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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys, Here is a video about me playing in firefight. Something really funny happened... Enjoy!
  2. What if flood could drive cars, use guns, do things they've never done before. They could create a whole new gametype. Gravedanger: In this gamemode you are either flood or spartans. Both can use covenant, human, and forerunner weapons and vehicles. A gravemind has formed and the flood are becoming stronger mentally with it being created. your job is to exterminate the flood and destroy the gravemind. 16 vs 16 battles Custom game flood: In custom games there could be flood AI that could be customized for example you can have a flood move in a certain direction only or have it have no A.I ( customize), dumb A.I ( has regular flood traits) or smart A.I( gravemind flood can drive, will go after weapons, pickup weapons, drive vehicles, and steal ordinance.)
  3. So, many people think that Brutes should return in Halo 5. I completely agree. They were fun enemies to fight and had some of the best weapons and vehicles. However, it struck me that the Brutes may have developed new weapons in the 4 years (or more, considering the time gap between Halo 4-5). So my question is: what kinds of weapons do you think the Brutes would need in Halo 5, and what weapons of old do you think should remain in their arsenal? I have a few ideas of my own as well. 1. A primitive medium-long range rifle (the Brutes need something like this of their own. Heavy damage per shot (not as much as a sniper, but more than a BR or DMR), but possibly has no scope. A blade under the stock (cool animation idea: knock enemy down, grab this rifle by the barrel, and slash the blade across the head or chest). Design-wise, imagine something similar to the Breechshot from Gears of War. 2. A replacement/improvement of the Spiker (more rifle-looking, large bayonet under the barrel, but fires the same kind of projectiles). Kinda treat it how the Plasma Rifle was made into the Storm Rifle. Design-wise, similar to Retro Lancer, also from GoW (I know it may seem like copying, but these kinds of weapons just scream Brute to me) 3. Keep the Brute Shot. It was great and fun to use (so much better than the lousy Concussion Rifle). Also keep the Mauler, as well as the Spike and Incendiary Grenades.
  4. I took these with my iPhone because I don't a capture card, but I think they turned out well.
  5. Hello, I am making a rule set that will try and make this Halo 5 Forum to be a little more... organized. These are guidelines, and as I am not an admin I cannot control them. Let me start on the most important rule: Aas all of you know, most threads in this forum are suggestions. But the Halo 5 Forum isn't a suggestion forum. You can discuss things too. So if you have a suggestion, please put (Suggestion) before your thread title. This will help when looking at the all the topics in this forum, so you know what is a suggestion, and what isn't. Second rule, DON'T PUT REDUNDANT SUGGESTIONS. What that means is do not post a suggestion or discussion topic that someone else already made. Do you know how many "Cortana in Halo 5" threads there are? Just post in one that already exists, with your opinion. Third, when posting, use correct grammar and capitalize all first letters in the sentence. You wouldnt believe how many threads people cant read because of bad grammar and spelling. Try and read this: i think theyshuld ad cortanna and broot wepons in halo 5 and 6. 343 INDUSTRYS AD THIS U B*****S!,,!!!! Fourth, do not swear. Swearing does not accomplish anything but getting you booed and yelled at. Swearing in text is even worse. Thank you for taking time to read this, I will add more rules as the time goes by. If you have any suggestions for the thread, please post. Help get this pinned so everyone can read this.
  6. Now It came across to me to think who the hell would a Grunt invite to his/her birthday party? Any ideas?
  7. Concerned

    Tilt logic

    What are the strengths and weaknesses for Covies and Prometheans? Are grunts armor or flesh? Once an Elite's shield is down, do you finish him with bullets? P.S this also extends to vehicles. bump
  8. So, I just watched a video by Ducain23 and it showed two (2) new helmets. One called Strider, the other called Scanner. They look pretty cool to me. Also, there will not be Brutes in Halo 4, but they may play a part in the story. Sources- Video: New Helmets: Two New Halo 4 HelmetsHalo 4 Nation | The Halo 4 News Site No Brutes: No Brutes in Halo 4Halo 4 Nation | The Halo 4 News Site
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