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  1. What do you guys and girls think should be in the game as a pre order bonus, in my opinion, you should get the same thing for any store you buy the game at to prevent future regret about not going to a certain store for that special thing....... Back to my point, halo 2 anniversary needs something cool as a bonus or for bonuses... My idea is maybe a code that can be used to turn every warthog in campaign to the golden warthog and make it indestructible. I don't know if that's a good idea or not, let me know what you'd want in the posting area below. Thanks
  2. Exactly, we don't need anything fancy, just new graphics... and halo 2 multiplayer, not halo 4 bs like halo cea did with reach multiplayer. It's all about the nostalgia folks.
  3. this sounds like something that could be interesting, hit me up pon xbl: StuntedJet and we could talk man.
  4. That sounds cool man, I live in the states... will that be a problem?
  5. I am a pretty skilled Halo player, I have experience in gamebattles doubles and teams of four. I feel like I want to be part of a Halo clan that has a good ranking structure where it's not super easy to get to the highest rank, but not where it would be impossible either. If you want more info from me or want me to tryout for your clan, message me on xbox, my gamertag is stuntedJet. Thanks for looking at my post, -StuntedJet
  6. well they are fixing something that isn't broken. They took out armor lock and replaced it with forerunner vision.(yay more camping noobs) They also took spec ops and cod points from call of duty and put spartan in there. (Genius)
  7. I noticed in the multiplayer trailer that the scope on the BR is square. Why would 343i change it from the classic Halo 2 and Halo 3 cylindrical scope? I don't see a reason for the change. Also the scoring on the bottom right looked as though it went up by random numbers instead of 1 point per kill. Again I don't see a reason for change, maybe just to "mix it up" but I'm not sure. I dont want to judge before the game comes out, but by all means put your thoughts in the comments.
  8. Maybe a poster and an ability to unlock any one armor piece that you want.
  9. I hope you're right, Halo 3 MLG was fun and seeing the same settings with new weapons will definately be fun.
  10. That's what I was talking with a few of my friends with, not being able to choose weapons and AAs made Halo special and unique. With all of this customization people will think Halo is copying other fps games, custom armor is good enough for me.
  11. I honestly think that 343 is taking a turn in the wring direction by letting people pick custom loadouts. There will always be that one guy who gets the cheapest combo like br sniper with plasma nades. 343 would probably limit the combinations that you can have but I don't like the idea. Leave your ideas in the reply section below.
  12. Well hopefully they can fix the glitches without the community's help. I'd hate to see people stop playing Halo because of major problems because of no beta testing... Ex: Call of Duty MW3, They had to go back and fix so many things that could've been avoided had the community found the problems pre-release. :/
  13. Gamebattles will probably add the Halo 4 ladders by the winter and my question is, what will the settings be for the matches, and for the matchmaking/ pub players. I'm hoping that bloom won't be a factor because I would take that out immediately. The BR should be a 4 shot and the magnum should have the same damage as the Halo 3 model. These are just my thoughts, feel free to leave yours in the replies below.
  14. It will be different for sure having 343 instead of Bungie making it but I believe it will be worthy of the title Halo.
  15. These are all good ideas, What would you make up as an AA?
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