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  1. Heyy, welcome back to the Weekly Site Poll! Poll 56 - 'Top 5 Favorite TV Shows' - is here if you'd like to read the responses, or post a late reply. This poll's bought one of the most contested topics in all of Halo, and makes 343 extra loopy... What are your favorite armor permutations in the Halo series? It can range from Master Chief's armor (new or old) in the story to the fishbowl-subwoofer fusion of a helm, Seeker. The next Weekly Site Poll will be posted whenever, maybe. Feel free to suggest the topic for the NEXT Weekly Site Poll in your response! SD, out!
  2. Heyy, welcome back to the Weekly Site Poll! Poll 57 - 'Favorite Halo Armor' - is here if you'd like to read the responses, or post a late reply. This week we're gonna bust a move, and get jiggy with it down on the dance-floor... What are your favorite music tracks in Halo? The next Weekly Site Poll will be posted whenever, maybe. Feel free to suggest the topic for the NEXT Weekly Site Poll in your response! SD, out!
  3. Heyo, welcome to back to The Best & WORST! Best & WORST 3 - 'Marvel Movies' - is here if you'd like to read the responses and/or post a late reply! This week we both grumble and/or praise our favorite and loathed weapons of mass destruction (or not at all)... What is the Best Weapon in Halo? & What is the WORST Weapon in Halo? Doesn't matter if it's a Frag Grenade, a Spartan, or those gigantic, destructive onion rings of doom. The next Best & WORST will be posted whenever. Feel free to post suggestions on what the NEXT Best & WORST should be about! SD, out!
  4. I believe that besides CE, the Halo 2 Mag was by one of my favorite Magnums; without question. Especially dual wielding for headshots. It used to be so incredible, what you were capable of doing to another player with dual wield Mags.
  5. I've wanted to ask Lorraine(rob's wife) about some art stuff involving Oni and halo.
  6. Bungie Studios has confirmed that over the next ten years, your destiny characters will transfer through games, so you won't have to worry about restarting. Destiny, created by Bungie Studios, was released in September 2014 to a mixed reception, and to follow two expansion packs, The Dark Below and House of Wolves, were also released to further extend the game's roster of activities and content. With the future in mind, Bungie has confirmed that your playable character will carry over through the years of Destiny games, this information relaying from GameSpot.com. Destiny's lead engineer, Luke Timmins, explained that, "We certainly take it seriously that Destiny is a ten-year thing. It's a long-term thing and with these adventures that we're adding my contract to you--and any player--is that your Guardian will always be there." With this in mind, they confirm that they want you to continue on the saga as your own character, but whether weapons, gear, and other items like that will transfer along with your personal Guardian is a mystery. It is also unknown if you'll be limited to transferring only one character to future games and major expansions. The next adventure in Destiny, The Taken King, will be released in September of 2015 and Bungie has confirmed that another game is in the works. Rumor also has it that two other expansions will follow The Taken King, but details about these are unknown. View attachment: ttk.png All information and images sourced from Bungie Studios, Activision, and Luke Timmins.
  7. A tweet from Destiny's twitter page confirms that a live action trailer will be shown this Thursday, no specific time or place has been told where to view the trailer yet but we might get an update on that pretty soon. The link in that comment brings us to this image, it could possibly be a script or a document that tell explains how the trailer will play out. You can see the words "Law Of The Jungle" printed, this could tell us that the trailer will be set in a jungle area on Earth or on of the planets in out solar system.
  8. Here we have 3 new pieces of Destiny concept are have just been discovered from the Game Informer magazine. Thanks to Drizzy_dan for showing me these images. This image is on one of Jupiter's, as you can see there are building ruins that's confined in an icy environment most likey one of the locations humanity once colonized and one of the locations we may visit and reclaim. This image appears to be in space as two space crafts fly through huge structures, it looks as if the structure is falling apart or is heavily damaged maybe a battle is taking place there. And the third picture, it looks very industrial factory facility. As you can see what appears to be some kind of tower buildings as there are people or aliens that are about to enter one and they supported by huge chains. To me the image above reminds me a little of the tower structures from bungies MAC game Marathon 2: Durandal (image below) with having somewhat similar shapes and the patterns of lights on them.
  9. (image courtesy of Bungie.net) As the dust settles from events at E3, gamers anticipate additional information drops and little tidbits of any new revelations of Bungie's upcoming title Destiny!! This information includes audio played at Blizzard's massive multimedia main stage. Bungie referred to the stage as the Ronut! (see video below) http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=yuRyrlQDkBM Now sit back, relax and listen to new audio found in Destiny by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori! Program Notes by Marty O'Donnell: Repeating patterns and signals enfold us day and night and in all ages. Unmoved mover that moves all others. Inclining from heaven towards the Seven. New music heard so deeply that it is not heard at all. Enjoy the concert!! http://www.bungie.net/pubassets/1455/Awakening.mp3
  10. Here we have a full analysis of the destiny vidoc from IGN, it does thorough job at going through everything from the video. We get to look at enemy factions, vehicles, beautiful environments and a lot more. This Entire analysis is from IGN. Credit to Drizzy_Dan for the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=HjqYn2Bc1Hw Pillar #1: A World Players Want to Be In “This pillar really influenced us early in development,” Jones said, noting that Destiny has already been a six-year odyssey for him, while the rest of Bungie started to get in on the action in 2009 and jumped fully onboard after Halo: Reach shipped in September of 2010. “Is this world cool? Do I want to stay here? Do I want to learn more about it?” That world is a post-apocalyptic earth. Humanity has been nearly wiped out, but saved by the extraterrestrial protection of The Traveler, a gigantic white globe that now floats claustrophobically close above the planet’s last safe city – a place where humanity’s greatest minds have come together. Over time, humans have regained their technological mojo and again taken to exploring the stars of our own galaxy: Mars, Venus, the Moon, etc. Except now various forms of alien life seek to stamp out humanity once and for all, and it’s up to you as a Guardian to help stop them and keep earth safe. Not much is known about the Black Garden.. Pillar #2: A Bunch of Fun Things to Do Staten proceeded to tell a story about a possible gameplay scenario in Destiny, in which Staten’s Warlock class character and Jones’s Vanguard (Staten explained that every Guardian wields some of the Traveler’s power: “You can call it magic, I guess.”) head off on an adventure together. You’re at the Tower, a reinforced monolith that serves as your home. Here you can socialize, gear up, or group up and then aim for the stars – literally. Many other players mill about. Some you may know, some you may not. Some are making plans for adventure, but others may simply be watching the sunset – a worthwhile endeavor thanks to the spectacle of Destiny’s new engine, which pairs real-time dynamic lighting with global illumination for some truly spectacular vistas (one of the few things I actually did get to see with my own eyes). Jones is a higher-level player, and as such has better gear, including an impressive sleek, black spaceship that makes Staten’s smaller, simpler vessel look like, in his own joking words, a “Space Corolla.” Ships will serve various purposes. Only a Scout class was specifically mentioned, though it was implied that space combat will factor into Destiny as well. Mars' Exclusion Zone is controlled by the Cabal. Whooshing to Mars, the pair finds “the bones of a lost human civilization.” It’s “an ancient city,” Staten detailed. “Buried in sand. The precious remains of a golden age.” Here to prevent you from reaching any of the literal gold that’s rumored to lie beneath the ruins of the Dust Palace are the Sand Eaters, a group of massive, armored rhino-esque creatures known as the Cabal. A shootout soon turns ugly for Staten’s Warlock and Jones’s Vanguard. Fortunately, a mysterious female player – rocking a Hunter class – speeds in on the very Ghost-like Pike vehicle and helps turn the tide thanks to her unique weapon, dubbed “The Fate of All Fools.” The battle was won thanks to invisible, behind-the-scenes matchmaking that linked the players – think of it as the next evolutionary phase of Bungie’s groundbreaking hopper technology that served as the online backbone for every Halo game starting with 2. Earth's moon is broken. Check out the tectonic action! “Every time you run into another player, it’s amazing,” Staten exclaimed. “It just doesn’t happen in other shooters.” The Hunter class of Guardian lies in wait as a few different foes pass. “And just like that,” Staten explained. “The Dust Palace becomes part of my story. The breadth and depth of Destiny’s world encourages me to find my own adventures." Pillar #3: Rewards Players Care About Jones explained how the game will have “a lot of great things to earn, find, and make,” reiterating that “everything you do in Destiny earns rewards.” Besides unique weapons, every piece of your kit will be your own, from your helmet to your cape to your armor pieces to your face. Their goal, he said, is to keep players coming back “day after day, week after week, month after month, [and] year after year.” The two of them are now three, and the trio plumbs the depths of the Dust Palace, reaches Charlemagne’s Vault, and Staten scores a new pistol. Like the Huntress’s sidearm, it too has a custom name: “Thorn,” a fitting description for a 45-caliber hand cannon. With this outing complete, the Hunter leaves just as quickly and quietly as she arrived. If this sound a bit reminiscent of IGN’s 2012 Game of the Year Award-winning Journey in that regard, you’re not alone. Pillar #4: A New Experience Every Night “Imagine you could spend an hour and accomplish something,” Jones mused. Bungie aims to have emergent activity, where “you get distracted from doing the thing you meant to do when you logged on.” Furthermore, Jones expressed hope that “every time you sit down to play Destiny you have a different experience than last time.” All we know about the Vex is that they're time-traveling robots. The word “raids” – a term MMORPG fans know well – was used at one point during the presentation, suggesting large group scenarios as well as solo and smaller-party endeavors. Bungie says they’ll have “an activity for every mood.” As an extension of this pillar’s concept, Destiny will have no main menu. Instead, it just lives and you’re always in it when you boot the game up. Pillar #5: Shared With Other People Though all of the Bungie representatives on hand made sure to emphasize that there’s plenty of fun to be had in Destiny by yourself, they made repeated efforts to nudge my thinking in a more socially minded direction. You'll have at least three classes of Guardians to choose from: Hunter, Warlock, and Titan (left to right). “Everything that’s fun to do is more fun to do with your friends,” Jones mused. Naturally, of course, there will also be a fully featured competitive multiplayer mode, though neither Jones nor anyone else from Bungie was willing to offer even a hint about any details just yet. Well, other than the fact that you won’t be forced to engage in player-vs.-player combat unless you explicitly desire to. Pillar #6: Enjoyable By All Skill Levels He also made a point to emphasize that Destiny seeks to appease everyone from shooter neophytes to hardcore FPS players. “All core activities can be enjoyed by a novice player,” Jones promised. That, he intimated, is not hard. “What’s hard is keeping it interesting for your advanced players.” Pillar #7: Enjoyable by the Impatient and Distracted Destiny is alive whether you’re in it or not. But you’re busy can’t live there 24/7. To that end, a Destiny mobile phone app – shown as a prerecorded iOS demo this time – illustrated how the game could send you updates about new quests and what your friends are up to. Bungie also teased that you may be able to use the mobile connection to affect your friends’ games, but declined to provide any additional details. This image is interestingly titled "Hellmouth." Can't imagine why... Within the game proper, Jones said they know that players “don’t want to work hard, they don’t want to read, and they don’t’ want to go to the Internet to figure out our bull****.” In other words, they understand that what they’re making is escapist entertainment. “This has led us to a huge investment in [user interface],” Jones explained. Clearly, Bungie has a story to tell and information to convey, but they don’t want to bog you down with any of it. What Else? Talk about "dead space"... Bungie art director Christopher Barrett dubbed Destiny a “mythic science fiction” universe and shared a number of locales we can look forward to visiting: the Cosmodome Breach, the ruins on the edge of the European Dead Zone, the swamps of Old Chicago (likely a nod to Bungie’s original home city), derelict fleets floating in the rings of Saturn, the earth Moon’s Hellmouth, the uncharted depths of Reef, giant obsidian pyramid ships, mile-long tomb ships, and much more. Then there are the characters we’ll be encountering: fellow Guardians in at least the Titan, Warlock, and Hunter classes; the Fallen, the time-traveling robots known as the Vex, the aforementioned Cabal, Spider Pirates and their rusted machines, evil space zombies, the FOTC (apparently a Guardian faction of some kind) and...that's everything they'd cough up for now.
  11. Bungie has given out Destiny codes to the community to unlock certain things in the game, it is unknown what these codes unlock at the moment as it tells you to check back in 2014 to see what you have unlocked. Here are the codes and they have each been given name that relates to the game, so this could be a hint what the codes give us, possibly some kind of exclusive access to weapons, armor etc. It is unknown that if the unlocked contents can be used in the beta but more news will probably surface regarding that. Titan - MVD-4N3-NKH Hunter - 3DA-P4X-F6A Warlock - YKA-RJG-MH9 Rixis achron slayer - TCN-HCD-TGY Hive - 473-MXR-3X9 Gjallarhorn - HC3-H44-DKC Moon - JMR-LFN-4A3 Old Russia - HDX-ALM-V4K These codes and be redeemed at this site http://www.bungie.net/en/User/redeemedcodes and they can be used by everyone so it is not first come first serve.
  12. An Interesting part from the destiny presentation at GDC was that the player will be able to choose from different races. Besides being a human there are 2 others that are selectable when customizing your character they are "Awoken and "Exo. Bungie describes the awoken as exotic, beautiful and mysterious beings and they said they look to ghosts, angels and vampires to capture the feel of this race. the Exo, which bungies describes as sinister, powerful, and tireless beings they said the looked to famous characters such as the terminator, the undead and their very own master chief to capure the feel of the Exo race. Here is a picture of these races. As the humans have different classes (hunter, titan and warlock) I'm pretty sure the awoken and exo will each feature their own classes to choose from. So from the pictures and the descriptions bungie gave which race do you like best at the moment?
  13. Today Bungie was in the spot light at the game developers conference, they discussed some of their techniques and inspirations when building destiny but the main part of it all was the new concept. As a large amount of concept art was shown I will try and provide the most interesting pieces I captured from the video First up we have an abandoned colony on Europa which is one of Jupiter's moons Here we have alien ruins on Venus it's unknown which alien race once inhabited this place These are some early concepts of of space ships that did not make the cut Here is a space station and a space ship which bungie said they focused more on these so it's possible these made the cut. Here is hanger where human ships are docked one of the bungie guys said this is a place where heroes show of their armor and personal space ships. This seems to suggest the player can customize their own personal ships Here is a place that bungies describes as a frozen city occupied by machines where towers and skyscrapers become dungeons. Here is a place currently known as the buried city as you can see ruins buried in mountains of sand on Mars. This is one of the enemy races, space zombies but officially named "Hive". The flooded streets of Old Chicago. And here are some different types of weapons, they didn't mention that these were early concepts or finalized concepts but no doubt we will be seeing some of these in the game.
  14. A bungie.net user BadgerDeluxe spotted some unnoticed art from Bungies next game Destiny at the Sony PS4 presentation. I assume these have gone unnoticed by the majority of the community as I have never seen these posted before or seen any one discuss them. Now the they aren't the best quality but they do open the window to Destiny's world a little more. Check them out below. First up is this one, what we can see here is some kind of pillar or watch tower, I'm getting the feeling of a human presence from this image as to me the structure seems to have a human architectural look to it. The tower seems to watch over a deserted and dead piece of landscape with what it looks like the sun is taking up the entire horizon. Maybe this was a human colony world that the human once inhabited I'm guessing this could be Mercury which it is the planet that is the closest to the Sun and as it appears the Sun is massive in this image. Here is the next image this looks to be one of the walls that surrounds the last city on Earth as it is very similar to structures that can be seen in earlier reveals and which was said to be a wall surrounding of the city. In this image we have a human warrior (a guardian) that is encountering creatures that are currently called "space zombies" the human appears to be carrying out an attack towards them and it appears that he or she possess some kind of power as a streak of light it shooting from their hand and seems to tell us that the player will have some kind of power to use as a defensive move. In this image we can see a night time stage and a human soldier approaches a building (assuming an enemy occupied area) from a wooded environment. This could be showing us that we will engage in stealth missions. There isn't much to tell with this image, it appears that another guardian is battling of an enemy alien that appears to be a part of the Fallen faction. And the final image again seems to feature the Fallen but the character that it mainly focuses on seems to be a high ranking figure or possibly a leader within the faction as it's dressing and it's bodily actions seems to show that it is giving orders and shows superiority.
  15. Reporters caught up with Bungie's COO Pete Parson to talk about life after Halo and their next game destiny. This is no doubt the biggest challenge Bungie has come up against, Pete explains to us how the idea of destiny came about, how much of an impact their project will be on them, the technical side of destiny and more. Credits to Lil Dog for finding these. Articles and interviews conducted by VetureBeat and TechHive VentureBeat Interview Parsons left his job at Microsoft to become the COO at Bungie after Halo launched. In 2007, he left Microsoft to start Meteor Solutions, a viral-marketing startup, and worked double duty for a time. As Bungie prepared to leave the Microsoft fold and move on to a new franchise, Parsons came back. He returned to the studio in 2010. Parsons is now fully focused on getting Destiny out the door and managing the culture and talent inside Bungie’s 80,000-square-foot headquarters in Bellevue, Wash. After a few years of secrecy, Bungie finally revealed concept art from its new game universe while announcing that Destiny would debut on the PlayStation 4 (and likely other platforms). We visited Parsons at Bungie HQ last week, and here’s an edited transcript of our conversation. GamesBeat: You must feel good right now. Pete Parsons: [Laughs] Well, I think it feels good to be Bungie right now. We’re always about doing great things and ambitious things. That’s because we have such a great team, because we can do that. It’s a great time to be at Bungie. It’s an energy that many people haven’t felt since some of the earliest days of Halo. That’s exciting. We still have a lot of the old guard around, but we’ve been able to bring on a massive amount of new talent. GamesBeat: Did somebody in particular sell you on the idea of Destiny? I think you came in after it started, right? Parsons: No, we’ve all been working from the very beginning. Well, it depends on how you look at it. Destiny has been an idea bouncing around since even before the technology to make it existed. Destiny is very much a product of everybody at Bungie, but its inception comes from Jason [Jones, co-founder of Bungie]. This is very much a vision that Jason has. Then, he gathers a small group of really talented people who have been here a long time, and they begin hammering on it. It’s had multiple incarnations until it finally landed into what it is today. That’s fun to watch. Not just on technology, but art and story. GamesBeat: It sounds like you did have options, though. Was there a point where you bought into Destiny and said, “I want to do this too?” For 10 years or whatever it will be. Parsons: As naïve as this may sound, if Jason believes in something and he’s ready to go for it, I’m in. No joke, I still walk in the door every day and think, “Who gets to do this? This is awesome, to be a part of this thing.” Even when I’m having a ****ty day, I feel that way. There are so many other things I could do that, for me, wouldn’t be as satisfying or as interesting. They might be enriching. They might satisfy some level of my curiosity. They might be exciting. But there’s something about these people and this place. GamesBeat: Did you feel any tug when Halo went off in another direction, with Microsoft’s 343 Industries, and then Bungie went its separate way with Destiny? Parsons: Personally, I did not. I love the Halo universe. I think it’s great. It inspires me. It inspires my children. They’ve never played, but they know the universe. One, though, I’ve spent a lot of time with Halo. Two, the mythic science fiction of Destiny immediately attracted me. It was that first image … It’s a simple image, but it took weeks of back-and-forth to put together. There were a few images already, maybe three or four, but they didn’t speak to what it was. The moment that image was done, it was like, “That’s it.” That’s the game. That’s the idea. That’s a place that I want to be. GamesBeat: Is that published now? Which image is that? Parsons: I don’t know if it’s ever been published. It was just this very striking image that had that feeling of — this is not purely a science fiction universe. It’s not just about two big military-industrial complexes smashing into each other. It’s a place with myths and lore. There’s a guy with sci-fi armor on, and yet he’s got a rifle that looks like it’s from an ancient desert somewhere. It was super cool. That certainly spoke to me. I didn’t look back. At the time, we were working on both Halo: ODST and Halo:Reach. I still love the Halo universe. It’s an interesting place. But I think what we’ve been able to do is create an incredibly deep fiction and a place that you’re going to want to be in. GamesBeat: You had a leak. You had some interesting reactions. What was it like, looking at the reaction from the inside? Parsons: You’re never really excited when you first learn that a leak happens. Then you get to see the reaction. We had this really quick thing. We said, “There’s a leak happening. We can either say nothing, or we can say, ‘Yeah.’” Instead of looking at images that we didn’t want you to see, let’s give you one that we want you to see. So, we released the picture of the Fallen. When our community, who we love, reacts so positively to an image — “Oh my God. That’s so great. That’s a place I want to be in. I can’t wait to learn more about that” — we go from, “Oh, man” to “Sweet!” Within less than half an hour, we were like, “This is the course of action. Let’s go. TechHive Interview Game On: Where did the idea for Destiny come from? Parsons: After Halo, we asked ourselves some tough questions. What was worth doing? What comes next? How do we turn a genre on its head? We have a studio filled with incredibly talented and passionate people, and we could have pointed them at anything, but we wanted to do something ambitious. That ambition was Destiny—a universe filled with mystery and adventure set within our own solar system. What were your goals heading into this new project? We took all of our combined talent and experience and set out to make a game that would entirely redefine how people play action games. It’s a Bungie action game set in a bold new universe. Players create their own unique characters that grow and change over time. From the ground up, Destiny is built to be a social and cooperative game, but it’s also filled with a broad range of activities, from solo to group, casual to intense and cooperative to competitive. What was it like starting anew after being immersed in the same universe for so long? Creating this world is the most ambitious challenge we've ever taken on. It’s a new intellectual property with greater breadth of scope than anything we've done before. Huge worlds, larger than any we've ever built. And these are living, open worlds, with evolving stories, changing time of day, and plenty of players. That’s a bold vision, but it creates a lot of challenges, because Destiny is unlike any other action game. How did this impact the creativity of your team for Destiny? It’s an exciting time to be at Bungie and it started the moment we made the decision to commit the entire team to this single vision. That energy grows with each and every milestone. Every day I walk in the door I am inspired by the insane amount of talent that work and play within our walls. What are the challenges that exist today in launching a new IP like Destiny? We have a bold vision that requires a scary amount of art, design, technology, and creative focus to pull off. It’s a huge challenge. For example, our technology has to take this great action game, fuse it with a richly simulated world that we fill with unique player characters, each with their own history and unique abilities and characteristics. Our technology has to create a seamless social world where those players can meet up and experience their own shared stories, and it has to do it all invisibly. How do you hope Destiny pushes the shooter genre forward? We want players to tell their own stories. We’re going to give them the ability to customize their character, and their experience. Then they’re going to go on epic adventures with their friends. You can play Destiny solo, but we believe that everything fun to do in Destiny is more fun when you’re playing with friends. It’s that unpredictable human element that will create the most important moments in Destiny. Can you talk about the technology engine, Grognok, behind this game and what you feel it opened up for your development? We had to rebuild our engine and tools to support Destiny’s enormous size, scope and vision. Our graphics engine, world builder, lighting engine, and more were all custom-built to support the team’s vision. But all the tech doesn’t mean anything by itself. What matters is how it creates player stories. It’s been a huge challenge, but we’ve already begun to see huge rewards for all the hard work. How have you utilized performance capture or new technology to work with the actors in this story? Bungie has our own full-featured performance and motion capture studio on site, lovingly dubbed “Spandex Palace.” We’re not ready to crack the lid on the story, or our talented actors yet, but it’s something we’re looking forward to talking about in the future. What are you most excited about gamers being able to experience with Destiny? I hope gamers will put Destiny on the same shelf of great memories as they put amazing entertainment experiences like Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark or Lord of the Rings. I believe the efforts and talent of our team is creating a universe that will ultimately have deep meaning for the people who come and visit our world. Halo has become a fixture in eSports. Have you thought of eSports (something Treyarch focused on with Call of Duty: Black Ops II) when designing the multiplayer of Destiny? We’re not talking specifics about any of Destiny’s core activities at this time. We’re too busy playing.
  16. Imagine if you have never played halo before, you've always been a CoD/Battlefield man, and you are about to delve into the world of halo, it can be quite scary, but also quite a fun experience as you will notice while obviously the game is very different, it always to seem to have a competitive aspect, something that both CoD and BF lack in that respect. So lets get started, so again, imagine you've just bought halo reach, and you have never played any other Halo's before, and you are worried about what its gonna be like, if your going to suck at it or not, or if you will do well. 1. Play the Campaign. You'll be surprised how many people don't actully play the campaign and just go straight into multiplayer, this is never a good idea as if you don't know the weapons and how to use them, you will get ****** over quite badly. Now i understand that the Campaign in Halo reach probably isn't the best campaign ever, but it is quite good at letting you use every weapon (Sniper, DMR, AR, Etc) and letting u get good with it at your own progress, the campaign is pretty good for a new halo player, & can certainly help you a lot and make you much a better player, by the time you finished the campaign, you will be surprised how much better you are at the game already. 2. Play with Friends! (Campaign/Multiplayer) You'll be surprised how much friends make a difference in a game, as they can guide you in the right direction and try to tell you mistakes you make, and can overall can just make the game more fun and exciting, as you know you can have fun while playing. Instead of finding some super-serious Kids who think winning is the be-all and end-all, you can play with friends & have a much more fun and enjoyable time because, they will kind of let you learn at your own pace as you won't have people screaming down their mic "YOU SUCK! QUIT THE *Insert Language* GAME!* Im now going to Imagine you have finished the Campaign and have played a few multiplayer matches, and you are kind of experienced. 3. Play Team Slayer and stick with it for a bit. In my opinion, Team slayer is a nice way of getting up in skill levels and skill in general, because, in team slayer, there are a LOT of people who don't know what they are doing, bit like the person who is going to read this (presuming they are new) and will be in the EXACT same position as you, new, just got out of the campaign, and are ready to try their luck at multiplayer, i will talk about winning/losing next, but for now, just stick with team slayer and play it for a bit, until you have a good idea of what you are doing and are enjoying the game mostly, if you aren't enjoying the game, you mighyt as well not play it, because the #1 reason you play any game, is because you enjoy it, hell, if you don't enjoy something, don't do it simple as. 4. Don't worry about winning/losing The one thing that makes me mad in ANY game, is people's Ego's and the fact they think winning and losing is the be all and end all, because, in reach anyway, Winning and losing means **** all, as long as you are enjoying yourself and want to keep playing, that is good enough. As Day[9] would say: "GET YOUR EGO OUT OF THE F****** GAME!" don't go into a game thinking your going to be the best instantly, because, lets be honest, unless you are naturally talented at gaming, you are not going to be great at it instantly, just keep playing and ignore all the hate people will give you 5. Move Onto Other Playlists Im going to presume now you are doing Ok in team slayer, getting about 8+ kills,and dying a lot less then you were, lets say when its your first game of Team slayer, you are a better player already, so now you should move onto different playlists, whether is Team Objective, BTB, or Swat, any of them are good, just, again, as long as you are learning and enjoying yourself, for now, that is all that matters. I wouldn't recommend the following playlists until you are really good (i will explain why not to pick them in the next entry i do.) 1. MLG. 2. Team Snipers In Entry #2, i will be explaining about the DMR in great detail, why not to go into MLG and Team Snipers, as well as Positioning in certain maps and how to use a sniper effeicentally, i hope you enjoyed reading this, and i hope you can't wait for entry #2 (Will Be Done Every Wednesday & Sunday Until Told Different) Have fun in halo reach!
  17. From playstations latest issue of their magazine we get to know a little more about bungie and their approach to their new universe. With over half of the team that worked on Halo: Combat Evolved they are still here today helping to bring us a brand new universe. This article is from The Official Playstation Magazine If we’ve looked at any developer with green eyes here in the realm of PlayStation gaming, it’s Bungie. A studio that defined the first-person console shooter formula with its pioneering two-weapon, recharging health mechanics in Halo and went on to make that formula so effective that gamers spent a collective 235,000 years playing the series. A studio that created one of the most iconic player characters in history, and a multiplayer experience that’s hosted over two billion games since Halo 2’s release in 2004. These numbers aren’t intended to sting your eyes, nor should they. Bungie’s new project Destiny, a persistent shared-world FPS, is heading to both PS3 and PS4 – and with platform-exclusive content to boot. It brings not only the Halo studio’s undeniable shooter mastery, but one of the most ambitious visions we’ve ever heard. And it’s all funded by Activision, creator of enormous, world-stomping franchises. If any partnership can make such an ambitious game as Destiny actually work, it’s this one. So now we can finally acknowledge Bungie, and it feels great. But who exactly is this studio? A collective of savant coders in green spacesuits that stomped DualShocks on sight until its split from Microsoft in 2007? Do the staff bounce around the office on space hoppers, extolling the merits of a Valve-esque ‘flat hierarchy’ and taking bi-hourly group hug breaks? To crack into the Bungie psyche, we explore its Seattle headquarters – a converted cinema. “This mezzanine is where the projectors used to be,” says COO Pete Parsons, guiding us through an impressive open space littered with awards gongs, life-sized Master Chiefs and wide-eyed journos. Sure enough, there’s a touch of the unorthodox to Bungie: a ten-foot climbing wall where most offices would have a couple of sofas, an absence of individual offices, masking-tape marks on the floor where a kind of knighting ceremony for new employees and five-, ten- and 20-year veterans took place several weeks back, and an ever-shifting desk arrangement. “Over half the team that created Halo: Combat Evolved back in 2001 is still here today, working on Destiny” “Back in 2005 we decided to put everybody’s desks on wheels,” says Parsons. “We probably do ten to 15 desk moves every week.” These are the affectations of a studio that’s earned the right to hang a little loose by its body of work. You could walk through the doors in foot gloves and a propeller hat if you had a particular predilection for it… so long as you helped make one of the biggest shooter series of all time. And there’s more to that knighting ceremony than fistbumps and bro-ing out – over half the team that created Halo: Combat Evolved back in 2001 is still here today, working on Destiny. An increasing rarity in game studios that’s well worth celebrating. And arguably for the first time since 2001, the studio’s truly out of its comfort zone. Destiny is a rather nebulous project at the moment: it’s a persistent online world, but not an MMO. It’s a first-person shooter, but bears glaring RPG elements that include loot, character upgrades and stat progression. One thing’s crystal clear, though: this isn’t a rebranded Halo for multi-platform release. As Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg describes it: “I think what Bungie has created is the world’s first shared-world shooter. It’s a game that’s always evolving, with persistent progression for your character.” Bungie’s approach? Build an awesome world (these guys love the word awesome), and you’ve already won half the battle. It’s even one of the seven ‘pillars’ of design that creative director and co-founder Jason Jones describes: “A world you want to be in… This pillar was a big influence early in development. It let us create a world that was hopeful, that was full of mystery, a world you wanted to be part of and to explore.” You can throw in all the brutal melee takedowns and slo-mo ‘mark for death’ mechanics you like, but if your world is as fun to inhabit as an Aldi car park, your game’s going to fail
  18. Bungie has come out and stated that despite controversy surrounding Marty O'Donnell's departure from the company, his music will remain in Destiny. ​We received quite the depressing surprise on April 14th when we had the news broken to us that our beloved composer Martin O'Donnell had been terminated by Bungie. In an interview with people at Eurogamer.net, Pete Parsons said that Marty's magnificent work on the project would remain in the game, and that fans shouldn't worry about the game's soundtrack or the game itself's features. He had said that the game was, "close to shipping" and that he believes "the Bungie fanbase is going to look forward to hearing Marty's music, Mike Salvatori's music, C. Paul's music and Paul McCartney's music in the game," acknowledging that while polish still needs to be done, most of the game is complete and in it's finished state, just needing a shiny coat of paint to top it off. View attachment: 2508271-destiny1.jpg While Marty's departure is melancholy news, most did fear it would impact the majority of their experience in the game. Now we know that isn't that case, but are you still as excited to play Destiny? Let me know below, thanks for reading!
  19. Bungie has released a video thanking the destiny community for being supportive about their new game that is launching next year. In the video Bungie has provided multiple new bits of gameplay footage from destiny from past video game events that has never been seen by the wider public. Also is that a marathon reference at 0:31? Enjoy.
  20. This picture was found on twitter and it's a sclupture of an alien character presumed to be from bungie next game Destiny. It looks similar to an alien character that was in the concept are for destiny. Bungie are revealing destiny this sunday so I'm sure we will find out if this creature is destiny related or not. So in the mean time what are your thoughts on this, do you think it's destiny related, do you like the look of it? It looks a bit similar to this character in the concept art below.
  21. Yesterday bungie tweeted that an ARG (alternate reality game) has begun for destiny and it begins at this site http://alphalupi.bungie.net/. ARG's have been used for bungies games since Halo 2 back in 2004 which was I Love Bees (ILB) and IRIS for Halo 3. So for Destiny another one begins and once clicking on the linked site provided above a series of dots is presented which are geomantic symbols and you are required to align them up in a correct order and it will reveal a picture. You will be required to do this for each one on each day of this week. For anyone who has missed yesterdays (like myself) you can still go back and do that one. So if you are into this kind of thing then get cracking and solves the puzzles. Stay tuned here for updates http://www.343indust...-1/#entry241436
  22. So, recently as a good amount of us have been enduring the darkness and pushing it back, we've also been collection some engrams. And, the Cryptarch as the silly fellow he is never really gave up Legendary items. Thanks to Bungie hearing the plea of us guardians, here's their response to this issue. "Cayde-6 took the Cryptarch aside and showed him a sack of doorknobs. He decoded that mystery pretty quickly. Legendary Engrams will always produce Legendary or better quality items, including Materials or Exotics Rare Engrams will always produce Rare or better quality items Rare engrams will have an increased chance to produce Legendary quality items" That means our blue skinned friend won't be trolling us all for a while... Hopefully. In other news, we also have some changes to Vanguard Strikes. These will now give us Legendary/Rare Items or Engrams aside from the normal rewards you'd recieve. We also get to see certain materials such as "Ascendant Materials" in general become Legendary to match what they are normally associated with. NOTE: All Legendary Engrams will be turned to Rare Engrams when the patch rolls out. Here's what Bungie had to say about this - "Legendary Engram items that exist in your inventory will be demoted to Rare quality when the patch goes live, so decode them while you can. But let’s be honest--even if you don’t, we all know they were blues already..." Praise the Traveller! Source: http://www.bungie.net/7_102-Patch-Preview/en/News/News?aid=12202
  23. In late march bungie will finally be discussing about their next game destiny, the discussion will be held at GDC (game developers conference) at the Moscone Centre in San Francisco. Further details below. This article is from Gamespot. Bungie will discuss its all-new and still-unannounced franchise--believed to be titled Destiny--in late March during a 2013 Game Developers Conference talk at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. Presumably, a more formal announcement for Destiny is planned for sometime prior to the talk. Neither Bungie nor Activision had returned requests for comment at press time. Bungie writer and design director Joe Staten and art director Christopher Barrett will lead the discussion, titled "Brave New World: New Bungie IP." The talk will focus on Bungie's design process and world-building techniques, running from concept to production. Those in attendance will get a glimpse inside Bungie's new world, though it's not clear what state the game will be in during the briefing. Additionally, the event description suggests the next ten years of games from Bungie will be based in the Destiny universe. To date, Bungie has released just one piece of artwork for Destiny, but speculation has run rampant. A leaked marketing document in November described Destiny as a "fun and accessible" game with a "deep, tangible, and relatable" universe compared to Star Wars. The game is also described as "social at its core." According to the document, Destiny's plot revolves around an alien ship bent on destroying Earth and the "knights" tasked with defending what's left of humanity. The document also shows images bearing the Destiny logo along with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 icons. Destiny is Bungie's first project as part of a 10-year publishing deal with Call of Duty company Activision. Legal documents from May suggested that the game will be released for the Xbox 360 in 2013, with a 2014 release slated for the PlayStation 3.
  24. As a true halo fan aside from already destroying kids with its perfectly balanced multiplayer the way it WAS,The armor was some thing truly special to me,it made you feel like a bad -snip- and made you want to flock it to anyone you killed, In H4 the armor style was just wack,everyone looked the same since it was so fast,and i felt no urge to really want to play the game to unlock more of its armor unlike the previous Halos,Halo 3 and reach had fantastic armor,and after Bungie left they took that great armor styled talent and put it in Destiny now,The titan class?? Man i could only imagine how they wouldve made the spartans look in halo 4 with that talent,but im not here gonna praise Bungie now,cause 343 can do it too,If they just spend a good amount of time putting the effort into every single piece of armor instead of just using an easy template for all the spartans,I mean if you need help just look at the Destinys Titan class xD (sorry again) but no really, I love what 343 is doing by going back to Halos roots and everything but the Armor was Definitely apart of that, Each spartan looked truly different from buff spartans with that huge knife as a shoulder piece in Halo Reach to slim spartans like in Halo 3,and then people would just make crazy combinations and it was great to even then see their spartans in Halo reach on the side with the vertical list view (As in all halo games) unlike H4 with its horizontal card style which made me feel like i was playing a game that was not Halo sadly,So yes Im hoping 343 would really hear me out on this cause im sure every halo player is hoping of a much better armor customization style for Halo 5,cause after they nail the multiplayer and make H5 go back to how Halo was, Im going to get bored if theres not that super impossible god like piece of armor that ill have to put in mad hours to get,like how halo reach did it ,if anything you can implement credits again and just use them to buy pieces of armor,make them at ridiculous prices and thatll get players to put a lot of hours in the game and especially if you can unlock armor from playing the campaign,and unlocking achievements,thats how you get them hooked,but once again MAKE THE ARMOR LOOK BEAST like a true war fighter spartan,just think Tactical,Military,and Warrior with sharp edges,and even in halo reach you could see some of the dirt and damage on some armor too. but if you listen I bet youll be in the right path to make some fine Armor for H5,Not super power rangers from space with retarted bright colors that made the red in matchmaking look salmon and the blue was like sky blue?? DO NOT REPEAT H4 with that armor style ever,again.but thank you for reading i know it was a lot to -snip- read but i felt i had to get this point across ASAP,cause this will be the decision for me if i actually want to keep playing H5 after you guys make the game "Go back to its roots" Side note: Whats up with all the Blue in Halo 4's UI? Make it a nice Dark mysterious atmosphere, sadly look how Bungie did it with Destiny? Lol sorry again
  25. I made a post about bungie's new game "Destiny" and how it could possibly connect to an ancient belief called "The seven heavens" Which can be read here. Oakley HiDef from THFE contacted me to have a discussion about this theory as he was interested with it and wanted make a video about it. Bungie have a history of connecting their video game story's to biblical and mythological events, so for any of you who are interesting with the vast depths of bungie's story telling this may catch your interest. So here is the video about Oakley discussing mine and his theories about Destiny and the seven heavens. A big thank you to Oakley for taking an interest in my post and taking the time discussing it, making a video and sharing it
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