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  1. Did you know that there are still easter eggs in halo 4 that have not been found according to 343.
  2. The names Ian. I am somewhat of a big fan of Halo. Played the games since the first one came out, i was 5 or 6 then. I have been sorta in and out of different things such as tennis and running but Im sticking to dancing seeing as I love it. I also play guitar from time to time, I like to make videos and im a gamer. I wanted to get back into the halo universe cause I recently listened to the audio book Contact Harvest which got me all hyped up. Im looking forward to meeting you all and learning things I most likely never knew before. So yeah... hi.
  3. Just gives you a sense of scale in the universe.
  4. I have a theory. Okay, so from what I have read, forerunners had been able to make fully sentient AI. Right? So what if Cortana came back recreated as a forerunner or something along the lines of a sentient AI. That would technically mean that she would be immortal (to a degree). And fixed of the rampancy issue.
  5. Did you know that in rare cases, after slip space jumps people have been reported missing and never found. Also implying that they vanished.
  6. What are some good ideas for a shop scene. It can either be an already forged map or a area in a specific map. Any other suggestions like ideas for shelves, counters, tills, basically shop interior would be greatly appreciated. - Ian
  7. So i've been recently getting these urges to get into machinima again (earlier attempts were... lets not talk about them) and i've found myself getting few ideas. I finally got one good idea which i want to turn into a series but im gonna need help. I have already gone into halo 4 and made the map so all I need now is the storyline and scripts... and filming it and- you know what i mean. So the idea which i liked so much is an attempt at a comedy (of sorts). It follows a shop, more specifically a guy who works in the shop. Im very early in planning right now so we'll call this guy Jaime (better names are accepted). Anyways, it follows Jaime and his co-workers (number needs to be specified) in they're crazy events at the shop and from time to time outside the shop. They're rivalling with the next door shop which always has big shipments and better overall merchandise. Everything will be within Halo 4, as stated before. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. -Ian
  8. Did you know humans attempted reverse engineering the covenant weaponry. When they got to the needler, they couldn't figure out how the device worked. Did you know the ark from Halo 3 was out of range from the halo effect so if the rings were fully functioning and fired, anything on the ark would be safe. Did you know that there are 7 tiers of technology. Humans before the human-covenant war were tier 3, covenant are tier 2 and forerunners were tier 1. there is also a tier 0 which has only been reached by the precursors from what we know.
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