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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum. I know this isn't an "official" 343i forum, just a fan made community (correct me if I'm wrong), but I was apparently banned from the official Waypoint forums, and I'm not sure why... I am unable to post anything and unable to make any topics on there, the buttons to create new posts aren't there anymore. When I look at my Waypoint profile (click here to see my profile), it says this: So I took a look at the Halo Waypoint Forum Ban FAQ topic (here) and it says when you get banned: I was never "greeted" with the message they're talking about, and I don't have a message from a moderator saying why I was banned. I also never got an email or anything from them so I really have no clue whatsoever why I was banned, and like I said above, on my Waypoint profile it says I was suspended due to "other" until the year 2552 (Wtf? lol). Anyone here have any experiences like this? Has anyone here ever been unbanned from Waypoint? I would appreciate any advice. I'll stick around here though (I just found this forum). This forum seems a bit more mature and level-headed compared to the people on Waypoint anyways lol. Thanks!
  2. I was playing a bit of spartan ops and was able to gain xp just fine then i left to eat for a while and came back to play some more. I played online and i gained no experience which was strange so I then played solo and again didnt gain any experience, I had also gompleted a weekly as well as a few commendations and I did not receive the experience from that either, how would I fix this problem? because i would like the exp from the games ive done as well as the weekly. I also had on the fast track as well to help boost faster. When the matches were over it skipped the exp screen and went straight to the sparan ops lobby and my exp bar didnt budge an inch.
  3. Hello everyone on these 343i Community Forums! Do you ever get confused trying to figure out which of our staff does what and what is done by some of our staff? Yeah… I do too. So, I decided to throw the list together to help make things simpler for you all. Here is our current and active Moderating team & Staff of these here 343i Community Forums! (All names are linked) Admin: Twam Site Moderator: RedStarRocket91 The Director Community Moderators: Church DocSpartanO07 Drizzy_Dan GermanShepherdD Community Staff: Event Management: SikSlik7 Kawaii Trooper Art Group: Jack of Harts D38Boss News Group: Adam91 Unease P34nut I_Make_Big_Boom Forge Group: Zandril Maestro (* Denotes honorary Member and those that help with the upkeep of the respective areas.)
  4. honor, distinction, leadership, devotion, shinning light, looked up to, friend, nicest member, trustworthy, highest standards, loyal, believer...... These are some of the words....some of the ideals that come to mind when we think of Total Mayh3m. John, as I have known him for so very long, has been one of those few people I have come to know while being part of this forum that have become a part of my personal life. He as a young member had the qualities that were easy to see and that you wanted in a friend and a member of this forum. It is hard for me to truly highlight all of what Mayh3m has given to this forum because some of what he gave was his strength in fellowship which impacts all of us in sometimes unseen ways. This was reflected by a passage from the Bible he used in his signature for so long. The simple truth of this passage is this....."You need good friends, and you need to be a good friend. Iron can sharpen iron, and a good friend can sharpen a friend. The iron of a file can make a blade sharp, and a good friend can make his friend better.". Mayh3m has been this friend for me and many others. One of John's best posts came at a time when we needed to hear a voice such as his. This following is an excerpt for his OP titled "-A Message to the Community-" "Selfless, honest, friendly, and willing. Be that kind of member. The kind of member that is willing to take the time to explain something to a new member instead of pointing them in a different direction. We are ALL guilty of it, even me, but I want to see a change of character for the BETTER in this community... and it all starts with YOU." -Total Mayh3m He has been a member our our community since October 2011. He has been a friend to so many members, both past and present. He was always willing to help out with even the smallest of chores until he finally became our Face Book manager and served there as he did as a member, with distinction. He later was offered a chance to moderate our community and has done so with, what Jester referred to as, 'distinction'. That is probably the best way to sum up Total Mayh3m's membership and service to our community. He will continue on here as a member, but has decided to step down from his moderating position due to his need to give his fullest attention to his personal life and the opportunities it is providing for him. John, as in the very story about an 'unexpected journey' that your signature implies, you have been part of that 'unexpected party' that has helped build and shape this forum. You will be one of those who, if we all meet someday, can look across the room and offer that knowing smile and nod of the head because we were all part of that unexpected journey that brought us all together and created such a unique forum. So.....out of respect and in our most robust manner, let us all give Total Mayh3m our deepest thanks and cheer for all he has given us in his years of membership and service and welcome him, as friends do, to Legendary membership status! Thank you John.....for everything.
  5. If you had the power to summon one of the moderators in real life at any time, Which one would you summon and what would you make them do? I'll start. I'd summon Spectral Jester and make him cook me dinner while I play video games. I just think he'd probably be good at cooking.
  6. Just a little something for the Birthday Boy on his special day, lmao!! Skip to 1:12.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xZaD_v5PDg&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QguPS_iwgDg&feature=player_embedded Happy Birthday my friend, hope you find joy in the day!! Be sure to sign his card below!!
  7. I realize it may be a bit early by an hour or so but dar-nit, I'm just too old to stay up 'til midnight again so without further adew I give you this.... As a show of appreciation for his time invested here and commitment to 343iCF, I would like to wish Spectral Jester a very Happy Happy Birfuh-day!!! Now everyone join in!!! :crazy: Hope you have a good one my friend and Thank You!! Everyone be sure to sign the card below, lmao! - Choot 'em
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