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  1. That poncho better be in the game. But anyway I think the story will definitely involve cortana in some way and as for the huge alien robotic dragon thing I'm thinking more forerunners because it has that kind of appearance with floating parts and red lights.
  2. Cupcake which was made by...
  3. < PETA be like "OMG 343 promotes violence against animals because the smiley hits the horse!"
  4. Banned for having a picture based off Halo.
  5. Banned because you made me realise TheDerpKing had been banned.
  6. Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter.
  7. I remember being driven round in a warthog and then we were blew up by a gauss.
  8. Well since people are posting videos of their fave music I will too.
  9. I had a lot of fun and RedStarRocket was an awesome teammate. We had those bases defended!
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