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Found 2 results

  1. I haven't posted it in a while, sorry. I was upset that not many shared their thoughts, but if you don't want to comment it's ok, just liking it will do. Enjoy, it gets actiony. Chapter 6 Minutes before. N.C.F. Building, Cole's office, 12:21 PM, April 3, 2100. The warmth of Dr. Cole's office was accompanied by many candles. The large room had wooden floors. It had a Asian, tropical appearance. The many red wooden shelves and tables made it look like a house. A knock was heard, “Come in.” The security door hissed open as the keypad bleeped. Teshinna walked in happily, her energetic nature always made him happy. “Hi dad.” she took a seat on a red chair. “Hey sweetie, how are you?” “Fine. Just thought I'd stop by.” she was really smiley today. “I see. Hm.” he went back to his holographic laptop, the numbers and shipment schedules raced across his glasses. Teshinna liked the big wide window behind him, it overlooked the city, it was pretty. The sun was not out-- but she didn't mind. He looked up, he noticed her ears were extra sharp, standing out, “Alright what do you want?” Teshinna was a little shaky, as if excited, “So dad. I wanted to talk about something.” “Something?” “I, ummm...The Cop Troopers are looking for recruits--” “No.” “Dad come on please?” “It's too dangerous, we talked about this, and I think you're too young, I don't want to loose you.” he saw her ears go down, “Why don't you work with me? Your computer skills would be great for us.” “But my hacking skills will be EXTREMELY good for the troopers, I can help people.” “Teshinna no, you're all I have, I want you safe.” Teshinna sounded pushier, “Carry is fine, I bet she'd let me join.” “I am not Carry's mother, and you're 16.” With her head facing down, she was only sadder. She didn't worry about Carry, she was a role model to her, fighting enemies like a god. She always had hope for her, she always looked up to her. She looked around the room, many tropical plants and flowers were around. Windows took three quarters of the room, large and very clean. Some tables had family pictures, mostly of her. She looked at the table he was on, seeing the picture of her in middle school. She had braces. “Is Raiku coming back?” she asked. “He should, he'll be here very soon. Perhaps Mr. Kanadatchi will come after a mission.” “He has a last name? That's sooo cool!” “Named after your grandma, her blueberry pie always made us go crazy.” he began to laugh, hearing her giggle. “You think Raiku can really save the world?” “...Yes. He has too. I believe in him. We all do. We don't have a choice, Teshinna. I believe in him...” The single red flower stuck freely in the sand, moved about by the wind. The rare Red Blade Daisy is normally found in Brazil, these are very popular in the USA-- The speeding cyborg foot trampled it as it avoided the fiery blast beneath him, seeped in the sand. Raiku and the enemy circled, firing their weapons. Raiku's green rounds passing by the animal. His strange, ring-shaped pistol shot streams of hot red energy, burning the sand as it missed. The two animals suddenly jumped, trading attacks before landing again. Raiku's barrage of kicks hit the neck, dodging hard punches. Raiku wondered why his comm channel was saying No signal...The construction sight must have had lots of old stuff messing with the signal. But he figured he may not have a chance to call for help now anyway, he had his hands full. The enemy landed punches finally, watching Raiku sidestep left. Jumping, he attempted to hit the face, missing as his fist sunk in the sand. Raiku sped forward, kneeing his ribs which seemed to made of rocks.. As the creature staggered up, Raiku powered up for another attack, his hand together as static formed. The wild sizzling blast ascended forward. The GAP station was filled with chatter, but was relativity quiet in some parts, especially the control room. Kert sat in his office, alone. Finishing his last call to one of his trooper's parents, announcing he died during the Gyer's Island attack. It was his job to inform the parents of their daughter's/son's condition, he was one of the only volunteers. By far the worst job in his opinion. The conversations were usually calm, usually crying. But hysterical emotions would come at times. Those haunted him day and night, every phone call was nerve wreaking... A knock was heard behind his tented glass door, a young trooper rushed in. “Sir, you gotta see this!” Kert rushed up to follow, around his large wooden table. The control room was filled with nervous chatter as troops stared at their holo maps. The trooper lead him to a console with people around, which had a map on. “We lost Echo 415's signal, along with the two troopers that followed Raiku.” the map showed flashing circles, one tab for the ship saying Echo 415: Destroyed, and the troops, Unit E94: KIA, Unit E92: KIA. “But Raiku's status is yellow, he's still alive. He's injured...” Raiku-001: Yellow, major injuries. Looking sharply at the images, rubbing his fist against his chin, Kert seemed very concerned, the troopers were not used to that; he was usually calm. “Let's get Carry and Glard back, tell them to stop their shift, I'll prep the troops.” he said. “Yes sir.” At Zen's Cafe, the light jazz music settled everyone down during the calm somewhat quiet Wednesday. Carry and Glard, dunking their donuts in their latte, sat by the window. The place was crowded. It had a very peaceful look, like Starbucks. It had a long bar table complete with bar stools. “The Coffee always seems right out of the pot, and the donuts feel warm even after out the box.” Carry said, smiling. Glard took a bite, “Oh Zen's, you never disappoint.” he took a sip, “Sure beats what goes on at the station.” Carry groaned lightly, “With all these longer patrols, and extra guarding times, I am not sure how much I can take...” “The Kasara picked a wrong time to bug us. Want a sick day? Has Kert gotten on your nerves yet?” “...Naw, I'll be ok...” He saw the pastry display behind glass, by the ordering counter, “Hm, the last of the cherry pastry went out. Wendy would have loved that...” Carry at times forgot how tall Glard was. 6'2, very thin, and very toned muscles. He had a long smooth face, short fro curled like pasta. His light brown eyes seemed to glow by the window. The armor he wore was the Russian exclusive E4-22 tactical assault armor. The narrow chest plate had a close combat look, the thick rounded shoulder plates were very dull. “I don't mind Kert, he's just, worried.” Carry said. “Kert's never worried, haha!” “You know what I mean.” she began to smile at her childhood friend, the friendship had grown stronger over the years. “Raiku seems happy, what do you think of him?” “...He is amazing...I don't know, but something about him--” from the window, a flash of blue was about 6 miles away, fading in seconds as the crowed outside stopped to see. “What...?” her talky talky began to vibrate. “Carry, patrol's over, meet us by the gas station near you to regroup, something's come up.” Kert ordered. Carry and Glard rushed up, out the cafe, already having on their suits. The once quiet construction site, was now a burnt war zone. As Raiku jumped to avoid the large fireball, the nearest earth mover was smashed to oblivion, bent as it burned and crackled. Raiku fired back, the rifle's rounds tore the enemy skin, slowing it down as it hid behind a large metal bar. Raiku ignited it with a quick blast, watching the sparks fly up. Running to him, the enemy fired his pistol, the stinging pain did not distract Raiku as shots of red ascended to his skin. Blocking quickly to avoid claws, he jumped forward, landing a quick kick across the face. Backing away, the creature lunged for another strike, spreading his hands. As the series of attacks were blocked, it was trying to hit his face. Raiku finally sidestepped right, striking the neck with his elbow. As he circled him, he quickly struck the thick legs, then the gut. The animal attacked back, rushing his fist to his face, denting and cracking the helmet. After sharing attacks with the creature, Raiku quickly jumped back, landing on his knees. Jumping to him, the quick foot grabbed the beaked shout, kicking back as the animal was thrown behind. Landing hard, the snorting, now ****** animal lunged forward. Lowering down, the flashing ripples of static surged around Raiku. The creature was feet from him-- the sudden quick forming static sphere burst out the cyborg, spreading his arms. Watching the animal thrown away by the sudden EMP. The massive sphere spread wildly as the sand flew, the nearby buildings creaking. The tumbling vehicles scurried about, fast and crackling under the bright light. The sphere faded slowly, the cyborg rested his arms. Getting up quickly, the creature took-- the pistol flashed with red static, the EMP destroyed it.. Angry, he tossed it aside, charging his hands with flames. The barrage of fireballs zoomed forward. Raiku zig-zagged as the splashing hot sand rose from impact. He scored hits with his assault rifle, snapping in his last clip... The flaming creature ran forward, like a running fireball, leaving a dark trail behind. The last rounds fired, passing through the fire, splattering against the skin. Raiku quickly gazed at the ammo counter constantly, 70%, 50%, 40%, 30%. The shots did very little it seemed, the creature grew-- The thick leg suddenly rose up, snapping the weapon in two, the green static and pieces falling wildly. The second kick came quickly to the side, just as Raiku ducked. Quickly reaching to his holster on his thigh, the M6-A Magnum was free, as he emptied his thick 3 ½ inch rounds in its gut. Staggering back, the animal hissed loudly, the semi-automatic pistol was so powerful. The 15 rounds were wasted, and Raiku snapped in another clip, tossing the old down. The powerful beast shrieked forward, the flaming crackling hands inches from Raiku's face as he swung fist. Dodging was the only thing Raiku could do for a moment. His elbow hit the visor, leaving huge cracks. The two fighters fought, Raiku's broken visor facing his. The creature gained sudden energy, stepping forward as he punched. He seemed to have infinite energy. Spinning to gain power, Raiku's speeding fist battered the face, the quick uppercuts coming suddenly. With a sudden rising armored elbow, Raiku smashed the visor. The many glass fragments falling, tumbling about. The side of its head lit with static. The motionless creature tumbled head first, before being lifted by the cyborg by the crest, smashed down to the warmed sand. The fist came in hammering blows, battering his face and body. Raiku lifted up the helpless body, shortly smashing him down again. The angered cyborg rose up, the clawed hand came forward. The helpless body was now floating, the magnetized ornaments in Raiku's hands were very powerful magnets, the strongest in the world. Able to lift most metallic objects with ease. The body was thrown to the side, hitting the sand, raising to smash to the unfinished building. The body came to the other side, landing hard and fast. The limp body rose again, landing by Raiku. The cyborg stepped closer, his hands sizzling, clamping together, raised. In the motion of striking down, the once thought limp beast darted up quickly, dashing from the sparking energy. The energy Smashing down as Raiku missed... The cyborg rushed forward, his body crackling. As the creature stood its ground, his fist filled with flames, the cyborg past him. He circled him, confusing the animal. Raiku circled faster each second, the spinning dark cloud surrounded him, growing faster, taller.. The area around him faded slightly, the animal was surrounded in a dark storm. Crackling, Raiku's finger burst with static, wrapping around. The large static twister grew bigger, bolts struck the animal hard, his fire had gone out. The strikes came more constantly, burning his armor as he screamed. The blinding wind pushed him, straight to his knees, feeling dizzy and sick. The cyborg dashed forward, the sizzling finger struck across the helmet, ramming across the sand, out the fading twister. The sand covered animal switched, sparking with static. The fireballs came to the left, fast and sizzling. The warm splashes of heat hitting Raiku's shins burned, peeling of the fabric-like suit wrapped around the legs. The pistol rounds only dented the creatures armor-- it was so tough, like his.. The animal, jumping up suddenly, rose its hand high, the fire sphere grew rapidly. The giant fireball was hurled forward quickly, followed with a battle cry. The speeding sun ascended to Raiku, jumping aside as the impact pushed him forward. Landing hard in a second. Covered in sand, looking up, Raiku saw the animal high in the air, striking down. The thick heel speeding down to him as Raiku rushed up, rolling to safety as he landed hard, touched by raising sand. The creature turned quickly, facing him, Sprinting. His series of kicks failed mostly, but kept Raiku on his feet as he blocked. At this rate, the animal may break all of his armor. So, Raiku had to get away, he had to escape. From the creature's thick gauntlets, the two, long blades rushed out. Rushing to the dodging cyborg, the blades managed to scratch the belly and face. Raiku forced himself to retreat, avoiding the quick slashes. Ahead was a platform, held by large pillars which he ran to. The blades hurled forward, missing his face as the beast screamed. The attacks were focused on the body, missing. The speeding cyborg darted along the pillars, the blades hit the wall repeatedly by him as he dodged, the creature was very vicious. The brutal strength forced Raiku out to the open, firing his pistol. The blades rushed again, faster then before, keeping him on his feet-- with the swipe of his electric hand, the blades shattered, pieces falling down like glass. The creature stared at his shattered blades, shocked of the amount of power that broke the strong craftsmanship. Raiku's sudden punch caught the animal by surprise, who continued to try and hit the face. Raiku's sidesteps only angered him. As one fast hit soared past the cyborg, as he ducked, the bright electric ball sizzled. The growing light getting bigger as it grew, completely blinding the animal as he yelled. Raiku ran far, whose eyes were closed at first. Far from the animal. Shaking to regain sight, the animal was confused, his sight came back slowly. Looking around, he lost the cyborg, angry... Raiku sped by a large fallen concrete platform, crouching aside it, resting. Breathing heavily. Thinking.... “Dammit, who is he?” he said to himself angry, “He knows my moves, he outmatches me by strength it seems...There's know way he's a cyborg, I saw his bones....And from the looks of it, a oviraptor...But where did he come from? No one else in the world can make dinosaurs. Now...How to kill him, or at least question him...” the stinging pain of his cuts got to him, clenching as he held his arm, “Ugh, I need to fix these, but I'll be fine. The creature has about the same tech as me, and I smashed his visor. He started to be more erratic, as if he could not track me down..He can't find me as easily...His gut is an ideal weak spot, my rounds injured him. My powers are good too. I should conserve it, for the final blow.” he began to grab his chin. Then checked his ammo clip, slipping it back in, he had 9 clips, his current had 4 shots. The pistol had a sleek, metallic, military look. Looking out to see the clearing, the animal wondered around in the distance, blasting everything in his path, searching. The yelling creature was very barbaric, but smart he had to admit... “I need to kill him now. I need to play it safe. That armor is unknown, but seems to be my system.” he started up, tall and brave, “It's time.” The cyborg noticed the static percentage on his visor: 40%, then noticed a tractor, rusty and large. His power source, his suit could absorb power from other technology, a very efficient way to save power. Rushing to it, he pressed his hand against it. The warm surge streamed through with ease, lightly sizzling enough for the animal to not hear it. The calculations ran fast, 60%, 70%, 85%, 99%, 100%. Raiku quickly rushed forward hiding behind the platform as he looked out. Ahead the animal was closer, blasting away the earth mover as it tumbled. He noticed metallic, shiny balls on the ground near him. He was curious to know why they were here, joints for machines he thought.. In a split second, he had an idea...Grabbing the first few, he then turned to the animal. “Time to make my move.” the first ball was lit with static, hurled forward quickly. Looking up, the creature noticed the ball. Only to be blown away with fire. The second ball zoomed behind him, blasting that too-- the balls came wildly, passing by him. The confused animal only grew madder, charging with flames to fire. The fireballs came in fast arcs, as the endless balls zoomed by-- the elbow ascended to his cheek, Raiku managed to get a hit. His many other punches forced him to stagger back, this time the cyborg was more relentless.. With a jumping kick, Raiku chipped off a piece of the crest, knocking the animal down. The blow sent it across the sand, the tumbling body struck the pile of large metallic bars. Things were quiet...Not that Raiku could scan the area anyway. The shaking pile suddenly erupted with flames, the angered creature was also pushed too far. The bars came suddenly, flying to Raiku as the animal hurled them. The running cyborg was now panicking... Caught by surprise, Raiku witness it running to him again, yelling. Just as the first flaming fist came, he sidestepped. The confused animal attempted to hit again, only to see Raiku dodge again in a playful matter. The cyborg ran away, leaving a dust trail as the animal followed, tossing fireballs repeatedly. The animals stopped constantly, the creature trying to hit him each time only missed, it was like a game to Raiku. The two speeding animals darted to buildings, the great tumbling debris falling roughly, loudly.. Jumping high, the cyborg dug deep in his pockets, the speeding shurikens were tossed like a shower of death. Sidestepping, the enemy watched as the throwing stars peppered by him. The lucky three struck the arm platting. The raging beast thundered forward, Raiku already started shooting, his four shots spilling blood. The second barrage of shurikens rushed forward, bouncing off the speeding beast. The animal was now close, swinging his fist wildly. The long thick fingers worked quickly, wrapping around the cyborg's neck...Breathing grew tighter for Raiku, the choking creature had a very smile-like look, he had him in his grip. Raiku was loosing air, he had to act. It was time to go primitive. With a desperate burst of energy, the hissing cyborg's jaws rushed open, slamming down on the thick arms as blood gushed. The screaming enemy let loose, and Raiku bit down hard on his neck, viciously and repeatedly. Biting back, the creature's beak tore viciously through Raiku's skin. The two backed quickly, huffing...Nothing could stop their focus on each other...With a running start, the beast's fiery trail ascended closer, sand and fallen bark crackling-- With a quick jump kick, the cyborg nailed the orange, bird-like eye, his big toe claw scratching the eyelid. The screaming beast was knocked down, his hands covering his face, a very strange human gesture...Raiku decided to flee. Ahead a large building was in sight, it looked like a factory, or a large green house, it had two large chimneys. The air traffic of the flying cars was not too bad, as the two GAP ships hovered by, the construction site was only 6 minutes away. “En rote to KIA sight, ETA 6 minutes.” Patrica said in the comm, leading the second ship with Carry and Glard. “Tell me what happened again?” Carry replied, her voice sounding babyish and womanly. “Two of the search team was KIA, along with the ship, leaving Raiku alive. We believe he may be in trouble.” “...Haven't we had enough to deal with?!” Glard jokingly said. “One way to find out..” Carry replied, then looked out the window. The vast city in the sky made many day dream. The many hovering stoplights and holo signs made it seem like a light show, like strobe lights. With this much traffic, the trip could be 8 minutes... The large hole of the building let much of the skylight in. Raiku rushed in, passing the hanging wires. Inside, was an abandoned assembly place, lots of conveyer were seen. The large room had many pipes, which had steam he guessed, or gas. A single roll of long windows above him overlooked the room, which showed rust, the many shelves looked stable however. Raiku rushed to the nearest place to hide, behind a large metal box. “The shurikens seemed to work, I just need to take him down. If I can just hide and attack, I may win...” the cuts on his arms got to him again, worse then before...The signal was still weak, even from a new location, ”I need to hurry.” his magnet power read 90%, he wanted to save it for the final blow. From the distance, the thick concrete walls gave way instantly to the fire blast rushing in. The loose wires sizzled and popped, the thick dust spread about..The creature's dark figure emerged calmly to the open. The Animal was silent, as sparks bounced off his light, blue grey skin. It was time For Raiku to make his move.... Quietly crouching as he walked, Raiku watched out for things to avoid on the floor, not wanting to make noise. Constantly looking at the enemy. At only 30 feet away, Raiku decided to show his presence, grabbing his pistol, reloading. The creature more impatient, angry that his scanners were destroyed, parts of the glass still there raced with static. The sudden pistol shot zoomed to his neck plate, denting deep. The first fireball zoomed to the bullet's direction. The other zoomed by behind, angering the animal as fire was hurled that direction. Many bullets were now either passing or hitting him, Raiku was circling the beast, confusing him as he raced across the factory. The angered creature's body lit with a fast fiery wave, spreading wildly. The nearest boxes and pipes were swept away burning. Raiku jumped to safety, behind a large pipe. The cyborg rushed to him, firing his pistol more ferociously. The creature did not back down, instead it tossed more fire passing by him. The cyborg's quick strikes made the creature loose some balance, his rough side kick nearly making him fall. The creature's fiery fist and kicks burnt lightly, they were so close.. With quick shots with his pistol, the animal seemed to slow down. Only to gain more energy somehow, he managed to kick him a few times. “DIE!!!” the creature yelled, thrusting his fist forward. As Raiku sidestepped, the thick tail swished by, across his face, knocking him down. The creature stomped forward, the flaming fist glowing brighter, heading to Raiku. Rolling away, the smashing fist dug deep in the metal like butter, melting.. As he got up, the animal charged forward, even madder then before. He was now a running static mass, fire spreading around him wildly. The passing beast was inches from Raiku, the hot energy around him screwed around with his systems, static filled the broken scene. The cyborg witnessed the animal turn, as the fire grew brighter. As his pistol rounds were useless, a physical attack sounded good. Sprinting straight to hell, the great cyborg jumped. The clawed foot smacking against the creature's face. After landing, the cyborg rushed forward, the armored elbow swung forward, smashing against the shoulder blade. The speechless animal, could not move.. As the world seemed to go slow, the hot energy faded fast, the great animal fell forward, his arm resting on the shattered shoulder blade. Raiku aborted, heading upstairs, with many pipes around like a maze. Upstairs felt warmer, steam eased it's way out of leaks in pipes, the dim lights made things seem calm.. There were many straight paths, each side having pipes and wall, the floor was metallic. The cyborg hid by the largest raising pipe, reloading. Below the beast was slowing getting up, shaking. His loud shriek of pain echoing, the creature rushed to the metal stairs. Hurling fireballs to pipes. The creature was at his breaking point, Raiku could sense it, this was his chance to stop him. The attacks stopped and the animal wondered, searching...Raiku moved from pipe to pipe, avoiding being seen, trying to get a closer shot. The animal had a limp as he walked, his right arm was loose, hanging. The other rose higher, but both were lit with some fire. The creature turned, searching a closet space. Burning the interior. Raiku looked from his hiding spot. At only 20 feet away, from a straight clearing, Raiku was certain he could ambush him again-- the head turned to his direction, the beast spread a wave of wild fire forward. The cyborg rushed his head away, the metal by him melting slowly...The cyborg rushed out, firing his pistol as he avoided the lashes of fire, bending the pipes by him. The thick rounds battered the armor more, the sparks bounced on the floor. The fire grew faster, and the cyborg already jumped. Landing with a hard punch to the crest. Raiku dominated the battle again, his punches forced the animal back. He could win, just about a few more punches-- the raging beast stumped forward, the fire raising from his body. His fist barley missed their target, who back up some. Raiku's fingers clamped together, forming the sizzling electric sphere. Stepping forward he jumped, the hot ball of energy missing the creature's face, he had sidestepped. The creature slammed forward, knocking him down. The animal's fist darted to him, Raiku's quickly moving the other way as it slammed in the floor next to him. Rolling up. Raiku ran to him again, swinging his fist and legs. This time the animal was blocking, he did not seem to be trying to attack-- The creature's fingers locked around his arm, the barrage of hard kicks began, battering his side. The creature's fist smashed the helmet, slamming to his face. The leg rose again, striking straight to his leg. The robotic bones shattered, Raiku began to scream. The pain stung as parts stabbed to the surface, the blood dripping. With one swinging kick, he was knocked to he floor... The beast walked forward, seeing Raiku start to crawl, breathing heavily, leaving a ragged trail. The warm claws wrapped around his neck, raising up. The orange eyes staring gleamed under the light above, emotionless.. He felt his body move suddenly, slamming down through the floor, falling to the bottom. The cold floor made his cuts and bruises sting.. The animal landed by him, kicking him further away. Raiku tumbled, stopping abruptly. The blood felt warm in his mouth. A few of his teeth were gone. The armored animal, limping, breathing heavily, calmly walked forward. The animal was confident about winning. Raiku was loosing....The groaning cyborg, was short of energy.. The animal was now standing over him, his thick shadow looming over him. “You are mine....” The thick arms rose up slowly, sparkling with static and fire, the hands enveloped by the great energy. They were clamped together, the bright sphere grew hotter, bigger.. The hands ascended forward-- the stream of hot green energy roasted his broken arm. “Fire!” Carry yelled, the beast found himself battered by a blizzard of bullets and energy. The Cop Troopers above railing and stairs circled the animal, who was now backing up, weak to these new wounds. The human fighters ascended closer, jumping the crates and pipes to get to Raiku. Crouching by him, Carry rested her hand on his head, her glove felt warm on his scales. “He's loosing blood, Help me secure him!” she said to the medic trooper beside her. Her visor read: Cyborg unit 001, status: red, critical external and internal damage. In seconds the raptor's arms were under them as they lifted, walking behind a large metal crate. The troopers afar pursued the creature, the injured animal quickly dodged obstacles, dodging the human's fire. The animal jumped suddenly, crawling between pipes above as the troopers fired. The rushing steam surrounded the area, not effecting their sight as Vadilda covered them from afar. Rushing forward, the animal slammed his hands to the visor, elbowing the neck. The second attack came in hot waves as the fire spread, the troopers rolling and flipping to dodge. The animal's hard rapid punches sent one trooper flying, it was nice to fight easier enemies. The fire grew heavier, inflecting more burnt bleeding wounds. The human's quick kicks were surprisingly strong, able to keep him on his knees thanks to their enhancements. “Raiku...RAIKU, talk to me.” Carry said. The cyborg's eyes started to weakly widen, “...Carry...?” “You're going to be ok.” Carry noticed as the medic wet her clothe with alcohol, wiping the wounds gently. She held many pockets on her chest The fiery beast's bright fist battered the troopers head straight down, the twitching body crackled with flames. The trooper leading the battle, Kert stepped forward, swinging the first kick. The big man was quick, dodging the flaming fist that past his visor. His hard punch dented the helmet some more, angering the animal. Glard rushed forward, swinging fist with Kert. Two more cops stepped in as the others fired, avoiding the fire. These humans had pushed the animal too far, he had to finish Raiku. Blocking Kert's attacks-- grabbing his leg, the man found himself tossed back, landing on crates. The two other troopers Blocked the kicks, nearly loosing balance as the animal grew closer. Knocking them down with fire blast, burning the floor around them. The animal ran to the cyborg. The bandaged and wrapped wounds would be infected if they were not treated to a hospital. The medic removed the black fabric-like material that wrapped around his shoulder, holding the armor there. “Watch out!!” As Carry lunged forward to the trooper to push him, falling with him as the the fiery mass of death zoomed by. The troopers rushed up fire back, the medic's shells from his rifle bounced off Raiku's armor. The creature running to them eagerly ascended closer, hurling fireballs. Tarriyama aimed at the thick legs with her A2 assault rifle, the animal dodged her fire quite quickly. Now creature was near the crate, the medical trooper was thrown aside, landing on smaller crates. The creature sped to Raiku, laying on the floor, turning to face him. His attack was impeded by Carry, her side kick knocking away his fiery kick. The human dashed forward, swinging her blocked fist, the animal had fast reflexes. Its leg swung to her side, the light human ducked quickly, smashing her heel to his eye. The rapid punches of the animal were blocked surprisingly, Carry was quick. Smashing her fast punches to his gut, Carry leaped suddenly, flipping over. She landed under the tail, kicking the space by the pubic bone that looked like the hindquarters. The animal shrieked, swiping his flaming hand behind behind. The human was very skilled, the best martial artist of the GAP. Carry landed 6 straight punches, straight to the face. The quick battering fist of the animal nearly knocked her down, recovering quickly before striking again, snapping off a part of the animal's helmet. Carry found herself dodging fist, fire arcs that spewed past her visor, the heat meter reached critical. The hard punch came to her abs, the high kick slamming to her head as she fell. The other leg rose to strike, the heel came down fast. Carry hurried up, inches from the impact that shattered metal. Her bicycle kick knocked down the creature. She grabbed her weapon latched behind her back, firing quickly. The animal was slowing down, it ran straight in the line of fire-- the flaming fist was inches from her, turning back for another strike, missing. The two traded attacks, the animal had the upper hand, keeping the young fighter on her feet. The troopers from before rushed in, surrounding the animal, keeping their distance. The final kick swiped across the visor, Carry was falling. Fire surround the animal, absorbing shots as it rushed forward to strike, Carry quickly tried to move. The hard elbow to the throat sent the animal flying, Raiku had come. “Sir?!” Carry said. The cyborg focused on the animal, turning to Carry. The creature near them rose steadily, snarling. Thundering to Raiku, the beast gave heavy blows, receiving ones as well. Carry flipped forward, kicking the thighs, avoiding the swinging tail and fist. “Closer, MOVE MOVE!!!!” Kert ordered, reloading his G36C. The animal was slower fighting two enemies, the human threw most of the attacks. Raiku's fingers glowed with static, slashing them against the enemy, who was bleeding, hissing. The beast jumped, leaving a fire cloud behind as Raiku and Carry backed away. The hail of shots only ****** of the animal as the troopers shot. Landing on the rail of a bridge, next to cops, the running beast dashed closer. Smashing his fist to the first visor. Rapidly punching the next trooper next to him. Trading attacks with the nearest humans. “Engage Now, watch the legs!!!!” someone said. The animal wasted the troopers, the sound of torn flesh gave him cold satisfaction. A cop found his visor wrapped in fingers, feeling himself knocked straight down head first, receiving a burning whiplash. The cops fired desperately, backing to avoid his waves of fire lashing to them. The metal floor was a bloody mess. The humans watched one another torn apart. Feeling warm claws in his gut, the unlucky trooper gagged as they rushed out, watching his dangling intestines. Falling as his teammate jumped over to attack. With the creature backing up, the heavy lashes of fire pounded the human's abdominal armor. Blocking the human attacks, he thundered forward, smashing against a chest plate, watching the human fly across the bridge. Jumping to the next group, the creature's breathing grew heavier, the rounds were taking more effect... “Grenades now!!!” Kert said, lobbing them with his team. Falling by the animal as he landed, the fiery red clouds enveloped around it. Rounds flew free, but the animal rushed forward. This time the humans were more cautious-- the group rushed their kicks to the exposed flesh, slowing it down as it staggered to attack. After a few humans were dealt with, the animal found himself battered with kicks; This battle had to end. With Kert landing heavy throws with his fist, the swirling hot wave of fire ascended out the animal, spreading out brightly as the humans tumbled away. To each side Raiku and Carry jumped the bridge rail, rushing the animal. Trading attacks made him weaker, his cut arms spreading blood as they swung. It took a fist to the face by the cyborg, a lower kick to the back of the leg by Carry, who avoided his flaming fist. The now screaming beast rushed the raptor, landing bone-breaking punches to the face. “Duck!” Carry shouted as she jumped forward, her heavy kick swung to the thick neck. The animal was focused on her now, watching her dodge his throws then attack. Raiku also kept him on his feet. Twirling to its side, Carry pulled out her melee weapon. The shiny, long kunai whipped out from the shin holster, slashing the arm plates. The blocking animal was furious, throwing more punches as the woman lashed her blade, blocking with it. With only a single punch, Carry was pushed to troopers running to her, only to be knocked down. The slashing claws focused on Raiku, chipping due to the hard titaniumX armor. The leg rose up, slapping Raiku's visor glass. The long arms spread, the animal rushed forward, ramming to Raiku. The thick wall near the bridge gave way as the two smashed through, the dusty concrete raining like snow. The new area was wide open, nearly rounded. Struggling to get up, the two stared at one another. They rushed forward, clashing their claws together. The humans jumped through the hole they left, some climbed. A few cheered as they scored a shot to the leg, slowing down the animal. This creature kept fighting, even with his severe injuries. “Toss, now!!” someone said, and 3 grenades flew to the animal. As the other two landed under him, the last one struck between neck plates. The struggling creature quickly tried to yank it off, seeing Raiku jump away. The red fiery cloud of heat enveloped him, tossing him to the floor, slamming on his belly. Raiku stood over, yanking him up by the neck. The body was tossed forward, slamming to the large fluid tank with pipes. The beast recovered quickly, running to him for a hard punch. The fist dug in wires as Raiku dodged, the second punch zoomed to him, dodging as it crushed the power outlet. Static rose wildly around them, highlighting the animals' glares. As the troopers continued to fire Carry moved in, her kunai rose high. The first slashes scratched the tail and helmet. The creature lobbed over to her, his arm ached more as he swung to hit the sidestepping human that kept attacking. His rapid punches aimed for her gut, raising his fist to the chin, the human twirled to the floor. Angry, Raiku leaped for the neck, wrapping himself around as the two bodies slammed down. A trooper got a lucky shot on the eyelid, blinding the animal temporarily. Getting up, the animal leaped forward to tackle Raiku, his claws slashing the helmet like a crazed cat. The cyborg curled his leg back, propelling up straight to the gut, raising up the creature as it screamed. The leg kicked forward, the claw snagged some meat as the animal flew across the room. To his left...The tall, tube-shaped machine caught his attention. The base of the thing, which had control panels, was surrounded by a large ring platform to walk on. He knew this machine, the HPCL (High Powered Construction Laser) was used for cutting tough material, many earth movers had them-- his mind raced, his heart stopped. This was it. This was how to kill him. Helping Carry Kert hurried to inflect damage on the animal, slowly raising up as it took fire. This time one shoulder plate was gone, including many other parts, the bullets and energy made the injured creature huff and stagger. Raiku turned to Carry, getting up, “Carry, I need your help!” he saw her nod, running to him. Kert lead the others to the animal, wasting their rounds like there was no tomorrow as they yelled. The creature was slower, jogging. The high kick came weakly to a trooper, which pushed him back. A swiping kick from a human slapped his face. The humans hit him like some pinata, the animal barely fought back. Grabbing a human the animal showered her with punches, side kicking her ribs as she gagged blood, splattering the visor. As the human tumbled away, the fresh A2 landed by Raiku, who eagerly set it on his side, watching the creature trade attacks afar. The animal felt the hard boot of Glard's ram straight to his gut, the second attack slid across his visor. Knocking down a cop, the creature now ascended to Raiku, gaining more energy somehow again. The Thick body slammed to his arms as he blocked, Raiku leaped back to the HPCL, by the platform. The creature rushed forward growling, using more fire for his fist..Raiku dodged the first few punches quickly, jumping to kick. Carry arrived as if out of nowhere, rapidly kicking the legs to make the animal fall. The fist swung back, missing Carry, her upper punch to the jaw sent the creature back. Her payback as she smiled. Raiku jumped, landing on the platform, the creature followed, hissing after it landed.. His slashing blows sent him back, attacking back with electric fist, attacking the dented ab armor. Carry jumped in the middle, bicycle kicking the animal's jaws, breaking a part of them. Backing up, the human's quick strikes forced it back away, stabbing his finger. The long blade jerked to the side, snapping it. The human jumped forward for a kick-- grabbing her leg, the beefy arms swung to the side, throwing her off the platform as she yelped. The cyborg then jumped back, giving the animal a chance to batter him with flaming claws. Forcing the cyborg to back away, dodging them as they damaged railing around them, sending sparks high. Tired after going around, the animal sloppily kicked, which Raiku moved from. The cyborg puled out his pistol and rifle, firing both at the center, battering the chest with powerful rounds, exposing the flesh as the armor cracked open. As If out of rage the animal ignored the shots, rampaging forward. As he punched the cyborg, the pistol kept firing, watching his enemy attack and shoot at the same time. Finally grabbing his arm, the creature struggled greatly under the awesome strength of the cyborg, the pistol fired up as the two struggled. The creature let go, kicking Raiku before kicking the pistol, which landed by the cops shooting. The leg darted to Raiku's side hard, knocking him off the platform. After coughing blood, he realized his ribs were broken. The animal's fist zoomed to him, missing as Raiku rolled, firing his rifle on the ground. The animal ran to him anyway, jerking as it took shots. The sudden surprise kick rammed to the gut, the heeled boot of the trooper slammed to his face. More troopers rushed to the animal, surrounding him. One threw himself on the spiky back, and one on his tail who punched it the weight did not effect the animal. Shaking them off as bullets breached his skin. Its attacks were slower, missing every punch and kick. The humans struck the chest wound, hearing the animal yell, blood splattering on their boots and deck. The final attacks sent it forward, straight to Raiku, firing at the chest wound. Raiku dashed forward, his bicycle kick dizzying the animal. Circling him as he struck, his kicks dented his armor, sparks flashed. The cyborg jumped, his leg slammed straight to the back of the neck, the plates shattered. The creature was pushed fast, to the open hatch of the HPCL. The creature zoomed in, tumbling with metal junk. With the flip of fingers, Raiku's tiny bolt struck the control panel, frying them as they sparked. The red lights around the large machine came, the loud whine of the engine could be heard for miles. The rumbling engine shuck the building, the troopers watched for falling debris. The creature inside was unconscious. Surrounded by parts of machines. The space heated up quickly, the metal around shaking. The large tube leaned forward, aimed out the open round space that showed outside. The barrel-shaped engines below heated red, smoking.. As the wine was louder, they grew brighter, their energy bursting out wildly. The creature inside was visited by red light below, getting brighter by the second. The pipes around the tube glowed red. The loud echo of the laser emerging startled everyone, the debris and the creature raising to the top. The red beam bursting wildly out, out the factory, out to the sky. The burning debris within faded, burning to nothing. The laser grew thinner. The loud whine getting quieter. The fading beam had finally gone, along with the smoking engine's smoke. Standing. Aching. Raiku looked up to the sky, the grey storm clouds that raced across the broken visor. The creature looked around, his Cop Troopers were all here, securing the wounded. Carry walked to him, looking concerned. He suddenly lowered in pain, his leg grew worse as he stood, moaning. The rifle dropped. “Raiku..?” she said. The world around him grew blurry, sounds started echoing, growing quiet. The warm blood raced to the sides of his mouth, his body sore and aching. Flopping to the floor, breathing heavily, he was nearly unconscious. “I NEED A MEDIC!!!!!” Carry said, running to him. The troopers around him nervously wiped the wounds, one held his hand checking a pulse. Things seemed to grow slower. Voices became muttering. The cyborg eyes were closing slowly, his breathing heavy. He could see the trooper that got her ribs broken laid on her side afar, attended by cops. The blurry world around him grew darker. Colder. The cop's body fading. Everything was slower. Darkening. Quieter. Then darkness.
  2. Hello everyone and welcome back to Doctor Pbrabbit's Analysis Blog. Todays topic: Assassinations, and what you can do to get them! So in recent studies I have found that Assassinations today are on the brink of being easier and easier to get. Might I say almost easier to get than any STD. This is a very serious matter, so i talked to some people in this case study I like to call, "Give people $20 to lie and make my statements sound better". I asked one gentleman, "How is Halo 4 so far?" He immediately replied with, "Halo 4 is Assassinations!" and ran away. I feel that he might have had some brain damage due to the woodpecker on his head, but I did not care. I'm not that kind of Doctor, or at-least I think I am not, I might have to check the P.H.D again. Then I moved onto a really hot chick, who was a gamer, and asked her, her thoughts on Assassinations in Halo 4. She had to say this, "Personally Halo 4 is so dumb, I play Call of duty Black ops 2 and MW3 so those are way better than that stupid game." After that Interview at 5 O'clock on the evening news there was a hot chick missing for some reason. I could not comprehend what was going on. It was not like I released the info and the names of everyone who did this. And finally I had one last patient come in. He was 6 years of age and was cute as a button. I asked where his mother was and he said "shut up, lets get this over with." Right away I knew this kid was one of those COD trolls, but then again I was a doctor, and I was taught to not judge a book by its cover, so I began the interview. I asked the boy his thoughts on Halo and with Assassinations, and he replied with "Well first of all Halo 4 is the first step into 343 industries trying to make it big with this already big franchise....(he went on for a WHILE!). Secondly Assassinations in the game have turned out to be way to easy to get. So I personally think there should be some nerf to that. I do not know how, I just think they should." I was shocked, amazed, and you could even say flabbergasted! I was such in awe that as a doctor I PASSED OUT! Well when I woke up the boy was gone, there was a pen mustache on my face and he took $50 out of my wallet. Though he was nice to leave a thank you note. All in all a good interview. Ahem! ( clear the throat ), back to the analysis part of the blog. It seems to me that my case study of 3 random, country folk have proved to me and to you, the scientific community of HALO, that Assassinations are as easy to get as STDs and can be prevented by looking at your Radar. Thank you very much. Until my next Discovery I bid you a goodbye. This document is from the Un-federal archives of Doctor, Professor and Pimp, Pbrabbit. Any use of the Un-legal, fake and satirical documents will not have you be sued in any way. Hey guys, Pbrabbit here. So I was bored and this is a random, improvised story/blog I created. If you like it, let me know and I can create more of these for your enjoyment. If not, well then. Please do not be a hater and comment below with hateful remarks. Kindly message me to let me know of your thoughts. Thank you!
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