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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, Fishy here doing our monthly Top 10 that comes only once a month. Anyways, Yoshi has been busy recently with his Halo 5 and Star Wars, so I have taken the honors to sit down and dedicate my time to writing up this thread while he go makes a name for our forums on Halo 5. This month was a tougher decision as we’ve included last month candidates as well, plus all the new members and old members popping on more. Which is always a good thing to see friendly faces, but that’s just a key factor. This month we have looked at members who we think deserve to be awarded, as well as others who have contested for that title of being Top 10 December 2015. You guys totally deserve this, and thanks for making the year of 2015 a fun one and let’s go onward to 2016! Woohoo! Caboose the Ace ESPADAS03 Self Destruct Axilus Prime BATMAN Halo6 Follower Wam Ruby Rose Frankenzer Kakashi_Hatake Honorable Mentions: Yang Xiao Long Melody rrhuntington Ledgend1221 Delpen9 Tough list, but thats the fireworks! Enjoy the new year, everyone! :animier: :fun: :animier: Edit: Fixed color glitch Edit 2: Lowercased the "r" in rrhunt, because:
  2. Greetings everyone, how’s your day going? I hope it’s going well as mine is myself. However, my day’s concern isn’t as much as yours. Hopefully some of you can have your made day by this nice cool looking list Yoshi, EK, and I made ourselves. This list wasn’t easy to make, but it was sure fun. I will admit, out of the few months I have been on this committee I have never seen so many names discussed in a chat, as well as arguments taking place every few seconds. We each had our valid reasons as well as our differentiations. Nonetheless, we finally decided after setback and setback who to put on this list. We hope you guy’s enjoyed this month as much as we did. Now give it up for: (list is in no specific order) Halo5 follower ShadowFiend216 Yang Xiao Long Wam Rrhuntington Simple Soul Orbis Aramis BATMAN Betapen9 Honorable Mentions: CabooseTheChase Spyro Axilus Prime Congratulations ladies and gentleman, boys and girls. You guys deserved it. I hope to see you returning back as next month as well. Don’t get my hopes down now, I have high expectations. Anyways, I hope everyone has a wonderful day. And as always, please no complaining about this list or about MoM, we don’t want to have to bar you from the next month. Thanks guys, and remember to follow the rules and play nice.
  3. The Top 10 List is something very special to a person like me, it has been a real pleasure working every month to help good members get noticed and encourage good behaviour amongst the forum. A long time ago, I was actually on this list, which further propelled me to get to where I am now. Myself, Yoshi1176, and Fishy discuss this list tirelessly in between our rampages in GTA V, because we all see this list as what it really is. A spotlight for members who deserve to be commended, and an achievable goal for those that aren't quite there yet. We go into this list in an unbiased and comprehensive manner to make sure that each month the right people get praised. Anyways, without further ado, here's July 2015's Top 10. Shadowfiend216 Melody AhhOldWoman Onsokumaru Halo5 follower Dumpen9 rrhuntington Simple Soul Helix Amell Axilus Prime I'd also like to congratulate our honourable mention, Ledgend1221, it was a tough one, and there were a lot of members to go through, many of you deserved it. On the flip-side, it's fantastic to see quite a few new members hit the Top 10, so congrats to you guys! An important note, if you did not get on the list, fret not, there's always next month, and complaining about yourself or someone else will force us to bar you from next month's list, which will suck. Anyways, ladies and gents of the forum, that's your Top 10. I'll see you all next month for our new batch of members!
  4. Top 10 May 2015 It is with amazing privilege that I present to you this month's Top 10. These individuals have gone above what is relied upon to make this a more agreeable, inviting, and safe spot to play recreations. This rundown isn't for the advantage of the individuals on it, its for you, to move you to get on the rundown, or be on it again in light of the fact that each individual on that rundown is one more individual helping this group. This months rundown was made by Edward Kenway, Yoshi1176, and myself, Fishy. And now your Top 10! Self Destruct Farmer Destruct Penguin Destruct Ledgend1221 Mr Kittens and Gibberish Mr Kittens Destruct Yang Xiao Long Thel Destruct Schpy Destruct Constantine the Great Honorable Mentions: Melody GermanShepherdD Congratulations! These names are in no specific request. On the off chance that you grumble about not being on the rundown you will be banished from the rundown one month from now. What's more, proposals can be minded yourselves' own business, we urge you to get on this rundown one month from now! If you missed the change to the list from 15 to 10 you could find it at the link: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/40366-top-15-update-announcement/?do=findComment&comment=363653 If it's not too much trouble, welcome our new Top 15 (10) Committee Member, none other than myself, Fishy.
  5. Want to see the top 10 most useless Pokemon? This video really sums it up well. Click HERE
  6. Vote for what you would most like to return in Halo 5! I won't try to persuade you of my own opinion; it's yours that matters! If you are new to Halo, the Shadow was a Covenant troop carrier in Halo 2. It was a slow hovercraft that had a powerful plasma turret used mainly for defensive purposes.
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