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Found 12 results

  1. Being the dorky DS gamer that I am, I am here today to talk about the game Animal Crossing: New Leaf New Leaf is the fourth installment of the Animal Crossing series for Nintendo. I have to say, that I personally love the game, and so do many others as well. I, love economy based games, which this game is. I love them with all my heart. With this game, I found that at first I was hooked. But after time I would eventually get a bit bored with the game as it mainly depended on the certain time you were playing your game. I for one have not played the game in a while, but I plan to get back to it as soon as I get home! I'm gonna catch me some beetles! If you did not know, one of the main sources of income in the came is to catch rare beetles. As for game ratings... 4.8/5.Amazon.com 9.6/10.IGN.com 9.5/10.GameStop Good rating like this are not easy to come by, but if you do have a great game like this, it is well worthy of the ratings it has been given. What do you guys think about such a game? Like it? Don't? Tell us!
  2. Friends, new people, twam and my good friend TD, I have returned. And so far, yang is MOM and people on here are lots of colors. I'm loving the update. I'm glad to be back. I hope to be on daily, or every couple days. I hope to resecure a mafia spot for my game
  3. Recently I've been thinking about how Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have been hits for Nintendo. This remake was an extremely smart, and perfectly timed event to do. Now the question remains, after the game being out since, November 21, 2014, Fans might be starting to think about what is next after this remake. (when I say 'fans', I mean me ) Don't get me wrong, there's still much more to be done with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, time wise, but I think it is time they announce a new project, or just release some speculatory stuff about what is coming next. If Nintendo/GameFreak were to release a new Pokemon title, I'd either love a Remake of Crystal, or a remake of the very popular, Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. If they don't do a remake, since they just did that, I have some strange feels about a new generation. I guess the question that remains is, how much longer can the Pokemon Video Game franchise just keep making new games? I mean, they do it with Halo, COD, GOW, and many other titles, but is there a limit to how many Pokemon Games there should be? What do you guys think?
  4. Dear friends, I have of late been very busy irl. I have a show going on. Friends and a happy relationship as well. Basically, I don't know how much gaming time I'll have. You may see me on XBL from time to time. I'd love to chat too! I'll pop on here every once in a while, but I will be at a lower activity for the summer. Be back soon. Hoppin off- Pb
  5. Yo yo yo! Tyler here! I'm super excited to be joining a gaming forum for my first time. I'm actually one of Pbrabbits brothers, so he showed me the site! I'm into some halo, but COD as well as GTA V! I'm super excited to get to know people! Talk to you later!
  6. Hey there! The names Tyler! I'm super excited to be apart of the forum! Pbrabbit is actually my brother and he showed me the forum and I'm super excited to be apart of it. I play halo once in a while, but I also play COD and other Xbox 360 games! I'll be glad to get to know people.
  7. Friends! As you may be aware, currently Destiny has their Iron banner event going on and I want to take advantage of this! This Saturday, November 22nd, at 6pm EST, I will be hosting a small lobby of people(on XBOX 360) for as long as people want for the Iron Banner event. Crucible is more fun with friends online, and especially friends, or should I say, family from the Forum! Join me this Saturday! Comment below to sign up! Thank you so much guys! A reminder, this will be on Xbox 360. Please post your forum name and XBL name Sign up List: 1.)Bnus, xbl: Warm Bnus 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) Wait list: 1.) 2.) 3.)
  8. A little story to get you ready for the holidays! Little Billy was praying on his bedside, "Oh lord, please let Christmas be early this year, please let it be early." Then all of a sudden, Little Billies dog, Toto came running in barking. "Oh TOTO You're back! I Missed you sooo much" said little billy. "Shut the hell up Billy, I am not Toto"- said Toto "Oh well golly Toto you sure are grumpy.." said little billy "I'm an elf, clearly an elf Billy, how can you not see this?" said Toto, who was actually an elf. " No you're my Toto, Toto." said little billy. "Okay fine, I am your 'Toto' but Billy, you have to come with me quickly! You need to help me.." said Toto, who was actually an elf named Ralph. Before I continue on, here is a little backstory on Ralph. Ralph grew up on the south side of Santa's Kingdom in the Arctic up North. Santa Claus was no jolly being either, he was a mean, fat dictator, who killed elves on his own time. (1950's man laugh) Haha well we can't worry about him right now. Now as I was saying, Ralph was a young elf, forced to come to find the dumbfounded little billy. Ralph was a single elf, never to have a wife because he was a ****. Ralph was a **** okay? He ruined the life and dreams of young children all over the world in 1929 because he crashed the stock market and shot Arch Duke F. to start WW1, this guy is a bad elf. Anywho, let us continue on with Billie and Ralph. "Why should I help you Toto?" said little Billy in a fuss "Because I'll rip off your %$2% if you don't help me....Fair enough?" Said Ralph "What does %#$% mean?" Said little billie "We don't have time for this, ask your mom or teacher in school" Said Ralph "Okay Toto, I'll help you, what do you need me to do?" "To Spread the word Billie" Said Ralph "What do you mean Toto?" Asked Little billie curiously "You must spread the word of christmas cheer to all, or I'll rip your #$@% off" said Ralph "Is that your solution to everything?" said Little Billie "Just do It!" Said Ralph. With that, Ralph climbed out of Billies window and flew away. The next day, Billie went to school and told everyone about Christmas, and how it was coming, and then he asked his Teacher what $%#* meant. The End. The moral of the story is, THE SKELETON WAR IS OVER, CHRISTMAS IS HERE!!! SPREAD THE WORD!
  9. Hello friends! It has been a while since I have been active on the site. I apologize. If you have been wondering where I have been, my time has been spent in real life on my dreams and goals and in the new, ever so popular DESTINY! I am recruiting a clan for Destiny. If you are interested at all and want more information, message me or comment below and I'll message you. Thanks! Pb
  10. Hello Friends! I am back on the site once again. I have been at a performing arts school for the summer, I will be more active on the site in August. For now, I will be on the site, but I will be able to game once again in August. For now, I'll just be more active on the forum in posts in such. I can't wait to talk to everyone once again, and hopefully I can get to be gray soon enough. Hello again, Pbrabbit
  11. Hello everyone! I am hoppin' back into the groove of things here on the forum. I had to leave for a bit due to the hecticness of the theatre life and with life being busy in general. I am back again, and ready to party. I hope I can talk to all my old friends and new ones to come! So glad to be back. XD
  12. So you may or may not have ever wondered, what I like to do in real life. Well I am a Theater Nerd for those of you who did not know. I love Theater. I like to direct, act, stage manage, you name it! I do it all. Here's a video of me as the lead, in a show called Sweet Charity. I'm playing the role of the drug smuggling, church raising, coolest place having, guy named Big Daddy. That's right, I am playing the role of a Hippie King. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1xLKOL3LA8
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