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  1. On the Bungie forums people went nuts about how many nade kills in the vid...nuts in the hater/troll sense ahahahaha. It's all in good fun!
  2. Here's some Iron Banner footage from the first day of the last Banner. Includes: ~ Insane nade sticks ~ Triple kills galore ~ Reign Of Terror ~ 8 kills in 30 seconds!! Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOOll3LtfkM
  3. Hello! Here is some off-beat gaming news from recent headlines! Included are stories about a gamer who played 6 days straight, BREXIT impacts the gaming economy, and SCORPIO details never seen before! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deKJ9BSgIjU
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IDyHJYePx8 Last week, Destiny had another Iron Banner Tournament and this time is was pure Clash. xMacktasticx takes his game to a higher level in this video! Watch now as he shows his stuff to the tune of a few of his favorite jams. Let me know what you think!
  5. Humorous approach to Gaming news!
  6. Anyone who would like to get involved is still more than welcome! Please send a private message and we'll discuss what we need!
  7. Hello! Not more than a few months ago I (and a few friends) started making a web series that follows a machinima style but with a twist. Typically, most machinmas stay in one game and tell their unique story, ours differs in-that our characters actually go into a multitude of games (well, to the viewer they are other games, to the characters, it's just another dimension...no big deal lol). What we are looking for is volunteers to help shoot some scenes as extras, "camera-men", stand-ins, and some other things. We're looking for people who meet the following: 1. Are reliable, courteous, and can follow-instruction. 2. Have at the very least an XBOX ONE. 3. Are willing to take an actors/filmakers approach to our project. 4. Have voice chat headset. 5. Have the following games: GTAV, Destiny, HALO (5 or MCC) If you are interested, please feel free to comment or PM me. http://www.youtube.com/c/CarnageXxXxGaming
  8. Here is an upload of the Halo Wars In-game tutorial that wasn't working for awhile. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVvUIHXat4o
  9. Hello! This week, HALO WARS 2 Beta is available for free on XBOX One. Due to the fact that there was a bug that prevented some people from viewing the tutorial and some other parts of the BETA I decided to upload a video containing the tutorial. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVvUIHXat4o
  10. I hope people understand that this game is coming out February 2017. Unlike most other BETA tests that XBOX allows for free, this is a VERY early test. Games like Battleborn and OVERWATCH released their BETA tests not long before they game was officially released. It is most likely he case that 343 actually knows what they need to do to make this (and the rest of their catalog) the right way. TEST TEST TEST That is what they are doing. Sure, they have had some big issues in the past and they (343) are really working diligently to get things right for the future. I don't know many other major games that have released their BETA this far in advance which leads me to believe that there will be another more comprehensive BETA test a month or so before the game comes out. It could be surmised that if they release another test during the Christmas/holiday break, they will get the data they need due to the fact that Xbox Live has it's highest amount of people online...the Christmas Xbox One noobs.
  11. The story is just beginning so go easy on us! Oh...there are some cartoon boobs which are always nice.
  12. Thank you for the welcome everyone! For years, I've been encouraged to do some writing from friends and family but never sat down to do it. It's nice to see some support here! I'm working on the next episode as well as a Halo Wars 2 Beta review, an Iron Banner Slaughter video, and HOPEFULLY sometime soon I want to do some walk-through videos revolving around the different Halo Games but with my special, weird flair! I had to say this...I was your number 420th like HAHA
  13. If you like weird, wild, and stupid...check it out. If you are an 80's baby...you should check it out. If your mother slept with many men... you should check it out. If your father slept with many men...you should check it out. If your dog is a cleptomaniac...you should check it out. If you spank your monkey too much...finish up...then you should check it out.
  14. Here is a link to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzQMzCT1Mpl6HeTCTEKT20w
  15. Thanks Drizzy! I'm not promising Shakespeare right now but there are some decent scenes and jokes so far.
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