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Found 10 results

  1. Ranked Arena being the main ranked mode doesnt make any logical sense. There is nothing fun or competetive about hiding the Oddball in a corner while the entire game takes place in that one spot on the map because players just wanna hide the ball. I also personally hate strongholds because you spawn, take a point, and hope your team succeeds on the other side of the map. I'd rather work with my team like in CTF, KotH and Slayer. All me and my friends wanna do is play Ranked Slayer and Ranked SWAT. Ranked Arena can go on rotational since this mode only appeals to esports. The rest of us would rather have Ranked Slayer. I've heard that they don't wanna add ranked modes to split the player base even more. This is objectively wrong since the absence of this playlist is the main reason thousands of players are not playing Halo Infinite. We're literally waiting on the sidelines playing NONE of your modes until Slayer is ranked permanently. Smarten up. Please.
  2. Was 1 win away from finally making it to plat 2. Game crashed before I was even able to load in. My wifi was fine. I log back in and my rank stayed the same and I was relieved. Decided to play another ranked game and won. Finally thought i'd broken out of plat 1. Nope. My bar went back to 50% after my win. Are you kidding? No wonder no one is playing this ****fest anymore.
  3. Please fix your ranked system. My group went 15 and 8 tonight and had negative gains. Makes absolutely no sense, we all should have ranked up a tier or two minimum! Please repair this ****. What’s the point in playing when winning gives you NO reward and a loss punishes you so severely. Laughably bad ranked system thus far.
  4. Can someone explain the matchmaking parameters to me? To my understanding, your visible rank (in my case it's Swat Plat 5-6) is a direct representation of your CSR, which goes up or down based primarily on wins and losses. The system, in ranked playlists, is designed to match you against - and with - players of similar skill, which i would interpret to be mostly gold to diamond for a plat player. Why then, in 2 days of playing Swat, am I consistantly getting matched against players from Champion 1-50? Or with 3 teammates who are golds against teams of plat or better, not to mention full parties of 4 as a solo player? In 2 days, I've played against 6 different, highly ranked Champions, half of those for multiple matches. I played against one for 4 matches, watching him climb to Champion 8 from the 30s range, and played a match against Champs 13, 15, and 17 with a team of 2 other plats and a diamond. It seems to me that either I am grossly misunderstanding the ranked system, or it isn't designed to provide a balanced and competitive experience to its players. I've pictures of the post-game lobby for 2 of the worst matchups.
  5. This is something that always bothered me about the recent MM update with ranked. But, it's all ranked. Even action sack ( which really doesn't make sense IMO but whatever). The problem with this is it doesn't change the , we'll call it " Mood" of the match. Since there are no social playlists, when people want to mess around in team slayer with say a suppressor, they might be placed with teammates who don't want to lose CSR, and they might be placed against players on the other team who are serious about their rank, and will try their butts off. Thus making running around with a suppressor, not really messing around but just getting owned by tryhards. Of course, this hurts competitive players too. What if you were trying to get your infinity slayer rank to a 40, but then the guy who's running around with a suppressor gets put on your team. What if guys like that are put on your team repetitively? It would be much harder to rank up right? Please comment below if you agree or disagree that there should be social playlists.
  6. Ok first things first, I am a first time poster on this forum, so please let me know if I am doing anything incorrectly. So tonight I went onto Halo 4 to test out the new maps and Infinity rumble playlist, and I noticed that there were only about 40,000 people online at 9:30 EST. This disappoints me, as it seems like every day more and more people are leaving the game, and the community itself. I got to thinking, what is it about Halo 4 that is making these people not want to play, and what could be changed to help to bring them back. My answer to the first question is that the game has branched too far out from what originally made Halo a great FPS, and my answer to the second is as follows: What Needs to Change: 1. A 1-50 TruSkill Ranking system must be implemented 2. Ranked Playlists must be added with the 1-50 ranking system. The playlists I would like to see are: 1. Lone Wolves (6 Player FFA) Gametypes include Slayer, Infinity Slayer, Oddball, and King of the Hill 2. Team Slayer (4v4) Gametypes include Slayer and Infinity Slayer 3. Team Objective (4v4) Gametypes include Capture the Flag, Oddball, Extraction, and King of the Hill 4. Team Swat (4v4) 5. Team Snipers (4v4) 6. Team Doubles (2v2) Gametypes include Slayer, Infinity Slayer, Oddball, and King of the Hill 7. AGL (4v4) Gametypes include AGL Settings Slayer, Capture the Flag, Extraction, Oddball, and King of the Hill 8. Squad Battle (6v6) Gametypes include Slayer, Infinity Slayer, Dominion, Extraction, Capture the Flag 3. Social Playlists need to be distinctly separate from Ranked, with random matchmaking instead of skill based. Social Playlists I would like to see are: 1. Rumble Pit (8 Player FFA) Gametypes include Slayer, Infinity Slayer, Oddball, King of the Hill 2. Social Slayer (5v5) Gametypes include Slayer and Infinity Slayer 3. Social Skirmish (5v5) Gametypes include Capture the Flag, Oddball, Extraction, and King of the Hill 4. Multi-Team (6 Teams of 2) Gametypes include Slayer, Infinity Slayer, Oddball, and King of the Hill 5. Big Team Battle (8v8) Gametypes include Slayer, Infinity Slayer, Dominion, Extraction, Capture the Flag 6. Action Sack (4v4) 7. Grifball (4v4) 8. Flood (6v6) 4. In order for the above playlists to work, Dominion, Regicide, and Infinity Slayer must all become gametypes (as opposed to the playlists they are now) to be voted on with all other gametypes available in each playlist. Only Infinity Slayer would have personal ordnance and instant spawn, all other gametypes would have their normal settings. Join in progress would be enabled for Social, disabled for Ranked. Killcams would be dependent on the playlist settings. Loadouts would be allowed based on the particular playlist settings. 5. No more random weapon spawns. Weapons should spawn how they have in every other Halo, in a particular place on a timer. Making weapon spawns random removed one of the two biggest facets of Halo gameplay, power weapon control. Besides skill itself, weapon control and map control were two of the most important aspects of all Halo games, and I believe it imbalances the game to have random weapon spawns. 6. Remove bloom and recoil. I feel like bloom was a failed experiment in Halo Reach, and it should not have been brought over to Halo 4. There may need to be some changes made to the fire rate of the DMR, Magnum, AR, etc. The BR has recoil, but it is small and almost unnoticeable anyways, so might as well just remove it. No bloom worked fine in MLG, and the previous Halos, with some tweaking it should work fine here as well. 7.Remove flinch, bring back being knocked out of scope. I don't know why they changed this in the first place, but I feel like getting rid of flinch and adding back in being knocked out of scope when shot is the way to go. The game would feel more like Halo I believe. 8. Remove Invisibility as an Armor Ability, make it a powerup like Damage Boost, Speed Boost, and Overshield. Have these placed around the map like in previous Halo titles, able to be picked up by a player. That is pretty much it, everything I think could be changed to help make the game feel more like Halo, less like a mishmash of other stuff. Let me know what you think about it! Mercules
  7. EDIT: BEFORE YOU READ THE REVIEW (now that it has gotten a bit of attention) I just want to let you know I am not really enjoying multiplayer right now. Every game just seems really stressful. It feels like 95% of the gun-fights I get into if I'm not perfect I lose. Also I think I'm running into organized teams because I'm ALWAYS fighting more than one enemy when I'm deliberately trying not to and I rarely survive when I'm "one-shot." I don't know if this is because 343 has failed to separate social/ranked but for me; the kind of person who plays to "play" and not so much "to win" the game it's been pretty frustrating and I actually haven't played much at all for the past few days/week. In Halo 3 I ran into people who were better than me but it was never so bad that I had to try my best every single gun-fight. I got to SR-41 in like the first week so that might be why? The following review seems really positive but I think the ranking/match-making system is pretty messed up for someone like me who wants to "pug" games (even with friends). I guess it's the same for organized teams because they run into people they just stomp on. I will be reviewing the maps, the guns, armor abilities, perks, instant respawns, gametypes and armor. Look for titles in bold. If you want to get an idea of what kind of Halo player I am check out my stats: Halo 3 Rank/Stats http://www.bungie.ne...ayer=sindronian Halo Reach Rank/Stats http://www.halowaypo...onian/haloreach Halo 4 Rank/Stats http://www.halowaypo...indronian/halo4 Firstly, I loved the campaign except for a few things (like the didact boss fight. Why wouldn't 343 take advantage of their talent and make it amazing? Not enough time? Who knows). The multiplayer is FUN (well at first I thought it was! It's Reach all over again). Theatre doesn't even work for campaign yet (I think?). The fine editing tool from Reach is gone which honestly, nearly ruins forging for me. No, magnets do not entirely replace the tool. That's really unfortunate. It's too time consuming without it. What were they thinking :/ Now for the war games review! GUNS I FEEL SHOULD BE PRAISED OR SHOULD BE CHANGED: Before you read the following reviews about guns I should say I have been getting a CRAPLOAD of lag in Halo 4 and have had very few games without at least a little bit of lag. So my observations about how the weapons behave may be a little inaccurate but I think it's ok. DMR - Great weapon. I personally like the look of it in Reach better but it still looks cool. The bloom is perfect IMO. You only have to pace your shots at very long distances (VERY, long). Now, is it over-powered? Just a little bit. The gun is way more effective just beyond medium range which is the way it should be. At medium range I do believe it is better than the BR not because of the bloom reduction or damage but the rate of fire. I'm not sure about a solution. Tiny decrease in rate of fire may fix it. Then again we don't want the DMR to feel like a semi-automatic sniper rifle either.The BR realistically should be a winner at medium range and it is often not. Decent sound. Change to performance needed. Please note: INCREASING BLOOM WILL NOT CHANGE THE DMR FOR THE BETTER. IT WILL SIMPLY MAKE IT A FRUSTRATING AND ANNOYING WEAPON AGAIN WHICH WILL JUST NERF IT COMPLETLEY. BLOOM IS NOT THE ISSUE. Frag Grenades - They have a small blast radius because there exists a perk to increase it. What makes a lot more sense is to have the grenades at normal blast radius and have no perk to affect radius. IMO. BR - Fantastic. I was never a BR fan in Halo 3. However I always used it over the assault rifle when I found it. I never played Halo 2 online so that probably explains why I don't have an attachment to the weapon. I really do like it in Halo 4 though. More than the DMR simply for the feel. The DMR's bloom allows for headshots on the outer circle of the expanding reticle which just feels like BS to me and almost like you can shoot someone around a corner. The BR performs as it should at medium range and I believe its feel is spot on. No BS. Concerning it's shape it looks great. Overall it is visually a bit strange though, but only compared to other BRs from past Halo games. To be blunt it sounds like crap. At least it doesn't need balanced!. Assault Rifle- PERFECT. It is finally a real weapon along with decent sound. It melts at close range AS IT SHOULD. It barely wins out fights at medium range but stands a chance and it's useless at long range. Great job 343! I only use it if I'm using firepower though Carbine - Looks and sounds great. One less headshot to kill might fix it. Landing all of those shots perfectly is not realistic while with the DMR and BR it is realistic because it's 5 shots and not something like 8. Which is why the Carbine is too weak. Carbine should be an issue for the BR at medium range. Binary Rifle - Sweet addition. Not OP at all (seriously). Low ammo and clip size along with a laser sight only the enemy can see AND a huge reticle balances it. This gun is probably the sweetest thing you could pull out of your ordinance minus the Incineration cannon. Incineration Cannon - Awesome. My favourite weapon in Halo 4. Sometimes I feel I don't get kills with it when I should though. For example I've hit a guy directly and the blast just knocked him back (pretty sure he didn't have overshield). I love the weapon and it acts differently from the rocket launcher and is more desired. It's forerunner, it should be better. Rocket Launcher - Sound is a step down. Why can't I lock on? If that's over-powered give the vehicles more durability. Two things about this gun could be changes but only one thing HAS to be. Either buff the radius of the explosive or make the rocket travel faster. That's all. Sticky Detonator - Sad this is the replacement for the Reach grenade launcher. The first explosive weapon I ever used in a video game that was rewarding to skill and perfectly balanced. Not enough people could use it well, so they took it out. Really unfortunate. My favourite weapon in Reach. The sticky detonator is an easier to use version. The blast radius is huge. I don't really see anything wrong with it. It's a real power weapon. Like a rocket launcher from Reach. Be afraid of it. Needler - I don't think people realise this is a power weapon now. I mean, it was always a power weapon, but a pretty weak one. Now it's something you should be really afraid of. I really don't think there should be more than one that drops at the beginning of a match COUGH - that impact 343 forge world variant which I haven't even played yet but I think there are 3 needlers on it (WTF) Storm Rifle - Reduce the spread. Vehicles - Damage is perfect. Ghost and Banshee cannons aren't useless like in Reach and are a tiny bit more powerful than Halo 3. I think it's great. Durability not so sure about. Since there is a "fuster-cluck" of power weapons on the map thanks to the ordinance addition to the game I think they could be a little more durable. The problem with this is that the one player who doesn't have a power weapon is screwed. Verdict Human weapons - great job, some need changed. Promethean weapons - great job Covenant weapons - great job, plasma is scary now that it travels so fast (does it travel faster now? Idk, turrets hit me more at super long ranges). Spread could (SHOULD) be decreased for some guns. Great job 343 never have we had such a balanced level of weaponry along with such variety. Vehicles - Give us a forerunner vehicle and a falcon you sillies. Vehicles are balanced but could be more durable MAPS AND SPAWNING - Great. Some people feel like there are not enough maps. There will be. I still haven't gotten to play a few (forge world variants from devs). - Less needlers - Favourite map is Solace. Second best is Haven. Ragnorak remake is awesome. - Spawns are great. Only had a couple bad ones. Instant Respawn doesn't help. EDIT: Spawns aren't that great (lol). - Don't integrate community forge world maps into matchmaking, leave it to the professionals. They will never compare to real maps even if the colours could be changed. If we get 3 voting options of garbage forge world maps every time we try and play war games like in Reach the game WILL break and get REALLY boring AND no one will play it. INSTANT RESPAWN When did anyone ever ask for Halo to be a fast-paced game? We asked for sprint, but only to make it more intense. It worked, while increasing the pace to an appropriate degree. If we want to be killed by the guy we just killed two seconds ago we would play "that game that shall not be named." This feature does not belong in halo and is not NEEDED and will not SELL halo any better. ***BTW INSTANT RESPAWN BREAKS KING OF THE HILL ON SMALL MAPS GAMETYPES IN GENERAL - Firstly I want to talk about the social vs ranked playlists. Why are people complaining there are no ranked playlists and the game isn't competitive? I think (may be wrong) every gametype matches you up according to skill and rank (maybe just rank?). So it seems to me what's missing is a social playlist lol. I've already been getting my ass kicked playing regicide because I'm playing against people way better than me most of the time. I don't want to fight people my own level I want to plow noobs lol. Please correct me on how this works! In halo 3 did the social playlist match you up randomly? I thought I remember separate ranks for each social playlist. What made the social playlists social? The ranked playlist matched you up based on your highest skill which was based on wins/losses right? Halo 4 will be ruined for me if I can only play with people my level or above that will just be stressful lol I need to practice on noobs. when did people ask only to be matched up with people their level why would 343 do that? - There weren't enough shipped with the game IMO, despite the reasons for holding some off. - Oddball is a playlist? Lol. - Headhunter is an epic gametype and 343 could have made it better and brought it back, along with Invasion. - VIP dammit. Slayer/Big Team Slayer - Good. More map variety please. The same 3 maps come up a lot. King of the hill - It sucks because of instant respawn. So hard to control the hill. Unless you are T^2 or Kampy himself. CTF - I don't like it because I can't drop the flag. Flagnum? More like, the-good-luck-defending-yourself-against-any-other-weapon-weapon Regicide - Pretty awesome! Regicide gave me my first killtrocity. This is how it works: You're the King with a power weapon - Awww Yeuh You're the King without a power weapon - This sucks Verdict Not bad 343, not bad at all. ARMOR ABILITIES THAT SHOULD BE MENTIONED Active Camo - OH, 343 WHY. Why is this an armor ability??? IT IS SO ANNOYING. WHY DID YOU BRING IT BACK? People literally sit behind a rock crouching with camo, wait for me to pass and beat me down twice, not once in the back because most who use it are idiots (You're not an idiot I'm just mad-bro). Some people use it to snipe. Good, that makes it over-powered. I hate this thing it is second-worse to armor lock. Now it doesn't even jam the radar. While the jamming was annoying at least it told you the damn person was there! Now we have no idea! Thruster Pack - It is sick! Despite it being a tiny bit under-powered it has saved my life a lot and makes me look awesome while using it! This is my favourite and WAY better than evade in every way. Props 343. Give us half a meter more and it's all good. For those wanting the distance of EVADE, shut up. That will make it overpowered. Hardlight Shield - I think it's OK. Not over-used otherwise it would be REALLY annoying. It is not needed and doesn't add much. EDIT: This armor ability totally choked me at a killtrocity (potential naire) Promethean Vision- I think it's good. I don't really use it and it doesn't seem to be overpowered. I can understand why this would be good but I've played Halo so much I just know where people are it feels redundant using it unless I'm looking at people out of my radar range. PERKS THAT I WANT TO MENTION Shielding - Shields regen slowly because there is a perk to increase the rate. No. Make the regens normal and have the perk increase them by a tiny amount. The default regen is so slow...like REEAAALLLLYYY slow. Grenade Perk (forget the name) - Shouldn't exist. Radius is so small I almost feel forced to use this perk. - I think the rest are ok (or are they). ARMOR - Venator armor: Did 343 make camo so OP just so people could get this armor easier? Uhhh... - Wow. There is a lot of armor. - It all looks really awesome except for the Helmets. Some people like ugly helmets. 343 are addressing those people. There are a lot of great helmets too. Overall best looking armor out of any Halo game by far. - I can understand how some pieces may be hard to differentiate Reach was a little better at this but Reach failed in proportion. The sizes didn't make much sense. I guess it's going to depend on opinion for the armor. At least there's tuns of it. - Colors. Good variety. They are not washed out like in Reach but solid. Great. Proportion - Everything is sized beautifully. Unlike Reach's "world of warcraft" shoulder pads. Variety - There is so much and enough of the pieces are cool. Thank you so much 343!!! Emblems - Where are they? ---ranks up--- Oh there they are. Where are the new ones? ---ranks up--- Oh...I can't comment on the emblems they are weird. There are a decent amount of them and there are new ones. Some returned some didn't. Nothing new here. Visors - Wow, dayum, freaking AWESOME! Hard to get and awesome looking! You nailed the spot 343. Stances - Sweet new addition! No harm done! INTERFACE - Step down from Reach. Better than most games. Good enough imo. Bugs - Haven't run into any except for achievement/completion bugs. - Accommodation bug, SUPER annoying! Not tracking correct number of accommodations! - Spartan Ops achievement issues. Specifically Chapter 1 mission 5 survival achievement. - Some generic rank reset bugs - Haven't run into anything game-breaking Final Verdict - Really worried about this social/ranked playlist thing. I don't want to get my ass kicked every match because I always get joined up with people my level or higher. This could potentially ruin the mutliplayer. My highest skill in Halo 3 was 40 but I mostly played social. - A lot of network issues. I haven't had issues with other games but Halo 4 lately has been pretty hard to play with the amount of lag I am experiencing. For some reason just after the midnight release I had no network issues. Other than that I am impressed. I highlighted my serious issues and some other nit-picky things. Thank you. Great job. I think a lot of people posting about this game have missed bringing up the good things about it. Hopefully this accomplishes that. Care to add to my review?
  8. Howdy everyone! It's hard to believe that Halo 4 is just DAYS away from its release. That being said, I’m very proud to announce our upcoming project, “Halo 4 Commentary”. Here is some background information. The H4C (Halo 4 Commentary) Crew consists of four friends who have grown up playing the Halo series together. We’re all currently attending the University of Texas A&M in College Station, Texas. During the last couple of months, we have been working hard on launching a YouTube channel/Live stream strictly aimed to provide competitive gameplay with informative and entertaining commentary. We have dedicated an entire room to the project. In this room, deemed “The Halo Lair”, we have 4 Xboxes accompanied with reduce lag monitors in order to produce the highest quality videos. Being from a college town, there are going to be a lot of in person/live tournaments in the coming months. During the days of Halo 3, we all wished there was a YouTube channel or some sort of video series that showed local competitive tournaments. Our goal is to capture the competitive aspect of Halo 4 not only with online ranked gameplay, but also with in person gameplay. Hopefully, the Halo 4 ranking system brings back the built-in competitive feel, if not there is always GameBattles! In order for this to be a success, we need your support. Please subscribe to our YouTube and Own3d.TV channel, as well as spread the word to your friends! We have invested a lot of money and efforts so we hope you guys enjoy! A special thanks from the H4C Crew! YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/Halo4Commentary Own3d.TV Channel: www.own3d.tv/Halo4Commentary EDIT: Just found out the offical competitive system for Halo 4! It seems promising although it won't be here till next year. https://forums.halow...-Announced.aspx EDIT: http://imgur.com/a/eiLp2- Progress pictures(Unfinished) - We are about 60% done, due to shipping errors we have been delayed but it should be finished before the release.
  9. SInce 343 showed the Multiplayer footage, I keep remembering the really bad ranking system in Halo: REACH. The system in Halo 3 was simple but very good, with nice medals and a numeric ranking from 1 to 50 in order of how much experience you have in the Multiplayer mode. But in Reach, they made a strange mixture betweeh the Campaign and Multiplayer stats, not allowing to really see with one look if the other player is a good and experienced online player or maybe just a bug spamer from the campaign, so the ranks kind of loose their value... What do you guys think about that?? I really really hope Halo 4 is going to be more like Halo 3!! And sorry for my bad english, I'm from Spain
  10. Let me start off by saying I don't know if this has been posted before me or spoken about in any way, that being said And if it was I still hope you take the time to read this real quick::: One aspect of Halo that I personally loved was the ranking. Halo Reach brought a new ranking system via arena, and at first I was skeptical as many others were and wanted the 1-50 back. The only issue I have with the rankings is there is not one for every playlist. Playing Halo and striving to be a better player is something I believe all gamers can agree with, Since there is only one playlist that is "ranked" it leaves very limited area for showing your skill or for that matter even wanting to play. The ranking separates Halo from other games. If 343 could implement ratings in each playlist and have a "social" and "ranked"(arena) for each playlist I feel this game would become more competitive and at the same time still allow players to relax in a social match of their choosing as well. Also if they would add some more forge maps into matchmaking it would add for some better gameplay. If there were to be an arena for each playlist, a social playlist, and 2-3 more maps added to matchmaking, I believe that would increase the people playing Halo Reach and make it an overall better game. Another addition that could be made would be: people who are to achieve the top percentage (1% ONYX) of arena in any playlist that there would be an incentive, ex- armor, special colors, name plates, ect. Tell me what you think..
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