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  1. Hey everyone! Well as it said on the title (sorta ) I am a script writer. And well I want to be the lucky guy to help create a machinima for you. I'm asking this for many reasons to gain experience, have fun, and.... . Actually that's it lol . But mostly to have fun. I hope anyone out there is willing to give me a chance. And if you do I'll try my best to not let you down. Hope to hear from someone who's interested soon.
  2. Recruiting for Ghost141 Production Crew Hello people of the forum world, I am here because I am looking for recruits for productions crew for machinima series, shorts, Parody's, and more. These machinima's will either take place from Halo 3, Halo Reach, Halo 4, and maybe in Halo 3 ODST. Roles for body acting, voice acting, ect. are clearly open. And if your wondering what we do... well here's a list of things we do. 1. Machinima's Of course we all do know of machinima here. We'll try to make to make the best machinima's we can from the following genres (Comedy, serious, horror, sketch shows, music videos, and more if we can). NOTE: If you are unable to help out with body acting no worries, we'll find someone else to take your place, and if not then we'll just post the body acting scene. 2. Game Nights Who doesn't enjoy good game night? We perform game nights so that we can can connect to our crew and show that we can still have fun, even if were on the job. And every game night we will have themes that either relate to our machinimas (For instance customize your spartan as your favorite character from a machinima in the production), or relate to other things (Another example like holidays, ect.). NOTE: If you cannot make it to game night, don't worry there will be more than one. And also that some may be invite only because they might be special occasions. 3.Anniversary's What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word "Anniversary?" Well here it's not a wedding anniversary or anything like that. What we do is make a special video celebrating Ghost141 Productions on it's hard work. And of course it's only once a year, if it was more than one year than it wouldn't be so special. And if you'd like, you can offer to help us if you wish. That's pretty all there is to know about the productions... for now of course. And now if you would like to join, send an email to me at [email protected] and make sure to type the subject Ghost141 Production or i wont read it. Sorry that's how it works, and tell me what position you would like to participate in.
  3. Dude read again, machinima Production crew, its filming, not a clan
  4. This is a message to anyone that is interested to join a productions crew to star or help out in making machinimas. Either way star or help, you still will get credit. Roles with be open as soon as you read this message, thats right im quick like master chief! Lol ok not really like him, cuase he's better than anyone. Ok im off topic now! Anyways if your interested jus message. An if your wondering what type of machinima, theres an attached image to this forum on one were working on. An again if interested, Jus message me.
  5. Yea i had some trouble with that too man. it was ******** me off but like everyone else who cant w8 there is another way on getting your screenshots to your computer like that but u do need two softwares on your computer to get them
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