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  1. Hello! How is everyone? I'm a long-time Halo Series fan who has been around since the CE days. I've been gaming since the mid 80's and have been an online gamer since the early 90's. In the years since those early days of Commodore 64, Apple II, NES, Sega and so on, there have been a MAJOR increase of gamers world-wide. It has been an interesting gaming life I must say. I've met people from every walk of life, hell, I bet I've met a few aliens...I'M SURE OF IT! My love for gaming stems very deep for a multitude of reasons. Through hard times, through boring times, through manic times, gaming has brought a center to many of us. It's this center that I wish to tap. The many years of experience on multiple platforms coupled with a strong creative desire has pushed me into making my own gaming channel. I wanted to express my views on the gaming culture and although we are just getting started (we started the Youtube account about a month ago) our goal is to cover every game we can get into a video. Our main focus now is our Iron Jugganot series. It is a tounge-in-cheek tale that depicts it's characters as roving mercenaries who have the ability to travel to other dimensions. They achieve this by stepping into a device we like to call a "Gyroscopic Continuum Transducer". Much like a Star Gate or Transporter, this is our mechanism to achieve inter-dimensional travel. To the viewer, one might see Halo or Destiny or even GTAV but to the characters, they have teleported into another realm. The story started-out as a bit of a gag, just wanting to see how to make a video combined with some PvP clips from Destiny. The idea grew, editing became easier once I got the hang of it, then more people started getting on board. Eventually, the Youtube channel was created and the videos grew into a bit of a comedic endeavor. Aside from our web series, we have and will continue to produce how-to videos, game demos, funny skits, and occassionally live-stream on Xbox One. If you care to check out our YOUTUBE CHANNEL check it out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzQMzCT1Mpl6HeTCTEKT20w
  2. Firelight studios are in need of body actors for their Halo Reach Machinima 'Fatum'. This is the first big project of this year and we are in need of your help, if you are intrested please leave a comment with your gamertag and I'll get back to you. After filming we will be having a few custom games afterwards. Either on Halo Reach or on Halo 5 depending on which you all want to play afterwards. If you have friends who are intrested in helping then please get them to come along. - Thank you.
  3. They don't seem to be the in-fashion thing nowadays, usually when a new game comes out (Halo 5 guardians this time) there's usually torrents of content made within days, but that doesn't appear to have happened this time (as far as I can tell). Is there a different kind of player who Halo appeals to now? Or are we all just tired of the usual over-used storylines which youtube has been filled with ever since the release of Halo reach? ...that reminds me of something (I didn't come here intending to self advertise), but I did a video about a month ago which satirizes over used Halo Reach machinima cliches. I won't go into detail, but the short version of the name is AoRoAS69RECT... bet you'll never work out what that acronym is for. You can take a gander at it if you're interested: https://youtu.be/EPA6u65lZ3o But anyway,back to the point. When's the last time you've seen one of these video game movies? Do you think they've become more or less common? And do you think there's any reasons for any change? I don't know very many Halo fans to be honest so please share your thoughts...
  4. Hey guys! Here's something I've been on the edge of releasing for a while now, and I reckon now is as good a time as ever. Being the video game enthusiast that I am, I've always loved the Halo series. And the music nerd in me has always loved Marin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori's soundtracks from the original Halo series. Now that I am doing more film scoring, I only seemed natural for me to write my own opening music for the New Halo 5. Something to push myself, and something that I enjoy all in one. I'm also up for letting everyone use this in their Machinimas, as long as I'm properly credited. If you want the raw music file for this use, contact me directly, either through email or youtube. i'll send a file without the opening cinematic sound effects! Awesome! Here's the jump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OE4d-mEERw Awesome! Thanks guys! Enjoy. -Wil
  5. Hey folks! It's your friendly neighborhood Haloplayer back at you again with some new content! The gents and gals at IKP have teamed up with Action Sack to bring you a new Machinima experience, which you hope you really enjoy! As a heads up, yes, we will be finishing Lost Cause. We are still in the process of using the oil can on our rusty joints. So for now, have a gander at The Walking Ted!
  6. Hey everyone! I am here today in search of help for a machinima that I currently have in production. As the title says, I am looking for help from anyone who is interested. I need voice actors and body actors for my machinima, but right now my main focus is to find body actors so that I can get the scenes for the machinima ready so I can film them later in theater. The machinima will be held within the Halo 2 Anniversary game engine on MCC. I would love to host a lobby today and start getting things going although it depends on how many bites I get on here before that can happen. I am also looking to keep those who want to help as friends so that I may contact them again for help. Anywho, I will leave you all my gamertag so that you may contact me via Xbox Live or you can comment on here. GT: AsG xTiMiDx Looking forward to working with you all!
  7. There is one vehicle that fans love and care about. Pelicans. Ive been waiting for a pelican in halo multiplayer since Halo 3. It can be at least a passenger Pelican for all i care. Halo might be mostly about killing but what about the machinima directors around the globe. Halo Reach had a falcon helicopter a human flying vehicle with turrets and passenger seats. Halo 3 had Hornets great for machinima but they weren't big enough. If you want to please your fans take our advice.
  8. Hi I made this short machinima for fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYw5BD9YvwU
  9. Hey everyone I've been searching for a forger for quite some time to help me create a map on H2A for a machinima project of mine. I need help forging a forest. Something simple in a way, but there are some features that need to be incorporated into it. Basing off of my projects script, there needs to be a cave, but not one where you would enter and then there will need to be an area for a crash site as the main character crash lands into the forest. Feel free to reply here or add me on Xbox and message me. Hope to hear from someone soon! GT: AsG xTiMiDx
  10. Hey everyone! So as the title says, I am currently looking for help from an array of catergories for not just one, but many machinima to come in the future. Also, I should mention I am a director and have my own equipment for everything so there are no worries in that department. Body Actors: Without body actors no director can be successful as they are one of the main keys to every single machinima. I will definitely need as many as I can get, but getting anyone to help out is greatly appreciated. Of course every person who participates will be given credit. Voice Actors: These guys definitely play a important key role in machinima making. What's a machinima without characters who talk? I know there are all sorts of voice actors out there of all ranges just waiting to get the chance to show off their skills and different voices. So I will definitely need your guys voices as well and you will be credited don't worry. So what are you waiting for voice actors? Come be apart of something amazing! Writer(s): Every director needs a writer to help out when he/she has a mental block especially when they get stuck with the plot or dialogue or even offer a better idea, feedback, and criticism. Of course the writer must be skilled in what he or she does so that everything within the storyline flows properly and isn't out of whack. I myself, will definitely need a writer to help out with writing machinima, preferably one who I can get a hold of regularly and not one whom may just lose contact with. Credit will be given. As of right now I have a few machinimas in the works, but I am looking for a team and some new friends who also share the same interests as I do. So if any of you guys are interested in being apart of something great, feel free to post here or add me on Xbox. I will leave my GamerTag below: GT: AsG xTiMiDx Note: I am aware that every person has a real life, as do I, so I will not be expecting those who choose to be apart of this to be available 24/7. *Admins or Mods if I have posted in the wrong thread or topic, then please move it to the correct place, but do not delete it.*
  11. So, i will continue my shameless advertising spree (bwahaha, if this isnt the place for it, move it to where it belongs admins and watchers) So, basically, my group and I, LostMavericks, have been making a machinima series for the past two months, and its been getting some pretty good reviews from different forums and communities, so I figured it was time to start a thread here! I will post the first 5 episodes below for your viewing enjoyment! If you are interested in being apart of the series (body acting, voice acting, graphic design, etc.) Message me on here or send an email to [email protected], and i will reply as soon as I can! http://youtu.be/A9RkboPpmVg http://youtu.be/Ewsj7HS_VPE http://youtu.be/zk6wCwo10KA http://youtu.be/ms_NwudMlaI http://youtu.be/cBIBkkr-xso and yes, episode 6 is on the way. It was supposed to be released last friday, but i was best man at a wedding and stuff, so i fell behind juuust a little XD
  12. Title says most of it! Please check out the open invitation video here on youtube. I greatly appreciate it! Or just type SlickShooters in the search bar!
  13. Who We Are HFK or HFLiKz is a Halo MCC clan dedicated to Halo Machinima, Forging, and Custom game fun. Rather than the usual skill based clans with strict structure, HFK is more about promoting creativity as well as a fun and friendly gaming environment. We create, we play, and most importantly we have fun! Our Mission In HFK we have 3 major goals: Produce quality Halo Machinima to be uploaded on YouTube for the purpose of entertainment Provide a consistent Custom Games lobby for people looking to play something other then matchmaking complete with a variety of fun gametypes and maps spanning all of the Halo Franchise Forge fun and interesting Halo 2A, Halo 3 and Halo 4 maps and gametypes either for custom games, machinima sets, or just a nice piece of art out of the available building blocks ​In general our clan is here to provide a fun and flexible gaming community for players of all skill levels to have good time. HFLiKz Machinima will be posted on YouTube regularly and with a high quality standard in mind. Everyone who joins the clan has a purpose, question is what role will you play? What All Can YOU Do? In the HFLiKz Community there are many different things you can do as a valued member of our clan. Some roles may be more demanding then others, but all have the same level of importance. The Machinima Roles include and are not limited to: Voice Actor- Do you have a talent for speaking in character, a decent computer mic, and wide vocal range? If any one of these things apply you may be able to be a voice actor for our machinima productions. Body Actor- A more readily available role in our machinima production, Body Actors are responsible for the movement of characters in the video. All you need is a mic so you can communicate with the primary director and simply follow directions. Graphic Designer- If you are any good at logos, title screens and anything of that nature this is the role for you. Writer- Ever had an idea for a really great video that you've never had the opportunity to make? Lay it on us and we'll see to it that your idea is formulated, scripted, and produced as close to your vision as possible Video Editor- If you can capture and edit video really well you could be an editor for our videos Set Designer- if you are good at making smooth and scenic forge maps in Halo this is your role ​As for the Community Roles: Forger- make fun and interesting maps and gametypes for our custom game nights Recruiter- I want YOU to find us some awesome people who would like to join HFK Host/Hostess- Create a lobby for our custom games to take place as well as manage the maps and gametypes we have Player- Hey not everybody has to wear the pants in our clan. If you came just to experience a fun time in an active Halo MCC customs lobby then by all means kick back and hang out with us ​In short there's really no limit to what you can do in HFK. Members are not bound by their roles and can switch between them freely as needed. We only ask that you abide by the golden rules. The Golden Rules In general HFLiKz is not a very strict clan by any means, but without some rules in place chaos would ensue. They are: Be Respectful- That doesn't mean no cursing or sexual jokes, just keep it on a friendly level at all times, No discrimination by any means including race, religion, gender, sexual preference ect. Don't Make a Promise You Can't Keep- This refers more to the video production side of things but if you make a commitment to something say a role of a character in voice acting make sure you are able to actively perform your role. If any complications arise due to real life situations or anything like that please contact your Director or Bajeeezus on Xbox Live Don't Start Fights- Continuing off from the first rule don't start conflict with others outside of the clan. Teabagging and shooting dead bodies is fine but don't go trash talking other clans and players needlessly or challenging them to matches that require other members that are not in your lobby. Have Fun!- No seriously that's a rule... Any member caught not having fun will be sentenced to 5 long hours in one of our Fun rehabilitation centers (just kidding lol) If You Would Like to Join Please contact Bajeeezus on Xbox Live or leave a response to this post with your Gamertag. I will add you and have a brief non-serious interview in party chat over some custom games or matchmaking. Other than that though, Welcome to the HFLiKz family and I hope to see you on the virtual battlefield....or sandbox ~ Bajeezus
  14. Hello i am KillerKorbin117 a new machinima director in the Halo community and i am looking for Body/Voice actors so if you want to appluy here is the Application format: Your Xbox Live GT: Do you want to Body Act, Voice Act, Or Both: What is your Halo: Reach/Halo 4 rank: How Old are you (u can msg me through xbox live if u dont want to share in public) So yeah if you want to join post a reply here or message me on xbox live (GT: KillerKorbin117) and if you want to check out my YouTube Channel: :right:https://www.youtube.com/user/Killerkorbin :left: Peace!
  15. Hi guys, just here to ask a little question. Is there anyone out there who would like to be in a Machinima? It is in Halo 4. Who we need is someone who is: •Preferably Female •Preferably Australian •Willing to be friendly and work as a team If you're interested let me know and submit this sheet filled out to [email protected] Name: Age: Location: Gender: XBox gamertag: Availability: How bad is your background noise? Any previous/current experience? If so, what Machinima? How long have you be playing Halo? Tell me a little bit about yourself:
  16. Hey everyone! Well as it said on the title (sorta ) I am a script writer. And well I want to be the lucky guy to help create a machinima for you. I'm asking this for many reasons to gain experience, have fun, and.... . Actually that's it lol . But mostly to have fun. I hope anyone out there is willing to give me a chance. And if you do I'll try my best to not let you down. Hope to hear from someone who's interested soon.
  17. Hello there. I'm looking for body actors for a Halo 3 Machinima. The story is no set within the Halo canon and has it's own mythology to that of the Halo universe though the two will share similarities. The story resolves around humanity's ascension to taking over as the care takers of the galaxy during the human-covenant war. As well as a view in the Covenants beliefs a bit more deeply. It is a serious/action styled Machinima. I'm looking for Body Actors who: * Willing to work hard * Enjoy their work * Preferably to have all map packs/armour. It will be a pleasant but hard working work environment where you will enjoy yourselves! As for script writers I'm looking for someone with good ideas to put towards the Machinima. It is not necessary that you have written machinima before but it would help. I'm looking for someone who is hard working and trustworthy, with good ideas. I myself have been writing scripts for about 5 years but this is my first project on my own. I can help you with writing if you are new and want to give it a go! Contact me by email: [email protected] or through Xbox Live: JohnnySi Thank you.
  18. Hello people of the Forums! I have recently started on a Halo 4 Machinima. However, I have a...lack...of voice actors. So that is why I come here! Hopefully there are decent voice actors here that are willing to lend their talents to my machinima. So if you're interested in playing a part, email me at [email protected] and I will email you a cast list so you can decide what part you think best suits you. Thanks in advance!
  19. Hello people of the Forums! I have recently started on a Halo 4 Machinima. However, I have a...lack...of voice actors. So that is why I come here! Hopefully there are decent voice actors here that are willing to lend their talents to my machinima. So if you're interested in playing a part, email me at [email protected] and I will email you a cast list so you can decide what part you think best suits you. Thanks in advance!
  20. This is the first of several trailers for the up and coming Halo 3 Machinima I am working on 'Legacy'. It is set to be released summer time this year. I'm happy to see and hear what you guys think and any criticisms you have. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0ZkpYTGb50&list=HL1393808101
  21. Hey guys, I've decided to plan a machinima. I need you guys (anyone) to just hit me up online. My GT is WardoMichael .Note that this will take a lot of effort to record. I am counting on you guys to help me out. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.
  22. Just found this when I was going through my YouTube feed about 10 minutes before posting this, thought you Halo lovers would enjoy this, surprisingly good video from Machinima. If you don't know what Draw My Life's are, best way to sum it up is, person A draws and commentates their life with a highlighter or whatnot, better to watch the video than to read my brilliant description: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClqRnxQQp5Q
  23. Hey there, I'm looking to make a machinima primarily in Halo 4 and partially in Reach called "Halo: Broken Eons" and need a few people of various talents to help me out. The reason I don't want to do this all myself is so that I can find someone who's great at a specific skill, so that every part of the film will be the best that it can be. Be willing to pursue a full-length feature project, because I'm expecting this to be around two hours. Here are the different roles: Director of Cinematography: Someone who can film with a capture card, plan and execute camera angles and movements according to the mood of a scene, and create a storyboard based on a script. Set Design: Someone to create sets in Forge based on the storyboards and context. Graphic Designer: Someone to create title and credit screens. Editor: Someone to arrange the footage properly, know where to cut the shots, whether to use transitions, et cetera. Sound Director: Someone to take the edited footage and sync up voices and sound effects with it. Score Selection: Someone who can pick out what music to use and when. Body actors: People to act out scenes in-game. Must have proper armour and emblems, Infinity Armor Pack is required for most roles. If you've worked on other machinimas, link them and state who you played. Voice actors: NEED a good mic. Once the script is complete, a line will be provided for anyone who wishes to audition. Each of these jobs will be provided with a script and storyboard. I am starting the script this weekend, and storyboards will probably take a long time, so think ahead. One person may be given multiple jobs, if capable, for example, one person for graphic design/editing, editing/cinematography, sound/score, et cetera. You MUST be mature and willing to work under specific instructions without compromise. If you're interested, post which role you are applying for and your gamertag below, then send an XBL message to NOBLE E 2552 saying which role you want again.
  24. A question many people ask who don't play Halo is, "What's so good about it? What makes it better than any other FPS?" There are things about Halo that other games beat it at, and there are things that not everyone enjoys about it. Which makes that question hard to answer. I think that the answer, quite simply, would be "everything". Here's my reasons. The campaign of the game starts off with a lone warrior. That's a bit cliche, until we learn that he wasn't always alone. That he used to be part of a team. And that most of that team is dead, and that they died defending the human race. Which is exactly what the lone warrior intends to do. You fight enemies with technology that seems to be mystical, until you actually pick it up and use it on them. You pick up the game and play it, and you find the story to be kind of... empty. Then you find out about the Haloverse, and all the books that go with the games that fill in the gaps. That's what grabbed me about Halo. I was mainly into it for the multiplayer with my friends, but then when I actually picked up one of the books I was forever hooked. Turns out the story of the games is only 1/1000th of the full story. The story about the technologically superior alien race that is determined to wipe out humanity, and humanity doing everything it can to simply survive. The story about what originally started the SPARTAN and MJOLNIR programs. The story of how Master Chief Petty Officer John Spartan 117 came to be in a cryotube aboard the Pillar of Autumn. That in and of itself sets it apart from most FPS games. Then we have the multiplayer. The constantly evolving, adapting, and fun multiplayer. Everyone has their own favorite Halo multiplayer, and that to me is amazing. That the games can be so different from each other that people will argue for hours over whether Halo 3 or Halo Reach had the better multiplayer. The simplicity of the multiplayer at the beginning was what hooked most of us older gamers. Pressing one button to switch between two weapons at the time was revolutionary. And there were some pretty cool ways to play as well. Then things started getting a bit more complex, but even then that added more fun to the game. Customizable gametypes, the ability to play with people who you've never met before and might not again while still playing with friends, more vehicles and weapons. And then they let you customize armor, gametypes, and even maps to play on. Even people who didn't want to play multiplayer that often always had something to do. Then came Forge World and more armor customization. It was to the point where you could tell a player just by the type of armor they were wearing. You could spend hours customizing your character and building a map and gametype. And all of this on a console. And then we have the community. Sure, it's not perfect, but it's still more tight knit than most. There are so many different people that contribute to Halo that it's unbelievable. There is enough fan fiction to fill entire novels. There's enough Machinima to last you for days (maybe weeks), even if you were watching it all back to back. And all of that is from the Halo community. That makes the game SO much more fun to me. When I can discover a new detail in the campaign and have an active discussion with a dozen people about it, that's when you know there's something good about the game. The fanbase is no more or less loyal than other games, but it's definitely more "in depth". There are people in the community who create and write backstories for their spartans, which is something you usually only see in RPG's. There are plenty of games that can say that they have a feature that Halo does. Whether it be a good story, a good multiplayer, a good fanbase, or a good game mechanic. The thing about Halo, though, is that it has them all. Whether you play it for just the story, for just the multiplayer, or just the ability to create, you play it because you enjoy what you can do in the game. That's the reason I think Halo is awesome, and am definitely looking forward to Halo 5.
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