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Found 6 results

  1. Early days, to be sure, but what are everyone's feelings on the show so far? For context here are some links: Halo Showtime Facebook Halo Cast IMDB Latest Press Release Variety.com Little Bit Of Controversy Explained Screen Rant I guess I'll just go bullet point: Jacob And Miranda Keyes Why even have them in the show? Let alone to so fundamentally change the characters? And I am not (just) talking about the racial bending. "Gray will play Dr. Miranda Keyes, a brilliant UNSC Commander who is dedicated to understanding the technology, language and culture of the Covenant, but she’ll have to learn to navigate the politics of the UNSC to get what she wants." In the established canon Miranda is accept to Luna Officer Candidate School at age 16, graduates with honors then immediate requests active duty (because, you know, we are at war with the Covvies at this point). At what point in time would she of had time to go and get a Doctorate? There are programs where you can get a PHD while on active military duty, but at no point has it been mentioned that Miranda had one. "Sapani will play Captain Jacob Keyes, described a dedicated military man, a war hero and a caring father. He finds that working alongside his daughter and his ex-wife is usually the cause of conflict rather than comfort." Alongside daughter, ok, makes a little sense (maybe, but not really), but ex-wife? Jacob hadn't seen Halsey from years 2530 (ish) to 2552, 22 years. And then they were only together like a day. Halsey didn't see him again because he died on Halo. So how exactly does he work 'alongside' her? They are trying to somehow spin a story where in an galactic war for survival these three people are entwined? Jacob and Miranda have a good relationship but as far as I can tell they were both Bridge Crew on different ships in different fleets? Not a lot of opportunity for cooperation, at least not personally between them. Plus, they have been portrayed as African descent, which I don't really care about but why not just write two new characters? This portrayal seems to be completely different to anything established to the point where they are new characters, but then to change their race as well? For canon nerds it is definitely irritating. Makee "Murphy will play Makee, an orphaned human who was raised by the alien Covenant and shares their contempt for humanity" A new character written for the show. Is this a joke? Not only does it fundamentally undermine the entire goal of the Covenant Crusade (complete eradication), but it is pretty clique writing that has been done tonnes of time, and probably better. There are a few cases of humans and Covvies working together (Mona Lisa, The Rubble) but to be 'raised' by the Covvies? If this is the quality of writing for the show we can expect, we are gonna have a bad time. Side Notes If they don't have Steve Downes dubbing John-117's voice, then why even have the big MC in the show? Same kind of goes for Jen Taylor doing the voice, but I do think Natascha McElhone could be a cool mo-cap actor for Cortana, although I think Jen Taylor also would of been cool as I can envision both as her avatar. It would be cool if Natasha did Halsey, then Jen Taylor dubbed Cortana. Soren-066 played by Bokeem Woodbine could be cool, although if they are doing post augmentation (which they kind of have to), then Soren is all kinds of messed up? I guess they will go into what happens to him. Vannak-134 sounds lame. "serves as the defacto deputy to the Master Chief." What does that even mean? I get it couldn't be Fred yet, because he is still leading his own team, but Vannak? There are so many established S-IIs they could of used they wasted one of their spots on a sidekick for Chief? Put MF Jorge in as having served with MC before Noble Team. Would of been way cooler. Also, no casting for any Covvie characters as yet? Kind of disappointing. I honestly, and sincerely, hope the show will be good. Unfortunately Halo just hasn't got a good track record of having good video extended media (FUD, Legends, Nightfall, Fall of Reach). They have all fallen short of being satisfactory in almost any regard. They really need to have someone watching over the Extended Media as a whole and making sure everything lines up. They may not want to have to keep following the Canon from the 18 year old original books but Fall Of Reach (the book) continues to be one of the most popular of all the books, and is sold not only as add-on for the games but as just a very good sci-fi book in general.
  2. Official Award: Previous Winners : humpstyles (12-14-12) SykoWolf (12-18-12) Vaulting♥Frog (1-27-2013) SternuS (05-26-2013) Axilus Prime (12-26-2013) Ladies and Gentleman! Spartans and Elites! "Please have a sit and listen to me, telling something about Jackals and Brutes, about guns and wars, the oddies and the weird, about anything I have jeered. You know who am I? I'm the very best in this center of the galaxy, the Jester of this ring, or maybe just a clown. What day is today? Topsy turvey, ye may say.... Here i am just to amuse the audience, with some short tiny riddles about anything of The Halo World: May it be guns and vehicles, powerful weapons, people, or quests, monsters, terminals, places, insanity......aaaanything ye like! Guess rightly to the puzzle, and thou may collect point. 1 guess per post, then wait for the host! If you're correct, then it's your turn; respect! When thou reach 10 points...thou shall winneth! Amendment: Please keep it to one answer per post please. It is much easier to keep track of things that way. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks, everyone, it's been fun. Before I go though, I give you this. We died together But not at the same time. I soared to victory But that victory was not mine. It was yours, friend. And though you succeeded We both met our end. Who am I?
  3. Do you have something you need to get off your chest? Feel like the rest of the forum needs to know? Well this discussion is for you, friend. This is where you ADMIT IT! YOU FACE THE MUSIC! But luckily there will be no ridicule or hard-feelings toward you. So write down your deepest, darkest secrets below so we can make jokes about you behind your back help you cope with your secrets. I'll go first: I admit it... Whew! Glad I got that off my chest. I encourage you to do so as well below: Please use the following format above "I admit it...
  4. Hello everyone and welcome back to Doctor Pbrabbit's Analysis Blog. Todays topic: Assassinations, and what you can do to get them! So in recent studies I have found that Assassinations today are on the brink of being easier and easier to get. Might I say almost easier to get than any STD. This is a very serious matter, so i talked to some people in this case study I like to call, "Give people $20 to lie and make my statements sound better". I asked one gentleman, "How is Halo 4 so far?" He immediately replied with, "Halo 4 is Assassinations!" and ran away. I feel that he might have had some brain damage due to the woodpecker on his head, but I did not care. I'm not that kind of Doctor, or at-least I think I am not, I might have to check the P.H.D again. Then I moved onto a really hot chick, who was a gamer, and asked her, her thoughts on Assassinations in Halo 4. She had to say this, "Personally Halo 4 is so dumb, I play Call of duty Black ops 2 and MW3 so those are way better than that stupid game." After that Interview at 5 O'clock on the evening news there was a hot chick missing for some reason. I could not comprehend what was going on. It was not like I released the info and the names of everyone who did this. And finally I had one last patient come in. He was 6 years of age and was cute as a button. I asked where his mother was and he said "shut up, lets get this over with." Right away I knew this kid was one of those COD trolls, but then again I was a doctor, and I was taught to not judge a book by its cover, so I began the interview. I asked the boy his thoughts on Halo and with Assassinations, and he replied with "Well first of all Halo 4 is the first step into 343 industries trying to make it big with this already big franchise....(he went on for a WHILE!). Secondly Assassinations in the game have turned out to be way to easy to get. So I personally think there should be some nerf to that. I do not know how, I just think they should." I was shocked, amazed, and you could even say flabbergasted! I was such in awe that as a doctor I PASSED OUT! Well when I woke up the boy was gone, there was a pen mustache on my face and he took $50 out of my wallet. Though he was nice to leave a thank you note. All in all a good interview. Ahem! ( clear the throat ), back to the analysis part of the blog. It seems to me that my case study of 3 random, country folk have proved to me and to you, the scientific community of HALO, that Assassinations are as easy to get as STDs and can be prevented by looking at your Radar. Thank you very much. Until my next Discovery I bid you a goodbye. This document is from the Un-federal archives of Doctor, Professor and Pimp, Pbrabbit. Any use of the Un-legal, fake and satirical documents will not have you be sued in any way. Hey guys, Pbrabbit here. So I was bored and this is a random, improvised story/blog I created. If you like it, let me know and I can create more of these for your enjoyment. If not, well then. Please do not be a hater and comment below with hateful remarks. Kindly message me to let me know of your thoughts. Thank you!
  5. Hey guys so I just recently discovered how easy killing a lot of the vehicles in Halo 4 is by just team shooting it with your primary weapon. This is why I decided to test which of your primary weapons kills each vehicle the fastest. I started with the Warthog and found that there is a surprising difference in what guns does the most damage to the vehicle and what gun does the least... cough cough the carbine cough cough. Anyways I've posted my test results in the video below for you all to see. If you guys enjoyed this video and would like to see more tests, tricks, tips, and game-play commentary please like and subscribe, I've got a bunch of very interesting tests coming out within the next week or so. Thanks for your time! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gU_xtG0c-A&feature=plcp .
  6. CHECK BACK OFTEN FOR FREQUENT UPDATES ON MY THEORY!!! My other Theories: Human-Covenant/Elite Alliance: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/2975-halo-4-human-elite-human-covenant-alliance-theory/ Human Vs PreHistoric Human: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/3482-halo-4-humans-vs-prehistoric-humans-theory/ BE SURE TO READ THROUGH IT ALL!!! DONT JUST STOP AT BEGINNING If you listen closely to 343 Guilty Spark in Halo CE he says things that made it sound like he thought that chief was the one who lighted the first halo ring back when the forerunners were around all those years ago. For example he says, "why would you hesitate to do now what you have already done before?" ( or something along those lines) Also, he makes regards to chiefs poor choice of armor and calls it a "class 2" and recommends he wears a "class 12" Now why would the monitor say these things unless he knew that chief was around back then and should have the armor necessary. ALSO the monitor said something about the chief asking him a question all those years ago.Now obviously, we all thought that that cannot be true because chief is here now. But what if at the end of halo 3 when forward unto dawn broke apart and chief was not only sent through space, but also sent back in time. Now before you regard this as a stupid and outlandish idea, think about it. It would explain why guilty spark said that, and it would bring us all new enemies, weapons, and vehicles and enviorments. Also, it would be the perfect ending for master chief, he lights the first ring to stop the flood and also kill himself, yet save himself and everyone else from the future. Here's a link to a video at comic con 2010 where the interviewer is asking questions to Frank O' Connor: (Keep watching until the part where he talks about the monitor and what Frankie says about it. This only supports my theory) The part im talking about begins around 3:18 (I think I fixed the link if not, please use the link that Raskulz posted below in the comments. I will fix it when I get home to an actual computer) http://www.youtube.com/watch?nomobile=1&v=-WcVz8hPN5s Notice how giddy and a lil weird Frankie gets when he says that? it greatly helps my idea and gets me giddy and excited so badly!! Update: ADDED August 20th, 10pm: 343 Has repeatedly said that in Halo CEA there will be terminals that will help reveal things about Halo 4's story. Now these terminals will be explained by the Monitor. ====> http://attackofthefanboy.com/videos/the-story-of-guilty-spark-holds-halo-4-clues/ Now if the monitor in Halo CE will explain the story of Halo 4 how is that possible if Halo 4 (supposedly) is way in the future from Halo CE? It's not, that's why the only way the monitor could explain the Events in Halo 4 is if it has already happened. That furthermore improves my theory of time travel. Update: ADDED August 22nd, 10:30pm: Now everyone claims that when the monitor calls Chief "Reclaimer" that he means humans are the reclaimers to the forrunner's mantel. However, I believe that he calls chief a "Reclaimer" because chief lit of the first halo rings, and he's back to light or ""Reclaim"" them again. Think about it, have you ever heard the monitor call anyone else besides chief a "Reclaimer"? No because chief is the only one Actually ""Reclaiming anything"" Update: ADDED September 2nd, 7:30pm: This is just something I thought of but, In the legendary ending if Halo 3, Cortana says, " You did it. Truth, and the covenant, the flood, it's finished." Along with Chief ( kinda relieving ) saying, "It's finished." Now this sounds like they're saying that it's basically all over, the galaxy is at peace. Also keep in mind that there actually is really nothing threating left in the (present) galaxy. Now Cortana couldn't possibly need Chief ( in Halo 4) if the (present time) galaxy is at peace. Unless the galaxy they're in NOW is in the past and is NOT at peace. Again, keep in mind that Corana says that the Flood is finished. Now Halo 4 is obviously going to contain the flood. Because well first of all, it just has too. And second, the entire series is literally BECAUSE of the flood. Without the flood there would be no Halo ring, therefore no "Halo 1-3" or in this case... a ""Halo 4"" Just another idea I thought I'd put in there.... Update: ADDED September 3rd, 1:00pm: At the end of the concept art video for Halo 4, these weird pictures were quickly flashed. I have strong belief that these are precursors because precursors are known to look like anthropoids, and the pictures sorta looked like anthropoids as well. And since its in the concept art, that probably means its in the game. Now, we know that precursors are all long gone. ( Like it is a fact that they are all dead). So if they are in the game, how would that be possible unless the game is in the past?? Update: ADDED September 7th, 10:30pm: Also addressing the concept art video: in the video, there was clearly a pelican flying around. Now, I admit this is a major setback on my theory however, there are a few possibilities that could explain this: (Probably best answer) 1. At the end of Halo Wars, Serena says "somethings happened" now if the spirit of fire also went back in time due to a faulty slipspace rupture, this could explain the presence of marines and pelicans. (This ones stretching it a bit) 2. We all know that Precursors were extremely advanced in science and technology. So what if they (or possibly forerunners) mastered time travel and would go into the future and take marines and other unsc equipment in order to study them? ( again, I know I'm stretching it a little) The video, also seemed to show, what looks like new covenant craft. Now this could easily be forerunner or precursor, but who knows? This concept art video, really did a number on my theory, so anyone with any ideas to explain UNSC or possibly COVENANT presence in the video, PLEASE POST THEM!! Update: ADDED September 7th 11:00pm The concept art clearly shows UNSC and maybe even COVENANT on this unknown planet. Now this would surely ruin my theory, however, maybe the UNSC and the COVENANT are allies now (after the war) and are going to rescue chief. And what if something happens and chief just goes back in time later in the game or even Halo 5? CHECK BACK OFTEN FOR FREQUENT UPDATES ON MY THEORY!!! What do you think of my theory? What other theories do you have?
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