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    I beat Halo 2 on Heroic, beat Halo 3 and Reach on Legendary (3 Cooperative and Reach solo), beat Wars on Normal, beat Halo 4 legendary solo, and I beat Anniversary on Heroic. I earned most achievements in Reach, 4 and 3, but still a lot to go on Anniversary, and Wars. Artist, love dragons :33

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  1. It's not going to happen. ONI is trying to weaken the Sangheili race (even possibly eliminate). It's interesting, but sorry, it's not going to happen.
  2. Bring Back the Original Grunts! Halo 4 was an amazing game, graphic wise and story wise. However, this small change has made it lose its 'Halo' feeling. The little voices of Grunts. Yes, strange. However, don't you miss just running around and keeping a couple of the critters alive just to taunt them? Hearing the common word of 'nipple,' or the absolute nonsense of a Grunt panicking, trying to hide behind the rest of the pack or behind a Sangheili. Hearing the Grunts even try to taunt you, but to fail miserably, allowing you to have a little laugh. Most importantly, their little voices. The voices were amazing. The voices also can help mediate you while playing Halo on Legendary. In Halo 4, there's nothing to help you be 'happy' while playing. All you really get is raspy voices, that really only tick you off. But the memories of past Halo's on Legendary. At the moments of most anguish, you'd hear a little squeaky voice of a Grunt, either in panic or taunting. This always made me laugh a little at least, and helped motivate to go on. Lastly, the look. The look of the original Grunts fit them, and I actually kinda miss it. They now look like turtles that are in heat. Hopefully, 343 will bring back the original Grunts. Most importantly their voices! (Including the comical language.) Thanks for reading! Comment please, and be sure to vote!
  3. It just wouldn't seem logical. The main Covenant is now completely destroyed, and now it's just really only Jul 'Mdama (and possibly 'Telcam, a different leader of the split Covenant) that's the leader of a new Covenant. Brutes are really just helpers for the Elites at the time being, well, the ones who didn't rebel. Really, they just can't come back, it really wouldn't work. The only reason Brutes came to power was because the Prophets decided the Elites were not good protectors. The Brutes are basically slaves, and kinda serve as how African Americans did back in the 1930's. I'm not racist, but that's the best thing I can compare it to. The planet is called Sanghelios. The race is "Sangheili."
  4. I did try google translate, just out of curiosity. It appears to translate to, "Death Dictates." If that's what it means I think it's pretty cool.
  5. No, at least that wasn't in the books at all. However, Requiem was, and some other shield world was also destroyed but I don't remember how. Onyx is the only last known shield world, and Humans are using it as a base. I agree they weren't really connected, but they could help factor into other events. I am hoping people could use these ideas and see what they can come up with and tie them together. Thanks for your feedback!
  6. Karen Traviss to Publish Final Installment for the Kilo-Five Trilogy! The Kilo-Five trilogy had a previous number of 2 books, which were Halo: Glasslands, and Halo: The Thursday War. These books were based on the events months after the Halo 3 conclusion, and led up to the events in Halo 4. Also some more to factor into the rest of the Halo Trilogy/Saga. Be sure to read the previous novels before continuing to the latest installment! The next novel is named, "Halo: Mortal Dictata." It is to be released in January of 2014. Kilo-Five Trilogy Order: Halo: Glasslands Halo: The Thursday War Halo: Mortal Dictata Please feel free to read my topic on likely events for upcoming Halo games: Click Here!
  7. I do hope there will be more, just not fast paced (as in a gamer per year). I agree with NinetysBorn!
  8. She shouldn't come back to make Chief and the players feel absolutley hopeless. However, the Librarian did mention that there is a way to bring back Artificial Intelligence.
  9. Having a boat in Halo would be neat, however, for sure we will have to wait for the next Halo game. In fact, this reminds me.... Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW6LA6o7920
  10. You do realize on the 7th, there's a repopulating thing in Halo 3. It's going to be a big event. So basically, just play Halo 3 on July 7th, and there will be tons of gamers online!
  11. It really shouldn't. It's one of the largest games holding up the Xbox counsel(s). Plus, Jesus do you have any idea how expensive the computer you would need to even run that game/next generation games? Really, most people cannot afford, nor would want to risk paying all that money for the processors. Really, they would lose money for distributing it for PC, for not many people would get it for PC. My friend has a custom built computer (payed nearly $3000 now) and still cannot run certain games. Really, it would be best not to risk it.
  12. Try clearing your system cache. It may work.
  13. Cortana could read it through the system while Chief had his hands on the controls. She can transfer data out of his suit when he touches objects. The controls had data stored about the Didact.
  14. Here's one: there was a race before the Forerunners, known as the "Precursors."
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