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  1. It's a difficult choice lol. But I would choose One Piece or Naruto. I would like to be Shanks from One Piece or Itachi from Naruto.
  2. Maybe I'll join but I will see if I can. GT: GodfatherS117
  3. Halo Wars without a doubt. This game is the best RTS for the xbox 360. The story was awesome, the matchmaking was addictive... I still play it today lol. Spartan Assault is a good game but I prefer a lot more Halo wars just because I had more fun with this game.
  4. Welcome to the community! This forum is awesome and I'm sure you will like it
  5. My first xbox 360 game was Halo 3. For the first xbox, I don't really remember if it was Halo 2 or Fusion Frenzy. But I think it was Halo 2 and I consider this game as the best Halo of all.
  6. Hi guys, Here is a video about me playing in firefight. Something really funny happened... Enjoy!
  7. 1.It would be better imo if there are two players playing together. 2. Athens is the best!
  8. Welcome to the community Jesse! Hope you will enjoy this forum
  9. Do you wish to customize your computer? Do you want to have a perfect customization for you? If so, you should try Rainmeter. Rainmeter is a program that let you customize your desktop by adding customizable skins. For example: a clock, bars that show the mermory used, the CPU usage, etc. If you want to create your own skins, you need to have knowledges about computer language. If you just want to download your skins on internet without creating yours, just go to some links that present rainmeter skins. The one I always use is Devianart. There are also others like customize.org, skinbase.org... Link to download Rainmeter: Rainmeter.net Here is an example of skins I used to customize my desktop. If you like it, you can find it on devianart.
  10. Try to build a city, or a big racetrack, or a mansion used with infection gametype... You can also play some custom game with maps that are already created, so you could get some inspiration.
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