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Found 7 results

  1. Hi I'm new here! Nice to meet you all. Pretty much, ordnances ruin halo 4's 4v4 team slayer, that is the only problem I really have with halo 4 that cannot be in Halo 5's TS. Big Team is another thing, I just had to say that I wish 40 lashes against any publisher who just casually tosses in a poorly conceived ordnance idea to such a well respected community. Halo's Team slayer is unique because it fits a niche that no other game can fill. Basically, it is not call of duty where 2 shots kill you. It takes time, teamwork, and strategy to get a kill in this game, making it not just a game but a true SPORT. Better than basketball in my opinion for just a competitive game, and no other video game comes close. That's why 343 should let CoD be CoD and keep Halo what it is. Making TS more noob friendly with ordnances is like giving competitive basketball players "Moon-Shoes" for scoring a 3 pointer. It breaks the pureness and timelessness that once was Halo Team Slayer and makes it essentially Mario Kart. If there is one game that should not change its core mechanics of having predictable gun kill times and accountable weapons on the battlefield, it is Halo. No sport, erm video game, should ever really change even 1000 years from now, using basketball again as an analogy. Call of Duty is not like Basketball sort of like Halo. IMO, Halos 1-reach should be next to "sport in the dictionary" but ordnances in 4 basically ruined that. I never call ordnances and I've played 'lo for like 4 years. I'm in college, just thing it would be cruel, no stupid, to not deny ordnances were rushed and poorly thought out, and shouldn't be in the next Halo game. I guarantee they will be just for 343's ego's sake, but they should be at least watered down to just be an ammo/grenade refill. I don't care, I feel like the sport analogy is the best reason why I am right about this and anyone else is essentially dead wrong. If they disagree, why don't they learn from Halo history what is better and turn to CoD instead. I am mad about losing a powerhouse of a series that has no true relatives. 343, I shame thou and ordnances better had be much different. Just my 2 cents, had to say that. >
  2. So are the ordnance drops completely random? Kind of a noob question I know but I've been getting the same ordnance drop all day long and it's starting to annoy me... Am I doing something wrong?
  3. I have recently watched a video (sorry I can't remember where i found it) where a player calls in ordnance but not a weapon, he drops speed boost. As I understand you move faster, reload faster, switch weapons faster and have faster rate of fire. It seems helpful to me. You should post a video if you find it. Thanks.
  4. So I've noticed something. I have never gotten a sword in big team battle even once. It isn't just that though. I have never been killed by one, nor have I ever even seen one on the map or in anyones hands since the game came out. Big team battle players dont get to use the sword. Then I was reminded of something 343 said before the game came out: "The items that spawn in ordnance drops are going to be set specifically so that nothing that doesnt make sence for the map will spawn" So this means that they determined that the sword being a close quarters weapon in their eyes would no make sence on big team battle maps and therefore players will be denyed access to it.....even though the gravity hammer which requires you to get even closer is still available......and the shotgun...... I want my sword on Ragnerok please.
  5. Does anybody else feel like this game is SO close to being fantastic but is just short of the mark? I love all the new additions like the Mantis, loadouts, Ordnance drops, customizations, abilities, maps, new weapons etc... but I can't help like they took out some of the things I love from older games like Halo 3 when they didn't need to For me, and it's just my humble opinion, they took away too many things of the things I loved in halo 3 (didn't particularly like reach) For example, predictable weapon spawns, skill ranking system, resupply (as an all the time feature, not just an ability) I for one HATE running out of ammo..I get that if you rattle off 10 kills in a row you may need to make a move for more ammo but now it's realistic that you make a couple of kills with the DMR and by the time you track down the body you just killed from mid range, their weapon/ammo is gone. If they had a couple of predetermined spots where a BR/DMR spawned, I could at least track that spot down and regroup. I just don't see why this can't coexist with ordnance drops. Maybe make one of the options in your ordnance drops more ammo for your current gun rather than the stupid needler or damage boost! And I realize you can start with more ammo if you choose that ability but then you sacrifce resupply or something else. If it aint broke, don't fix it.. I wish 343 stuck to that more. Still a great game, but I'm hoping for a couple of small tweaks to make the game great.
  6. First off, I wanna say that I love the addition of ordnance in Halo 4. It rewards you for getting a lot of kills or helping your team, etc. However, 75% of the time when I call in my ordnance, It gives me the wrong choice! For example, let's say that my ordnance is a sticky detonator for the bottom choice, Saw for the left choice, and overshield for the right choice. Most of the time, if I press down on the d-pad to choose sticky detonator, I get the saw or overshield. Why is this happening to me? Does anyone else have this problem? I would greatly appreciate it if one of the 343 staff would answer this question and any other feedback would help.
  7. What do you guys think about the new ordnance system implemented into multiplayer? pros and cons, and why they are. I was just wondering, i can't recall who, but the person who thought of the ordnance system said that people with less skill and knowledge of maps, won't know where all the good weapons are, but what confuses me is if someone has less skill to get the gun, they need at least 5 kills to get it anyway, so whats the point? Not to say it's a bad idea. I actually prefer it
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