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Found 12 results

  1. First off I would like to say Hi to the community. This topic is about how the Halo 5 : Ranking System is broken. I have logged over 10+ hr on halo 5 multiplayer and talked to a lot of other players in the community about how I feel and they feel about the Ranking System and it brokeness. Lets look at facts. From what I understand about the ranking system is that you need to look up your status and over all rank in Halo Waypoint. If you dont know how it wroks then please go there and look up your own status and follow along. There is your K/D stats.The emblem off to the left of your K/D is your RANK stats that show after your 10 games of playing.Then there's your SR rating (equivalently to your lv in multiplayer.) The ranks go in this order "Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Onyx, and Champion." So now we know the rank progression. lets look at how we Rank UP. Note; not LV UP like SR rating. You Rank up on if your team wins or not.That is how you are personal judge on whether you win or lose your rank. How I know that this is true is because I watched my Rank lv go up and down from wins to loses.That will be the blue ring that moves up or down when you win or lose. Please look after all games it will change from half a bubble or little more if your team won. Note it might cange from Slayer to any other game mode. If your ring is 1/2 of the way and lose then it will go to 1/10 of the ring but you will not lose your rank if you lose again then it will. If it is the frist time your are in that rank then you wont at 1/10 of the ring . If you are 1/4 or higher. If you win your ring will go to 3/4 but it might be different from rank lv to rank lv. Also wanted to tell you if you leave a game for any reson. You will lose all the way down to 1/10 unless your there already. So now you know how the ranking system works. My View point about ranking system and how I think the 343 team FAILED and OVER LOOKED THIS or does not CARE: First off all players in any multiplayer wants to know their PERSONAL RANK.Not the teams.The team at 343 should of learned their lesson about how players like to advance in multiplayer from their big YES big mess up in Halo 4. Buy the Deluxe edition you get 1 month to pass all the poor people up.(sounds like a total way to scam money from the community.Mabye not a month but pretty close to it.) Yes 343 I remember it still to this day and will not forget. Now you want to rank me with others,so I have to pull their weight to, AKA (Piggy Backing). Thats not fair to the other players. FAIL FAIL FAIL . I know I am not the best player in any way shape or form. But I know how ranking should work and the way you have put it in this game was a fail. But it is not just a fail in my book but a EPIC FAIL.So this is my feelings about this broken ranking system of your.If I was the person in charge of this it would be my first priority. I dont want to just focus on the bad about the system but there is nothing good about it so fix it. If this is how you feel and want 343 do something about this problem then please comment and place your view point or if its not then hey comment and place your view point down here. This is BloodLustLegon signing out...
  2. NEEDS TO BE FIXED! I am more than furious with this new ranking system. I really hope everyone else can try and reach out to 343 about this issue. Here is my problem: They need to be based on personal performance and not team performance. I Started at gold 2 and now am back at bronze 2 and I can assure you its not my playing. I have logged on this morning and have played 4 games now. In which I have gotten over 20 kills myself and still losing horribly. The main reason is there are people playing with me whom get 3 kills but 17 deaths, yes I know everyone has they're bad games and that's ok we are all human here. The problem with it is that it is an ongoing process. I have been playing halo since the very first one.. point being im not a newbie at the franchise and people like me should not be paired with these people getting 4 kills and 20 deaths. I love the idea of the ranking system don't get me wrong but not the way it works at the moment. If they want a rank that depicts on teams then they need to build a clan based playlist with a separate ranking then the one you get when you want or have to play by yourself. Im having a great experience with this game overall, This is my biggest concern and it needs to be addressed over all others in my opinion or Microsoft is going to make a lot of money off of broken xbox accessories.
  3. So we have 4 Xbox One's in a house together and we've been trying to figure out how to system link our Xbox's to play Halo MCC. Does anyone know how to get this to work or where to go to find the answer? We can connect to Xbox Live, and we have Xbox Gold. We have a router to connect them all. We're all here and ready, so quickness with an answer would be greatly appreciated. If you need more info that I haven't provided, let me know! Thanks!
  4. Disclaimer: I am by no means discrediting what 343 has done, "crying", or stating "THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE OR I QUIT" I am only trying to add a suggestion and I put time and thought into this post so please, have the same courtesy when replying, voting, or giving your suggestions. Hello Community, I created a similar topic, in the general thread but feel that this thread for matchmaking is the better thread for a topic like this, seeing as this heavily involves the matchmaking system, etc. I want to first start out by saying that the lag compensation in the game right now is kind of game breaking. At times you feel like a boss out DMR-ing people, etc. and at other times you get the "WTF" just happened moment when the person out DMRs you and in the kill cam he is looking at the wall. I have an immense amount of experience in First Person Shooter games ranging from the (arguably most competititve) CounterStrike to the fun but still awesome BF3. I have been a fan of Halo for years and played at high levels in H2 (level 46 slayer legit) , H3 (multiple level 50s) and Reach (Onyx ranks). (The only reason I stated this was to give a foundation so that I do not get laughed out of the forum for being "bad" or "you just cannot aim", etc. Right now, we have something called lag compensation in the Halo 4 matchmaking system. This is a good mechanic. It needs to be in any modern game, it has been in games for years now and even other competititve shooters, such as, Counterstrike have come to develop the lag compensation system. Games that have succeeded in the implementation of this system allow for the user to "Damper" the lag compensation to meet the connection strength of the user. Games that have utterly failed in the lag compensation system are games, such as, MW3 that did not do this. A simple change is needed, and it would cost 343 next to nothing to implement. A damper system should be put in place for lag compensation. Why? It would give people who have good connections the ability to turn down the compensation and people with not so good internet connections the ability to turn it up. A system such as this would work: In the options menu, 343 could add something that deals with connection (duh). The menu would have three options: 1) Low (for higher connections) 2) Medium (For mid-grade connections) 3) High (for connection speeds that are considerably slower) Now I do not have numbers in front of me on connection speeds that would fit each category but for the purposes of this suggestion we could assume connections with a: 1) Low (connections with a rating of A to B ) 2) Medium (connections with a rating of C) 3 High (connections with a rating of D to F) These ratings could be obtained from speedtest.net and would allow 343 to implement a system that could suggest a damper for the user to select based on the following ratings or speeds. This would create a highly competitive and FAIR environment. The current lag compensation is not good, plain and simple. It catters to connections with lower connection speeds while punishing higher connection speeds. I am not the one to brag, but I have a B+ grade connection and I am lagging horribly during BR / DMR fights and this needs to stop. I have had instances where I get shot once, then the guy appears on my screen (well, lets do the math 1 second makes a difference in competitive play. You get one or two shotted before you can react you lose). I have read several posts that pertained to the kill cam showing people getting shot when they are not even being aimed at (this pertains to lag compensation). Community, let us vote on the ADDITION of a damper/buff system for lag compensation which would establish a fair and consistent environment for online competititve play. 343 has done many things right, and I feel that this is the big one they need to NAIL. Please keep the negative comments to the minimum and vote. We also do not need people crying out imbalances, flaming, or acting like a troll. Read this and understand this before you post to avoid negativity. We are all in this in the long run and 343 has had an extensive track record for listening to the community (i.e. Halo Anni. and Reach). If you think there could be a better way to add something like this to the game, please share your insight. Thank you community and happy gaming! -UnSeEnz EDIT: I forgot to add something, completely removing the lag compensation system is a NO. It needs to be in multiplayer gaming now to create more fair environments and having none is just... no. Plus it would be like reworking the ENTIRE network code and that is A)costly and like creating a whole new game. SO before you suggest "Remove l4g c0mpens4tion GRR" remember this. Plus, adding a dedicative server list is expensive, this is a less expensive awesome addition. EDIT EDIT: I just realized how innovative Halo online play actually is comparably to most games, would it not be absolutely electrifying if they were to develop a system for lag compensation settings for consoles? I shiver at how awesome this could be. The best way to get 343 to listen is to vote and keep this thread alive.
  5. Hey everyone, this is my first topic/thread on the forum, and I'm happy to be here ^^ (Making my intro thread later, it's 4 AM and I'm just chock-full of energy! *sarcasm*) So very basically put how I understood it is that you get XP for doing things like killing opponents, headshots, capturing flags, destroying vehicles, etc. It's unknown to me or I believe most people whether you'll lose them after losing a match or not, but it can be inferred that you'll lose them if you quit a match. Spartan Points, (just a placeholder name for now) are either gained how Credits are in Reach, or after every time you rank up. If they're gained how Credits were, then it's possible that gaining SP is an optional way to rank up. I believe that it may or may not be optional to rank up by getting enough, but I don't think it'll be like that. Even if it were, I'm sure most of the Halo veterans would choose to rank up with XP, including myself. That's all for now, I hope that this little bit of a post helped some of you that were confused. Also, if you have anything to add, please do so. One more thing, I would like to refrain from flaming or bashing of any sort on this thread if possible. I do not intend to advocate that kind of behavior, and this thread is solely meant for discussion and helpful purposes. Thanks for reading ^^
  6. What do you guys think th system requirements will be for Crysis 3?
  7. Gamebattles will probably add the Halo 4 ladders by the winter and my question is, what will the settings be for the matches, and for the matchmaking/ pub players. I'm hoping that bloom won't be a factor because I would take that out immediately. The BR should be a 4 shot and the magnum should have the same damage as the Halo 3 model. These are just my thoughts, feel free to leave yours in the replies below.
  8. Okay, I have posted an idea in a thread before about how the ranking system could turn out. Some understood. Some did not. I will clarify here and give more details than before. 343i Confirmed a mix of Halo: Reach's ranking system and Halo 3's ranking system. First, you would have an overall rank that is exactly like REACH's ranking system. Then you would have an individual playlist rank for each playlist, just like Halo 3. First, let me say, these ranks would not be connected at all. Okay, here we go. OVERALL: This rank is exactly like Reach's ranking system. You get credits/spartan points or exp or whatever to contribute to your rank. Maybe Campaign would contribute, maybe not. Who knows? The only exploit here is farming.This rank can not go down since it would be used for your customization unlocks. It really only gauges how much you have played. INDIVIDUAL PLAYLIST: This is like the little white rank you had for each playlist in Halo 3 after they updated it. They were different for each playlist depending on how much and how good you played. This could be boosted, but going up in this would not affect your credit gain or Overall Rank gain at all. Only your gameplay would. Boosting this rank would gain some Overall since you are constantly winning. But it wouldn't make you gain more than anyone else just because that rank is high. This ONLY says how good you are in that playlist. It ONLY ranks you based on wins and medals, etc. Maybe only wins. It is not a numbered rank, but rank all the same. It can go up or down just like Halo 3's could. Only used for matching, really. Now, if you have questions or don't still quite understand my idea, ask away. Suggestions and such are welcome as well. This is merely my idea and it could work very well if executed properly. Though, 343i may have something different in store.
  9. A Possible Solution to the "unfair", Halo: Reach Booting System. (Before I go into depth explaining the possible solution that I have thought about I would like to say that it is only my personal opinion, that is backed up by what I have heard other players commentate about. Feel free to post any additions or any constructive criticism). For example: The system in Halo: Reach is a tad bit random. Many people have said they have gotten betrayed twice, then they go to betray the guy who killed them out of sheer frustration and get booted. This is just a mere example as to why people think that the booting system in Halo: Reach is at times unfair. I don't think that 343i will be introducing a new update to Halo: Reach to fix this problem, as they are already using Bungie's booting system for Reach, and are in the process of producing Halo 4. So far, this problem seems a little out of hand to some players desperately looking to 343i to answer their cry for help for a better booting system. I find this to be the case because there is no artificial intelligence to monitor the game and see if a betrayal was accidental or not. Now, I think that we are definitely far from having artificial intelligence monitor all of our games ... Never the less, I find the system to be at times, indeed, unfair. I think a possible solution here is present. Having a system like Battlefield 3 (but tweaked just a little bit), where players have the option to "forgive", or "punish". Please forgive the idea of Halo following another game, but I think that this is a very plausible solution at hand. I think that in order for players to be booted from a game, they should have the whole team vote either forgive, or punish. This allows some more leeway for an accidental betrayal so if the team mate that you killed by accident decides to be irrational and boot you for an accidental kill, he/she no longer has the power to do so, now the whole team has a say in whether or not your betrayal seems fit for a kick, or a forgive. I can see some problems occurring with this, like people abusing the system to their advantage so they can betray somebody over and over again without getting kicked but I think maybe a limit of say 10 kills should be implemented, (let's be realistic, who has ever gotten 10 accidental betrayals in a game?). Other problems like that might arise, but I still have great faith in the Halo community and I see problems like that to be very minuscule, because of all the rational and sensible Halo players out there. Anyways, thanks for listening to me blabber on about this whole topic. Please feel free to share your opinions and ideas with me. Thanks, -MaGIIXz Edit: Okay, Definitely three betrayals would be enough for the game to boot you. Thanks for the feedback guys!
  10. I noticed in the multiplayer trailer that the scope on the BR is square. Why would 343i change it from the classic Halo 2 and Halo 3 cylindrical scope? I don't see a reason for the change. Also the scoring on the bottom right looked as though it went up by random numbers instead of 1 point per kill. Again I don't see a reason for change, maybe just to "mix it up" but I'm not sure. I dont want to judge before the game comes out, but by all means put your thoughts in the comments.
  11. As much as the community resented the old Halo 2 and 3 ranking system, to me, it was a good reason to continue ranking up in matchmaking. Which, plus these other points, are the reasons I believe it should return. THERE WOULD BE A POINT TO WINNING. With Reach's system it honestly doesn't mater if you win or lose, nor will you be penalized for leaving. When you play matchmaking in Reach, no one cares! Which is okay for social matches, but for ranked there should at least be some competitive tension. I'm tired of playing in matches where half the people don't play. Besides boosters the number system made a matchmaking that was balanced with opponents. It wouldn't take weeks to level up once, to gain the customizable parts of the player characters would not take time but rather honing skills. Minor changes could make the simple system flawless. Additions like removing the (I think its called) heat system, or at least dumbing it down would remove the entire argument that it's too hard to rank up. However a heat deranking system I think would work. So for example if you won ten games in a row and lost one you wouldn't drop in rank. But if you play two games and lose both your chance is increased to derank. Now I know a lot of you are against its return. So share thoughts here.
  12. To whom it may concern, There has been much talk about implementing a ranking system into the MLG playlist over on the MLG forums. I was wondering if 343 could make this happen. Any sort of ranking system at all would be helpful. I would even settle for the Arena ranking system. The same ranking system as the Arena, but with MLG gametypes and maps. This would benefit everybody who plays Halo because it gives people a reason not to quit, it gives people a reason to play and it lets you play against and play with players of your skill type. This is what made Halo 2 and Halo 3 fun to play for myself and I'm sure numerous other Halo players. I know I'm not the only one who wants to see Reach do well in 2012. Let's see if making a ranking system in the MLG playlist can give Reach what it needs to survive 2012. Thanks.
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