destructive sugestions and not constructive. If you want to share your opinion you´re welcome, but remember, post something constructive and good. If you agree with these ideas, vote yes in the poll, every yes will count as a signature... Also as native spanish speaker I will post this in spanish as a second language (English first of course) to those who doesn´t speak english very well and for Mexico and south america Este video contiene sugerencias y opiniones de un fan para mejorar el multijugador de Halo, en especial el multijugador de la próxima entrega. Si tu no estas de acuerdo con estas ideas, cierra el video y no comentes mierda puesto que solo haces sugerencias destructivas en lugar de hacer algo constructivo. Si quieres compartir tus ideas, eres bienvenido. Si estas de acuerdo con estas ideas, entonces vota "yes" en la encuesta, cada "yes" contara como una firma --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear 343i, I want to congratulate you for the amazing and brand new campaign you brought to Halo 4, I really enjoyed playing the SP and Spartan Ops it was really fun, but I feel ashamed about how you destroyed the multiplayer and I don´t want to be offensive. Querido 343i Quiero felicitarlos especialmente por el increible trabajo y la nueva campaña que trajeron a Halo 4, en realidad disfrute jugar la campaña y Spartan Ops, era muy divertido, pero me siento avergonzado de como ustedes destruyeron el multijugador y no quiero ser ofensivo. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 343 You and Us know the big failure the multiplayer was and I am here to share you some ideas that I´ve wanted to see in Halo Games and I am sure many will agree, and these ideas are just to improve the multiplayer and give life back to the Halo multiplayer. 343 tanto ustedes como nosotros, saben el gran fracaso que el multijugador fue y estoy aquí para compartir algunas ideas que he querido ver en los juegos de Halo, y estoy seguro que muchos estarán de acuerdo conmigo, ye stas ideas son solo para mejorar el multijugador y resucitar el multijugador de Halo. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ REMOVE CUSTOM LOADOUTS! Custom Loadouts destroy the gameplay easily, and this is a 100% COD feature. Letting players choose plasma grenades, boltshot, camo and other noob features only destroy the gameplay making Halo not a game of skill but a game of survival... Halo Reach loadouts were better because the game only gave you an AR and magnum or a DMR and a magnum, but if you want grenades and more weapons you have to find them in the map. It would be better if loadouts get removed completely from the game. Los loadouts destruyen el gameplay por completo facilmente y esta es una novedad 100% de COD. Dejar a los jugadores entre escojer granadas de plasma, boltshot, camo y otras novedades noobs solo destruyen el gameplay y Halo no se vuelve un juego de estrategia se vuelve un juego de sobrevivencia. Los loadouts de Halo reach fueron mejor por que el juego solo te daba un RA y una magnum o un DMR y una amgnum, pero si querias más granadas o más armas tu debías encontrarlas en el mapa. IMPROVE THE SPARTANS ARMOUR The designs are not bad, they´re quite good but Spartans doesn´t look like spartans, they look like Power rangers. Los diseños no son malos, son bastante buenos pero los spartans ya no parecen spartans, parecen Power Rangers. BRING BACK ELITES, PLAYABLE BRUTES AND ODSTS... These would be great specially for machinima making, also bringing more playable characters as brutes would be awesome and more fun and of course making the characters equal in multiplayer or may be... Brutes are slower but have a deadly melee attack, or ODST are weaker but they´re faster when sprinting and reloading but I think this may sound ridiculous so I think it is better to make character´s damage, speed equal. Esto sería grandioso especialmente para la creación de machinimas, tambien traer más personajes como brutes sería increible y más divertido y por supuesto hacer a los personajes equitativos en el multijugador o quizas.... Los brutes sean más lentos pero con un golpe mortal o los ODSTs mas debiles pero rapidos al esprintar y recarga pero creo que esto suena un poco ridiculo así que creo que lo mejor sería dejar a todos los personajes equitativos. BRING BACK INVASION Invasion was fun in Reach, now that 343 introduced the prometheans, it would be awesome to make Invasion gametypes of Humans vs Forerunner, Covenant vs Forerunner, Human vs covenant and of course bringing prometheans as playable characters would be great but I don´t know if this is a good idea. Invasión fue muy divertido en each, ahora que 343 introdujo a los prometeos, sería genial hacer juegos de invasión humanos vs forerunner, covenant vs forerunner, humanos vs covenant y claro traer a los prometeos como personajes jugables y eso sería genial pero no se si sea buena idea. REMOVE ARMOUR HABILITIES... ¿Am i the only one here that thinks, sprint and evade should be the only armour abilities? Acaso soy el único aquí que piensa que esprintar y evadir deberian ser las unicas habilidades de armadura? CAMOUFLAGE LIKE A HALO 3 POWERUP Since Halo Reach it was ridiculous to choose camo as an armour hability and now letting this feature in Halo 4 makes it worse, camouflage should be like in Halo 3, picking up that shiny blue ball in the map every 2 minutes. Desde Halo Reach, fue ridiculo en escojer el camo como una habilidad de armadura y ahora dejar en esta opción en Halo 4 lo hace peor, el camuflaje deberia ser como en Halo 3, cojiendo esa bola azul en el mapa y esperar a que aparesca cada 2 segundos. ADD CUSTOM MAPS IN ALL PLAYLISTS IN MATCHMAKING Playing the same defaults and bad-made forge maps everytime makes the game boring, Halo 3 used to have some great maps in all playlists. Jugar los mismos mapas predeterminados y mal hechos en forge todo el tiempo hace el juego aburrido, Halo 3 solia tener muy buenos mapas en todas las listas de juego. STOP ADDING THE SAME AND BORING OBJECTS FROM FORGE... Since Halo reach, the forge was good but the problems were the structures, structures with the same textures is not good and fun, it would be great to place an object and choose a different texture in the forge editor, to make the map different. Halo 4 has the same forge objects from reach but only with "human" textures, which that´s not cool. Desde Halo Reach, el forge fue bueno pero los problemas eran las estructuras, estructuras con la misma textura no es bueno y divertido, seria genial colocar un objeto y escojer una textura diferente en el editor de forge para hacer al mapa diferente. Halo 4 tiene los mismos objetos de forge de reach pero solamente con texturas "humanas" y eso no es bueno. BRING BACK SANDBOX AND FOUNDRY FROM HALO 3... Many good memories and awesome maps were born in these maps, it would be great to bringing them back with better graphics and gameplay, and also many forgers used to create great art and sculptures in these maps. Muchos buenos momentos y mapas nacieron en estos mapas, sería genial traerlos de vuelta con mejores gráficos y gameplay y tanbien los forgers solian crear gran arte y sculturas en estos mapas. ADD AN OPTION TO BOOT PLAYERS WITH THE TEAM´S CHOOSE... Left 4 dead 2 has a system where the team can boot a player if his behaviour is bad or stressing, I don´t know but In halo reach I´ve seen many players commiting suicide until they reach -15 in the score table, and the worst part is that theres nothing you can do agains him. Halo 4 still having those damn jumpers only to rank up and let their team do all the work. L4D2 tiene un sistema para expulsar a un jugador en caso de tener comportamiento inadecuado o estresante, No se pero en reach he visto a muchisimos jugadores cometer suicidio hasta llegar a -15 en puntos y lo peor de todo es que no puedes hacer nada contra el, Halo 4 todavia tiene a esos malditos jumpers solo para subir de nivel y dejar al equipo hacer todo el trabajo. LET US PLAY UNDERWATER... I know this sounds ridiculous but hey! ¿Who doesn´t like water in games? ¿Who doesn´t want to add water to their maps? Halo Reach have cool water and underwater maps but now in Halo 4 you can´t even touch the water. Se que suena ridiculo pero hey! ¿A quien no le gusta el agua en los juegos? ¿Quien no quisiera añadir agua en sus mapas? Halo reach tiene mapas de agua y bajo el agua muy buenos, pero ahora en Halo 4 ni siquiera puedes tocar el agua. BRING BACK THE OLD SNIPER... The firs time I invited my friends to play Halo 4 and when I picked up the sniper they just laughed.... ¿WTF with the sniper? I mean it looks like an old car radio with a rifle below it... The Halo reach sniper was awesome and 343 Im sure you can make a more badass sniper than reach. Oh and also the sounds... Halo 4 sniper sounds *** compared to the older ones. Even a plasma pistol sounds powerful than the sniper La primera vez que invite a mis amigos a jugar Halo 4 y cuando coji el sniper ellos se rieron.... ¿Que carajo con el sniper? Parece un radio de un auto viejo y un rifle abajo de el, el sniper de reach era increible y estoy seguro de tu 343i puedes hacer un rifle más "chingon" que el de reach. Ah y tambien los sonidos, el sniper de Halo 4 suena *** comparado a los viejos. Incluso una pistola de plasma suena más poderosa que el sniper. ADD CUSTOM MAPS TO LIVING DEAD... Im not a noob, and I must admit that Halo 3´s living dead was awesome and really fun, specially for those custom and fun maps. But it started to suck when in Reach Living dead was only on default maps. No soy un noob, pero debo de admitir que Living dead en halo 3 fue increible y muy divertido, especialmente por esos mapas personalizados. Pero comenzó a apestar cuando en reach, living dead solo era en mapas predeterminados. BRING BACK EVADE... Evade was simply awesome, I must admit that the Halo 4 "evade" completely sucks, evade from reach used to make the spartans more "pro" Evadir fue simplemente increible, debo de admitir que el evadir de halo 4 (mochila propulsora) apesta completamente, evadir de Halo reach hacia que los spartans se vieran más pros. ADD RANKING SYSTEMS IN PLAYER CARDS... Halo 3 have the rank level in every player tag. Specially bring back the 1-50 rank systems Halo 3 tiene el nivel de cada jugador en su etiqueta de jugador, en especial traigan de regreso el sistema de 1-50 ADD HALO 3´S RANKING SYSTEM... If you lose, you don´t rank up, if you win, you rank up... simple. Since reach I hated when noobs can reach to inheritor, but they were forerunners not because they were good because they used to play all day Halo reach. Si pierdes, no subes, si ganas, subes... simple. Desde Halo reach odie cuando los noobs podian llegar a ser herederos pero eran herederos no por ser buenos, sino por que jugaban todo el tiempo Halo reach. REMOVE TACTICAL PACKAGE AND SUPPORT UPGRADE Seriously WTF was that? 100% COD features and useless in Halo, this was a bad idea 343. En serio que carajos? 100% novedad de COD e inutil en Halo, esto fue una mala idea 343. BRING A NEW FORGE WORLD... Flat islands were something awful in my opinion, I know many players wanted a flat map to forge easily but you should bring a huge map like forge world and with few flat zones, to make the ambient have more variety of resources and stuff, also as said before bringing forge objects with different textures. Flat islands fue algo vergonzoso en mi opinion, se que muchos jugadores querian un mapa plana para hacer forge facil pero deberian traer un mapa gigante como forge world y con algunas zonas planas, para hacer que el ambiente tenga más variedad y recursos y cosas, además de traer objetos con diferentes texturas. RELEASE A PUBLIC BETA This was your main mistake 343i, the idea of not releasing a Beta, if you really care about the Halo fans and what to do the best possible for the fans and Halo Universe, then listen to them and release a public beta for your next AAA halo game. At the beginning of Halo 4, the multiplayer was lacking a lot of playlists, weapons were unbalanced, etc. Este fue tu problema principal 343i, la idea de no lanzar un Beta, si en realidad te preocupas por los fans de Halo y hacer lo mejor posible para los fans y el universo de Halo, entonces escuchalos y lanza una beta publica para tu proximo titulo AAA de Halo. Al principio de Halo 4, el multijugador carecia de muchas listas de juego, armas sin balance, etc. REMOVE ORDNANCE PROPS Another thing that ruins the multiplayer completely, also overshields should be as a Halo 3 powerup, that Red ball in the map to pick up and wait for 2-3 minutes to be respawned. Otra cosa que arruina el multijugador por completo, tambien los sobreescudos deberian ser como en Halo 3, esa bola roja en el mapa que cojias y esperabas entre 2 a 3 minutos para que apareciera. IMPROVE AUTOAIM AND WEAPON MAGNETISM Halo 4 is too damn easy when shooting somebody, the auto aim and weapon magnetism is just huge, every noob can give easy headshots in the game. Now Im back to Halo 3 and Halo 3 is now too hard to play, aiming is hard because of Halo Reach and 4 aim systems. The aim system should be like Halo 3 where it takes full skill to shoot in the head. Halo 4 is muy facil al dispararle a alguien, el auto aim y el magnetismo de las armas es muy grande, cualqueir noob puede dar headshots en el juego. Ahora que estoy de regreso en Halo 3, es muy dificil de jugarlo, apuntar es dificil por el sistema que me acostumbre en Reach y 4. El sistema de mira deberia ser como en Halo 3, donde toma habilidad completa para hacer headshots. BRING BACK SOCIAL PLAYLISTS One of the biggest mistakes since reach it was to mix veterans with newbies, the social and clasificatories playlists in Halo 3 are better because if you want to have fun or a good time and if you weren´t good at the game, then social playlists are for you. If you are a veteran or good player who wants to rank up, then go to the other playlists. Uno de los errores más grandes desde reach fue mezclar veteranos con novatos, las listas sociales y clasificatorias en Halo 3 son mejores porque si querias tener un buen rato o divertirte y si no eras bueno en el juego, entonces las listas sociales son para ti. Si eres un jugador veterano o bueno que quiere subir de rango, entonces ve a las clasificatorias. REMOVE KILL CAMS A plagiarism from COD, I mean... Kill cams are not bad, but they never worked in Halo, all the time the kill cam show me the player shooting to the wall or anywhere but not me. If you are going to keep them, then you should improve them. Un plagio completo de COD, me refiero a que... Las kill cams no son malas pero nunca funcionaron en Halo, todo el tiempo la camara me mostraba al jugador disparando a una pared o a otra parte pero nunca a mi. Si van a mantenerlas, al menos deberian mejorarlas. IMPROVE THE INTERFACES The new Halo 4´s interface was awful, didn´t look great, I really miss the old interfaces specially the one in reach where at the left you could see the player tag and his spartan when you selected him. La nueva Interfaz de halo 4 es horrible, no se ve bien. Extraño mucho las viejas interfaces especialmente la de reach donde a la izquierda podias ver la etiqueta del jugador y su espertan al seleccionarlo. I know everygame has to evolve, but halo is one of those game who can´t change or can´t have a huge change. Thank you for reading these ideas and hope you like them. In a short summary it will be awesome to bring back a Halo 3 multiplayer experience with sprint and evade, with new gen graphics. With love, a Fan... and a Newbie Game Developer. Se que todo juego debe evolucionar, pero halo es de esos juegos que no pueden cambiar o al menos tener un cambio tan drástico. Gracias por leer estas ideas y espero que les gusten. En resumen corto, sería genial tener de vuelta la experiencia del multijugador de Halo 3 con esprintar, evadir y gráficos de nueva generacion. Con amor, un fan... y un novato en el desarrollo de videojuegos.
  16. Anyone got any forge build ideas? It sounds a bit cheesy but I was wondering if you had any ideas on what to build and maybe you could join me. If you would like to, my GT is WardoMichael thanks, WardoMichael
  17. These would make terrible movie's, no doubt about it. Weeds This is an action comedy about a guy struggling to make ends meet(played by will smith ). He mows lawns to make money. Then one one day a plant experiment escapes a lab. The entire city is infested with giant, man eating plants. In the end, the guy has to use an experimental lawn mower to fight the weeds and save the city. The Grim Harvester The Grim Reaper is having trouble killing people. Everyone has guns, and hes stuck with a scythe. Don't get him started about the time when the swat teams came. Then he gets a combine, and well, you get the idea. TOTAL CHAOS. post your own terrible ideas!
  18. Ok, story elemets: I think Arbiter should come back, there are many people that want him back I am sure, and new elites would be pretty cool, like, maybe a FEMALE.:} The story can focus on killing of the last of the storm covvies and the Didact, maybe the campaign can be H2 styled, it can focus on Arby's and Chief's story. Also new spartans would be nice, and I strongly suggest ones from the books/comics like Blue Team. Weapons, equipment, and abilities: SMG, MA5B, a select fire BR, carbine, mauler, duel-wielding, equipment from H3, that missel launcher from GOO, and the MA5K. This would be soo cool to have, select fire would be cool too. Armor: MARK 5, why was it not in H4? Hayabusa, SPI, Mark 4, Grey Team armor. Extras: Being able to fight from the ground, to space, and destroy enemy ships in MM and campaign (Like Battlefront!!!!!) The character customization should be like Soul Calibur's. I want to change the face and voice. Let me see your ideas.
  19. Hey guys! If you stumbles across this thread, then lucky you! Here, We can discuss any Halo 5 ideas with the community, And no matter how crazy they may be, We would still love to see them! So please take your time and think of ideas. Im sure everyone wants to hear them! RULES 1. Dont be rude, Discuss things in a mature manner. 2. Dont spam your ideas over and over. 3. Have fun discussing your ideas, Be known for your creativity! Here is an idea from me to get us started! I think we should be able to make 1 specific item for a custom game we made, Like teacher! I always thought it would be cool if the teacher ran around with a sharp feather pen that he stabs the students (Zombies) with and crosses their name out with their blood on a piece of paper... Weird idea, I know. But we need a little more humor for custom games.
  20. This video will tell you what goes through my mind when I think about halo. What I would like to see and play as. I'd like to mix it up a bit and have different playlist as well as characters. I hope they change it up just a bit so people can get a good laugh out of halo just like the playlist "Mini Slayer" Fun and new. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdohz7fijd0
  21. Forge: Ideas in Evolution Throughout our time with the Forge, in various Halo iterations, we've witnessed the progression of the system towards a more well-rounded experience and set of tools. Some of the changes have been invaluable and make the past look archaic, while others have left many of us in the lurch wonderning why something would be removed. Regardless of where we are now, it's important that we directly address the future and evolution of this beloved feature of the Halo franchise. While not all thoughts posted may be winners, all constructive ideas will help guide what we would like the Forge to become. Please submit your stories of both toil and love for the system, so that we can steer this ship towards a greater tomorrow! =^..^=
  22. Hello everyone I would like to make a topic speaking a little bit into the future, the future being Halo 5. I have a few unlikely ideas for H5, but that's what I want this to be about. Unlikely, cool-if-it-happened, kind of things. Things that are probably not going to make it into the game, but you would talk about it all week if they did. I have a few ideas... Pulse field (new AA): Startup time and recovery time like autosentry/regen, range slightly less than regen field. Sends out a strong pulse of kinetic force that pushes upwards and away on everything around it. Vehicles, teammates, active grenades, you name it. Could provide a BLAMing awsome solution and punishment for splatter-happy ghosts, make for some great grenade theater clips, and force enemies to stay away from cliffs. Drop Pod: ONE ITEM in forge. get in, nullifies fall damage, breaks off when you hit the ground. Vehicle pods could also drop vehicles, nullifying fall dmg, and a timer could be set on when the pod drops after being activated. Small splash dmg to nearby enemies, death if dropped on someone's head. Damage Despawning: Set a dmg value on any forge item. When it takes that amount of dmg, it despawns with the forerunner 'disintegration' effect. Collapsing buildings made easy! Halo spleef made way more awesome! Vehicle Constructors-: Forge-only single-use items, costing as much as their respective vehicles. One type for every vehicle in the game, another for random. Replaces grenade. carrying cap of 1. Use to digitally construct a vehicle on yourself, Tron Lightbike style. Useful in obstacle corses as well as creative maps. Imagine Jumping off a cliff and digitally constructing a banshee around you, or doing something similar with a mantis.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GBLtnxxtzQ Share your ideas/thoughts!
  23. ok so here is my idea for a campaign. overall it's much longer than halo 4 and goes back to the routes of halo (and by that I mean it's set on a halo instalation), the campaign would start about 3-6 months after halo 4 spartan ops ended Prologue: The prologue would start showing Jul Mdama and his fleet arriving at instalation 03, Jul would turn to Halsey and say "you said it would only take a month to find," Halsay would then say "I know, I was wrong, but we found it, that's all that matters," now I know in spartan ops they find the location to all the instalations, but considering the galaxy spans 100,000 light years, the location they found wouldn't show the exact location of the ring. Anyways, then it will show a scene from 2 weeks before that, it would show chief talking with Lord Hood, who would send him off to guard 1 of 3 bases (the base guarding the map room) on instalation 03. Then it would go back to present time, showing the chief with a few marines (including a sergeant similar to Johnson,) one of the marines will then yell "look" while pointing at one of Jul Mdama's ships. The chief would then say "get to work" while loading an assault rifle. Mission 1: this mission would start with a quick first person cutscene that would show the chief looking ath the enemy ship, he would then see a bunch of phantoms unload from the carrier. the chief would then be contacted by lord hood to defend the map room at all costs. The chief would begin aiding the new sergeant guy and his squad defend one of the entrances against a few waves of covenant, then he would be contacted by another sergeant who had just let some covenant slip past his defences and enter the map room, the chief would then go in to the map room to stop them, the next part of this level would be sort of like the part of the silent cartographer where your in the map room by yourself, except a bit longer, I think this could have a very big map room. Upon the chief killing all the covenant and getting to the control panel of the map room, the new sergeant guy would tell chief that a huge wave of covenant is approaching. The chief would then have to fight covenant until his shields go down. Then a cutscene would begin, showing chief getting shot by a few elites, the chief would then take his knife and stab an elite in the back, he'd then lift up the elites body and use it to block another elites plasme fire, he'd then get shot in the back by a few plasma rounds and then fall to his knees, but then the new sergeant and his marines (about 10 of them) would come in and save the chief (yes, this new sergeant saves the chief, unlike how the chief had to save Johnson 50 times.) The level would then continue to have chief and the marines continue to guard the map room against more waves, every time the player gets down to about 3 marines 3 more will come inbetween waves of covenant, finally after about 10 waves (each with about 20-30 covenant,) Lord Hood will tell chief the area is secure, he'll then say that the ship that was attacking touched down about 10 clicks away, the level would then end with the chief exiting the control room with the new sergeant guy and 4 marines, they'd then board a pelican, it would show the pelican (with a scorpion) take off, the view would then show the enemy ship (an assault carrier) before fading to black. (About 1 hour long) mission 2: This mission would start with the pelican dropping off the scorpion, the chief, the new sergeant and the 4 marines, there would be a marker (about 2 km away) over the gravity lift into the ship, the chief would then drive the scorpion through a large cave. Upon reaching the end of the cave he would get attacked by a ton of ghosts, a few wraiths and banshees and maybe a few revnants or spectres or even a new vehicle. The chief would then proceed further and would start getting attacked by more vehicles, also some phantoms could drop off some ground forces also, I think it would be cool if after this part Lord Hood could offer chief some more assistance, then it would actually be up to the player if they want reinforcments or not, if they take the reinforcments then a pelican would come and drop off a warthog with a driver and a gunner. There would then be a curvy slope (similar to the one in assault on the control room right before you have to exit your scorpion,) when getting to the bottom there'd be few ghosts and a wraith that would start attacking. Also if the warthog ever blows up then the chief will be able to call in for a new one every 5 minutes. After killing the few ghosts and wraith the chief will have to go through a large cave full of ground forces, and maybe a ghost or 2. Upon exiting the cave the chief will get attacked by a few banshees a wraith and a pile of ghost, this area will be a large battle enviroment and a few phantoms will drop in some ground forces aswell. After the chief kills all the vehilces a scarab will fall from the sky, the chief can then choose to call in 2 aerial vehicles (either hornets or falcons.) After the scarabs legs collapse the will have to board the scarab (because the back will not be able to be broken off, so he can't just shoot it with the scorpion.) By this point the chief wouldn't be far from the grav lift, he'll have to go through a narrow opening in the cave, by this point the hornets or falcons (if still alive) would've left, while in this narrow opening a few ghosts and ground forces would attack. When you exit the opening you'd enter a giant battle field, the battlefield would have 4 bases each with 4 turrets on the roof and 4 at the entrances on the bottom floor (1 about 500 metres form each point of the grav lift.) The Chief could then call in for more reinforcments (2 warthogs, 2 scorpions and 2 hornets or falcons and 2 mongooses aswell as about 20 marines.) the enemies would have about 5-10 ghosts, 2-4 wraiths, about 100-150 ground forces, 8 sniper nests, and 5-10 revnants or spectres, aswell as 5-10 banshees and maybe a scarab or 2. Anyway about half way through the batlle Lord Hood would tell chief that Jul Mdama and Halsay are on that ship, and that he has to get them at all costs. At the end of the battle when the chief would get near the Grav lift wave after wave of covenant will drop off from, after 5 waves it will stop. A cutscene would start showing chief slowly walking towards the grav lift, then the new sergeant would yell "go, go, go" then 10 marines will run past each side of the chief onto the garv lift, the last one will on the left side will bump the chief, turn aroung and yell out "sorry, sir." (slightly more than an hour long) I'll post more soon.
  24. Now that i have all of your attention. If you hold down the melee/assassination button an extra bit longer, it should lengthen out the assassination. This makes it so much more humiliating, however as you're being cocky, it still lengthens the time you can be stopped. The extra half second whilst you pause before the kill will feel incredibly satisfying. (This is do-able for the next update we need to get 343 to see this and implement it in now!) The energy sword should be in the armour abilities section, along with the rest such as hardlight-shield. So activating it would pull out your own personalised energy sword. "intended to express its owners personal skill, clerical honour and combat viability." Bungie's words not mine. Naturally it would have to charge just like the rest of the abilities. Yet it should be only unlocked at a higher level and once unlocked you would then play for customisation. It would work well in a stance and new assassinations would look sick with it, especially if combined with what i mentioned above. (Halo 5?) Explosive game-play mechanics where you can be knocked over and stunned by explosions, yet not killed. Explosions would be bigger, yet the weapons and grenades harder to use skilfully and harder to acquire. *cough cough* realistic *cough* real combat. Thoughts? Feedback? I want 343 industries to see this!
  25. Hi, My New Post was somehowe accidently deleted so I will re write my ideas here yes again. And I kinda forgot them so Ill put down as many as I remember or I come up again. 1. More Armor Variety Like in Halo Reach. 2. Bring some of the Armor Abilities From Halo Reach like Armor Lock and Drop Shield. 3.More Weapons For Each Faction (UNSC, Covenant and Prometheans) See my Other Forum "Halo 5 New Weapon/Vehicle Ideas?" and post your own weapon and vehicle ideas there not here please. 4. More Vehicles, again post your vehicle ideas in this forum please not this one thanks. "Halo 5 New Weapon/Vehicle Ideas?" 5. Bring back the Arbiter and the truce between Elites and the UNSC, and have Arbiter kill Jul'Mdama and some awsome Elite on Elite action! 6. Maybe keep Spartan Ops Or FireFight or Even Both? Vote at this forum "Halo 5 And/Or 6: Longer Campaign Or Spartan Ops?" 7. Add some more Armor Abilities. There a few Armor Ability posts out there find them what you think about them? 8. Make AI's Smarter especially at driving! lol Well thats all the Ideas I remember. Leave your own reply of your own ideas and what you think about my ideas. I will also keep editing this post unless I come up with some new ideas or I remember some from before.
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