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  1. I've played firefight a bunch of times but it gets boring really fast it's too much of the same thing. I was looking at a video and this guy had some good ideas like how they should do something like cods zombies how it has a story how you have choice where you wanna go. Then there's like gears of war horde how you can set up defenses which I think would give firefight more replayablity.and last thing the constant spawning in the same place is kinda annoying it's gotta be random to add more challenge. Oh and forgot he he also said stuff about how it would be cool for them to do a firefight mode with the flood more involved He makes a good point bout how in all the other games your being hunted which brings out more of the survival aspect while right now in firefight everyone's hunting theelites down which is why it sounds good to use flood cause they attack in packs and hunt you down
  2. Was anyone kinda shocked when they seen the crew for blue team? I mean these are Spartans that Cheif knows not some pick up team but people he grew with. I read some of the books and was thrilled to see Kelly is back R.I.P Sam but wow this was a huge reel in for me. I just want to know is 343i going to include some of Chief's past in this game will we really get an inside peek at behind the Spartans II program and how they manged to find each other
  3. The official Xbox E3 2015 conference has given us a wealth of new details to get excited about for Halo 5: Guardians! Let's dive right in. E3 2015 began with a bang as Bonnie Ross, a member of 343 Industries, walked on stage and set up the Halo 5 Story Trailer reveal, found on . The trailer shows Chief hunting something down, as Locke and his team prepare to take him on, receiving begrudging help from the Arbiter and his faction. Buck and Locke speak about the Master Chief and the price that comes with hunting him down, as they are all led to one specific location, to find Chief, the Covenant, and the Guardians. The gameplay footage showed off a new weapon, similar to the Plasma Launcher from Halo Reach, but more compact, as well as team gameplay in action. It also showed just how ruthless Fireteam Osiris is in their efforts to track the Chief down, only being stopped by a large Promethean figure who tells them they are not allowed to enter, unlike the Chief, before the demo ends. View attachment: h5singleplayer.png Multiplayer is shown off in a brand new BTB style mode called Warzone. This will take place on extremely large maps with 12 v 12 players, along with numerous NPCs. The game seems to begin with you and your team being dropped off in multiple Pelicans unto the battlefield as you fight with an array of weapons and vehicles. The game footage also hints at allied NPCs with marine chatter and red hunters possibly aligned to red team. Along with this, the Mantis seems to be back in action, very similar to it's precursor self. Along with the Mantis, a new Promethean air vehicle was demonstrated, possibly being player driven. The trailer can be seen on Xbox's channel, and is playable at E3. View attachment: h5warzone.png All information and images are sourced from 343 Industries and Microsoft, shown at E3 2015.
  4. The official Xbox E3 2015 conference has given us a wealth of new details to get excited about for Halo 5: Guardians! Let's dive right in. E3 2015 began with a bang as Bonnie Ross, a member of 343 Industries, walked on stage and set up the Halo 5 Story Trailer reveal, found on . The trailer shows Chief hunting something down, as Locke and his team prepare to take him on, receiving begrudging help from the Arbiter and his faction. Buck and Locke speak about the Master Chief and the price that comes with hunting him down, as they are all led to one specific location, to find Chief, the Covenant, and the Guardians. The gameplay footage showed off a new weapon, similar to the Plasma Launcher from Halo Reach, but more compact, as well as team gameplay in action. It also showed just how ruthless Fireteam Osiris is in their efforts to track the Chief down, only being stopped by a large Promethean figure who tells them they are not allowed to enter, unlike the Chief, before the demo ends. View attachment: h5singleplayer.png Multiplayer is shown off in a brand new BTB style mode called Warzone. This will take place on extremely large maps with 12 v 12 players, along with numerous NPCs. The game seems to begin with you and your team being dropped off in multiple Pelicans unto the battlefield as you fight with an array of weapons and vehicles. The game footage also hints at allied NPCs with marine chatter and red hunters possibly aligned to red team. Along with this, the Mantis seems to be back in action, very similar to it's precursor self. Along with the Mantis, a new Promethean air vehicle was demonstrated, possibly being player driven. The trailer can be seen on Xbox's channel, and is playable at E3. View attachment: h5warzone.png All information and images are sourced from 343 Industries and Microsoft, shown at E3 2015. View full article
  5. In the Beginning the Light ruled the lands. Everything full of joy and hope. Then the Darkness came, sweeping through these once peaceful lands. Nothing stood in its path. To combat the Darkness, four prime races were created: Humans, numerous and haughty; Elves swift and ageless; Fairies, intelligent and carefree; Dragons mighty and commanding. When these four races entered the fray, the Darkness had already created its own armies: Goblins,ugly and crafty; Orcs, strong and ghastly; Ogres, large and foul; Nyxs, manipulative and treacherous. In the battles that took place, and no ground was gained by either side. Years passed heroes came to being and died. Forests were burned and plains turned into blood soaked battlefields. Centuries passed and nothing changed. Until one day the Darkness receaded and disappeared leaving behind its armies to fight and fend for themselves. The Light seeing the opportunity, seized it, and began to retake its lands, New cities were built, and forgotten races, created eons ago by the Light were found and rediscovered-- Dwarfs, masters at the forge and construction. Druids, whisperers of nature and prophicizers. Giant Eagles, who can fly higher and faster than any dragon. Fauns whose speed and cunning is unmatched by any on land. And more, so many more who dwelled in the presence of the darkness for a millennia and survived. Now a new era has begun, for the forces of Light have prospered and advanced. The Darkness faded first into myth then into legend. The forests that burned have grown again, the bloody plains are fertile and holds countless farms and farmsteads. The old forging techniques have advanced, and new blades and armour are more sturdier than before. Gunpowder has been discovered and guns and cannons have been invented. This is we begin, here in these times, just before the Darkness's return the the legends that are told, become reality once again. Races: Humans-Due to there being so many of them, they are the main force of the Light's Army. Adaptive, they can easily learn most things(building, forging, etc). Can only learn 1 type of magic, or 3 spells from all criteria magik Elves-The fact that they are fast and stealthy, makes them perfect for the Reconnaissance division of the Light's Army, although they do sometimes join into the main force. Can learn 2 support criteria magiks Fairies-The greatest strategisers in the Light's Army, now if only they weren't so carefree. Know how to use air magik. Dragons-NOT USABLE. Noting much is known about them, their hide is tougher than iron, and they can use more than one type of magik. They use a form of telepathy to speak. The Light took their jaw workings into consideration. Dwarves- The greatest craftsmen in the entirety of the Light's Army. They know how to use Earth magik. Pegusi/Unicorns- Consider it a great honor to ride one, usually the Generals of the Light's Army ride these majestic creatures, only a rare few accounts have there ever been someone else to ride one, other than a generals, to ride them. They speak their minds often. Know Healing magik Fauns-Also used in the Reconnaissance division, due to there speed and craftiness. They are pranksters, but when it comes down to it, they are reliable in any fight. Can't learn magik Mermaids-Unlike most stories, Mermaids can walk on dry land, they lose all fish-like qualities once they assume their human form. Of course once they return to the water they can regain these qualities. Know Water magik. Giant Eagles-NOT USABLE. They can use certain words, and phrases. These astounding creatures have amazing speed in the air. Used by Elves in the Reconnaissance division. No magik. Dryads-Beings of the forest, rarely seen on the battle field. They can foresee the future and coming events. What makes them even more unique is that the can speak to all plant life. Can use Nature magik. Naids-Mostly water spirits, cousins of Mermaids, they can speak to all sea life, an extremely rare few can go on land. They know Water magik. Magik Criteria: Fire- Combat Water- Healing Earth- Construction, Combat Air- Combat, Healing Support- (Ex: Speed increase, stealth, etc) In the story version of the sign up, you may replace the the magic ability with the already a signed abilities with what ever you want, but in the story if you wish to change your magic There are far more types of magik,such as Lightning(combat). But due to funding they can not all be discovered by the Magikal Institution in Shayton, the capitol of Tel'Minar. Major cities: Shayton- Capitol of Tel'Minar. The biggest Academic city. Third biggest in Trade Favel Court- Major Political city. Second biggest in Academics. Minor trade. Can'Telcar- The richest city in Tel'Minar, first capitol(it is no longer the capitol). Has an Excellent Academics rate. Excellent Trade. Vaasel- The largest Trade and Sea Port city. A great Academics rate. Panishi- The biggest and poorest city. Horrible Academics rate. Moderate Trade. Gantel- The smallest city, but despite that, has many notable landmarks, and is a center for Trade and Academic Travelers. Of course there are many smaller cities and villages but none worth mentioning. When you make your characters for the story, please make them sensible. It would be easier on me that way. I will also list the sign up sheet below. Ok guys thank you and I look forward to see who and what your characters will be like. Name:(Ex: Electra Calemaria) Race:(Ex: Elf) Gender: (Female) Weapon of choice: (Ex: Lance) Secondary Weapon: (Ex: Short Sword) Gun: (If the gun is small like a pistol then, this slot is open, if it is a musket or blunderbuster, it will replace the main weapon. Also you can replace this slot with another small bladed weapon, such as a knife.) Magik:(depending on your race you may know a type of magik, if not list it here. Elves can only learn support magik.) Armour: (Ex: Survivalist's White Leather armour) Apperance: (Ex: Sharp pointed chin, long slender ears, Blonde hair(hair can be any colour), thin long scar on left cheek. Has a very soft and kind voice.) Personality: (Ex: Often a quiet person, she only speaks when comforting someone, or using proper etiquette.) Background: (Ex:Grew up in an Elven/Dryad community she, has always been a solitary person, mostly keeping to herself unless it is important or addressed to. She spent a lot of time roaming the woods around her large village. She would often speak to the travelers who would come to trade with her village. SHe hoped to one day travel around and see the lands that her ancestors once saw.) Note: With guns, since they are just coming out in the time period of this story, there are no additions to them such as silencers or magazines, or holographic sights. With the muskets however you can put a scope on it, but be reasonable with it since the range on them isn't very far. If you wish to know something let me know in the comments Also, don't expect this to be perfect, this was all of the top of my head as I did not have my school project with me. Even then, as I stated before, I am not a good story writer as good as a creator as JL, or Fishy so don't compare me to them, I'm an amateur, this is my first story that I have EVER made public, so please don't put me down to badly.
  6. :[ *Warning* This Post Will Be Very Long ]: First off i would like to ask for no trolling, no hating and no going out of your way to make someone look stupid. This thread is for halo 5 Ideas no matter how good or bad they are. Fill free to post any ideas you have. [Weapons & Equipment]: I would love to see them add all the halo weapons to halo 5. If not be able to choose what skin it has so you can say make a Storm rifle look like a Plasma Rifle. Also choose able plasma colors like with the Brute Plasma Rifles and the Elite Plasma Rifles. As well as new ones. If all the weapons would be added back some would need to be changed to make them more usable. *Focus Rifle* I think this should come back as a anti-vehicle weapon. Where it would do very high damage to vehicles but low damage to infantry. Another way I could see this is take away its x10 zoom and have it as a medium to long range rifle instead of being a long to very long sniper (I never once saw this used as a sniper in matchmaking.). *Brute Shot* I think this should have a one shot melee kill, 4 round clip (like halo 2) and do high damage to infantry and low damage to vehicles. *Concussion Rifle* High damage to light vehicles and be able to flip them, low damage to infantry with Knock back and medium damage to heavy vehicles. *Duel Wield* This need to come back I heard they were going to add it in halo 4 but they couldn't get it to work. Never the less it needs to make a come back even if its something you add for a custom load outs. *Bolt shot* Okay I have not used this since it got nerfed so I don't know how it works now. I think it needs to work in this way. Charged shot only knocks down shields or kill you if you have no shields with a overheat 2 sec cooldown. Single fire would do the less damage but higher rate of fire then magnum. *SMG* Duel-wield able and higher rate of fire then the AR and a 60 round clip with spread. (like halo 3) *ODST SMG* same as the SMG but nonduel-wield able and with zoom. *Mauler* Duel-wield able and two shots would do the same damage as one UNSC shotgun shot. *Plasma Rifle* Same as SMG but with all plasma weapons it would knock down the shields faster then the SMG but health slower. *Bring back the halo 3 equipment in ether loadouts or get them on the battlefield. You would have equipment and armor abilites. *NO MORE CUSTOM LOADOUTS* I would like to see halo reach loadout setup back. I don't like custom loadout but I wouldn't mind to much if they stayed. I just fell halo is more about finding your weapon on the field then spawning with it. Leave in being able to see power weapons on your hud. Its not fair to players who have never played on a map that other player have played on and know where all the power weapons are. *LEAVE IN ORDNANCE* I LOVE THIS ABOUT HALO 4. This is why, I am bad with a sniper. Not because I'm bad at the game but because I don't get to use it that much. Ever since Halo 4 ive gotten batter at sniping in all the Halos. ordnance gives players a chance to use a weapon and get used to it with out taking the weapon away from the players that are good with it. Before think you think just play team snipers. Think about this if you rarely use a weapon it wouldn't be fair to you if you are playing against players who always use that weapon. Some weapons you would see in campaign, firefight and custom games but wouldn't see them in Match making. [Forge & Theater modes]: *Bring back Forge world and sandbox. *Add in a new map thats FLAT with nothing on it and by this I mean something like the flat world in minecraft (NOT LIKE FORGE ISLAND). Here you would beable to place anything in the game any building, rock, mountain, ect... *Holo Mode* Okay this is what holo mode is. When you place a item (Say a Bunker box) in the ground and have it so the door is facing away you can toggle holo mode. Which would allow you to go into the item even though its in the ground. *Despawn timers* So you can make a item despawn in game. Would be fun having to run to a skull before the floor drops under you. *Toggle movement* This would let a item move in a set path or directions that you set in forge. *Firefight forge* *NPC Spawn* Not just for firefight forge but you could add them for any gametpye. *MORE items in forge* *Bring back things that where taken out in reach and halo 3 for forge* *Add things like computers and trash cans* *Changeable skins* so you can change items to look like items for Brutes, UNSC, Forerunner, Covenant, Flood and Maybe a new race >.> <,< >.> *Weather control* so you can change Day/night, rainy, snow, foggy, sandstorm and lightning. *Changable landscape* so you can change from sand, snow, grass, swamp, AND SPACE ! *LEAVE IN GREENSCREENS* *Traits on weapons* This would let you set traits to weapons in forge mode so you can have one say AR that does more damage to another AR. [Being able to make your own campaign]: *Addable Voice to Theater Mode* *Addable effects to Theater Mode* *Forge able triggers* A triggers is something you can put in in forge and it will trigger a cutscene you make in Theater Mode. *Multi Maps* After you do one thing in a map like act activate a trigger it will load the next map. [Custom games & gametpyes]: FIRST OFF FOR THIS I WOULD LIKE TO SAY.... I do not want multiplayer to have a story to it a reason why spartans are fighting spartan. I just dont want it to be on the same story as the campaign. I was told thats why they took elites out of multiplayer. *Other playerable Race* I wanna be able to choose my race no matter the same tpye from Flood, Brute, Elite, Spartan, Prometheans and the forerunner like the Didact. *Playable grunts vs marines For Invasion* Bring back games tpye that were taken out like invasion and race. *No more Custom loadout in MM* *Firefight* *Flood Firefight* Return of Coagulation. [*More gametpye options*]: here are some Increase/Decrease Weapon damage for each weapon and not just the play. Increase/Decrease how much ammo you can have in your weapon and how much ammo for that weapon you can hold. Toggle health. In halo Reach and Halo CE you could toggle shields but not health. Toggle drop flag Toggle have pistol with flag or i would also like to beable to change the pistol to any one-handed weapon EVEN A SWORD. Toggle throw Skull/bomb Changable Cool down/over heat on vehicles weapons [Vehicles]: I would like to see all the vehicles back and each race have there own verson of that vehicle as well as new ones also a flood skin for each one and changable camo skins for them. For Example: Spectre/Prowler/Warthog Also idea for a new Vehicle it was something i saw in halo custom edition a motorcycle with 2 chain guns mounted on it it would be the UNSCs Ghost. [Campaign & Story]: Lot of People want cortana back I being one of them. They could bring her back as a ghost that only chief can see I say this because she was made with human DNA. Now if they didn't bring her back i wouldn't be all OMFGWTF BBFQ WHY I HATE YOU no i wouldn't do that. >.> <,< >.> MORE STORY IN THE GAME for one thing I didn't know why I was attacking my once found ally and the only way to find this info is in a easteregg... This was a bad move. Also there was almost no story in the gameplay all of it was in the cutscenes that needs to change in halo 5. After halo 6 I would still like game with chief in it at some point. Also I would like other halo games with other Heros like I wanna know if noble 6 died or if something happened in a split second. More halo ODST games and halo games based off of the books would be fun. More spartan ops in halo 5 and more story to it yeah I know season 2 isnt out yet. Also i want it to fell more like the campaign but where its MY Spartans story. Lastly we don't know what the xbox 720 is gonna be like so halo can change alot because of it some of the thing 343 wanted to do they couldn't because of the 360 I will be adding more to this and I would like if YOU add your ideas as well. Oh How could I forget The arbiter and a playable elite campaign.
  7. The Final Stand Sergeant Jackson scrutinized the battlefield. Chaos and destruction was all to be seen. He and his squad were the last surviving marines in the platoon. Their Lieutenant was infected by the Flood, so the Sergeant was left in command of this unit. The three others with him were less experienced in combat, but he believed they could pull through. There was Corporal Williams, the squad’s best Sniper. Private Bosworth, the new recruit to the UNSC. Finally there was Engineering Officer Bailey, an experienced engineer in the UNSC Engineering Corps. These four soldiers formed Charlie Squad. The flood had hit hard, it was an unexpected attack. They had high-jacked another Covenant ship and jumped to the Western region on New Mombasa, the area where Charlie Squad and the other marines in the Platoon were stationed to protect. They were expecting Covenant, and only Covenant. The Flood began to quickly multiply as soon as they hit Kenya. It all happened too fast. “Bailey! Any luck with that COM Tower?” the Sergeant barked. “Yes Sarge, just a few more minutes.” The Engineer replied. “Hey Williams, you see anything?” Jackson asked. “No Sergeant, not yet. I’m expecting another horde to be coming soon though.” The Corporal didn’t take his eye of the scope whilst replying. Sergeant Jackson walked over to the recruit, who was slowly reloading his Assault Rifle. “Private, how you doing?” The Sergeant asked in a calmer tone. “I’m good Sergeant, this was just…not something I was expecting to happen. I thought there may be a few Covenant drop ships, maybe a little more. I never thought the Flood would come. I had only heard things about these monsters, and now I’m fighting them.” Bosworth was almost shivering as he spoke. “Don’t worry kid, we’ll get through this. Just keep yourself together and stay strong." the Sergeant reassured him. “Thanks Sarge.” the Private replied. “Hey Sarge! I’ve got good news!” Bailey shouted from the COM Tower. “What is it?” “I managed to make contact with a Search and Rescue team, there’s a Pelican waiting for us a few miles South. We have to be there within thirty minutes. It shouldn’t take us long in the Troop Transport Hog…as long as there aren’t any interruptions.” “Nice work Bailey.” The sergeant was satisfied. “Come on boys! Pack up, we’re leaving. “Where to?” the confused Private responded. “We’re getting off this damn planet.” the Sergeant replied. Bosworth was waiting at the wheel, while the Sergeant sat next to him. Williams was sitting in the back, checking his sniper rifle. “Bailey! You got the rest of the ammo?” The Sergeant felt like they needed to move quicker. “Yeah Sarge, I’m just-” “Just what?” Loud gunshots go off, the squad snapped their neck toward the sound. Bailey was sprinting towards the Warthog whilst reloading his magnum. “Damn it!” the Sergeant yelled. “They’re here!” Bailey was nearing the Warthog, but it was too late. A Flood Combat form and leaped at him and hit him to the ground. Bailey fired at it as dozens of infection and combat forms began to swarm the area. “Just drive! I’ll hold them off!” the struggling Engineer shouted. “You’re a good man Bailey, you will be remembered. Private, get us out of here!” Jackson ordered. Bosworth slammed the acceleration pedal. The Warthog’s engine roared and they were off. “Williams! You good back there?” Jackson asked. “Yes Sergeant.” the Corporal replied. He wasn’t very talkative, compared to most other marines. They were escaping the Flood, but the Sergeant knew there would be more ahead. There was only fifteen minutes left until the Pelican had to leave. The Flood was spreading. “Sergeant! We’ve got a massive wall up ahead! Looks like it was used to hold off the flood!” The Private struggled to talk over the Warthog’s screaming engine. “Alright! Bring us to a stop!” the Sergeant replied. The Warthog screeched, then stopped. The wall was huge, there was no way to get the Warthog through. Jackson spotted some stairs on the left side of the wall that could easily take them over. The Pelican shouldn’t be too far from there, no more than 5 minutes running. “Come on, we’re heading up those stairs. Grab any ammo you need and move it.” The Sergeant was confident they could make it. They had just about reached the top of the wall when they heard the heavy footsteps of flood infection forms running towards them. Hundreds of infection forms followed. “Damn! Ok, we need to-” Jackson was cut off by the sound of Williams reloading his sniper. “Go ahead you two, it’s time I had a bit of fun.” The Corporal was eager to fire a few rounds and hold off the Flood, even if it cost him his life. “What are you still doing here? You’ve got less than ten minutes to reach that Pelican.” “Thanks Corporal, I wish you the best of luck.” The Sergeant was proud to have such soldiers fighting by his side. Jackson and Bosworth reached the bottom of the other side of the wall and sprinted through the woods. They could hear the gunshots behind them, then eventually there was silence. The two kept running, but they could hear the Flood gaining on them. They leaped out of the woods panting, and looked around expecting to see a Pelican. There was nothing there. “Sarge…they left us.” the Private said in shock. “Don’t worry, I’ve got this all under control. I’ve got a flare, let me just pull it out of my bag.” The Sergeant was panicking on the inside, but he wouldn’t let the marine know how he truly felt about the situation. He pulled of his bag and started rummaging through its contents. “They’re coming, hold them off until I can get this flare out and lit.” The Private didn’t say a word. He just turned to face the oncoming flood, and fired his Assault Rifle. “Sarge, I’m all out, they’re almost here.” the Private slowly said. “Ok, take this!” Jackson threw him his SMG without lifting his head up from his bag. Ah! Private I’ve got the-” The Sergeant dropped the flare. He watched as Bosworth, or what used to be Bosworth, grew an appendage and was quickly mutated by an infection form. Many more infection and combat forms surrounded Jackson. He looked down at the two fragmentation grenades attached to his belt, then looked back at the Flood. “Looks like there’s only one way for this to end…”
  8. So just last month I beat Halo 4 on Legendary solo all the way through. It was incredibly awesome and I got the achievements I was supposed to. However just the other day my roomies and I decided that we should get back into multiplayer to warm up for MCC coming out soon. When we were done playing online last night I went into the campaign menu just to look at the mission select screen to show off my accomplishment. To my surprise and horror all of my campaign progress had been reset. Only the first mission was available - as if I was booting up the campaign for the first time. Confused I checked to see if my profile was still signed in, indeed it was. None of the other missions were visible and it looks like I haven't even cleared the first mission according to the in - game menu. What's really strange and terrifying about this is that I have looked at the mission screen on several occasions since my Legendary completion on Oct. 2nd 2014. They were all there and displaying the correct difficulty completions. I immediately began to panic and thought maybe if I reset my XBOX it will correct itself, no luck. I haven't noticed any title updates in awhile and since I have that set to manual I'm not sure how I could have missed it. What's more is several times in the past I have seen all my armor, loadouts, and emblems get wiped and I have to go back and redo everything. My XP level stays where it is but the game forgets all the character customization. Lastly Spartan Ops is unaffected by this memory wipe, all the progress I've made there is exactly as it should be. Please 343 fix this bug. I've mostly enjoyed Halo 4 while others have bashed it but this is too much. Was there a recent title update that caused this? What would effect the status of my system's save games like that? It's just weird, and annoying, and maddening. I didn't see any post of this nature so hopefully someone will know what the heck happened. God I hope there is a fix.
  9. "I want to go home." Rue was crying in her cell, she was staring at herself through the puddle of tears she had made "I should've listened! I want to leave this place!" She broke down and started to cry. She heard footsteps in the distance and tried to remain as silent as she could, tears streaming down her face. "Rue! You here? We need to kill you now." The Mafians discovered a way to get into the jail room. The two Mafians approached her cell "Well well, the last civilian." The Mafians started to cackle "What should we do with her boss?" Asked the recruit; a menacing grin across his face. "I don't know to be honest, we could torture her slowly and enjoy our last death or we could just kill her now and get our payme..." His ideas suddenly came to a stop as the entire coliseum shook "What was that?" Asked the recruit. It came back but stronger, more violent. Rue's rotten cell collapsed and caused a hole big enough for Rue to escape. "What was that? Where did she go!?" The Mafians started to panic and started to become stressed. As the dust cleared it revealed the hole that she escaped out of "Dammit!" Both the recruit and the leader jumped through the hole. Once they landed they both suddenly had a mini heart attack "Aww no... This is the sewers!" The recruit started to feel worried "We're going to have to split up!" The recruit was taking control which the leader didn't like. "Hold on one minute!" The leader was stressed at this point "You do not make the decisions! I do!" The leader stopped and took a break to calm down "We need to use our heads and our ears, listen for the footsteps of her running away and then run that way." The recruit suddenly understood, closed his eyes and began to listen out for Rue. "Oh no!" Rue thought to herself "I'm trapped! The exit won't open!" The earthquake caused some of the nearby buildings to collapse on the exit and completely jamming it shut with all of the concrete and debris. She began to tear up but she was determined not to cry, she knew that if she made a noise then she was dead. She only had one choice left, to go back to the hole and escape from her cell. She began to backtrack her route that she ran as quietly as she could. The Mafians were at the hole waiting for her, listening for her footsteps. Rue looked around the corner and saw them both there. "Oh no." She thought to herself, "How am I going to escape now. "Have you heard her yet recruit?" The leader asked "Not yet but I will do." The recruit said with determination. That is when Rue had an idea, she snuck around the other side and found a medium sized rock. She decided to throw the rock down one of the other tunnels and use that to escape. The rock made a huge bang followed by a splash, in an instant of the splash the sound of heavy footsteps echoed down the tunnels as the Mafians charged after the noise. As soon as she saw them run past her she walked very quietly over to the hole, when she tried to reach the hole she noticed that she had to jump to reach it. She failed the first jump which made the Mafians change their current route and run back to the hole. Rue was desperately trying to reach the hole, as soon as the Mafians turned the corner she was able to grab a piece of metal that the pipe was made of and climbed up to get to the opening. The Mafians were smart and decided to use the pipe to make a secondary jump to reach her. "We're coming Rue!" Shouted the recruit who was full of anger as he and the leader ran after her. Rue was finally able to reach the apartment that she was staying in, she went to her room and locked the door. "What do I do now?" Rue was shaking with fear, she didn't know what to do. The Mafians were beating down every door on her floor, she suddenly remembered about her project of her secret weapon. She ran to her drawer and pulled out a key then she walked over to a chest on the floor, she unlocked the chest and pulled out her weapon. "If a fight is what they want then a fight is what they'll get!" She closed her chest and unlocked the door. As she walked out she saw the Mafians going the other way, beating down the doors of the other rooms. "Hey boys." She said, a menacing grin across her face "Looking for me?" The Mafians turned with a devilish grin that soon became a very shocked face. "Oh no..." Muttered the leader "The rumours were true, this is the reason you haven't been attending the polls. This is the reason you're never at the execution." The leader pulled out another sword. "Then I guess it's time for me to put down this town's legend." The leader changed but Rue jumped out of her window because she needed more room for her weapon and she couldn't swing it in such a compact space. The Mafians shortly followed her, "So... The last stand." Said Rue "It's either me or you." She readied her scythe "So lets finally finish this!" Rue charged at the Mafians full of zeal and determination. The Mafians were skilled swordsman but they had no idea how to defend themselves from a scythe attack, they had to dodge out the way and counter attack but Rue was too good with the scythe; dodging, blocking and countering their every attack. "She's too good." Panted the recruit "What do we do?" "What's the problem young one? Feeling tired?" She charged at the recruit who was struggling to catch his breath. She suddenly felt a sharp pain in her back, she looked down and saw a pile of blood growing bigger and bigger on the floor. "Do I really need to save you again recruit?" The leader approached Rue "Good fight honey, but it's over now." The leader watched her body collapse onto the concrete road. "You skills are good but work on your defensive skills." The leader began to approach her "However that won't matter now, you're still alive, I want my payment and now it's time for me to complete my mission." The leader stabbed her through the back of the skull, he looked at the recruit "There's still one alive!" He said as he approached the recruit "Who? Who ali..." The Leader stabbed the recruit through the heart "You..." The leader said, his face covered in shadow. As the recruit's body fell to the floor, the leader sheathed his sword and walked off into the shadows. So hopefully this is just in the boundaries.
  10. A little story to get you ready for the holidays! Little Billy was praying on his bedside, "Oh lord, please let Christmas be early this year, please let it be early." Then all of a sudden, Little Billies dog, Toto came running in barking. "Oh TOTO You're back! I Missed you sooo much" said little billy. "Shut the hell up Billy, I am not Toto"- said Toto "Oh well golly Toto you sure are grumpy.." said little billy "I'm an elf, clearly an elf Billy, how can you not see this?" said Toto, who was actually an elf. " No you're my Toto, Toto." said little billy. "Okay fine, I am your 'Toto' but Billy, you have to come with me quickly! You need to help me.." said Toto, who was actually an elf named Ralph. Before I continue on, here is a little backstory on Ralph. Ralph grew up on the south side of Santa's Kingdom in the Arctic up North. Santa Claus was no jolly being either, he was a mean, fat dictator, who killed elves on his own time. (1950's man laugh) Haha well we can't worry about him right now. Now as I was saying, Ralph was a young elf, forced to come to find the dumbfounded little billy. Ralph was a single elf, never to have a wife because he was a ****. Ralph was a **** okay? He ruined the life and dreams of young children all over the world in 1929 because he crashed the stock market and shot Arch Duke F. to start WW1, this guy is a bad elf. Anywho, let us continue on with Billie and Ralph. "Why should I help you Toto?" said little Billy in a fuss "Because I'll rip off your %$2% if you don't help me....Fair enough?" Said Ralph "What does %#$% mean?" Said little billie "We don't have time for this, ask your mom or teacher in school" Said Ralph "Okay Toto, I'll help you, what do you need me to do?" "To Spread the word Billie" Said Ralph "What do you mean Toto?" Asked Little billie curiously "You must spread the word of christmas cheer to all, or I'll rip your #$@% off" said Ralph "Is that your solution to everything?" said Little Billie "Just do It!" Said Ralph. With that, Ralph climbed out of Billies window and flew away. The next day, Billie went to school and told everyone about Christmas, and how it was coming, and then he asked his Teacher what $%#* meant. The End. The moral of the story is, THE SKELETON WAR IS OVER, CHRISTMAS IS HERE!!! SPREAD THE WORD!
  11. Flood: Rising On a cold, spooky evening, three kids: John, Scott, and Sammy, were on a stroll, when they spotted a facility hidden in the woods. "Hey, you wanna go check that out?", asked Scott. "Are you kidding?", exclaimed Sammy, "it's probably hidden for a reason". Without an answer, Scott raced towards the structure. "What were you thinking Scott, we could get in real trouble!", said John. "Place looks empty to me", replied Scott. "I say now that were here, we might as well see what's going on". After walking through the halls for a while, they heard a clank across the room. "What was that?", asked Sammy, startled. "Maybe there's some workers that can help us out", said John. "Let's go check it out". As they got closer to the corner, they heard an ear piercing shriek. "What was that!", screamed Scott. As they started to run back, out came a crazy monster: human size, but it looked green, infected, slimy, and almost zombie like. "WHAT IS THAT!!", shrieked Sammy. They ran for their lives, but the monster was catching up. As soon as they turned the corner, they ran into a Spartan in full Recon armor. When the monster reached them, the Spartan blasted his shotgun straight into the creature's face, killing it as it hit the floor. "Wh-wh-who are you?", asked Sammy. "I am James Carter, Spartan from fireteam Alpha at ONI. As far as I know, I am the last living Spartan in this area", he said. "what was that thing?", asked John. "That", exclaimed Carter, "Was a Flood". "What's a Flood?", asked Scott. "I'm not supposed to be saying this, but considering we're the only living people here, I guess I can" said Carter. "A few months ago, the famous scientist Doctor, Kevin Halsey, husband of Catherine Halsey, was conducting an experiment to give humans improved athletic abilities. The experiment, working on a rat, was later conducted on a human, but what Dr. Halsey didn't realize was that the chemicals infected the rat and was mutated into a horrible creature. Dr. Halsey realized to late, and the same happened to the human, who terrorized the facility, infecting whoever it injured, turning them into Flood. Dr. Halsey's current status is unknown." Just then two more Alpha Flood came charging at them. Carter killed the first one, slamming to the floor, but the second one tackled him. Battling to not get infected, Carter struggled, almost getting sliced, but a shotgun blast blew the Flood's head, falling lifeless to the floor. Scott was holding Carter's shotgun, stunned at what he had just done. "Nice shot",said Carter, taking back his shotgun, "here, you'll need some protection". He handed each of them a Magnum, and together they got outside the facility. "So what now?" asked John. "Well", answered Carter, "Looks like we're going to have to fight our way through this one".
  12. I currently have one but YOU CAN POST HERE TOO! ________________________________________________________________________________ And unexpected appearance... Before i tell this story it is NOT TRUE so dont tell me that you crapped your pants becuase of it Ahem now Bon Voyage! 3 2 1 It was a very dark night and i was playing split-screen Coop with 3 of my friends on an old copy of halo Combat Evolved Anniversary offline eventually we got to the level Silent Cartographer and something strange happened There was no AI and a lot of blood and corpses and demented music was playing with the sound of gurgling then we all saw a flood TANK appear and kill Pepeorino (tony) SenyLam (sarah) and Jork Jork (me) while forfightfist (Kyle) was shooting it with a assault rifle and it 1 hit him then it sprayed infectees all over our corpses and dug into kyles corpse everybody knows that would NEVER happen but it DID and kyle fell over and what was really scary is that kyle was twitching and greenish blood dripped out of his mouth and i said "hes my brother and i know he has seizures regularly but only during things like battling seizure robots from simpsons and he NEVER bleeds out of his mouth" so we just ignored it but tony kept looking at him every 3 seconds and after a minute of Battling hunters and stuff (restarted level) we heard a blast of what seemed to be like the tentacles coming out of the combat form except this level had no flood so we took a look at kyle and i said "HOLY MOTHER OF MY ANUS LETS GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE" I opened the window and climbed out tony opened the door and sarah followed him i almost broke my knee but i still kept running with kyle in chase (you thought he had a seizure but noo it was worse i should have killed him before this.) I screamed as he gained chase and i started throwing rocks at him but no use he still kept on running after me and then sarah and tony caught up with me (want to know why we where running from kyle? he is a FREEKING FLOOD COMBAT FORM) Goodbye Tony I will miss you Kyle then caught up with us and got tony and turned him into one too giving us a 1 minute head start Sarah said "How could these exist?" and i replied "I dont care if they do just run like HELL" and so we ran and ran until we got to the city but a crazy person stopped us and said "wwould yyou llike ssome canned huk huk huk Fartinessin?" i replied "what? NO" and we ran for what seemed to be hours. Goodbye Sarah i will miss you Kyle then jumped and killed sarah and reincarnated her as one of them and i was the last man standing as they infected people across the town and making the local SUBBIES a Hive for more of them. i then found the town's Fallout shelter and found me as the last person in the city and i hid there for years to come What The Hell Just Happened? I thought that the flood would just die but no the year is 2012 and when i looked outside they where still there and where eating what the original townspeople ate... so i went to my house to find a suprise party made for my return from you know it Kyle Tony and Sarah... And now i live with 3 flood monsters. always. watching. my. back. (infections forms are pets not pests) i know its got no grammy or stuff but i had 1 hour to make that!
  13. The Official Microsoft Store has released a brief overview of the plot for Halo 5, here's what it says: "Master Chief continues his hero's quest. Halo for Xbox One takes the now-legendary saga to new heights and is one of the most anticipated games for the new console. In possession of a mysterious data chip, Petty Officer John-117, aka Master Chief, confronts a new battery of challenges and tests in a Herculean effort to stay alive in a galaxy where sentient life is mercilessly hunted. Pre-order the next chapter in the wildly popular Halo series designed exclusively for Xbox One." According to this, that data chip we saw in the trailer isn't Cortana's, as most people thought. What / Whom is that chip containing? Why must Master Chief take these "challenges"? Is sentient life hunted by the Flood? I would appreciate posting your thoughts Source: http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/Halo-for-Xbox-One/productID.286029500 [it says it's currently anavailable, maybe they released the info by accident?]
  14. I just wrote an article on how Halo:Initiation ties into the halo 5 story.
  15. So i'm sure this has already been said by someone somewhere upon the forums but has anyone considered both of Chief and the mystery spartan working like the Halo 2 Campaign system. Where as you would play maybe a mission or 2 as chief and then maybe switch over too the other spartan and repeat until their paths collide. Just an idea to throw out there. Not sure what to speculate on the silver spartan. Maybe he is looking to bring chief back if chief went rouge maybe he has a completely different goal or maybe he is out to kill chief. So many questions but im sure some of them will be answered at E3 discuss on here freely!
  16. Chapter Five was out, did you read it first? http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/34605-unsc-warlord-chapter-five/ ~Chapter 6: Arcadia Outskirts~ “Is everyone alright?” Alex's voice said. “Yeah, I just think the landing would've gone better.” Jack said. He pulled himself up and put his helmet back on and grabbed his assault rifle. Bek raised herself off the floor. She grabbed her shotgun and loaded the shells into the ammunition slot. “I think we should get a move on and see what the Covenant are really here for. I don't think standing around in a Pelican that just crashed because of a shade turret will do any good. For all they care, they think we're dead.” “She's right.” Biggles said while he finished his ammunition reload. “Alright everyone. Let's go in pairs: Jack and Biggles, Bek and Archangel. I'll go on my own. It'll get additional ground covered. Now let's move.” Alex headed off in one direction. “You heard the man.” Biggles and Jack ran in another direction. Bek looked at Archangel, “Just like old times back at ONI, huh?” Archangel nodded. They both took off in a direction separate from the other teams. ~ ~ Biggles and Jack arrived at a covenant outpost. They surveyed the area. “Looks like they're either planning for something or their gathering a lot of troops for a major invasion force.” Jack lowered his binoculars. “Alright, lets go. We need to take out this outpost one way or another.” They headed in the different direction. “Wait, I think I see something up ahead that we could use to take out that Covenant outpost. It looks like it'll do the trick.” Biggles squinted at what he saw. Jack and him ran up to the machine. Jack surveyed the area while Biggles did a ping. “I don't see anything on the radar. So we must be good to go.” Jack ran up to get in the machine, “Holy crap, we're going to use a Wolverine?” Jack dropped his gun from the shock. “Those things could destroy a building quicker than an average Scorpion.” Jack swiped up his gun and climbed on top of the Wolverine. He lowered his self into the Wolverine pilot hatch. “Let's do this.” Biggles hopped into the gunner seat hatch and turned on the Wolverine. “Okay let's go.” Jack drove straight towards the Covenant outpost. They were lucky. The Covenant didn't hear nor see them arrive before it was to late. “You get infantry, I got buildings.” Biggles started shooting the grenade launcher cannon at the grunts and elites. Jack turned the two rocket salvages and fired them at the outpost destroying the building from high impact. “Looks like this place is toast” Jack said as he hopped out of the Wolverine finishing a piece of bread he found inside the hatch. “Yeah, toast.” Biggles shot the grunt in the face causing a massive explosion to come from his methane tank. He opened the hatch, and put his Battle Rifle next to the hatch door. “Uh, Biggles. You coming out or what?” Jack's expression looked confused. “Yeah, I'm coming.” Biggles raised himself out of the hatch and onto the ground, he grabbed his Battle Rifle then checked to make sure he still had everything. He looked at Jack and nodded his head. They both progressed through the area even more, they were on the look out for a Covenant extraction zone. ~ ~ “Archangel. Are you ready?” She whispered. Archangel responded, “Yes, setting up the bi-pod now, Bek.” He steadied the pod on the tree branch and balanced it. Archangel and Bek had came onto a Covenant extraction site. They thought it looked like they had dug up some sort of building material. The structure was made of a nice solidified surface that ran off of some sort of technology usage of energy. “Alex, Jack, and Biggles. Come to our location, now.” Archangel said. “You think you found it?” Alex replied. “Just come quick and look for yourself, I'm engaging now.” Archangel left the network. Archangel took the first shot, luck was in his rifle this time; the Elite Commander fell down dead. The other Covenant began to scream in different tones about what just happened. Archangel took another shot, killing the gunner in the shade turret. He kept a steady pace of sniper shots for a few more rounds until one of the jackals spotted Bek and began to shoot his plasma pistol in the direction. So did all the grunts and other jackals. The few Elites that were there started to revolt as well. “I'm taking way to much fire. I can't get a beat on them, Archangel. Can you finish off those jackals?” Bek leaned over and shot three grunts in the face and returned back behind the tree. Archangel hopped out of the tree and went behind cover behind the bottom of a tree. “To much incoming fire, don't want a stray bullet to hit me.” Archangel dropped an Elite. In the distance three banshees and a phantom crashed down in the area with a result of majority of the grunts and jackals gone. “What the hell?” Archangel, Bek, and The Covenant looked around. Six more missiles came into the area blowing up a a Covenant Wraith tank. “Okay, seriously. What's up?” Archangel sat down and messed with his network. “Okay, seriously. Which one of you guys was that?” He sounded upset about it. “Was just Biggles and I. We found this Wolverine laying around and said 'Might as well use it.' So we took it and used it.” Jack replied back. “Ah whatever.” Archangel shot the last Elite in the area. Everyone regrouped in the middle. “Where's Alex?” Bek asked. She sounded as if she were afraid and scared for what might have happened to Alex. “I'm here don't worry. But let's get going. We have about four minutes to get to the exfil. Commander's orders.” Alex ran past them in the direction of the extraction location. After about two minutes of running they arrived at the bottom of the hill. Everyone started to run up the hill where the Pelican just landed. Alex saw Sarge, he looked as if he didn't want us to go up the hill. Suddenly Alex was drug and thrown threw two trees. “Ah what the Hell was that?” He picked up his Assault Rifle and aimed it at where he was thrown. An Elite revealed itself from his active camouflage. The armor didn't look like ordinary Elite battle armor, it looked as if it belonged to a Covenant ship Commander. “I am Fien' Sheyan, I am the third in command of the Covenant destroyer Bliss of Sedate. You are one of our high value targets, demon.” He withdrew two energy swords and ran at Alex. Alex opened fire. Bek heard the shots, she called for the others to come help, which they did. They all ran towards Alex to save him. “Don't come any closer! Just run to the Pelican. Run!” Alex yelled at her. She hesitated as did the others, then ran to the Pelican. Alex got knocked back from the Elite's fists. It hurt. Alex then got up and pulled out his magnum. He managed to get the Elite to drop one of the swords, Alex broke the power supply on it. The Elite looked angry. “Damn you demon! I will have you for this!” Fien' ran at him. Alex dodged his swings and ran over and picked up his Assault Rifle he dropped earlier. He opened fire on the Elite, but the sword just reflected the bullets. “Ah, what the hell.” Alex dropped the Assault rifle. “Here, catch!” Alex heard Jack yell, so he held his hand in the air and caught a combat knife. Just in time as Fien' ran up, Alex stabbed his hand resulting in the Elite being disabled in both arms. “Fool. You may have been able to defeat me, but the Arbiter will have you head! Your heresy will stand your feet!” The Elite fell to the ground. “No, but it will stand yours.” He shot the Elite in the face with his magnum. Alex caught up to the pelican with less than thirty seconds left. “Let's go, now!” The pelican escalated quickly and boosted towards the UNSC Warlord. A nuke went off down on the ground. Sarge leaned over and looked at where the noise came from and questioned, “What was that?” Biggles took off his helmet and smiled at Sarge. “Command's orders.” ~End Chapter Six~ Alright everyone, what do you think happens next chapter?
  17. Have you read Chapter 4 yet? http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/34531-unsc-warlord-chapter-4/ ~Chapter 5: Arcadia City~ “We’re going in hot!” Cajun yelled as he started to lose control of the pelican. “Brace for impact!” The pelican released the Scorpion and a couple seconds later landed on the belly of the vehicle and skid on the surface to a halt. “That one was close, but we need to get a move on. Come on lets go. Those evac shuttles won’t last forever.” Sarge ordered, whom did not have any patience on this dangerous mission plan. “You guys go ahead, I’m going back for the tank. I’ll rendezvous with all of you as soon as I can.” Osiris stated, then turned around and ran the opposite direction where the pelican first dispatched the Scorpion. “Alright, everyone else on me!” Sarge commanded then took point and ran towards Arcadia City. The team rushed towards the city and stood at the entrance, Osiris pulled the tank up a few minutes after they got their. Sarge was busy with a plan for a strategy on how they should take out the forces in the area to evac the shuttle when the Commander came over the network. “Sarge, can you read me?” The Commander demanded for an answer. “Loud and clear, what is it Commander?” Sarge replied without any hesitation. “I have really bad news. A covenant fleet just jumped into the atmosphere. One of them looks like a leadership. Can’t tell for sure now. Spirit of Fire is engaging it and demanding a full retreat in 30 minutes of all of its units. We’ll be doing the same here as soon as we get those civilian shuttles off the planet.” The Commander assured. “Alright Commander, will do. Sarge out.” Sarge disconnected from the network. He then ordered his team. “Alright everyone. We need to get evac shuttle number one lifted off. Osiris, you provide heavy support. If you see any covenant vehicles, take them out. Architect, Cajun, and Fauz, all of you secure a good overview position of the evac shuttle. Provide as much precision support as you can. Dumby, Doc, and Paladin, you secure a defensive perimeter. Phoenix, you and I will provide frontline defense. We take out anything in front of the barricades that are not listed as friendly or civilian. Alright, take your positions, now!” Sarge watched everyone run to their positions, then he ran over and up to the barricade. Phantoms were heard right overhead, then stopped to deploy troops. “Open fire!” Phoenix yelled. Everyone began to shoot at the grunts and jackals being deployed. Osiris shot down the phantom causing a massive explosion over the units. “I don’t think that’s all of them, let reload everyone! Phoenix was right, at the exact moment two phantoms and a spirit flew in. The two phantoms landed first then deployed jackals and grunts. “Suppressive fire, everybody! Lets go go go!” Sarge was serious. While the everyone was engaged, the spirit landed and dropped off two hunters and a wraith. “Osiris! Eyes on that wraith!” “Yes sir. Locking on now.” Osiris moved the Scorpions barrel and aimed at the wraith. He fired. “Woah boy!” The wraith lost all power, flipped over and crushed one of the hunters. Osiris then immediately engaged and eliminated the last hunter. “Tank beats everything! Oh man, I could do this all day!” Osiris shot down the spirit. “Alright guys, the ship looks like it’s about full and ready to take off with the civilians. Get ready to run to the second evac shuttle.” Sarge informed everyone. “Doc, you’re doing a great job assisting those families on board. Just remember that Warlord is counting on you.” Doc briefly responded, “I know, sir.” “Alright, first shuttles ready to go. I don’t seem to see any enemy movement on the VISR, so we should be good.” Sarge confirmed putting his VISR HUD away. “Alright Evac Shuttle Number One, you are good to go!” Evac pilot, “Thanks Team Lord, could’ve have done it without you.” The evac shuttle then blasts off towards the UNSC Warlord. “Alright, shuttle number two. Lets go.” Phoenix took point. “Sarge, it looks like we have banshee’s incoming towards shuttle two.” Dumby noticed. “Alright, looks like there’s two of them.” Sarge stopped and noticed. “Everyone, behind cover! They’re coming towards us!” Everyone ran and hid behind rock formations and debris. “Alright, Phoenix and Architect you know what to do.” Architect was the first to go. He activated his jet pack and took off right behind the banshee gaining speed. Phoenix was next, he went for the second banshee. Architect finally boarded the banshee. He then removed his plasma grenade from his waist. He accidently let go, “Crap!” He yelled. He then removed his second plasma grenade from his waist. He activated it and slammed it into the right wing thruster. He bailed and flew towards shuttle two where everyone was already setting up a defensive action. Except Osiris, whom was still driving his way towards shuttle two. Phoenix still wasn’t done taking out his banshee. He reached for the banshee and grabbed ahold of it. The banshee then rolled causing him to slide off. Just in time, he grabbed a hold of the banshees left wing. He struggled for his combat knife, which he finally grabbed ahold of. Phoenix cut a hole in the side of the banshee revealing the circuits. His final act was ready. Phoenix grabbed his firebomb grenade and see it on the vehicles main circuit wire. Phoenix bailed as well and flew back to shuttle number two. His banshee lost control and swerved off and ran into an enemy phantom transporting three ghosts, which caused a huge explosion destroying the phantom and its vehicles. “Evac shuttle number two is complete. Now to just get it the hell out of here.” Paladin informed. The enemy shade turret kept its fire. “Osiris, help please.” “Sure thing.” Osiris shot down the bridge leading from one side of the pelican to the other causing all the shade turrets to fall and collapse. “Alright, anti-air batteries are no longer in the area. You may proceed Evac Shuttle Number Two.” Sarge said while taking down an Elite minor. “Thanks for the assist Team Lord. Glad you’re on your side.” The pilot said before blasting off towards the UNSC Warlord. “Alright, last shuttle guys. Then we can head back up and get the hell away from this planet.” Sarge said. He then ran full speed towards the last shuttle, everyone following him and Osiris turning on the Scorpion’s boost to catch up. “Glad you guys could make it! Get aboard now! Screw the civilians, Command wants this shuttle and everyone on it gone now!” The pilot said over the local network COM’s. “May I ask why she issued this order?” Sarge challenged. “Because of that.” He pointed in front of the shuttle. Sarge noticed it too. A covenant Scarab. “Don’t worry UNSC Warlord Team Lord. We got that Scarab for you.” Three Mac blasts then came straight out of the sky crippling the Scarab into nothing. “Thanks for the assist UNSC Spirit of Fire. Couldn’t of done it without you.” Sarge told Captain Cutter. “Okay, now we got the evac shuttle loaded. Lets get to the extraction zone out of the city. The Spartan’s should all be there waiting for us to evac.” Sarge said, while helping Osiris out of the Scorpion. “Alright, lets do this.” Architect said then jet packed over and took out an enemy vampire in the area. The first half of Team Lord made it in one piece. Except there was one problem. The Spartan’s weren’t there and the evac pelican arrived in ten minutes. “Hey Sarge, would you look at that?” Fauz said. “Huh?” Sarge looked up where Fauz motioned. There was two Covenant Corvettes and one Covenant Destroyer moving into position in one area. “No. That can’t be. That’s where the Spartan’s are. Should we save them?” Doc said, really worried about the Spartan’s. “We’ll be fine without them, just hold this position for now until they get here. Alright?” Sarge walked over and assured him. Except he noticed something when he went over to Doc to comfort him. Down towards the Spartan’s location in the Arcadia Outskirts, Sarge noticed something. There was an Elite with highly advanced armour and two energy swords just standing still in one location. ~End of Chapter 5~ Ready for Chapter Six? Wanna sign up and become part of this amazing fan made story? Just go here: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/34457-sign-up-your-call/ What are all of your ideas and comments about this so far?
  18. Have you seen Chapter 3 yet? http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/34498-unsc-warlord-chapter-3/ ~Chapter 4: Change of Plans~ “Right this way everyone.” Moth said. “I wonder what the Commander wants? Mybe another mission or a new squad member?” Paladin questioned. “Oh god no. I couldn't stand getting another new member after the last one,”said Architect. Alex glared at him. “Hehe. Maybe not the most recent one...” Moth ignored everyone and announced, “Alright, here we are; the Commander's expecting all of you.” Moth then walked up onto the stage and stood beside the Commander. “What's with the new guy?” Sarge said, confused. The Commander took a firm position before she spoke, “He is my Second-in-Command. Anyways, that's not important. What's important is that I have two missions for all of you. Separate missions in fact. I'm splitting your team into two for now.” Alex responded before it sank into Sarge, “What do you mean by splitting?” The Commander looked as if she was tired and getting irritated by all the events going on. So she just came out and told them what she was intending, “I mean your team is splitting in two. One team is consisted of Spartans. The other is consisted of the rest. Is that clear enough for you?” She lost a little temper on her last remark. “Sounds clear as water, mam.” Osiris stepped up and said. Mostly because the team leaders tried to get over the fact they just blew their Commander's top. “Good, Moth. Tell him to come in and bring everyone's items.” The Commander barked her order's at Moth as if he might as well not even be in the room. “Yes mam.” Moth opened the door. “Bring them in!” The soldier walked into the room and dropped a bag full of equipment on the floor. “Here you go.” The soldier said, the began gave out a really bad cough. He almost choked there for a second, but managed to save himself. The team ran over and grabbed the equipment of their choice, all except Alex; whom just stood there and watched everyone grab from drop shield to jet pack to holograms. The Commander smiled and thanked the soldier, “Thank you Dumby.” Everyone stopped in their tracks. No one talked. No one moved. No one could not believe what they just heard. After five minutes of silence, Sarge spoke up. “Dumby, is that really you? No, it can't be. You talked. You can't talk. Not after that accident that happened three year's ago. You're dead, you gotta. There's no other way, we saw your vitals. You had no heart beat, everything in your body just stopped.” The soldier smiled, “Indeed, I am Dumby. Problem is, I didn't die. In fact, I was in a heavily induced coma.” He paused. “When that pipeline exploded, it slammed me into the wall hitting my head hard enough to knock me out for four days. In fact, I hit so hard I was basically stated as dead due to the fact my body slowed down so low it bypassed the readings.” “Alright alright. Enough of the emotions. Get to moving, you all have your orders.” Moth barked. Which then everyone just left the room and departed to the bay. He waited a few minutes, then pulled out his headset. “Yes, we're ready Commander... Yes... Now?... Alright, will do mam.” He put the headset back in his pocket. Moth walked over to the monitor and pushed in the slip-space keys. They were going to to Arcadia. Several hours later on the slip-space trip, Dumby asked, “Where's Destroyer?” Sarge stumbled over his seat. “He's dead, got shot in the head by an insurrectionist back on Reach.” “Oh. I miss that guy. He was stupid at times, but I miss him. I mean, he did whine a lot when I last saw him.” Dumby said, not caring much. A few more hours past, everyone on board fast asleep. When suddenly the ship came to a halt. Although, it did not disturb anyone, Sarge arose from his sleep and stretched. “Oh...” He stretched as far as he could. “Man that feels good.” He woke the rest of the team. “Come on everyone. Get up!” They all rose, and immediately noticed they were above Harvest. The Spirit of Fire and other member's of Commander Cole's military fleet were nearby. “Alright, lets go. We know what to do.” Alex stated. The troopers boarded the pelican: Cajun, Architect, Doc, Sarge, Alex, Paladin, Osiris, Dumby, and Phoenix. Sarge gave the order, “Alright, lets go. Our objective is to get down there and clear the landing zone so our evac shuttles can get in and get out with the civilians. We may have lost Harvest, but Arcadia could be next.” Cajun started up the pelican. Alex loaded his team into his Pelican: Biggles, Jack of Harts, Archangel, and Bek. “Alright everyone, please be prepared. We are going to try and see what the covenant are up to. We're going in deep. Spirit of Fire have said they see a purple dome. They have prototype plasma rhinos. Our job is to secure one of the sides. They have the other side. Is that clear?” They all shouted in unison, “Yes sir!” Alex just smiled at them from behind his visor, “Good. Then let's go.” He started up the pelican and immediately took off. Right as Sarge was about to lift off he heard a marine call, “Hey wait up for me, bud!” The marine jumped into the pelican. Err, no not a Marine. It was an ODST. Paladin called out at the ODST, “Who are you?” The ODST responded as he took a seat. “Name's Fauz. Don't you remember me? From Reach?” “I remember you. Doesn't mean I like.” Osiris spat. The Pelican then descended slowly towards the once luxurious city of Arcadia. While at the same moment a Covenant flagship flew in with its fleet. ~End of Chapter 4~ Do you want to take part in this fan made amazing story, join here: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/34457-sign-up-your-call/ What's your thoughts on what happens next? What do you think about the return of Dumby? Ready for some fun?
  19. Have you seen Chapter 2 yet? http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/34494-unsc-warlord-chapter-2/ ~Chapter 3: Planet Reach~ “It will be alright. What's lost is lost. If there were a way to bring him back, I'm pretty sure they would already be right on that.” Alex assured Sarge with a soothing voice. “It's not that, he was just one of the best members of the squad. I honestly would trade Destroyer for Dumby any day.” Sarge replied. The team walked onto the pelican, Cajun took the controls. Everyone seated except for Phoenix, whom was sitting in the co-pilot seat, and Architect took rear gunner. The pelican then descended towards the planet of Reach. “Command wants us down there to report what has happened on Harvest. Jack is carrying the Intel. We have been warned there are enemy rebels down there.” Cajun came over the local network, “So am I just landing the plane and we walk the rest of the way or am I flying straight to the objective?” “See, here's the thing. We're doing both. We have to land close by and walk through a cave and underground tunnel system.” Sarge responded back to Cajun. “Alright alright. Sounds like I have half half and half. Except the first half is more fun.” Cajun muttered. Architect then started firing out the back. “What is it?” Alex questioned. “Just rebels. I managed to take out the HQ room on their little fortification base. It might get them angry, but by the time they all get the HQ built they'll probably not be as angry as they were. Actually, I got an idea hold on.” Architect said not turning around. He then got on the network with UNSC Warlord Command. A longsword came in. Guns blazing so hot you could see the red end of the cannons two miles away. Which then it dropped some sort of thing from its hatch. “Carpet Bomb.” Osiris smiled. The rebel base blew up. Sending shards everywhere within the mile. “Nice. Glad we won't have to deal with those ones in particular anymore.” Paladin said. “Uh, guys. What's falling out of the sky?” Phoenix said over the network. Which then Alex, Sarge, Biggles, and Destroyer were the first to enter the cockpit and look up. “ODST Drop Pods. There's four of them it looks like. They seem to be going nearby our objective.” Sarge announced. “Should we go and get them?” Cajun asked. “No, we have our own plan, they have theirs. We need to get this Intel delivered to ONI.” Sarge replied with a bitter haste in his voice. The team were in the pelican for at least an hour. Which most of the crew took advantage of for sleep. Destroyer being the one who got two hours of sleep. “Alright, we're at the cave.” Cajun told everyone just as the pelican landed. They all got out and stared at the cave entrance. It had an eerie look with condensation all around the outside and inside walls. There was a moss old green look on it making it appear as being unused for centuries. “Alright, lets go.” Sarge ordered. The inside was even worse. It was dark. Like, really dark. All the soldiers turned on the flashlights on their weapons. The Spartans, except Jack, turned on their flashlights equipped to their helmets. Jack just stuck to the shadows with a red beam projected from out where his flashlight would've been. “Destroyer?” Paladin asked suddenly. “Yeah?” Destroyer responded, he was right next to Alex. “I'm sorry about... About Dumby. He was a great soldier. Despite how he couldn't talk, you basically made up all his non talk ability for him.” Paladin said with sorrow. “Yeah, he was my best friend. We both acted the same a lot. I remember when we both used to...” Destroyer stopped. “Go on.” Paladin urged. There was no response at all. Everyone stopped. And looked at where Destroyer was. “Destroyer?” Sarge questioned. No response. “Destroyer!?” Sarge began to lose his patience. Still no response. “Wait. What is that?” He pointed the flashlight down. “Oh my god, he's dead. How is he dead? There were no shots fired or anything! You just can't die from nothing!” Doc yelled and ran over to Destroyer's body. There was a bullet hole in the side of his visor. “I can't tell if where he was shot has blood spilling out of it or if it's just the paint.” Doc then removed Destroyer's helmet where blood was coming out of the side of his head. “He is dead. Why is he dead? How could he have possibly just die? This isn't right. This isn't right at all.” Osiris began to panic. Which then a bullet flew right in front of his face. “There's a silenced weapon in here!” He tossed a grenade in the direction the bullet came from. The firebomb spread everywhere. Next thing you hear is a man screaming in pain. “No! No! It burns! It burns! It freaking burns!” The sound died off. “We need to get out of here, and quick before anything else happens to us.” Biggles said. Right then, everyone ran towards the waypoint. Every now and then Osiris would scan the area to make sure there were no more soldiers. Doc was losing speed at the time, so Alex ran over and grabbed the body. “Don't worry, his weight won't slow me down.” He told Doc as he lifted the body onto his shoulders. They all could see the opening just ahead. “Glad we made it. Cajun, Phoenix, and Architect. Go and find us a pelican so we can get back. We'll leave the other one on the other side of the cave. To risky to go back.” Sarge barked the order at them. “I agree. Lets go you two.” Phoenix said before Architect. They then ran off towards the air hangar. The other soldiers ran towards the ONI Base but were stopped by a Spartan in blue armor. “Halt.” She said. “Hand over the information. You are not authorized in this building.” “Who exactly are you?” Sarge challenged. The spartan removed her helmet and replie, “Name's Bek. I'm a Spartan. My mission is ordered to deliver the Intel to the ONI officers then retreat back to this position and group up with you.” “What's going on here?” Another Spartan walked up. He glared at Jack. “Give up the Intel.” Jack handed over the Intel without hesitation. “Thank you.” The man said. Bek sneared at him, “Archangel, you don't have to be so mean. Whatever. Lets deliver the intel and get back here to regroup. Fauz is already in the hangar getting us a pelican.” They entered the building. “Hey boss, pelicans ready. A man named Fauz had it prepped and ready for us. Waiting on you.” Cajun clicked in over the network. “Alright, lets move then. Alex, you need to get Destroyer's body taken care of. Take him inside and hand him over to ONI. That way they can do what they must.” Sarge stated. “If you want me to.” Alex looked at Paladin who had looked like he was holding back the tears. “It'll be alright, bud. It was my fault for not taking precautions.” He patted Paladin's shoulder then ran into the building. The team then moved toward the hangar when Bek and Archangel caught up and moved in formation with them. After a few minutes of walking, they finally made it to the pelican where a man was there to greet them. “Hey, what's up. Name's Fauz. I prepared this pelican for ya. ONI told me to go with you guys because something's about to happen to this base. They didn't tell me what, but let's just go.” They all got seated in the pelican. Everyone sat where they did on the way there. The new team members sat everywhere else. Alex then boarded the pelican and sat in his seat. There were only five empty seats. One of those belonged to Destroyer. Who was being processed and then cremated by the ONI official in charge of the sick and deceased at the ONI base he was left at. Sarge stood up and made a speech over the local network, “Today we may have lost two great soldiers. But lets let them be remembered for who they were and what they have done. They are both best friends in hands and were great soldiers. I remember when it was just the four of us ODST's. Now it's just two of us. Although we have now become a team with many others, those two will always be remembered as our two closest friends.” Sarge held up Destroyer and Dumby's dog tags. “These are the reason why we need to keep pushing forward. We must avenge our friends and continue this fight. I'm sick of these damn scum. I'm not going out without a fight.” He looked at Alex. “If I were to die, I will die fighting for those I couldn't save. I am no better than any of you. Just because I carry the rank, doesn't mean I'm better. Tomorrow. We will kill all of those damn rebels and all of those damn covenant.” Sarge finished up his speech and sat back down. The pelican then boarded the ship. Where a spartan was there for them. “Wonder what that guy's up to.” Cajun and Phoenix said. “Who knows?” Replied Architect. “Names Moth. I am here to escort you to the Commander. She has news for you guys. Something about an Elite that was on board the ship.” The man said and started to escort them. ~End Chapter 3~ Wanna sign up for this amazing story? Just go here: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/34457-sign-up-your-call/ Any ideas on what's about to happen next? Don't be afraid, comment!
  20. Have you checked out Chapter 1 yet? http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/34472-unsc-warlord-chapter-1/?p=312375 ~Chapter 2: A Heavy Loss~ “What's going on? Why didn't the Commander tell us what was happening?” Sarge was the first one to ask. “To be honest, I don't even know what the hell is going on. Don't ask me. If you haven't noticed, I was trying to communicate with Command and tell them we were boarding the ship. I didn't get a reply back. It might be that either COM's are down, or the Communication room has been used for other purposes. We won't know for sure until we go and check.” Architect replied in anger. During their conversation of what was going on, the pilot managed to land the longsword in the holding bay. Right as Architect opened the bay hatch, a fuel rod went off in the distance and landed right in the windshield of the longsword. “Everyone, run!” Paladin yelled as the pilot and longsword blew up causing a big explosion. “Now that's what I call an explosion!” Osiris yelled. Who then ran over and regrouped with everyone else. “Okay, here's the plan” Biggles started, “Jack and I will secure this area. Doc, Destroyer, and Dumby will run to the med bay and see if it's still in operation and if there's anyone there able to help us. Sarge, Paladin, Osiris, and Architect, you will all go to the Communications room and see what's up. Try and see why we aren't getting any network with anybody.” They all agreed with the plan, except Destroyer asked “Wouldn't that also make it unable for any of us to communicate with each other?” Biggles looked at him, “I'm afraid so. But go and do as we must. If we're going to get the hell away from this planet. Then now's the time to do so.” Everyone exchanged glances then Biggles and Jack took off to wipe out all the covenant in the docking bay. Doc, Destroyer, and Dumby ran towards the hallways that led to the Med Bay; Sarge, Paladin, Osiris, and Architect all ran towards the hallway to the communications wing. ~Biggles and Jack of Harts~ “Jack! I get left side, you get right. Meet in the middle and return to center. Sound like a plan?” Biggles hollered at Jack across the room. “Sounds good!” Jack replied. Then continued to take out all of the grunts and jackals on the right floor. He then snatched a covenant plasma rifle and used a dual wield combo with his assault rifle. He ran down the floor shooting every enemy on his left with the plasma rifle and every enemy on his right with his assault rifle Until he met with Biggles in the center. “Alright, I'll stand back and take out all the jackals behind their shields with my BR while you take out all the shield-less jackals and the wandering grunts.” Biggles told Jack. “Let's get this damn crap done already. We need to find the commander. We are supposed to be assigned somewhere else other than-” He then melees an approaching jackal, then continued, “holding a defensive position.” “That may be, but without this zone secured all the returning ships won't give us any extra backup. Now let's just continue this and planned and go!” Biggles told Jack, with ignorance. Jack ran down the ramp with just his assault rifle and took out all the grunts and gauntlet-less jackals, while Biggles took out all the jackals with gauntlets. After a while. They finally finished securing the area until a phantom started to approach. Jack and Biggles ran down their ramp and hid behind the wall columns waiting for the phantom to dock in the bay and take out all the infantry it carried. Then all of a sudden all the parts of the front end of the phantom flew into the landing bay. Then a voice cracked over the system speaker. “System defenses online, all system defenses have been returned to normal in all landing bays and outer hull.” “Thank god, finally. Now lets go.” Jack said towards Biggles. They both then departed up the ramp to the control room and entered into the Atrium. Jack jumped out of the way of incoming bullets. “Wait, what the hell?” A pelican was in the room clearing out every single covenant that was in sight. From grunt to jackal to... Then a voice broke out. “That's right, you come and get me you nasty scums!” The marine on the pelican's mounted rear turret yelled. “Oh, and Cajun. Do you mind covering my area really quick while I reload this darn turret?” The man turned around in the pelican and asked the pilot. Which at that moment the pelican turned around and took out the rest of the covenant. “Thank you!” the man yelled at Cajun. The pelican then landed back in its landing pad. Then Cajun and the man hopped out and stared at the mess they made. “Who are they?” Cajun asked the man. “I'm not sure, lets go check it out.” The man replied along with a hint of suspicion in his voice. They both ran towards Biggles and Jack who held their location firmly until the two soldiers ran up to them. “Who are you guys?” Biggles was the first to respond. “I'm Biggles and this is Jack of Harts. We were evacuated from Harvest. We just landed here about 30 minutes ago via longsword. Which was then lost to a grunt wielding a fuel rod gun. That said, the room has been cleared and our objective is to clear out all the covenant on the ship and reach the control room.” The man replied, “Nice, by the way, name's Phoenix. This is my buddy, the pilot, Cajun. We liked to have fun in these type of situations. Good news for you though, this was the last remaining room of the covenant. The decks clear man. COM's are down though, if you didn't know. They have engineers trying to fix it up right now. Anyways, follow us if you want to get to the control room. We know the fastest way. Commander should be there, if that's who you were looking for.” The four of them all grouped together and walked the rest of the way to the control room. No covenant were spotted at all on their way there. Biggles, Jack, Cajun, and Phoenix all arrived safely to their destination. ~ Sarge, Paladin, Osiris, and Architect~ “You know, if we can reach the communications room, Sif and I will be able to restore all the ships COM's and restore the network. Possibly get the ship's dumb AI back online also.” Osiris mentioned to the squad. “Yeah, if we can get there in one peace.” Architect muttered. The team then ducked under a jammed door and crawled through. A spark went off, making Paladin jump. Laughing, “You almost went in your pants right there Paladin!” Osiris said. “But I myself shouldn't be making those kind of jokes, you don't know what could happen in this damaged hall.” The four of them then took turns jumping over broken obstacles they encountered every few minutes. “Shh Shh Shh... Do you hear that noise?” Sarge asked, which then made them all four stop and listen. “Something's in the vent right above us.” They all looked up at the vent. Next thing you know, something falls through. They all jump out of its way. “Skirmisher! Duck behind cover, now!” Architect screamed. Which resulted in everyone hiding behind the debris. “Alright, Let's kill this damn thing if we're going to get away from this damn planet.” Paladin told everyone while taking the first shot with his pistol. The skirmisher ran at an amazing speed dodging all the bullets. It ran and hid in the direction they came from. Osiris then immediately took out a trip mine and planted it in the only area the skirmisher could walk through. “Run! Don't worry about the skirmisher. Just run!” Osiris yelled then took off running the rest of the way to the communications room. “What the hell are you doing, Osiris?” Sarge screamed from behind trailing with the others. An explosion went off shaking the area of the ship they were at. “Whew that was close, plus on the bright side I got to see another explosion, and on the other bright side we reached the communications room.” Osiris then removed his helmet and walked into the communications room with the other three. “That was completely unacceptable what you just did back there!” Sarge yelled. “Sarge, take it easy. All command thinks that happened was the covenant threw a grenade. Not only that, all communications networks are down as well. So it doesn't matter right now. Osiris, is already working on them right now. It'll probably only take him about fifteen minutes to do anyways. So let's just hold our position and see what happens.” “He's right, you should just let it go. The worst thing that could happen is that it hit a pipeline and it exploded at the other side of the ship. No big deal. All the covenant should be gone by now. Seems like that skirmisher was the only one left trying to escape.” Architect said. “Alright fine, but we're heading to the Control center as soon as he gets this COM's room repaired.” Sarge said, then nodded at Osiris who then got up and joined the other three. “Okay, this small COM's room should be fine. Now lets get to the Control center and have the Commander see if she'll require your assistance in the Communications and Network room.” They all departed their way down to the control room. Their journey, like Biggles, Jack, Cajun, and Phoenix, went the same way. They encountered no covenant, except the few dead that managed to get aboard the Warlord. They then ended up in the control center waiting for the other two groups. Biggles group was the first to show up. There was no sign of Doc's group yet, so far. ~Doc, Destroyer, and Dumby~ “Oh my god, how much longer do we have to walk, Doc!” Destroyer complained, and smiled because he just noticed he rhymed. “How the hell do I know, this is your ship! You should know where to go!” Doc screamed, trying to hold back his anger and the idiocy. “Oh right.” Destroyer stated. He then complained to Dumby, “Dumb, how much longer do we have to go?” Dumby stared at him with a blank face then hauled off and slapped him in the face making him fall towards the ground. “Why was I paired up with a guy who doesn't know the ship and the other can't even talk! I wish he would just tell me why he couldn't talk, it would make way more sense to me!” Destroyer whined. “My god, whatever.” Doc walked ahead, Destoyer ran up behind him to take the lead since he knew the way to the Med Bay as did Dumby. Just then something made a sound. “Pssst...” -BOOM- A pipeline went off from the other side of the ship exploding in Dumby's face throwing him against the wall. “Dumby!” Doc and Destroyer yelled. “Come on, get up! Get up!” Destroyer tugged on him. “We have to get him to the med bay. He looks like he's done. Nonetheless, getting him to med bay will at least get him a chance to be prepped for a memorial service. May he be remembered as a great soldier.” Doc said, then ripped his dog tags off and carried them. Doc and Destroyer then carried him into the med bay, which was just a few ways down the hall. When they arrived at the med bay they sat Dumby down on one of the beds. Doc took Dumby's dog tag and enclosed them in Dumby's hands. “May you be remembered my friend.” Destroyer and Doc looked at each other. “Lets get to the control room. We're needed there.” Doc said. Destroyer nodded and then added, “It's only two doors down that way. Let's go.” They ran into the control room to regroup with their team. “There you are.” The Commander said. “Glad you all have made it. Now then, Communications are online. We are initiating protocol. All units not on board, are stuck here forever. We're heading closer to the Inner Colonies. Somewhere nearby a planet known as Reach.” The UNSC Warlord then went over and got on the control console. She punched in the codes closing all bay doors and all the windows. “Alright you guys. Lets get ready for Reach.” Sarge said. Just as Osiris walked back into the room to be seated with his team. The Commander smiled, “You guys will be known as: Team Lord. I'd like to introduce you your new member as well. Thought you could use another Spartan.” A tall Spartan-II walked into the room. He was wearing the Mark V MJOLNIR armour with a Sage colour to it. “Names Alex. I will serve as your second in command. Right next to Sarge.” He sat down next to Sarge. “Don't worry, I will do whatever it takes that you all live and the mission is finished. Sounds impossible, but I believe in myself and it has never failed me before.” “Sarge? You are also being promoted to lieutenant. Glad to have you on our side as well.” The Commander said as she ripped off his rank insignia and replaced it with the lieutenant rank insignia. “Hey, quick question.” Sarge just realized something. “Yes?” Team Lord responded. “Where's Dumby?” Sarge questioned, more directed towards Doc and Destroyer. “Well you see...” They both started out. “Yes?” Sarge said, getting a little impatient. “He's dead.” Doc finished. “He's what?” Sarge yelled, trying not to break down in front of them. ~End of Chapter 2~ Wanna sign up and be part of this amazing story? Just go here: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/34457-sign-up-your-call/ Hey everyone, Chapter 3 is out.http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/34498-unsc-warlord-chapter-3/ So, what do you think is going to happen next? What do you think of the story so far? Just comment below and let me know!
  21. Have you read the prologue yet? http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/34463-unsc-warlord-prologue/ ~Chapter 1: Evac~ Sarge: "What is that?" Osiris: "What is what?" Sarge: "What is that vehicle?" Osiris: "Are you freaking kidding me? It's the newest model of the Covenant Scarab. Except with more explosive power and modifications." Paladin then bursted out his question, "What's a Scarab?" Which got the entire ODST squad nodding in agreement. Osiris then shook his head and said, "Ah, never mind." He then lifted up a small device package and asked, "Do you see this?" They all replied in various responses approving they saw it. "Well this is my electronics package I use for hijacking security systems. One night I went out and stole this Scarab from the covenant. I had Sif, which is the dumb AI embedded into the device, take out all the security systems; while I took over the Scarab controls. Was an amazing night. So many explosions..." He looked up in awe. Sarge then asked "What is Doc doing? He seems to be hauling stuff into the Scarab." Osiris looked over at the Scarab and took out his 12x zoom binoculars. "Looks like he's loading medical equipment. Wouldn't surprise me, you guy's might need it." Sarge looked at him confused, "You mean you won't get hurt? I call crap on that." Osiris started laughing, "Idiot. If you knew any damn thing about a Scarab, then you would know the driver is well protected. Now get in. I have replaced all three of the covenant plasma cannons with grenade launcher turrets. Which have 50mm, if you must know. If you don't care, then that's fine. I get to watch the amazing explosions anyways." Osiris then walked up and got into the Scarab. "Alright boys, hop on. There's only three mounted turrets, but the fourth one can use the AA gun on top. You fight over who gets what, even kill each other. I don't care." Sarge muttered "Yes, sir." As they departed it took them about an hour to get the major battle scene which it looked like only two soldiers were left fighting. Paladin and Dumby looked at each other like they thought the two soldiers were going to die before we could get there. They then departed to the two turrets mounted on the sides of the Scarab. Sarge was on rear bay turret, and Destroyer was in the AA gun. Just then someone they don't know crackled over the network communication. "Osiris please tell me that is you approaching us from behind." Osiris then crackled onto the network, "Yes sir!" "Good" the voice replied back. Osiris then asked the man, "Yo Biggles, do you and Jack want to get in to that flipped gauss warthog, or at least that's what it looks like, and then help us get those evac shuttles launched?" This time another voice got on the network, it must have been Jack. "Yeah we're going for it as soon as you open fire. There are at least 22 Wraiths, 50 banshees, 500 grunts, 234 Jackals, 124 elites, and 10 hunters. That's not counting what's on the phantoms coming this way. You guys take out the vehicles and hunters. We got the rest." Osiris smiled and replied back "Sounds like fun. We get the explosions, you get the kills." Osiris then started opening fire on the Wraiths. Along with Dumby and Paladin opening fire on any infantry nearby. Destroyer crackled over the COM. "One. Two. Three. Four. Five..." Osiris yelled back at him, "Gosh damn it Destroyer! Shoot off the Banshee wings, that way spinoff and crash; instead of crashing into us!" Biggles then yelled over the network "Hold your fire, Dumby! We're on your side! Those grenade blasts that you keep shooting and bouncing back and forth in front of the warthog and behind; Are starting to get really annoying!" Just at that moment, Covenant Vampires and Phantoms flew in at full speed. Sarge yelled at Destroyer "Destroyer! 6 O'clock! We got Vampires and Phantoms on our tail! Now that those Banshees are gone, can you take them out?" Biggles and Jack drove ahead of the Scarab taking care of the last of the infantry while Osiris turned around and took all the Vampires and Phantoms. He then started laughing over the network, "Who needs an AA gun, when you have me?" Bad call. Right as one of the Vampire's crashed, it shot a needle. The needle then traveled right into lower bay of the Scarab. Just barely hitting Sarge. Who then yelled, "Medic!" Thing was, Doc was already over there grabbing him and taking him to the improvised infirmary he made. He got the wound covered and patched up for him. Doc then told Osiris "I think they need to launch, now!" At that moment they heard a loud sonic boom. Dumby, Paladin, and Destroyer all looked in the direction it came from and watched the six evac shuttles take off. Paladin and Destroyer responded "Wow - Glad we got that done." Jack yelled in over the network "You forgot one! You forgo-" Just then, they heard a fuel rod cannon launch and everyone looked over and saw the last hunter. He had shot the two Spartans warthog. Osiris then quickly blew up the hunter into millions of worms, then finished them off. Biggles responded, "We're fine. Warthogs not. Just come and get us. Our weapons are dry." Osiris then walked over to them and docked the Scarab so they could board. Paladin then got on the network with Warlord and let them know the Shuttles have just launched and they were ready for evac. He then got down in the infirmary and told everyone "We'll have a longsword here in 2 minutes to evac us. We just need to hold the area until then." Right then, a longsword just landed and a man cracked over the network "Names Architect, you guys need to get in here now! The pilot's ready to go! Lets go go go!" They all ran up and boarded the longsword and took off. As soon as they took off. They heard an extremely loud explosion. Osiris bursted out laughing. Sarge asked him "What was that?" Osiris responded, "Oh just Sif setting off a Havoc nuke on the Scarab." He continued laughing. At that moment. They just boarded the UNSC Warlord... Where red alert was going off... ~End of Chapter 1~ Wanna sign up for this story? Here's the link to do so! http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/34457-sign-up-your-call/ Chapter 2 is out! http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/34494-unsc-warlord-chapter-2/?p=312614 What do you think what happens next? Ideas? Comments? Questions? Just post them!
  22. This will be an updated series Bungie has a history of connecting their story's or making references to biblical and Mythological event's. For example in Halo the forerunners made an array of weapons which is made up of 8 installations, 7 of them being the actual weapons (the rings) and 1 of them being the place to activate the rings (the ark). The purpose of this array was to wipe out a parasitic threat called the flood and as I stated the ark is the place where it can happen, this is a reference to the biblical event of Noah's ark, Noah's ark was to save life from the flooded earth. Also the covenant seen these installations as sacred structures and they wanted to activate them believing they would become gods and as you know the ark is the place to do this which is another biblical reference to story "The ark of the covenant". Another reference bungie used was Mjolnir which was from Norse mythology and it was the hammer of Thor, Mjolnir were cyborgs the humans used in the game marathon and also the name of a type of spartan armor in Halo. They were many more of these kind of references but I just wanted to use a few as examples. So what has Bungie been doing this time for destiny? Well I think we might have some connections between destiny and an ancient religious story called the "The seven heavens" or "The seven layers of heaven" which are affiliated with some parts of Christianity and Islam. They can be read here. http://www.archangels-and-angels.com/misc/seven_heavens.html http://www.faithfreedom.org/Articles/sina40712.htm It was believed that heaven was made up of seven layers or worlds, here is a quote from the article from the first link explaining this belief. "The ancients believed that there were Seven Heavens which related to the seven observable planets in our solar system. The Sun and Moon, where referred to as planets by the ancients due to lack astronomical understanding and with these they also included the five planets which were visible by the naked eye, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. According to this belief each planet occupied its own layer of Heaven or potion of the sky/space, each occupying an orbit further and further away from Earth, as Earth was the considered centre of the Universe. Today we realize that this apparent distance is in fact the planets orbit around the Sun, not distance from the Earth." These planets also represented each day of the week as stated in the second link provided above. Monday to Moon Tuesday to Mars Wednesday to Mercury Thursday to Jupiter Friday to Venus Saturday to Saturn Sunday to Sun Two weeks ago on the week of February 11th Bungie started an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) for Destiny, this game was on a website called alphalupi.bungie.net and on that site there are seven sections that correspond to each day of the week. To access each section on the day it corresponds to we had to rearrange a series of dots, once these dots were arranged correctly they made up geomantic figures. Geomantic figures was an art that was practiced in Europe during the middle ages. There are 16 of these figures and they each represents the state or mind of the world and each figure is associated with the planets in the solar system. Out of the 16 figures here are the seven that Bungie used for the ARG, each of the seven figures represents the same 7 planets that were believed to be the 7 heavens. The first symbol to retrieve was this This symbol is called Populous which is Latin for "The people" and it is affiliated with the moon. Just like in the seven heavens story the moon represents Monday which was the day we had to retrieve this symbol in the ARG The Second symbol was this This symbol is called Puer which is Latin for "The Boy" and it is affiliated with the planet Mars, and in the seven heavens story Mars represents Tuesday which was the day this symbol was used in the ARG. The third symbol was this This symbol is called Albus which is Latin for "White" and it is affiliated with the planet Mercury which represents Wednesday in the myth and it was the day this symbol was used in the ARG. The fourth symbol was this This symbol is called Acquisito which is Latin for "Gain" and it is affiliated with the planet Jupiter which represents Thursday in the myth the same day this symbol was used for the ARG. The fifth symbol was this This symbol is called Puella which is Latin for "The girl" and it is affiliated with the planet Venus which represents Friday in the myth the same day this symbol was used for the ARG. The sixth symbol was this This symbol is called Tristitia which is Latin for "Sorrow" and it is affiliated with the planet Saturn which represents Saturday in the myth the same day this symbol was used for the ARG. The seventh and final symbol was this This symbol is called Fortuna Major which is Latin for "The Greater Fortune" and it is affiliated with the Sun which represents Sunday in the myth, and it's the same day this symbol was used for the ARG. That was the first connection I believe destiny has to the seven heavens, the symbols representing the planets from the story and were used on the same days that the planets represented, In my opinion I think that may be a good connection. The next thing that at noticed was this piece of the the story from the second link: "There are seven earths. The first is called Ramaka, beneath which is the Barren Wind, which can be bridled by no fewer than seventy thousand angels. With this wind God destroyed the people of Ad. The inhabitants of Ramaka are a nation called Muwashshim, upon whom is everlasting torment and divine retribution. The second earth is called Khalada, wherein are the implements of torture for the inhabitants of Hell. There dwells a nation called Tamis, whose food is their own flesh and whose drink is their own blood. The third earth is called Arqa, wherein dwell mulelike eagles with spearlike tails. On each tail are three hundred and sixty poisonous quills. Were even one quill placed on the face of the earth, the entire universe would pass away. The inhabitants thereof are a nation called Qays, who eat dirt and drink mothers' milk. The fourth earth is called Haraba, wherein dwell the snakes of Hell, which are as large as mountains. Each snake has fangs like tall palm trees, and if they were to strike the hugest mountain with their fangs it would be leveled to the ground. The inhabitants of this earth are a nation called Jilla, and they have no eyes, hands or feet but have wings like bats and die only of old age. The fifth earth is called Maltham, wherein stones of sulphur hang around the necks of infidels. When the fire is kindled the fuel is placed on their breasts, and the flames leap up onto their faces, as He hath said: The fire whose fuel is men and stones (2:24), and Fire shall cover their faces (14:50). The inhabitants are a nation called Hajla, who are numerous and who eat each other. The sixth earth is called Sijjin. Here are the registers of the people of Hell, and their works are vile, as He hath said: Verily the register of the actions of the wicked is surely Sijjin (83:7). Herein dwells a nation called Qatat, who are shaped like birds and worship God truly. The seventh earth is called Ajiba and is the habitation of Iblis. There dwells a nation called Khasum, who are BLACK and short, with claws like lions. It is they who will be given dominion over Gog and Magog, who will be destroyed by them…" Note that each of the heavens/worlds has only one nation, just like in destiny humanity is reduced to only one last city on the planet and the people in that city are probably known as the last and only nation left on the planet. We could later find out that there could be 6 other planets that are suffering the same situation at earth but at the minute this theory isn't certain yet. Going back to the first linked site I may have found 1 or 2 other connections to destiny, but again this theory isn't certain yet but I thought it was worth mentioning. "The First Heaven was also considered to be the place where Adam and Eve lived and here you would experience winds and the landscape contains water and clouds. The Second Heaven was the place that Moses visited and is considered to be the place where the Fallen Angels are imprisoned. Moses visted Raquia and met the angel Nuriel who hade governorship over 50 myriads of angels, who are composed water and fire. The Third Heaven has a small contradiction, Firstly it is considered the place of the Garden of Eden, juxtaposed to this, it is also thought to be the location of Hell to the North .It is also reputed to be the home of the Tree of Life. The Fourth Heaven contains the heavenly city of Jerusalem. Also the location of the Garden of Eden The Fifth Heaven, Samael the Ruling Archangel is served by two millions of angels. These are divided among the four quarters of the world, in each quarter three, who control the twelve months, and over these are twelve chief angels. The northern regions of this Heaven is the area where the Watchers, (Grigori) reside. To the South reside the angels (ministering) who endlessly chant the praises of God." The Sixth Heaven, Archangel Sachiel, with two millions of angels. The angel Zebul is placed over these during the day, and another angel, Sabath, during the night. They rule over kings, create fear, and give protection from enemies. This Heaven is covered in snow and frequently experiences many storms. The Seventh Heaven is reputed to be the Holiest of all the Heavens and contains the Throne of Glory which is attended by the Seven Archangels.The 7th Heaven is the home of God and his Throne. He is surrounded by the angels of the orders of Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones. Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Fanuel (Penuel) are introduced as "the four angels of the face of the Lord."In Enoch, lxxi. 7-13, these four stand near the crystal throne of God, which, encircled by fire, is surrounded by the Seraphim, Cherubim, and Ofanim. I tried to connect somethings with what we know so far in destiny. The third world is where the Garden of Eden is and it is thought to be the location of the hell of the north, in destiny there is a place called the black garden, why would it be called the "black" garden. Maybe it is place of evil or a fierce enemy? Also worth noting that there is a place in destiny called "hell mouth" but that is on the moon and most likely the black garden is on one of the planets. And the fifth world has angels or beings that control the twelve months, to me that sounds like time control or time travel and in destiny there is a faction of robots/ AI's called "Vex" and they have the ability to time travel. Thats all I have so far, this may seem crazy or over the top to some but I believe these may have connections and if you think about it, it would seem that it does. :down: UPDATE :down: 2/26/13 Ok as you have seen I put two links near the top of this post of two sites that explain the ancient 7 heavens myth and each of them explain and provide what these seven heavens are. They both talk about the same planets and they are both in the same order, some of their explanations and descriptions of each of the planets/heavens are fairly the same as each other and some are also a bit different to each other as they are mostly just two variants/versions of the same myth. I have color coded the 2 descriptions like I did previously (one yellow the other orange) from the two sites. I am going to go through some other theories and it will easier to see which one I am referring to as I explain it. So before I explain I want to let you know that some points of my theory may connect to one variant/version of the myth and not the other (as I said that they both give some different decriptions to each other). Ok we are going to talk about the ARG again and as I explained about it previously each of the geomantic symbols that was used connected to the same day and planet that was stated in the myth. Once we accessed each section of the ARG there was a poem that was to be revealed. On day 1 of the ARG was a monday, the geomantic symbol that we had to use represented the moon and in the myth the moon represents monday and the first heaven. Here is that poem. http://alphalupi.bungie.net/98862748014.jpg In that poem it mentions the wind metaphorically "Your voice whispers, murmurs and urges into larger winds". Both versions of the myth describe the first heaven (the moon) of having strong winds on it. "There are seven earths. The first is called Ramaka, beneath which is the Barren Wind, which can be bridled by no fewer than seventy thousand angels. With this wind God destroyed the people of Ad. The inhabitants of Ramaka are a nation called Muwashshim, upon whom is everlasting torment and divine retribution." "The First Heaven was also considered to be the place where Adam and Eve lived and here you would experience winds and the landscape contains water and clouds." Day 2 (Tuesday) poem http://alphalupi.bungie.net/09394972304.jpg In this peom it talks about a voice flowing through red rock and through dead valley's, volcanoes exploding and filling the air with black ash. It gives the sense of a place of evil and misery, like hell. Both versions of the myth describes the second heaven (Mars) as hell and with fire. "The second earth is called Khalada, wherein are the implements of torture for the inhabitants of Hell. There dwells a nation called Tamis, whose food is their own flesh and whose drink is their own blood." "The Second Heaven was the place that Moses visited and is considered to be the place where the Fallen Angels are imprisoned. Moses visted Raquia and met the angel Nuriel who hade governorship over 50 myriads of angels, who are composed water and fire." At the end of the first quote it says the inhabitants of that world eat their own flesh and drink their own blood, it was revealed that in destiny there are creatures that are zombies or similar to zombies called the Hive. So as we know creatures like this consume the bodies of the living and those who fall victim to it become one of them, which brings my attention to one of the lines from the ARG poem "in the midst of a thousand careful disasters, you watch the transformation with your own eyes" Day 3 (Wednesday) poem http://alphalupi.bungie.net/590881739283143985.jpg I couldn't find a good connection with this poem to the myth but this is what I came up with. In the poem it says some thing that as wet and fertile was kicked into space stealing everything that was of value. And also there's a part that says that something offers itself. In one of versions of the myth it mentions the tree of life. "The Third Heaven has a small contradiction, Firstly it is considered the place of the Garden of Eden, juxtaposed to this, it is also thought to be the location of Hell to the North .It is also reputed to be the home of the Tree of Life." That poem seem to be referring to life and the taking of life, " Something that was wet and fertile stealing away everything of value" "what thrived here for a day or ten million years decided to leave" "a name offers itself, and another and a thousand more" "you realize the union between the past and future is now" the aspects of life is the past, present and future. Day 4 (Thursday) poem http://alphalupi.bungie.net/1291670595463907.jpg I struggled with this one I came up with a very vague connection but I'm not sure about it but here it is anyway. In the poem it says "you deliver your last orders to an army that needs nothing anymore, not instruction, courage or even prayers". This made me think of what was said about the fourth world in one of the versions of the myth, that inhabitants has no eyes, hands or feet. ("the army that needs nothing anymore") "The fourth earth is called Haraba, wherein dwell the snakes of Hell, which are as large as mountains. Each snake has fangs like tall palm trees, and if they were to strike the hugest mountain with their fangs it would be leveled to the ground. The inhabitants of this earth are a nation called Jilla, and they have no eyes, hands or feet but have wings like bats and die only of old age" Day 5 (Friday) poem http://alphalupi.bungie.net/010258608004307500961392069234939781476.jpg Another hard one I tried to find something that could connect. In this poem it seems to talk about good things happening, evil going away, the world returning to normal "Fierceness is chilled and thinned, made sweet again" "A new ocean emerges, thick and salty and hot, from springs and geysers that drench the dead ground" "You wonder will this worlds second birth be it's finest? you draw deep inside seeking direction, truth" A good high power could be conducting these acts of that world. In the myth it says angels endlessly chant the praises of god, this new birth of the world from the poem could be what these angels are praising about. But I'm not too sure heres the quote. "The Fifth Heaven, Samael the Ruling Archangel is served by two millions of angels. These are divided among the four quarters of the world, in each quarter three, who control the twelve months, and over these are twelve chief angels. The northern regions of this Heaven is the area where the Watchers, (Grigori) reside. To the South reside the angels (ministering) who endlessly chant the praises of God." Day 6 (Saturday) poem http://alphalupi.bungie.net/231500044149.jpg The part where it says "A cold giant shows it's night face to you" "Eyes that never close gaze everywhere and at everything. You see them in their hiding place. And they see you too" This seems to connect with what is said in one of the versions of the myth, it mentions an angel of the night that rules over kings, creates fear etc. "The Sixth Heaven, Archangel Sachiel, with two millions of angels. The angel Zebul is placed over these during the day, and another angel, Sabath, during the night. They rule over kings, create fear, and give protection from enemies. This Heaven is covered in snow and frequently experiences many storms." This giant that shows it's night face could be the night angel from the myth, the giant's eyes gazing at everything and keep watch at everyone could be referring to the night angel ruling over kings and creating fear. Day 7 (Saturday) Poem http://alphalupi.bungie.net/x99634869174.jpg This poem clearly talks of good things, hope returning, answers revealed, becoming stronger and everything is now safe. Well the myth describes the seventh and final heaven to be the holiest of all the heavens and contains the throne of glory, the arch angels standing beside god. There is a very strong connection of feeling with the last poem and the seventh heaven. The Seventh Heaven is reputed to be the Holiest of all the Heavens and contains the Throne of Glory which is attended by the Seven Archangels.The 7th Heaven is the home of God and his Throne. He is surrounded by the angels of the orders of Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones. Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Fanuel (Penuel) are introduced as "the four angels of the face of the Lord."In Enoch, lxxi. 7-13, these four stand near the crystal throne of God, which, encircled by fire, is surrounded by the Seraphim, Cherubim, and Ofanim. UPDATE Another thing that could relate to the 7 heavens is a video from E3, Bungie presented a video (shown below) that was only shown to those who attended, it was a video that cycled through the planets in our solar system. The video didn't show all the planets but only 7 from our solar system. The sun, the moon, venus, murcury, mars, jupiter and saturn. The same and only planets that the 7 heavens spoke about. So why has nothing been said about Neptune and Uranus in Destiny? No concept art, nothing spoke about them by bungie and from the video those 2 planets are absent and don't appear to be featured in the game. I personally believe this alone is enough to tell me Destiny may whether how big or small revolve around this ancient belief.
  23. This is a story about Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. An important job needed to be done and Everybody was sure Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did! Somebody got real mad over that, because it was still the job of Everybody. Everybody thought Anybody would do it, but Nobody realised that Everybody wouldn't do it. At the end of the day Everybody got mad at Somebody, because Nobody did what Anybody could have done!
  24. What makes War of the Worlds good? Or Andromeda Strain? Or Code Gease? Or even Star Wars....?
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