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Found 3 results

  1. Want to see the top 10 most useless Pokemon? This video really sums it up well. Click HERE
  2. Hi guys and girls, ladies and sirs, dinosaurs and ponies, and all manner of FORGERS. I'm looking at breaking in to the Forge scene, having never, ever actually pressed that option, and I was wondering; What do you wish you had've done first? What do you wish you had've known sooner? What tools/templates have worked best for you, and what should I avoid or not bother with? What did you imagine YOUR first map/game type to look like, and how did that turn out for you? Any other tips or tricks that you can compress and digest would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Here is some reasons: 1: Social Media Is Careless 2: Social Media Is Unorganized 3: On Social Media almost everything is irrealeveant to the previous posts. 4: On Social Media You're the only one who cares about "Your Personal Life" 5:Social Media Is bland. Give me your reasons.
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