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Found 15 results

  1. Finally got a match in and ended up shooting a guys nade in his hand and killing him haha. Hopefully fixes come soon to have more moments like this.
  2. Our online school library is kind of derp. In most books in stock they usually have a summary of the plot, characters, setting and often times the first chapter, right? I was poking around online and found they had a pretty good selection of some of the Halo books. The Flood, The Fall of reach, Cryptum, so on. So I believe it was The Flood I clicked on and, well... Look for yourself. Master Chief Male Soldier Orphan Known as Spartan 117; bioengineered technologically advanced; super soldier; taken from an orphanage as a child and turned into a super being through surgery, drugs and military training; designed to be deadly in wars; disguised as an alien race; fighting with the humans an alien race called Covenant Cortana Male Artificial intelligence Fighting with the humans against a race called Covenant So, disregard Cortana's boobs and everything else that this conflicts with. If the School library says it, it must be true. Seriously?! XD
  3. Pbrabbit

    Fail feelz

    From the album: Grunt Feelz

    We all have these moments..
  4. 343, what are you doing to assist in server lag or game functions (AS THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE)? my NAT is open, and when it says "Moderate" i simply dont play until ive corrected MY connection for live. You arer all a joke of hosts. I have no such issues on any other halo matchmaking but H4 and it seems over the years you've completely blown off the community asking for you to address these issues on YOUR SERVERS. I seriously just played a game with such bad lag that i attacked multiple people with the sword in a 4v4 game AND NONE OF THEM TOOK DAMAGE OR EVEN DIED; but dont worry, they killed me just fkn fine. WTF? this is not the only instance, yesterday i watched the roster for the match i was in but was unable to spawn in the match YOUR roster said i was in?! no really i enjoy this unreliability. Ive gone thru spurts playiing H4, taking breaks because i was disgusted by the crap you fail to address in game connections during mm. Screen out poor connections, optimize servers, add servers, idfc what you do but this is serious messed up for those who TRY to get in H4 online gameplay and cant sustain a decent game because kills dont register, attacks deal no damage, or (on the rare occasion they do register) i die regardless bc the opponant has had enough time to figure out theyre temporarily immune to ALL weapons/damage and they can unload what they wish and still kill me in a chance they shouldnt have had. Flood? HA! i cant even tell you how many times i cant select my loadout, or when i do, you choose to give me one i specifically didnt select. You reset my points (im honestly SHOCKED you didnt reset my rank too), and everything ive earned up to mastery fo building armor or loadouts, and yet you cannot address connectivity for the live community? What exactly are you doing at 343???? Making new pretty armor and maps (that i cant use as i want because you screw up 90% of the games i attempt to play)? Really, id love to know how you address ANY complaints (if you even do) and what your priority is for fixing online gameplay. Really, give the game back to bungie and go home. Stop trying to improve what youve made worse and refuse to correct out of sheer inconsiderate laziness. I assume im not alone in these complaints, but not that that matters, 343, you'll still fail to correct anything you couldnt do so properly in the first place.
  5. So I've been going through Halo 4 on Legendary after taking some time off from it. I got through levels 1 and 2 without any issues. But then came time to play level 3: "Forerunner". After several failed attempts to load the level, a little message appears at the bottom of the screen saying I may be missing some downloadable content. Every other level loads just fine. Only Forerunner gives me problems. I downloaded the Spartan Ops Episodes 6-10 free DLC to see if that would work. No such luck. I tried re-installing disc 2. Nothing. Do I have to pay for DLC in order to carry on with the campaign? I was playing in co-op and when we reached the end of level 2 the game sent us back to the lobby, so I don't think restarting the campaign will fix the issue. My last resort would be to delete all of my saved data from my Xbox and start completely from scratch, but if anybody has any other suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I played BTB Slayer today not long ago on Exile. I went 20-0 but wasn't awarded a perfection medal. Why not? What's up with that? My gamertag is: WARRIOR I M I added the file to my file share. Please have 343 look at my file and award me 1 perfection. A reply from the staff would be appreciated.
  7. Halo is slowly dying, struggling to hold on it is population its very clearly that what 343 did to "change" halo basically failed. Here are the reasons why. Some are due to poor programming and glitches etc... some are failed concepts that where destined to flop: Muliplayer Lack of playlists. No competitive ranking system Poor playlist management. Team play out the window Game fails to encourage objective play. (Halo 1, 2 and 3 did this fine Btw.) Overpowered weapons (Boltshot) Unbalanced starts Ordinance (Encouraging Camping) Perks (Unbalanced starts, Unfair to new players) Sprint (RIP small/arena Maps) Jetpack (Breaks Map flow/ Map control pointless) Load-outs (Individual tactics/skill gone... Its more focused on the "Setup" you use) Paper vehicles (Have individual Heath, Will explode faster than a grenade) No Hornet/Falcon Vehicle betrayals Can't drop flag. Experience point can be "earned" for doing nothing (Get 0 Kills 0 Deaths = 1100xp) Scoring system broken (1st 1st 7th.) Active Campo, encourages camping, used to be a skill power up.. now a noobs crutch. Random ordinance, Can ruin the outcome of the game. Red team get 2 Rockets... in a close slayer match. No Map specific weapons, no point of map control... apart from to kill & camp Rank capped at lvl 70. No codes available. Fail voting system. No veto Ugly armor Custom games (Permanent) Alpha Flood Setting Gone. Can't set % to starting zombie Trait zones don't apply to flood Can't edit flood loadouts Can't edit flood weapons Can't edit flood Perks/AA Can't edit flood armor effects Can't edit Human armor colour VIP gone 1 Flag gone Juggernaut gone Stockpile gone Headhunter gone Assault gone Invasion gone Race gone Network connection fail. Host migration will occur every 2-5 seconds. Unplayable. Not just me. Happened to Insanmiac. No file share Forge Riddled with kill zones Can't forge in water Tiny maps Broken dynamic lighting - See Mr pokerphile video. No forgeworld Can't forge on other maps. Tons on bugs Rounded blocks cause gaps Fail magnets Block are not Smooth No elephant. Spartan (Fl)Ops. Same five maps over and over. (Worst than reach) Not much better than firefight Huge letdown. Theater Network fail - Doesn't save games Only 1 Person ( Halo 3, had 4; Made in 2007 Btw.) Buggy, clips are often unusable anyway. Can't fast forward or skip forward. (From Start) Campaign No Skulls Other than that great job 343 (Campaign was decent) I liked to apologize to the forum mods for breaking the rules with my last thread, but this ^^^^ is the reason I get mad, some are opinions yes, but they are opinions that MANY agree with. Proof? look at the falling population and see the facts... However some aren't opinions are need to be fixed now 343 hasn't even attempted to do this... the game is been out for a while now and I feel as a fan since CE iv been kicked in the teeth. Feel free to discuss.
  8. hey all, i was hoping someone may be able to help me or explain wtf is going on lol i have been having sever issues when playing online and its ONLY been while trying to play halo 4 and only in the past 2 weeks. ive never had this issue since i bought the game... spartan ops is the worst; ill be playing a game and if at any point i get killed my spartan reverts to a lvl 1 with no sign of anything ive already earned at my current lvl 81, but it doesn't happen all the time it may do it once through a game and go back to normal or i could get killed close to the start of the game and im screwed. no jet pack no load outs no nothing.. oh and no points ! and the other thing is in matchmaking. same thing except not so often. ive checked everything related to my router, wireless, and the entire network. nothing is wrong and i have no other issues with anything pc or tv just "xbox live" or so halo says... its driving me nuts. halo4 is the only thing ive had the time or want to play so thats my frustration.. any help or any type of advice would be great
  9. As you all know, the Sangheili species are not (yet) playable on Halo 4. 343i and lots of people use the argument "The Multiplayer (War Games) is now canonical to the Campaign", but here are the stuff the are wierd about this: ->The MM is actually a simulator aboard the Infinity ->The simulation is to train Spartan IV's ->The Flood is destroyed (at least not present on Campaign nor SpOps) So. You see what I mean? The humanity has not encountered the Flood at all after the events of Halo 3, and yet we have a Flood-specific gametype. I know that it's for the fun, but think: ->S IV's are probably not going to face Flood ->The Flood is not present at all ->The War Games are supposed to simulate an actual battle ->You get to control the Flood ->S IV's probably don't even know what the Flood are You see where this is going? 343i didn't include playable Sangheili for canonical reasons. If it is supposed to tie up to both SpOps and Campaign, why are the Flood in the WG simulator but Sangheili aren't? S IV's are going to face the Storm faction, a Covenant remain thing. So why not to put Invasion too? You Spartan fans are going to say: "Oh, simple, why would a Spartan, the mighty powerful Spartan with cool armor, would want to see the war as a dinosaur?" And here's my answer: "Why would a Spartan want to see the war as a Flood?" It makes no sense. UNSC would be then training a demonic, inter-galactic parasite to defeat their ranks? Because if an infection happens, the infected spartans would know how to take out other Spartans, so yeah. No sense. It would make way more sense to include Sangheili. Why? ->There actually are Separatist Sangheili that are allied with the humans ->There is no alliance between Humans and the Parasite ->Seeing the war from your enemy's point of view is a good strategy You may say "But there are no Sangheili aboard the Infinity". The humans have the tech to create a frigging huge ship! I think they are more than capable of creating an "A.I" that the players would control. 343i needs to think of a better excuse of such a stupid move. What would you think?
  10. When are 343 getting back from holiday?? just asking because Halo 4 is basically a train wreck ATM. I do hope, Frankie and Kiki and the rest of 343 are having a great time in the sun... but you have got a job to do fixing this game you have the cheek to call Halo. Firstly the game was sloppily put together, if you the common sense to have a beta maybe there would be so much issues and people could actually connect and actually play the game, well I guess that would send even more complainers to the forums. Next is the file share system, or lack of one... we know you have taken so many options out of the file-share browser. Just like the rest of Halo 4. So whats the wait, your quick to shove your poxy crimson Map pack and Spartan flops in our faces so why can't you listen to the fans and give us what we want. Just for once. Your killing the whole of the forging community. Just saying. When I get bored of war games... (Which doesn't take long) I love to play custom games, May I ask you 343 what have you done with the "Custom" part of Custom games?? I can't find it anywhere, Options?? Nope. Settings?? Nope. Forge??? No Chance. What planet are you guys on ? If 343 are on holiday please accept my apology, Just tell me when 343 are going to be back in business and start fixing this half finished game. Because the game if full if glitches and bugs and the game as so many broken features: Scoring system broken "Death Cams" broken Alpha Zombie broken Custom load outs broken Flood customistion problems Connection problems Network problems Weapon balance Map flow problems No ranking system No File share Poor forge maps No precision editing Forge bugs and glitches Declining population EDIT: NO RACE WTF!! There are so many more to name but I'll be here until next week. Discuss.
  11. I dont follow forums, and i didnt take the time to see if there was another thread regarding this issue obviously. However, i decided for once to post on the forums in the hopes that 343 will somehow receive this message. WAY TO FAIL 343! Ive followed halo since its origination on XBOX. Its the game that made me want the console to begin with. Although the campaign was very good, the multiplayer in halo 4 is just rediculous. To start with: 1. The bolt shot is the biggest POS in the game. Whats the point in having an ordinance weapon shotgun when you can just spawn with a gun thats more powerful? If anythign it should have been more like the mauler form halo 3. 1 shot+melee. Intseadits 'turn the corner F you.' 2. Promethian vision is like a cheating mans dream come true? Where is the skill in anticipating where your opponent is? 2.5 Promethian vision + bolt shot = the biggest wuss combo. 3. when youre getting shot at...isnt that the time you WANT TO RUN AWAY!? So why in the world do bullets prevent you form running/moving? Especially when you have shields up! Froma realistic stand point ok i can see it stopping your movement speed if you have no shields and its physically hurting you but not when you have a shield up. 4. Theres no ranking system AT ALL, so how can you think to have a competition to begin with? theres no standard for how you should play and be judged. How you choose to decide who the best players in this rediculous excuse of an "infinity challenge" is beyond me. Players who use the cheapest sets of perks and weapons are rewarded while those who have skill are punished because they dont wish to participate in cheap tactics. 5. Spawning; It is unnecessary to spawn enemy opponents within 10 yards of a player. The maps are big enough and complex enough to be able to spawn a player in a safe area out of harms way. FIX IT! Stop with this Bull harkey spawning out in the middle of a map where every enemy can instantly just turn and shoot you. Some people CARE about their K/D spreads! 6. Ordinance weapons!? Really? Ok Call of duty! Instead of air strikes and nukes you give players rocket cannons and extra ammo in them if they have the perk for it. 7. Fix the matchmaking team finder! Its bad enough there are so many bad players in this game that dont even know how to hold a controller, dont put players in games where theyre already losing with no chance of a win because of their incompetence. 8. making an automatic weapon just as powerful from far away as a precision weapon is the biggest mistake youve ever made. Why not just have 1 single gun as the primary gun then? Being able to kill someone from far away before they can even 4 shot you in the face makes precision weapons irrelevant mostly. Overall i was excited for the game. At times i still have tons of fun. I try really hard to overlook how much youve sold halo out to be like COD to bring in more gamers. But something has got to change or be fixed. For the readers who come across this, i know im coming off ignorant, and i have skill in the game. I heep a fairly positive KD spread with a goal of always trying to at the least keep it at twice as many kills than deaths. So i know what im doing, im not just a badkid whos mad because i suck.
  12. Just wanted to say as a long time Halo franchise player, 343, you have amazed me at your ignorance to what the community wants. You took out Squad, although flocks of players were asking for it back, and now you have ruined matchmaking non-DMR with making the Assault Rifle uber powerful for noobs. Thanks for ruining the best video gaming franchise in history. Hats off to you.
  13. From the album: Halo Waypoint Fail

    this is what i saw when i tried to log into waypoint to view my Halo 4 Service Records...
  14. Before I start, I'd first like to announce full awareness that my thoughts are most likely going to be disregarded and/or ridiculed. I'm aware of this because I'm aware that most of the halo fan base consists of obsessive pixel junkies that would indulge in any piece of garbage with a Halo logo on it, then proceed to defend it and call it "god's gift to man." With that being said, I can now continue and finish without being tempted to deck my screen every time someone throws a slop of bad grammar and inane insults my way. Let's talk about the campaign. I beat it on legendary out of a nostalgic lust to see where our rather indifferent war hero was going to end up. Turns out it's mostly just him finding a bunch of dust under the rug and having it blow up in his face.*Spoiler* So here's the whole story in a nutshell, because it does literally fit in one. Chief awakes, drifting in space, only to be plunged on some planet. As Chief is going through his old routine, suddenly the covenant attack. Even Chief is confused so you know it was a horrible plot element. Anyway, he gets to the middle of everything and finds some unknown guy, I'm assuming he's a forerunner but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense cause this whole time I thought forerunners were ancient humans. Chief goes on an "epic" mission to stop this guy from destroying something (probably the world), and that's it. Oh ya, there's this whole thing with Cortana going through some kind of psychotic menopause. There is quite a bit of other mundane stuff going on but it's just that, mundane. Looking at the story in full, they might as well have just given Chief a super technological robotic attachment for a broom and have him sweep up the rest of the dust that someone blatantly tried to hide. Gameplay-wise, it was almost a constant sense of irritation, one that you would probably have were you a fly running into a window. I'll come out and say it was hard, yes, but not the satisfying type of hard, like being 5 feet tall and able to slam dunk a basketball. No, this was stupid hard, like trying to catch that ball in your mouth while it's being propelled from a tennis ball launcher every second. The mobs do a ridiculous amount of damage and take about just as much, never mind them rolling in packs of 5 with two extra guys reviving them, yes REVIVING them! So after you've taken out all the main enemies, one little mosquito thing can fly around recompiling them, and he might just recompile a f*** you turret laser just to make your day that much worse. This happens ALL the time considering that the whole game is just a string of choke points, the lazy man's gameplay. The mobs are not smart at all, if anything, I'd call them borderline retarded with the strength to compensate. There wasn't one moment that I thought, "oh that guy did something really clever, I suppose that's why I'm now a body." It was just alot of "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SO STRONG?! AND WHY CAN YOU TELEPORT?! AS IF YOU NEEDED ANYTHING ELSE!" Multiplayer, the only reason most would buy a Halo game nowadays, including myself. The mulitplayer, in short, is the deformed baby that an actual Halo game would have were she to be railed by Call of Duty. That's right, I said SHE. Too many comparisons can be made from this game to any COD game. I'm not even going to bother going into great detail as I'm sure you could find someone who already has. Loadouts, ordinance, HUD, controls, 'nuf said. However, I'm going to stress the controls cause they bother me, despite now being used to them. They ruined crouch jump, ruined it. I no longer have the precision I need when attempting make some of the larger gaps as now you won't be able to control where your looking by reaching for that B button. Even more bothersome is the fact that you can't change the controls, sure you can switch the setup and sacrifice another button for another problem, but you can't make a custom setup. What the hell is up with that? How was that a good idea? I really only have but two problems with Spartan Ops, the lag and the spawns. Everyone should know about the lag, the spawns may be something only I noticed. It seems like every time I die for the first time, it spawns me right in the middle of the guys that killed me and continues to do so until I clear it out. I don't understand how it works. Ill be doing fine up to the point of first death, then it seems like it's just punishing me for being killed by having me be killed a bunch more times. I've quit game because of this. It's actually gotten to the point where I'll sit at the very back in an attempt to have them come to me, or, I'll sit on the sidelines killing everyone from 50 yards away until a group inevitable spawns right behind me. Forge, it probably has the most problems of all. I only have an angry rage towards it because of the numerous claims of it being "better". Instead of listing all the faults right away, I'm going to paint a scenario that ACTUALLY happened to me. So I jumped into a map with my imagination buzzing away. "Oh," I say, "I know what I'll do, I'll make a sweet predator map!" (In which, one guy is invisible and must hunt the others without being killed.) So I started, all is well, I noticed "ooo, I can duplicate items, that should be helpful!" "Oh I thought it would be in the same spot, not 3 feet above and to the left, no matter, at least I don't have to spawn one in and adjust it." That was about the peak of my amusement. I'm working on the map and noticed some high up cliffs that I wanted to do something with. All the sudden "What the hell?! Why is there a kill-barrier up here?! Had I wanted one there, I would have made it myself!" I noticed some other cliffs and tried to go to them, I was stopped just before them by a wall. "What a damn tease!" So I finish the map despite this and am well happy with myself, two of my friends then wanted to play it so I started making a gametype. Right away I noticed some things were missing, "restrictions?!", I thought. "So you can't give flood weapons?" " So you can't take off that green mist on them?" "You can't let them run?" "You can't change their loadouts?" Just a long list of can'ts. I tried to work my way around this and came up with a fairly usable gametype, I thought. Then we got into the game and again, I noticed something was off, the buildings in particular. I had used the coordinates system to align all my buildings perfectly, but it looked like someone did it by hand. I went into forge and checked it, EVERY SINGLE PIECE of anything was twisted by 1 to 2 degrees. My friend suggested that I use magnets to fix it. I turned them on and grabbed a piece only to have it flip twice and attach itself to something I didn't want it to, without me doing anything. After an hour of fixing things with magnets OFF, the map was back to how I had originally made it, then I spent a bunch of time locking all the pieces into place hoping that would be a fix. "Pff magnets are for people with no patience, in which case, why are you making a forge map anyway?" So we attempt to play the game a second time, but there are no weapons on the map. Looked through the game options, nothing concerning weapons on the map. Back to forge, checked all the weapons, changed their settings to "Game specific : True" "Game label : Flood" "Game label : Floo_Spwn" and thought that would be the end of it. Still no weapons, turns out you can't spawn them in. "What the hell is up with that? How was that a good idea?" Eventually I gave up on the whole Forge. All in all, this game has much more nostalgic value than it does actual value. I wouldn't be surprised if 343 laughed at you from their leather chairs made of your dollar bills as they threw down this nicely wrapped piece of trash, but I'm still going to play it.
  15. It was bound to happen, and leave it to me to come up with a much needed thread to display and laugh at the many many wrong things that happen in our shoutbox. Rules are simple, screen cap an epic shoutbox fail and post it here. Maybe after enough following we can arrange an Epic Fail of the Week, with some sort of prize. Maybe a cool nifty profile medla or something...IDK. I'll strart off. Captured today around the *-ish in the morning hours...
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