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Found 9 results

  1. tns22


    Whenever I see a teammate assassinating someone, I stop attacking and move on, because they have the kill and the enemy no longer poses a threat, but I've been noticing that whenever I start an assassination, all of my teammates in the nearby area do whatever they can to stop it, even if there are other enemies nearby. What do you do when you see a teammate begin an animation?
  2. I'm trying to unlock the Venator armor set to help complete my armor collection, but I've had very little success with achieving successful assassinations. I've been told that playing SWAT is a good way to get them since the No Motion Sensor handicap prevents the enemy from seeing me wait for them to pass by, but I haven't even passed the Novice level of the Assassination commendation. What maps might be good to try this on? And are there other game types that SWAT that would prove fruitful?
  3. First off this has nothing to do with Showstopper. Trust me I love nothing more than jumping in and saving a teammate. This rant is about people stealing your kill while your in the middle of an assassination animation. Let me paint this picture for you. A teammate is getting hammered, you jump into the mix saving your teammates life with an assassination. He waits, watches and just at the right moment shoots the enemy and steals your kill. Now I look at my kill death ratio, but its not the fact that I didn't get that extra kill to pad my stats that bugs me here. What bugs me is the fact that my teammate just purposefully screwed me, took my assassination away from me after I saved his life. Also in another scenario, I teammate sees you from afar performing an assassination and shoots and takes the kill. I'm sure you've got the picture. 343 can you please stop this bull. If a player is in the middle of an assassination let it finish the animation and let the kill go to the assassin unless of course the opposing team interferes. I pride myself in this game on using wetwork and stealth to assassinate players and it drives me nuts when people take that away from me. Thanks in advance for your feedback. Side note: great campaign; can't wait for the next installment. Cheers!
  4. Hello everyone and welcome back to Doctor Pbrabbit's Analysis Blog. Todays topic: Assassinations, and what you can do to get them! So in recent studies I have found that Assassinations today are on the brink of being easier and easier to get. Might I say almost easier to get than any STD. This is a very serious matter, so i talked to some people in this case study I like to call, "Give people $20 to lie and make my statements sound better". I asked one gentleman, "How is Halo 4 so far?" He immediately replied with, "Halo 4 is Assassinations!" and ran away. I feel that he might have had some brain damage due to the woodpecker on his head, but I did not care. I'm not that kind of Doctor, or at-least I think I am not, I might have to check the P.H.D again. Then I moved onto a really hot chick, who was a gamer, and asked her, her thoughts on Assassinations in Halo 4. She had to say this, "Personally Halo 4 is so dumb, I play Call of duty Black ops 2 and MW3 so those are way better than that stupid game." After that Interview at 5 O'clock on the evening news there was a hot chick missing for some reason. I could not comprehend what was going on. It was not like I released the info and the names of everyone who did this. And finally I had one last patient come in. He was 6 years of age and was cute as a button. I asked where his mother was and he said "shut up, lets get this over with." Right away I knew this kid was one of those COD trolls, but then again I was a doctor, and I was taught to not judge a book by its cover, so I began the interview. I asked the boy his thoughts on Halo and with Assassinations, and he replied with "Well first of all Halo 4 is the first step into 343 industries trying to make it big with this already big franchise....(he went on for a WHILE!). Secondly Assassinations in the game have turned out to be way to easy to get. So I personally think there should be some nerf to that. I do not know how, I just think they should." I was shocked, amazed, and you could even say flabbergasted! I was such in awe that as a doctor I PASSED OUT! Well when I woke up the boy was gone, there was a pen mustache on my face and he took $50 out of my wallet. Though he was nice to leave a thank you note. All in all a good interview. Ahem! ( clear the throat ), back to the analysis part of the blog. It seems to me that my case study of 3 random, country folk have proved to me and to you, the scientific community of HALO, that Assassinations are as easy to get as STDs and can be prevented by looking at your Radar. Thank you very much. Until my next Discovery I bid you a goodbye. This document is from the Un-federal archives of Doctor, Professor and Pimp, Pbrabbit. Any use of the Un-legal, fake and satirical documents will not have you be sued in any way. Hey guys, Pbrabbit here. So I was bored and this is a random, improvised story/blog I created. If you like it, let me know and I can create more of these for your enjoyment. If not, well then. Please do not be a hater and comment below with hateful remarks. Kindly message me to let me know of your thoughts. Thank you!
  5. With the weapons I'm hoping for a much larger variety, like having both assault rifle's where the 32 round is stronger, more accurate and is thinner, the 60 has a faster fire rate, is weaker and looks thicker, so in the end it will equal the 32 AR. Just things like that, having a larger weapon choice, bringing back old weapons like the mauler and brute shot. as well as adding in new ones. Also with the needler, the halo reach one needs the shield down to go boom, and halo 4 one doesn't (but needs 7 needles), the reach needler could be a loadout weapon a halo 4 needler could be a power weapon. If they are bringing elites back as a playable specie then they should be fully customizable. And if they're keeping the unlock the weapons yourself thing then they could have separate ranks for spartan and elite, you unlock the weapons for that specie as it ranks up and the weapon become usable for both. when you first start your spartan you get to choose between the 32 or the 60 round AR and either the 8 rounds (scoped) or 12 rounds (faster fire rate), when you first start the elite you can choose between plasma rifle, repeater, or storm rifle with the plasma pistol (and maybe a new pistol for the covenant). If they do this then for promethean weapons (sorry for the huge read) you should be able to be humanoid promethean knight or even a forerunner. If they bring brutes back you should be able be one of them as well and you choose start with either the spiker or the brute plasma rifle. with assassinations, if you can showstop someone by a beat down then you should be able to assassinate someone performing an assassination, if you're saving a team-mate then the medal should be called something like "Not on my watch", if it's a free for all and you have a headshot capable side-arm then you should not only kill the attacker but steal the victim as well with the medal "The Spotlights Mine". However you need to be really lucky to getthis because whenever i assassinate on reach or 4 i always change the camera angle so i cant beat down. It would awesome if 343 did this, and made eacg save/steal different for each assassination.
  6. Ok, starting off, I noticed the venator armor, after a few level achievements, and decided to go for said armor set. I went through enough assassinations to get to the 50 assassination stretch which would give me an assassin mastery. The commendation was titled: Assassin - Mastery. After completing the fifty assassinations, it did not give me the armor, and restarted the challegne for the commendation. The only thing that changed, was that once I complete it this time, I get +2000 exp, instead of +1000 exp. It's still titled: Assassin - Mastery, and I have to get the same 50 assassinations. I am not really angry about it, but I think this may be: 1.) a glitch 2.) something in which the creation of the game that was accidentally done (does happen sometimes) 3.) it may be how it works. But I seriously don't think 3 is the answer. Same title, same assassination count? Has to be something wrong... I don't expect this to be found soon, or to be answered soon, and I will definitely redo the 50 kill stretch, probably before this is answered, thanks to skill. I do not expect this to be fixed for me. For now, I am pointing this out, and asking if this is how it's supposed to work. The only thing it has impacted was about three minutes of my time. Creating a kill joy. I sign off for now.
  7. sgt moroni

    Combat Knife

    Hi everyone. My first post. I was wondering about the combat knife? I saw specs on the old knife (and images). The "new knife" seems much different but there are no specs on it. The image of the new knife is on the game in the "stances" menu. I haven't found any references to the this new design. Thanks! Sgt. M
  8. Incoming wall o' text transmission There are a few serious topics going on in this forum as of late (nothing wrong with that of course) but I thought I would change the mood and dim the lighting a bit. After all there is supposedly a release coming out on the 29th and I wanted to inspire a little extra Halo love to float through the ether. I was thinking about assassinations the other day because I realized again that energy sword wielding players forgo knife assassinations and a entirely different set of animations is substituted. After playing too much grifball and searching the web for people's opinions I wanted to make a poll for your opinions of whether or not Halo 4 should include this idea of substitution for every weapon's assassination animation. Some people believe that assassinations are simply not a good thing to include at all because MC has never had a knife ingame before, I think that this could solve that problem. We can all agree that maybe players should be able to switch assassinations on and off, and the duration for holding down the melee button could be longer. The question is should weapons have different animations for assassinations? Should these animations show ammo being used (and use it, or not use it) or not? Should this not even be an issue and assassinations should be done with the hands, knife, or both? And finally should Master Chief throw in some more technical martial arts moves; kicks, Steven Segal inspired necksnaps, jujitsu, etc.? A couple ideas from me for this are: Gravity Hammer: smack to the head jab to the spine with spiked end choke hold and neckbreak with shaft Needler: normal whack but some of the needles get stuck, break off, and explode (non damaging) Magnum: spins enemy around and pistol whips in the opposite direction, breaking the neck
  9. This is going to be a long one so I'll just dive into it. No Halo before Reach incorporated the ability to assassinate other players and while it has some hiccups (like unintentional use, lag working it's shenanigans) and inherent balancers (vulnerability, duration) there are some other issues that haven't been addressed in this discussion so far. (WARNING if you have had the following discussion before, just punch me in the mouth and let's get it over with) So far, ways of fixing the beat down/assassination problem boil down to 1.) Assassination itself being a setting that can be turned on or off and 2.) Lengthening the melee button hold time. What hasn't been talked about are some things that i haven't seen much debate over in other similar threads, this mainly has to do with an epiphany i had the other day in a match. When the armor lock or assassination animation ends, you can instantly rotate your character to any angle if you were facing that way at the end of the animation. In a SWAT Magnums game this allowed me to instantly turn, crouch, and kill a passive third party which i assume was keeping a distance in hopes of headshotting me. I made this a single topic because they both have to do with the same principle. I don't know the technical term for this segment in the animations but I'll just name it "exit snapping" I would mostly like to discuss with players what their opinion is concerning the validity of the instant rotation that can be utilized when exiting these two animations. Is this a good way of balancing the dangers involved in performing assassinations and deactivating armor lock? Should it be altered somehow and if so to what extent or in what way? Can changing the assassination animation itself (length, positions of players, etc.) fix this? Or is this simply not an issue? Please keep it clean and friendly. I placed this topic here because the future of AA's and assassinations in Halo 4 is not certain, and while even I don't think another TU is a probable event in Reach this is something that could change Reach gameplay drastically and it is currently a factor in Reach's gameplay.
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